Quantum Memory, Identical Twins and the Flipside

Here's an example of quantum entanglement existing in nature.

Justin Goldberg’s Search For Long-Lost Twin Is Story Made For Hollywood

by Bruce Haring
November 24, 2017 9:00am

"The 51-year-old executive recently was awakened to the possibility of his twin’s existence thanks to a chance meeting at Los Angeles’s Farmers Market between his teenage daughter and the alleged twin. His daughter saw the doppelganger, and was so stunned at the resemblance to her father that she was afraid to directly approach. Instead, she surreptitiously filmed him, and later showed her father the footage.

Seeing the mobile phone video reawakened feelings Goldberg had been burying all his life. He knew he was adopted from an early age, and was never bothered by that. But he always found himself looking at faces in the crowd, trying to connect with someone out there for reasons he couldn’t quite explain. When he saw the film, it triggered him to begin exploring his past in depth.

What he found was chilling. The Louise Wise Agency, the New York adoption service that matched him to his family, actually had a dark secret — they were part of a psychological experiment to separate twins and study their life paths to see whether nature or nurture was the biggest influence. Dr. Peter Neubauer, a noted psychologist, worked at Bellevue Hospital and convinced the agency that the study was important. Since no laws governed such splitting of twins at the time (they have since been changed), there was nothing barring the action.

The Wise Agency experiments were detailed in the book Identical Strangers: A Memoir of Twins Separated and Reunited (Random House). It’s the story of two women who accidentally meet and discover their kinship and connection to the Louise Wise Agency’s role in their separation. In the book, they confront the doctor, who insists he did nothing wrong. The study itself is sealed and allegedly housed at Yale University.

When Goldberg began his investigation of having a twin, his search led him back to Louise Wise, where he discovered the book. He also uncovered an unsettling fact: there were 13 sets of twins used in the long-term study of separated lives. All of them had eventually met each other by chance — except for two sets of twins that had never been aware of each other’s existence or met.   

...“I never thought I was a twin, but there’s something about this story that seems too strange to be discarded,” he says. “There’s a part of me that’s pretty confident, and I wanted to take people along on the ride with me to figure it out...”

Aside from the obvious feelings of dismay at being separated at birth as the result of an experiment, there's something else going on here worth noting.  His daughter sees her father in a crowded place.  So startling is the resemblance, she whips out her cell phone and films him. 

I once was walking on Broadway in upper Manhattan, passed a store, walked a few feet passed the entrance and stopped feeling as if I "had seen someone I know." I doubled back and went into the store, and then heard his voice. It was my cousin who I hadn't seen in 20 years, he no longer had hair (as I last saw him) but from the back of his bald head, I had "recognized" who he was.

How could that be?  One can argue that it's like the facial recognition software, the shape of his head, his ears perhaps - but there are millions of heads we see every day.  Why would I instantly recognize it?
Can you recognize me in this group portrait?

It may be more related to quantum entanglement than we see on the surface.  As we know, entanglement is the scientific proof that two objects created in the same place always "know each other" no matter where they are in the universe.  "Know each other" is a colloquial way of putting "If one is stimulated, the other reacts."  It's what Einstein called "spooky action at a distance" and proves there is something that travels "faster than light" - as the two objects are somehow "communicating with each other" despite distance.  Communicating "simultaneously."

Spooky Action at a Distance

Well we have an example of that in nature.  It's obvious, it's in front of us like the nose on our face, and yet has never been studied from a science point of view. (From a psychology point of view to be sure - many books on identical twins and their behaviors, but none on "Why" they have experiences of phantom pain.)

"Quantum Memory" is what I'm calling what twins experience when one is hurt, injured, or some event happens, and simultaneously their identical twin feels the same event. (Not to be confused with "Phantom Memory" as term used to discredit deja vu.  People claim that there could not be a memory of something that occurred before - but if the synapses fire over the same file in the brain, it makes sense that someone would associate that electrical charge with something similar that occurred before - either during this lifetime or a previous one.)

Further, there's some evidence of identical twins remembering the same event even though only one person experience it.

"One 54-year-old identical twin, on hearing the other claim ownership of the memory of a roller-skating injury from when they were eight or nine, responded indignantly. "Well, that actually happened to me if you don't mind… I think you'll find if you think really hard it was me." The other, yielding ground, eventually responded: "Oh well, I guess we get confused; it happened so long ago."

