10 Meditations to ponder

 Here are ten meditations that have come from "spirit guides" during deep hypnosis sessions.

 These come from sessions I did not film, and are not in "Flipside" except for the last two which come from my own session. Worth repeating.

For a Michael Newton trained hypnotherapist near you, check out where they have a list.  It takes a little time and effort, but if you'd like to connect to your spirit guide - and according to the thousands of reports during this kind of therapy from across the planet, we all have one - they have a searchable list on their site.

1. Go with the Flow. 

 2. Start experiencing life in the moment. 

 3. Accept and Forgive everything that comes to you. 

 4. Focus on Love and Joy. 

 5. Get in touch with your Guides. 

 6. Let Go - stop resisting, realize we are not in control, expand internally. (Let go of fear, anger, resentment)  

7. Notice what connects you to others; not what separates you. 

 8. Focus on acts of kindness without wanting anything in return. 

 9. Destroy vanity in all its forms. (Money, fame, looks) 

 10. Stop judging others. Love your neighbor as yourself because they are yourself.

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