Thanksgiving with the two Billys, Paxton and Meyer, Luana and friends

Empty clipboard, we asked Luana for whomever she wanted to bring forward. 

This was a Thanksgiving episode - in advance - without or idea that it might be. Luana knew both Billys.  

 She met Paxton when he and I rewrote my script "You Can't Hurry Love" together and he supplied the title track from his band Martini Ranch.  

However, fate intervened, and our budding romance turned into his skyrocketing career.  

I made a film about three mediums talking to Bill, it's on Gaia, ("Talking to Bill Paxton") but in this instance he stopped by to talk a bit about the process of greeting others on the flipside. 

Billy Meyer was a lifelong friend, he stopped by to talk about someone we both knew, as well as to give his thanks for doing this kind of research Jennifer and I are doing. 

 William Meyer,III Obituary - Libertyville, Illinois |

Finally Luana Anders had some comments about our cat, and then we talked a bit about the animal realm and the flipside.

Here's Billy in our backyard with the Red Maple he bought to bury some of our pal Paul Tracey's ashes.


                        Billy, Sherry, Olivia, Anthy and Mark





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