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The other day I was having lunch with a friend in Santa Monica.  He and I were chatting about life events, about stuff he's doing, and I was asking my usual provocative questions (based on the flipside research) like "So why did you choose your parents?  Is it possible that annoying thing that happened to you could have been part of your life's plan? If so, what can you learn from it?" 

I'm of the opinion whether you believe that to be the case or not, the mere act of asking the question allows us to communicate with our subconscious on another level.

This very well put together woman was about to exit, and as she got up, she stopped at our booth and said "Excuse me, I couldn't help overhearing you, but are you a life coach?"

I chuckled, considering what I must look and sound like to her. I know some life coaches, and they're generally well appointed.  "No, I'm not." I said, but then added "I'm more of an afterlife coach."

She kind of blinked, gave me her email address.  I have yet to hear from her, perhaps it's just not the right time... on her path. So I went out and bought "" - have yet to build it as a site, but thought that was pretty funny.

What's an afterlife coach?  

Sounds like someone who is getting you to do pushups and pullups in preparation for a marathon, right? "C'mon, give me twenty laps! Start running!" Or someone who is focused on spiritual chanting... the ringing of bells (loudly in your ear) turning up the chanting music (I recommend "The Nechung Monks Live in Dharamsala" but that's because I produced it), or someone pointing a giant finger at you and saying "REPENT! On your knees!"
Tom the More

I was reading about Sir Thomas More yesterday.  This is the guy who wrote "Utopia" and is partially responsible for the term.  He based his Utopia on Plato's Republic, and used "Nowhere" as his land of Oz, and later, along came BF Skinner (not the Simpsons version) who called Utopia Erehwon (nowhere backwards.)  Why not call it Aipotu if it's Utopia backwards?

But Sir Thomas More used to wear a hair shirt and flagellate himself every Friday.  (Look at that poor mug above - had to remind himself he was a sinner, or that he had sin in his mind, and to keep it at a distance.)  Sin!  Hair shirts! Using whips to whip yourself to remind yourself what you don't want to be!  And this guy - this is the guy who writes about Utopia?


But I'm not here to coach or pontificate about YouTopia or YouTube.  I am here to point out stuff that I run across, whether it's people running around with their hair on fire claiming the world is coming to an end, or whether it's people who like to self-flagellate - or even those who like to whip others.  It's all rather silly when you shine a light on it.

So is the afterlife Utopia?

"The OA" version of the afterlife. 
Well, the reports are consistent and they are replicable.  Meaning, if you take the time, and allow yourself to visit with a Newton trained therapist who is really good at this kind of thing, you can see for yourself what it's like.  And you don't have to have a near death experience to do so.  It's a bit like having a near death experience - a bit like, not exactly or precisely - but there are some of the same hallmarks.

So one man's Utopia might be another man's hell.

Except for the hallmarks.

What's a hallmark of the afterlife?

In high school I was appointed (elected? a curled finger in my direction? I forget) as a hall monitor.  Standing in the hallway as strange students came in my direction and I'd ask them for a pass, or where they were going.  And they'd have to tell me, or they were... I forget. I don't think there was an punishment involved.  I could hand out passes, but not punishment.
Hall Monitor with clapboard.

I'm still doing it.

A hallmark is an example of something that occurs in "almost every story" that one might share.  In the case of between life stories, or near death stories, or out of body experience stories, there are hallmarks - sometimes it's a feeling of "unconditional love" or bliss, or "feeling connected to everyone and all things."  An epiphany if you will.  E-piphany because there's usually an energetic aspect to it.  

"I feel as if my body is vibrating all over."  "I feel as if I'm levitating, and my body is shaking."

And... action!
Hallmarks like meeting a spirit guide.  I had someone the other day say "I don't know if I believe in spirit guides or not."  I said, "That's fine, that's probably the way your spirit guide wants you to navigate the planet."  No help for you. You're on your own pal. "You learn the most if you aren't getting any assistance from me."

