Letters about the Flipside and the Second Coming

Couple of letters sent on the same day have me talking the flipside. Excerpts: 
Consider the Source
Hi Rich,

I purchased several of your books on audio, watched your flipside documentary, bought the flipside book (just to have on the shelf for reference), listened/watched some interviews, talks and other shows, etc… with you....  I consider myself a healthy skeptic just like anyone else but if I can somehow find a plausible explanation or perhaps make a connection with a little bit of science, then it becomes all the more believable for me and easier to accept. You have to have an open mind and heart which is a pre-requisite to accepting any of this, I think. Since I currently work in the world of (audio) that is my way to connect the science part of it and explain to others how (electro-magnetic) energy is at the root of so much of it. 

...I've also realized that despite my enthusiasm and realizations, I can’t expect others to share the same feelings and beliefs. It’s funny to see how people react when you mention anything related to the subject of death, ghosts, spirits, life after death, souls, etc... It can be all over the place from one extreme to the other and the funny part is, I was the same way but on the opposite side of the scale until I drank the kool aid and became a true believer.

I wanted to Thank You for all the work you’ve done and sacrifices you made to do all the research and share it. That’s huge and you did it from the angle of just trying to lay out there what you’ve gathered from other people’s work and some of your own experiences and work as well. 

It not only helped me learn a lot and profoundly changed my life but now I look at people, things and the world differently (and countless others out there do as well), thanks to your work. So, if you ever get complacent or it just feels like “ho-hum is it all worth it?”, I would say a resounding “YES!” ....Anyway, that’s pretty much what I wanted to pass on and I recommend your work to anyone that’s willing to listen. Thanks again for doing all you’ve done and please don’t stop; it really is appreciated and enjoyed by many and helping to change the world one baby step at a time! "Tom"


Then this one:

Hello Rich,

(I am a mental health professional) I was not particularly religious but had some unusual childhood events that always made me question things. Distinctly remember seeing glowing children around my bedside in hospital singing and dancing when I was really ill and have had many wishes come uncannily true. Always held a belief in something more to this life than what we understand but hadn't given it much thought. Not religious but seemed to intuitively understand that if there is a god he doesn't care about churches and religion (just never made sense that a god would care about bricks so much).....a curious agnostic perhaps.

So, fast forward to mid last year, and I stumbled upon some writing that triggered this 'journey' of discovery that got me searching the meaning of existence. A very metaphysical text that got me thinking about reality in a way that I had never really even considered. I think it was such a shock to the system that it literally jolted me into an awakening. It was bizarre - quite literally like a bolt of lightening whilst I was sat reading on a hotel bed on a business trip. 

Fast forward to the day after (still in shock) and it happens again except this time its like this most incredible feeling of love and oneness followed by this bizarre glow to the world that I cant a shimmer....and then this indescribable love for Jesus…..I literally cant explain that but it made me want to sign up for a Christian ministry there and was surreal.

....I have kept a job, maintained a family and function normally...….if it wasn't for those things I would have run into the hills and become a hermit :) .... I think that the second coming of Jesus is also a metaphor for this spiritual journey mankind is experiencing?......not a literal return of Jesus… this right or am I crazy? We are literally living out the 'end times' its just not the apocalyptic vision of death and damnation...….just a raise in consciousness that perhaps kicks mankind back into gear. See, these are the thoughts I have, these ideas now just come to me. 

Anyway, that's my surreal experience, still unfolding, still having some strange moments. Has anyone shared anything similar? "Stephen"


Well, yes and no.

In terms of Stephen's epiphany, I've written about various people who've had an experience like his. Mario Beauregard PhD talks about his in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" - when he was 12 and walking in the woods, he suddenly felt "connected to everyone and all things."  He said he spent his life in science (he's a neuroscientist) trying to figure out why that happened.  Sir Francis Younghusband had the same kind of epiphany coming out of Tibet. My wife Sherry had it one day after attending a class that taught the person how to "access left brain memories" and saw everyone in the same light.

It occurred to me last week that the "second coming of Jesus" - aside from the apocryphal nature of the idea - could indeed be, the REALIZATION THAT HE NEVER LEFT.

