A conversation from the flipside with the recently departed Michael Newton

With Jennifer Shaffer (.com) and Scott De Tamble (

For fans of my work, you know that as of late, I've been actively reaching out to the flipside to hear any messages, especially ones that contain new information.  That is something I could not have known, or whomever I'm talking to could not have known prior to our speaking.  Information that cannot be ascribed to cryptomnesia (hearing it somewhere else subconsciously) or hypoxia (lack of oxygen caused hallucinations).

The point is to demonstrate that people who used to be on the planet have not disappeared, are not "ended" but continue to be accessible on the flipside, albeit in a different format.  That's the premise of "Hacking the Afterlife."

My work has brought me into the world of mediumship - it's not something that I sought out, but at some point realized that while most people seek out psychics or mediums to "predict their future," mediums or "intuitives" are also conduits to the flipside.  Or to put it more succinctly, their energetic structure is more aligned with the frequencies on the flipside, and therefore have a better capacity for communicating with people there.

An intuitive may see or feel or sense the answer to a question - may be given a visual, or may imagine a visual that answers the question.  One can argue that it doesn't matter "where" the answer comes from - if it's new information, then it proves that the information isn't coming from this realm.

Certainly there are people who can and should be taken with a grain of salt in this field - you don't have to put on a pyramid hat in order to examine the data - meaning that as long as the questions don't devolve into predictions or love interest, depending upon the person being asked the questions, they can gather verifiable information. (The reasons I mention the above caveats, is because by and large psychics are asked the two questions; "who is my soul mate?" or "what's going to happen to me?")  

My research shows that your soul mate will or won't show up in your lifetime based on an agreement you've already made with them (so no need to hunt them out) and that the future is not set (There appear to be "likely outcomes" that a medium may be able to accurately predict given a certain time frame, but since we have free will, anyone can screw up that likely outcome by changing their mind or plan at any time.)  So as long as we are asking "real time questions" to a medium, we can get answers from people who are currently no longer on the planet.

This past week I was on the Beyond Belief show with George Noory. Just prior I had lunch with Jennifer Shaffer, who appears in a number of chapters of Hacking the Afterlife.  

We were talking about a mundane topic when she said suddenly “Your friend, Michael Newton just showed up over your shoulder.”  I asked how he was doing on the other side and she said “He’s telling me that he came to visit you in a dream.” 

Michael Newton
At the moment, I didn't remember him showing up in a dream, but later my wife reminded me that the night after he died, she'd asked if he'd "shown up" and I had said "Yes, I asked him what his experience was like, and he said "different."  I didn't know if he meant different than he'd reported, or "just different" than it was before.

Taking the opportunity to ask someone questions who has shown up - even though we were in a noisy restaurant, I took out my cell phone and recorded the following conversation.

I asked him directly; "Hi Michael.  Tell me if your are encountering the “27 different realms that he had told me about.”  (During our interview in 2009, off camera, I'd asked him if during his own between life sessions, he's been to visit the five of six different realms I'd heard about, and he said "Oh, I've been to at least 27.")

She said; “He’s showing me five realms… and two underneath this one.” Then she said “He’s showing me that he’s taking notes.”

I turned my camera on.  It was a noisy restaurant, the transcript as close as I can muster:

RM: “Our question to Michael was… he just showed up spontaneously at our lunch in Manhattan Beach, “You’re taking notes on how to make it easier to communicate from over there to here, or from over here to there?”

Jennifer: “From where I am." He’s taking notes from there, as to help people here… to be able to communicate here…  it’s to help everyone here, work with their conscious mind. He showed me, like a veil, lifting.

"A veil lifting. So is your work helping them communicate better to us over here? Is that what you’re saying? Your life’s work?"

"Yes." He’s talking there, “Because we have everything here,” he says.

Rich: "So we have the ability to talk to them, he’s helping them to have the ability to communicate with us?"


"On an energetic level?"

"Yes. A matching level."

After a couple of personal questions about friends in the Newton Institute, I asked:

Rich: "So why did you show up today? Did you show up to tell us (just) that?"

Jennifer: He says “No, I’m here because I’m taking notes.”

"On our conversation?"

“I’m in communication mode.” Yes. “It’s like noetic science but from the other side.”

(Note: “The Institute of Noetic Sciences describes noetic sciences as "how beliefs, thoughts, and intentions affect the physical world" (wiki) This is not a term or concept that I nor Jennifer was familiar with. I have heard of Noetic sciences, most likely through Dan Brown’s novel, but have never used them in a sentence before. So this concept is new information, both to me and Jennifer. Never heard of them, didn't know about them, not a clue. NEW INFORMATION.)

