Flipside, George Martin and El Otro Lado

Flipside in the news, and some thoughts of the passing our loved ones.

I had the great privelege to film and take a hypnotherapy class this past weekend with Scott De Tamble.  If you've read the books, "Flipside" or "It's a Wonderful AfterLife," you'll recognize Scott from his interviews and facilitating between life sessions.

Scott taught a workshop in past life regression, and over the course of three days I heard some fantastic tales of people examining previous lives, examining what it was like the in womb, as well as accessing a "life planning" session.

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Scott De Tamble in action

One person saw his life planning session as a kind of dissertation.  He remembered being in a "library" scanning records of all his previous lifetimes, and as he looked at the records, which were on some kind of disc, he was able to say "Oh, that's right, I need to work on this aspect of myself and "fill in that hole."  I later asked him about the library - since everyone who mentions them gives a different description of them.

He said it was like sitting in front of a massive cabinet, and as he went through the drawers, he could pull out a file, and perhaps like looking at a piece of microfiche, he'd hold up the life record to see if it was something he could learn from or access to find out what other aspects of his future life he needed to include.

Sometimes we see ourselves in a temple, church or auditorium.

And then, after that he found himself in a giant auditorium, on a stage like place.  He was addressing his "council" although he didn't call them that - there were 12-13 individuals in front of him seated in a semi-circle, who listened to his outline of what his future life was going to be (he's working as a therapist now in California.)  He wasn't aware of the symbolism of the "council" - as reported in the thousands of cases that Michael Newton discusses in his books, or the 25 or so I discuss in mine - so he wasn't aware that 12 is a pretty high number of people to have on a council, as in the past people have said that for each "life lesson learned" a new member sits on their council.

And when they examine who these people on their council are - they learn that each one represents a different quality that the person has learned - like having a scientist show up on your panel doing your dissertation, who represents astrophysics.  Sometimes they represent courage, music, acting - there are many variations of topics that the individual has "earned" over their lifetimes.  I asked if he could recognize any jewelry on them - in a couple of individuals he did.  (This is a topic that Michael Newton discusses in depth in "Destiny of Souls.")  The jewelry apparently represents some aspects of the life lesson learned - and this fellow described a symbol on one of his panel that represented "healing" and "eternity."

Michael Newton

He said when he was done with the dissertation of describing what his next life would be, they peppered him with questions.  I asked if they were hard questions, or if it felt like they were dismissive or combative in any way - like "Why would you do that?"  And he said no, they were all supportive questions, but were about the nature of lessons he was planning to learn.

Another person had a similar experience in remembering her life planning session - and in this case so a giant building with pillars that seemed as tall as skyscrapers, and an individual at the top of the stairs that resembled the Lincoln Memorial in size.  In other words, she was human sized, and the individual asking her questions, or observing her choice of a next lifetime was a large as Lincoln.  And she said the only word she could use to describe this individual was "God" - as if he was either the creator himself, or someone who represented them.  She got a male vibe from his presence, and his questions to her dealt with what her path and journey in this life has been to date.

Pretty amazing stuff.

There's a series of events and lessons that have to occur before anyone can get their certificate, a recorded past life regression, and proof of ten other clients, but this is something that one of the students willed into existence.  She bugged Scott to do a teaching, and this was the result.  All I can say is; the results were amazing.

Brian Wilson and George Martin

We lost George Martin yesterday.  Lost is a relative term - he's not lost, he's just not here. But all of his loved ones and his son Giles will be missing him.  However, as I'm fond of saying, he's off on another adventure, likely mixing another kind of musical event as we speak.  He's just in another soundstage.

But the LA Times had an article about George's visit to LA, when he went to visit Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.  And the two of them had an amazing conversation.  George asked Brian "Where his music came from" and Brian said "from my chest - it explodes out of my chest, you know?" And then he said "It comes from a higher place.  It's not quite in my brain, but in a higher place." And George said "It comes from your heart."  Brian agreed, and then George remixed a Beach Boy song on the spot, and Brian exclaims "You've made it better!"

Here's the clip:

I asked the musician Deron Johnson where music came from.  He said "It's just under the surface, like water, like a large pool, and we're above it most of the time, but we can dip down into it."  I think that's equally interesting as an answer - that it comes from a higher place, that music is like water in a pool that we swim in.  Both appear to be accurate in terms of the Flipside - just another form of energy.

From that perspective - George is working with two Beatles as we speak, and at some point in the far distant future (knock on wood) the band will be together again.

Finally, some translation news.  

"El Otro Lado" is out in Spanish. (just in time to tell Donald Trump that he chose this lifetime, but next time he may choose to be a Mexican on the other side of the wall.)

"El Otro Lado" Guía del Turista para Abrirse Camino en la Otra Vida

by Richard Martini
"¿Qué sucede después de que morimos? El autor y premiado cineasta Richard Martini explora inquietantes nuevas  evidencias acerca de la vida después de la muerte, mediante la “vida entre vidas”, donde se informa que regresamos a encontrar a nuestros seres queridos, almas gemelas y maestros espirituales."

Flipside is out in Spanish, and is currently being translated into French and Italian as well.  I hope that people who need to find it do so - and I did this process through Babelcube for that reason alone.  If people are meant to find this information, I'm trying to make sure they can.

Peace out.

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