What these scientist fail to see is that consciousness does not always uniquely exist inside the brain.  And if my identical twin (my quantum entanglement other) experiences an event, it's entirely possible that I've "seen" the event because I'm a member of that person's soul group, and I'm so closely aligned with them I think that I experienced it as well.

I interviewed an identical twin recently.  

She's given me two insights into her experience of the planet.  I asked her what her first conscious memory of knowing her sister was - she said about age 3 or 4 at a birthday event, when both of them were blowing out candles.  She says she looked across and recognized her as a "friend."  I asked what the feeling was like.  She said "a feeling of safety. Of security. Of being home."  I asked if it was associated with anything stronger; she said "Unconditional love."

That's the term I hear frequently from people who've either had a near death experience and "went home" or people under deep hypnosis who claim to have visited the "between lives realm."  The most common experience they have during this event is a feeling of "unconditional love."  Not "conditional love" as we know it on the planet (and hence could not be cryptomnesia, as it doesn't exist here per se) but a love that is "unconditional" and all encompassing.

The other thing this twin told me - I asked if she had any experiences of "feelings" when her sister was affected by something or hurt.  She said "not that I'm aware of but we did share a dream once."  I asked about the dream.  She said she and her sister were "in a classroom, or a place where a woman was teaching them about a particular topic.  And she used us as an example."  I asked what the example was; she said "of unconditional love."

There it is again. (For more classroom details, see "Flipside" or my other books) And what is unconditional love?  A form of quantum mechanics.  Feeling as if we are connected to another, so closely that they are part of ourselves.

And finally, today I was speaking to a friend whose son is no longer on the planet, and he said that his son "always asks if I am happy." He wrote "I respond happier as things could always be so much worse."

I replied: "That's funny.  It's like someone saying "how's your day?"  and you respond "Well it's not night."  

I was filming someone recently and asked "so what's the difference between being here and there?" And they said "Well, I can fly for one."  I said "What's the value in that?" They said "I just think it, and I'm there."  I said "What do you miss most about not being on the planet?"  "To breathe.  The thing that you take for granted every day.  Opening your mouth and pulling that delicious oxygen into you.  You can't see it, you don't know it, but it's what I miss the most."  

So I try to allow that is a reframe - being happy that I'm breathing (for one day I won't.)  Doesn't mean I won't again, but there'll be a pause between breaths so to speak, so I try to focus on why I chose this lifetime, why I chose to be here, and what lessons in love I'm here to impart or learn." 

My two cents.

"Hacking the Afterlife"


Being On The Right Path

I normally try to avoid reading reviews. 

After my film "Limit Up" opened, I asked Luana Anders (my co-writer) to read me an "edited review" over the phone (From Roger Ebert "thumbs way down") 

She read ""Limit Up"... was directed... by Richard Martini." ...followed by silence. 

(Ha! I think it's still funny, timely, included a chapter on Roger in "Flipside" proving he was more familiar with the afterlife than he imagined) 

Came across this review for "Hacking the Afterlife" today, and well, decided to share:

5.0 out of 5 stars "Life changing read...."

By E. Kepneron July 6, 2017
Format: Audible Audio Edition

"This is my first book by Richard Martini and my first book on past life / between life regression therapy. I love the fact Richard is a film maker and researcher and not a medium or hypnotherapist. There is an honesty, a purity to his writing and to the reading of his book as well. 

I listened to the Audible edition and am grateful he recorded this book for those of us who only have time to listen to books these days. He speaks as a person who has heard the same stories over and over. He isn't trying to sell anyone on any of his ideas. 

In fact, he says multiple times in the book for people to "get their money back, PLEASE" if this book bothers them or doesn't ring true for them. 

As a Christian with more universal beliefs, I have long wondered about souls I've loved who have passed on and seem to help me from the other side, about my purpose for my time and my family's time on the earth, about Christ and our obsession with his birth and death instead of his life, and about how different religions seem to teach so many of the same concepts and carry the same energy. 

Often many of my thoughts on these topics seem to be disconnected and unrelated. This book has helped me integrate these concepts for my own life while providing a reassuring and peaceful vision of what was before and what awaits on the flip side. 

This is a long book full of fascinating verifiable stories. I will likely listen to it again and I know I will gain more insight each time I hear from Richard and his research. Definitely life changing and definitely worth the read, if you are open."

At some point I've realized, I will never ever, not ever - get reviews in my film career with the headline "Life changing film." 

I guess I'm on the right path after all. 

Thanks E. Kepneron for reminding me, wherever you are!

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