Rich: "Interesting. If there is any way I can help your work, let me know. I’m going on George Noory’s show this weekend “Beyond Belief.” I’m sure your name will come up. Anything you want me to pass along?"
With George Noory

Jennifer: (He says) Tell Richard everything he’s set out to do; he’s done, and then some - he’s surpassed what he planned or signed up for… and beyond that.

Rich: Oh. (flattered, trying to think of something funny, like “will I get an Oscar for that?”) Will I get a lottery number soon?"

Jennifer: "What good would that do?"

Rich: I understand. Very good. (laughter.)

Jennifer: (Laughs). I said to him “So help us along, (with a lottery ticket) and he said, “No, you just have to be and things will come to you.”

Rich: Michael, remind me; what was it that we talked about in my dream?

(Note: When I got home and told my wife Sherry about this conversation, she reminded me that the night after he died, I had a “conversation” with him in a semi-conscious state. Jennifer’s reminding me of it didn’t jog my memory until I spoke to my wife, who said “Remember? You said you spoke to him.”)

Rich: Let me ask you my friend, is there anything you want me to say on the show when your name comes up? Family, friends or people?

Jennifer: (He says) “Everybody can speak to the other side. And that no one does not - not have the capability to do so. Everyone should start, they should start bringing them in closer. He showed me like both of these dimensions, of which there are a gazillion, but he showed me the dimensions of it -- being like at a dinner table where you’re translucent to each other…  yet you still have the energy of other people (that are) with you (but you’re not consciously aware of).

Rich: So people should have a meditation on bringing your friends in, or at a dinner party, imagine your loved ones who are gone, are with you?

Jennifer: I suggested to him, like my idea of having a group called “wine and spirits” (Jennifer’s idea of bringing mediums together over wine and conversation) and he said (laughs) “Not with your group.”

Rich: So an example might be; at Thanksgiving, why not add other people to your table, those are the loved ones you’ve lost you’ve known or would like to know… 

Start talking to folks no longer on the planet. They can hear you.
Jennifer: (He says) "Yes." He just gave the best “Yes!”

Rich: A little bit like Elijah and the Jewish tradition. Put out a chair in case Elijah shows up.

Jennifer: "Yes."

Then Michael had a personal message for me about one of my kids and school.  It was not something that he was aware of while he was on the planet, I hadn't spoken to him via email in years, so how he might have been able to comment on that detail is beyond me. But the comment was very specific, as well as touching, and incredibly rewarding.  He spoke as if it was something he was completely aware of on the flipside, details that I had not shared with Jennifer. 

Another piece of "new information." He specifically told me how to deal with it, and his suggestion was brilliant. Again, he knew nothing of this while he was on the planet - he could only have observed it from his new place and time frame.

Then, as the check came:

Jennifer: (aside) Prince showed up at the end.

(Note: Prince, the musician, showed up at this same restaurant a few months prior, during another lunch. That conversation I filmed and included in “Hacking the Afterlife.”  We were just about to leave, but I said “We can’t not speak to Prince!” JENNIFER HAS NO RECOLLECTION OF THE FOLLOWING.)

Rich: Let’s talk to him. Hello Mr. Prince Rogers Nelson. Does Prince have anything he wants to say on the “Beyond Belief” show?

Jennifer: (He says) Tell him that it’s a “sound note...” he showed me the matrix… tell him “It’s a sound note.” 

(Note: Funny word play as well.  A musician giving us a “sound note.”  It’s a note, just the way Michael was taking notes, but it’s also a musical note, and a spiritual one as well.)

Rich: What’s that mean?

Jennifer: I don’t know. Hang on. (He says) “It’s not how you look, (I think he’s referring to my concern I had about how I “looked on the show” which I did not express to Jennifer, but was on my mind) It’s not what you say, (meaning it’s not the content of what I’m saying on the show) it’s how you vibrate in your awareness. Awareness of one another. In order… In your awareness of the accumulation… So like, he’s showing me that in your awareness, it’s a note – so if your frequency is clear, that’s how you attract someone."  

"Because when you’re in the consciousness of the higher level, where there is no hierarchy… and if you’re bouncing (broadcasting) on a certain level, then that gets through with more potency. When you’re bouncing on a lower level, its fragmented. If it’s fragmented, you’re not able to connect, which logically, you can’t connect -- he’s showing me “You don’t connect well when you’re out of mode of vibration” -- but when you’re not afraid of vibration, (and are able to resonate at a certain pitch) you’re able to then send it out and then receive that higher vibration… 

Rich: A bit like we were saying earlier, when you strike a chord, and all the guitars in a room start to vibrate at that same tone? You hit a note and all the guitars resonate on that same string?

