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Flipside Thought of the Day: Coincidence. As its defined, it's "a collection of two or more events or conditions, closely related by time, space, form, or other associations which appear unlikely to bear a relationship as either cause to effect or effects of a shared cause, within the observer's or observers' understanding of what cause can produce what effects."

Many consider reports of conversation or messages between a person no longer on the planet and one who still is, as coincidence. But quantum mechanics may be more accurate - "entanglement" examines how energy created with other energy reacts when stimulated, no matter where it is in the universe. Is it because they are tuned to each other? Or to a different frequency altogether?

In my case I was staying at a home of a friend in Sydney, when I was startled awake by a man hanging from the rafters by his neck. I gasped, and the fellow took the rope off his neck, climbed down a metal ladder, saying "I'm terribly sorry, but it's just something I feel the need to do." As he said that he and the ladder disappeared.

Later, I asked my host "who the ghost on the ladder was." Startled, she said that the painter who painted the house had hanged himself, but in his own home. I described this painter and she said it fit his description. So leaving aside too much Shiraz might have been involved, why would the painter say "It's something I need to do?"

In the research I've done for "Flipside" some under deep hypnosis recall a previous lifetime where they decided to remain in a particular home or place where they frequented, or looking after loved ones. When asked why they did so, they answer with a variation of "it's something I felt I had to do," or "I felt comfortable doing it."

That is until their spirit guide, or guardian appeared and suggested that it might be time to "return home" to the rest of their loved ones. Again, these cases are not based on belief or conjecture, but eyewitness reports from people under deep hypnosis that my camera is filming and I am trying to report without a belief in or disbelief of "mere coincidence."

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