Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Steve Jobs and George Harrison

This is a bit different, as Jennifer had spoken with someone who was close to Steve Jobs the day before, and alerted me that he might want to stop by the podcast for a chat.

I didn't know that to be the case, but we had spoken to him before, so I prepared some questions beforehand. As noted, some of the questions to him, Jennifer could not know the answers. His comment that his relationship with Kubun Otogawa "saved his life so he could have his life" - was spot on, as he was a Zen Master that had a profound influence on Steven's life.

The questions about his LSD trip, his last words, and his comments about Joe Ranft are on the money as well.  Jennifer isn't familiar with the controversy around his first daughter, who wrote a book about his bad behavior. But he was aware of it, and comments on it. 

The point of this podcast is not to prove to anyone that "life goes on."  It's in the consistent and reproducible reports that people can seek the evidence that life goes on - because people can access anyone who has been on the planet, and ask the same questions and see if the answers differ in any fashion.

To date, they have not. As noted, we've been at this for seven years, I've been filming these interviews for longer, and the 9 books out there have transcripts. There are two documentaries on Amazon Prime via Gaia - "Flipside" and "Hacking the Afterlife" that give context to what you're about to see or hear. 

I apologize in advance to all those that this information will offend because of their world view or belief system. Having been filming people under hypnosis or without hypnosis accessing the same information, Jennifer is one of many mediums I've asked to be a cell phone to the flipside.  

The fact that we're still doing it after seven years attests to our friendship.  The book she's talking about is "TUNING INTO THE AFTERLIFE: HOW TO STAY IN TOUCH WITH THE FLIPSIDE" is available on Amazon and Audible.

The book includes a number of interviews with different people on the flipside, including my mom, a concert pianist.  The point of this podcast and these reports is to demonstrate to everyone how simple it is - but the key is to be open to the possibility, as noted by none other than Steve Jobs.

A listener on Quora, Frank Madeiros sent this today: "Hello Richard. I believe you may have captured an EVP on the 12/8 podcast with Steve Jobs. Around 21:01 to 21:06 when you asked Jennifer to ask Steve Was he familiar with the movie Soul And he answered “ I helped with that “ you can hear a voice say what sounds like the same answer It was right before you repeated the answer Check it out and let me know Meantime I’ll capture the sample into Audacity for a closer look."

Well Frank, upon further review, I think you are correct sir.  My evaluation after taking the raw track, speeding it up and then slowing it down (25% increments both ways) my professional opinion is that you are correct. There is an EVP. (Electronic voice phenomenon). Using my software to slow it down, speed it up, to "hear" if there's anything in the track, and this isn't the first time I've done this, I can hear someone say "Joe" after I say his name is "Joe Ranft" and after she says "He's laughing I hear a “heh heh heh” on the track. 

Which wasn't in my studio, wasn't her dog lying in front of her (she mentions him later, I never saw or heard him). It's preceded by a crisp sound, like a cracker breaking, and then I say "Joe Ranft" and someone says "Joe."  And then a moment later, a clip of someone laughing. 

Having testified in court as an expert witness in film recording manipulation, I can offer that based on my expertise in the field, the track was not altered or changed in any way - that the word "Joe" can be heard if one slows it down, speeds it up, then plays it at normal speed, and a bit of laughing that isn't coming from me and just after she says "He's laughing."  

A classic EVP - that to anyone else's ear would be nonexistent, but to someone who has recorded EVP's in the past, noticed them on tracks, and used professional equipment to isolate them - I would say this fella heard it, and forced me to hear it as well. Could be an anomaly, but could be a voice as well. (EVP).

Thanks Frank. Won’t convince anyone else of anything, but good to hear it, and realize I have to pay better attention when editing the tracks or preparing them for broadcast.

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