Hallmarks -- like visiting giant libraries in the afterlife.  Some report a giant hall of records - but no two descriptions match.  Only the fact that there is some place out there where they can access their life histories, or other life histories, or "all the life histories of everyone who ever lived."

Tibetan library
Libraries.  In the afterlife.  Cool.

Schools. Classrooms.  In the afterlife. Another topic I wish I was making up.  For those of us who after 18-20 years of schooling felt "finally! I'm done with that!" it's disconcerting to hear "not done.  Always going to class. Sometimes teaching, sometimes learning."

Some of my council here on earth.
Councils of elders.  Wisdom makers.  A group of higher individuals (higher not in rank, but in ability) to help us understand or figure out how we've done in a previous lifetime, and to remember why we chose this one.  Sometimes they hand out awards (medals, yesterday I heard about someone "getting a flag" but he couldn't remember the flag) and the award has something to do with the lesson we've accomplished. Like getting a diploma. Only when you see the object, it has some relevance to who you are.  

"A glowing geometric star" for example. Might be related to your ability to let go of anger. Or to have courage. Or to be a musician. An artist.  

I'm not kidding. People report this kind of thing ALL THE TIME. Medals in the afterlife.  *see "Flipside" "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" or "Hacking the Afterlife" and Scott De Tamble (

When I first read about it in Michael Newton's work I thought... "Wait. What?" And since then have asked people either under hypnosis (by slipping the hypnotherapist - usually Scott De Tamble a note, asking to clarify) claiming that they've been awarded this "quality" - by a pin, or a medallion around the neck, or something else.  And when they are asked "So what's this medallion mean to you?" they have the most unusual answers.

So what medallion are you working on in this life?

Lastest George Noory Interview at Gaia TV
Which brings me to today's events, the Inaugural.  Living in California, we certainly have a different reality going on - (which could be a good thing, or a bad thing, depending)  It's very hard to allow that some events happen "for our own good" - because we live in a materialist world, it's hard to see the good behind putting someone in charge of the parade who is so clueless in how to lead a parade... but I leave my criticisms mostly to my other social pages.

Marcus Aurelius. Made Rome Great.
(not gone, just not here. Wave hello)
I'm here to allow that when Barry Obama was growing up in Hawaii, running his toes in the sand, scratching out words on the beach as the waves rocked in and out - somewhere in there, he had it in his spiritual notebook that he had the ability to lead people around the world and given them hope.  He may not have known precisely how that would happen, because the future is not set, but there are signs all around us that point to "likely outcomes."

My grandparents visiting the King of England in 1933.
I'm somewhere in that photo, in etheric form.
Hard for us to see them.  But worth looking back over our shoulder to see how we got to where we are.

There's a part of this research that emphatically states over and over again that we choose our roles - to play perpetrator or victim, because we want to learn lessons about love, or help teach lessons about love.  And it's not that we're supposed to go blindly into a fog, sometimes it's to examine how the fog appeared and how we can help our fellow humans who are hurting for whatever reason get through the fog.
Great thing about running in a fog is when you get out of it.
So there's that.  Good things happen for a reason. Bad things happen for a reason. And while we're on the planet, it's up to us to discern why we chose to be here at this point in time, at this place, and what our destiny has to do with it.  Why we chose these roles, why we chose this stage, why we chose these props, and what we're meant to do here.

Perhaps to know that no matter what happens, everything's going to be okay - because we don't die, we can't die - there's that to begin with - and then we eventually all get offstage with our fellow actors, as we all come from the same source - that's comforting to embrace.  

But it can also a call to arms - to remember why we're here, why we chose to be on the stage at this point in time, and what we're here to do. That part of the reason we're here is to raise our voices for our fellow souls. That's empowering as well.

And if that's what an afterlife coach is; then I'll wear that hat.  

"Make the Journey to and from the Afterlife Great (Again, as in reincarnation)."

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