Jennifer: (He says) "Yes."

Rich: So the idea being not higher or lower, but stronger?

Jennifer: (He says) "But not all the same – high frequencies can sound low."
Rich: I think he means, higher frequencies meaning from a higher place? Or stronger?

Jennifer: He just showed me this song I listen to “Every rose has its thorns.”

Rich: Higher meaning the place they’re coming from?

Jennifer: (He says) "Right. You can… but if you have a higher (stronger) frequency, you’ll still connect with the people that will come. It’s a matrix."

Rich: My question for you (Prince) .. since we last spoke in this same restaurant two months ago, what does that feel like to you in terms of time, comparatively?

Jennifer: He says “A millisecond – even less than that…” He just told me, “even less than that; it’s continuous.” So like he was here and it’s a continuous dialog. "It’s a continuous dialog with God. Like it’s one.. obviously…"-- He just showed me a goddess, but (it feels like) he’s kidding around with that. (looks at her watch)  I gotta go.

Rich: Prince, thanks for stopping by, we’ll have to get back to you!

In the book "Hacking the Afterlife" Prince makes the observation that he liked the fact that I tend to print verbatim what is said in a conversation.  I've left out the personal references in this missive, but all I can tell you is that we did not set out to "talk to" anyone - we were just hanging out at a local eatery when she noted that someone had shown up in our lunch.

Robin Williams and Prince both appeared during our previous lunch - we did not ask for them to appear - Robin makes an appearance in my book "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" and Prince made an appearance in "Hacking the Afterlife" - but at this point, I had not shown the book to Jennifer, nor mentioned that he was going to appear in the book.  So when he showed up during our conversation and spoke about his chapter in the book, it was "new information" for Jennifer.

The point is - we live in a multi-dimensional reality.  There's much more going on than we can possible imagine.  But we should take the time to look around and perceive it.

As a final note; last night I was talking to someone about a group he's associated with.  He said "They focus on healing the soul so that we no longer have to reincarnate."  I said "Why would we no longer want to incarnate?"  He said "Well, because it's difficult here."

I said, "Think about that for a moment.  What's here? People you love, things you love, trees, sunlight, cappuccinos.  This is heaven. This is the most wonderful place to be.  Back home - back on the flipside, that's a place of unconditional love. But it's all a mental energetic construct - as it is here, of course - but back there trees are not solid. They're squishy because they're focused energy.  Here, you can actually go out and hug a tree, taste a real cappuccino, have a really good slice of pizza."

I said "It reminds me of two instances where avatars showed their devotees the nature of reality. One was Buddha, the other Jesus - Buddha's monks asked "What's nirvana like?" and he put his finger to the Earth and "showed them."  The other was Jesus on the cross, and the two thieves said "What's heaven like?" and Jesus showed them.  

I suggest that both showed them what you're looking at right now. This screen. Your desk. Your handheld cell phone. 

Look up for a moment. Look around you. There's sunlight, you're sitting, you're laughing, you're looking around you. Look at all those happy people walking around you. They're here. They're actually on the planet with you. They're smiling because they know what you know.  This is paradise. This place. This is heaven.

Oh sure, there's a lot about heaven that's problematic - those people who choose to play difficult roles on stage, those people who choose to experience tragedy, or cause pain in others to help them, or help themselves experience the energy of it.. but aside from that... 

At some point all of us got a glimpse of heaven. Woke up and saw the sun shining in through a curtain, the warmth of its rays bringing us out of our slumber. We've breathed fresh air after a spring rain. Experienced the wet smell of leaves in a leaf pile. Felt the rush of diving into a clear pool of water. Experience the smell of mom's cooking luring us to a table, the feel of a dog's nose under your hand, insisting on getting some love. The purr of a cat lying on your chest, it's eyes closed. The song of a child's laughter.

Yes, we already are in heaven. 

We just can't see it.

(I'll be on Coast to Coast AM november 4th. yay!)


Back on Coast to Coast on Nov 4th!!!!

Avail at Amazon, Kindle,
Had a great time with George Noory on his "Beyond Belief" show.  If you'd like to view it, you need to subscribe to the Gaia TV site.  It's always a delight to talk to George, because he's so conversant with any topic.  We really can roam around a topic.

