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Recently Quora asked me to put my "Hacking the Afterlife" forum behind a paywall so that I could collect funds for each post. I know that's a valuable idea, and it's great that people can do that.

But in the forum, we tend to have people suffering from loss or grief - or want to share some experience they had. If I can answer their questions based on the research I will.

However, some suggested I should have a paywall, or some way for people to interact and donate.

A clip from our podcast "Hacking the Afterlife" (.com)

I've created a Medium account.

A Substack account.

On Substack I'll figure out how to allow folks to donate as well as ask questions that I'll answer personally.

Generally most everything is free. has over 70 podcasts and dozens of videos or films and excerpts from films.

Amazon has copies of the documentary "Flipside" and "Hacking the Afterlife" - and Gaia has "Talking to Bill Paxton on the Flipside."

But some folks don't want to purchase a book (all available worldwide online at your favorite ebook spot) or pay for the films (Gaia has a sign up option, Amazon is per viewing).  Or people have seen the films, read the books and still want more.

So I made this post to share some links.

I'm not suggesting anyone need to do that. But if they feel the desire to do so, I thought I'd provide some links.

Here's the link for Stripe:  It's a ten dollar suggestion... but up to anyone who wants to donate!

Here's the link for paypal. One can go use the Donate button:

Here's a link to Crowdfunding Afterlife Research via GoFundMe:

So if anyone feels the need to donate - it's most appreciate.


It will help cover the costs of research, interviews, podcasts, the whole shebang.  Appreciate the nod. And enjoy this side of the veil!



Hacking the Afterlife with Stephen Hawking, James Dean and Helen Keller

We got lucky today as Jennifer was available for a full hour. We start off with a question about frequency and how electronics seem to influencing and affecting our lifetimes, and at Luana Anders suggestion (neither Jennifer nor I had planned anything in advance) she brought Stephen forward to talk about frequency disruption.  We've had chats with Stephen before - they're in the books "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" as well as previous podcasts.  The point is - we might not be able to translate what he's telling us, but someone else might try to do the same. Ask him questions about climate change. Ask him to help us alter the path of the planet.  It can't hurt to ask. Then James Dean came forward - as noted, we've had a number of conversations as of late with James and his pals, as well as the fellow that James himself told us he had "come back as."  Just to clarify - people report we bring a certain portion of our conscious energy to a lifetime.  Many report between 20 and 40% - and when we first spoke to him (in the book "Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3" he said he had brought "about 30% to this current lifetime." What makes it unusual is that I happen to know the fellow who told Jennifer he has "returned" as. And to repeat myself, I reached out to this fellow's best pal and asked him if his friend had ever been told by anyone that he was the "reincarnation of someone." His texted reply "James Dean." Since then I've had the same thing confirmed by other folks, not mediums, who for some reason accessed the same information.  What makes it worth noting is that I've met with this person, asked him about his path and journey, and his "whole life" there have been parallels with him and the late actor. To be crystal clear - he's not going around telling anyone anything. He's not trading in on this detail in any fashion - the opposite actually. He's already got his own life, family, success in many fields - as if James returned in a fellow who exceeded his own expectations. So as part of this ongoing research, we'll continue to report. As seen on the podcast, had no clue I'd invite Helen to the podcast. But I did. And that led me to ask questions about my friend who lived in Helen's house - about her sudden passing and I was able to express my affection and gratitude to her. This podcast exists so people can see how uncomplicated it is to try and speak with loved ones on the flipside. Anyone who tells us that "my religion forbids me speaking to those on the flipside" is inaccurate - because all religions honor, pray to, ask people to converse with those who've moved on. The fact that a religion might suggest not speaking to one's owned loved ones - and only the folks they deem worthy of conversation, belies the falsehood of that concept.   We can and should speak to our loved ones. We don't have to. But we can if we want to. Even if it's someone as famous as Helen - who never spoke in life, but is able to communicate on the flipside. I note in the subtitles of the podcast that I had no clue if Helen had a relationship with someone - but as it turns out, it was a cause of concern, as in her 30's she fell in love with her interpreter and nearly eloped with him. He left during her "ailment" which may be related to what is reported during the podcast.

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