As I point out in "Hacking the Afterlife" the consistent reports of "seeing Jesus during a near death event" "talking to Jesus between lives" or "Meeting Jesus through a medium" - are consistent.  If they were made up stories they should include the belief system of whoever is making them up - but they don't.  The stories I'm filming and hearing are consistent in that they are "contrary to religious texts" "contrary to reports in the bible" - if they were being "made up" by the individuals reporting them, you'd think they would follow a familiar narrative.

But they do not. What they claim is oddly consistent - that Jesus didn't die on the cross, that he didn't die of old age either - that none of us die. That we "return home" to access the flipside, and that people like Jesus (or other avatars who've come to the planet that brought more of "source" with them - that's a quote from one of the interviews with him).

Further, the more I do this research, the more I'm "hearing" from a variety of people (some friends, some acquaintances, some strangers) that somehow they are involved in "helping adjust the consciousness of the planet."  So maybe that's what's happening - we're going to arrive at a time and place where we realize that we don't die - we realize that we can communicate to others without words - that we will be able to understand intent and a person's path just by seeing them, not by their actions or words - in essence, a shift in consciousness so profound that it literally is the "second coming of Jesus."  Meaning - it's not that he's coming back... he's already back.   I interview him in "Hacking the Afterlife."

In Tom's case, I'm just grateful for the shout out. 

I answered the following question on Quora today:

Is the mind an elevated form of the brain?

I think it’s a semantical discussion that we haven’t begun to understand. The brain is part of the human body. The mind, on the other hand, appears to exist within the brain and outside of the brain simultaneously.

If you’d like the science behind that sentence, I recommend Dr. Bruce Greyson’s youtube talk “Is Consciousness Produced by the Brain?” and his new book. Or Ed Kelly PhD’s “Irreducible Mind” or Dr. Presti’s “Mind Beyond Brain.” Both Greyson and Kelly are at UVA, as members of DOPS they’ve been doing the hard science behind consciousness, Presti is a neurobiologist, psychologist, and cognitive scientist at the University of California, Berkeley.

I’ve been doing the soft science - filming people under deep hypnosis saying the same consistent things about the afterlife, the process, the journey. What they say is this:

We exist prior to coming to life as conscious energy. When we choose to incarnate, we bring “about a third” of that energy to any particular lifetime. So while we are here, we are “semiconscious” as two thirds of our conscious energy is elsewhere (according to this research, “back home.”) Once the physical body dies, the consciousness returns to the consciousness left behind. Once the filters of the brain are “off” we are able to access the rest of our conscious memories - previous lifetimes, why we chose this life, etc.

In this model - as simple as it is - the brain is an organ that functions like a receiver. I used to work in stereo, so it’s the easiest metaphor for me. There are limiters and filters which parse the “radio waves”that bring the information to our brain (as well as what we create through our experiences here) but by and large we can only focus on what we have within the confines of the receiver.

Sometimes the receiver’s limiters or filters get “knocked out.” During a near death event, during an accident, sometimes with drugs, often with deep hypnosis - the filters stop functioning which allow us to access this “other information.”

So mind and brain are apples and oranges. Yes, both edible. Yes, both fun. But the brain functions to parse, limit or filter experience, which appears to have a corresponding reaction with “mind” - some people under deep hypnosis claim that we have fractals or geometric shapes that function as portable hard drives with regard to mind and see them while under hypnosis. (I have).

Further, in the cases reported by Dr. Greyson, hospice care workers for Alzheimer’s patients report in the UK that 70% of their patients “spontaneously” recovered their memory just prior to passing. Sometimes for minutes, hours or days, people remembered things they couldn’t before - and when the autopsies are done the brains have atrophied beyond a point where they should have been able to access these memories. As Greyson puts it “It’s as if the filters have died along with the brain.”

So brain is a subset, an engine to mind (conscious energy). We all have our own, we bring about a third with us, and when we return we can access the other two thirds. Everyone has the same kind of conscious energy - like water droplets - so we are capable of accessing their information, their experiences as well… and therefore the idea of “god” becomes a kind of hub, or ability to access everything at once. As one person told me in “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife” - “God is beyond the capacity of the human brain to comprehend. It’s not physically possible. However you can experience God by opening your heart to everyone and all things.”

Easy to say but hard to do. But indeed - if you can picture accessing all the other ions in the universe simultaneously, you’d have an idea of how mind is more than what the brain functions as."


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