 I try to point out that I'm not selling a philosophy or a point of view - I'm not trying to join the ranks of New Age authors, nor am I trying to debunk any particular version of reality.  I have chosen an unusual topic of inquiry, which is what people say under deep hypnosis about the afterlife.
The Awakened Prophet Edgar Cayce

I've had a number of people write to me that it upsets them that I'm writing about this material.  I mean it's not ME that upsets them, but what I claim that people are saying consistently under deep hypnosis that upsets them.  I don't really have anything to say about that - because it's not ME doing the talking.  I'm doing the reporting.

So the first book; "Flipside: A Tourist's Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife" is transcripts of what people say under deep hypnosis, as pioneered by the late Michael Newton.  I interview Michael, his last interview on the topic, and I have transcripts of a number of "between life" hypnotherapy sessions.  I filmed them and then transcribed them verbatim - so people could see for themselves whether or not the hypnotist was "leading" or "guiding" the people under hypnosis in any way.
NDE by H Bosch

I've filmed about 35 of these sessions so far, and have filmed myself doing five of them.  I found that filming myself doing a session was a way of being able to "prove or disprove" what people were saying.  My own experiences are unique to me - yet, there were a number of hallmarks that I experienced that others also report experiencing.  

You can see or read about those in the film "Flipside: A Journey into the Afterlife" and read about it in the book.

Michael Newton's last interview is in Flipside
Which brings me to the second and third books in this series; "It's a Wonderful Afterlife: Further Adventures in the Flipside" Volumes One and Two.  I approached scientists to discuss the research, and when they pointed out that "hypnosis" wasn't considered science, I examined accounts that were considered science - those of near death experiencers.  
Further, I invited these people who'd had a near death experience to explore their event more fully via "between life hypnosis" and reported those in the second and third books.  

I also spoke to PhD's in the forefront of consciousness research, from Gary Schwartz PhD, Mario Beauregard PhD, to Dr. Bruce Greyson (UVA) and other scientists who are out front in the idea that consciousness is not only created by the brain, it may also exist outside of the brain. Again, not my philosophy, not my argument - it's theirs.  I'm just reporting it, and show how consistent these reports are with the others from the Flipside.

Good news: most beloved Prez. Bad news,
you don't get to see the end of the play. Are you in?

And finally we have "Hacking the Afterlife."  My latest book, which is about trying to ask questions to people on the Flipside, either through a medium, or through a fully conscious interview with someone who has experienced a mind altered event, or just by asking simple questions to people who have had no experience with the flipside - and yet they seem to be able to access past lives and a number of other issues.

The second and third part of the book is the research i've been doing for 30 years about the life and death of Amelia Earhart - I focused on the testimony of three different mediums who basically gave me the same information and answers from "Amelia" herself - all information that has never been published and is not part of the official or unofficial record of her life. All I can say is that in the book, she proves that she "still exists" on the Flipside.

Mod squad. With Jennifer Shaffer and Scott De Tamble
And finally, the last third of the book is about Jesus.  Not the Catholic brain freeze religious person that makes us all sit up and take notice (or take offense) but someone on the Flipside who was consistently showing up in my interviews and research.  I ignored his appearing for the past 8 years or so - writing it off the oddness of the research, but at some point realized, he too was trying to communicate from the Flipside.  

Again, I didn't approach this information from the aspect of trying to promote a philosophy, or a way of thinking, or a way of behaving.  I reported it verbatim, as it happened, and allowed "him" or whatever version of him, or whoever this person showing up in different sessions could actually be.  I fully acknowledge I have no physical proof that it is him showing up in these sessions, however the consistency of the reports, and the consistency of reporting about events that may or may not have occurred 2000 years ago, many of which are not widely known, or have never been published or recounted before, forced me to include it in the book.

I did so with a certain amount of trepidation.  There are other people who show up in the book; Edgar Cayce, Robin Williams, Prince and a few friends of mine.  Again, I don't offer these conversations as "proof" of an afterlife, but I do offer them as a jumping off place for people to do their own research, do their own investigation, and come to their own conclusions.

And that's why George is having me on the show again - this time on November 4th.  Coast to Coast AM radio can be found across the US and globe, and we'll be talking about things that aren't normally talked about in the media.  I'm not selling my point of view, nor am I trying to convince anyone to accept what these people are saying consistently about the afterlife, or from the afterlife - all I can do is present them in the most honest way that I can, and report as best I can, all that I've seen or heard. It's up to everyone else to form their own conclusions.
You have been ...invited.
See you on the radio! 

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