Does consciousness exist outside the brain? Mother Earth and other anecdotes

Can consciousness exist outside the brain?

Look deep into my eyes...

This is pretty much the crux of the question about the afterlife.

Great talk by Dr. Bruce Greyson on the topic can be found here:

There are scientists, reasonable people, very intelligent people, who don't believe it's the case.  There are doctors, lawyers, educators, politicians, business people who don't believe this is the case. There are entire sociological structures who don't believe it's the casee.  It's at the heart of whatever debate anyone wants to have about the afterlife.

And from my research into the topic, I can tell you that religious people don't really believe it either. Plenty of theories about the soul going somewhere - used to go to limbo, then when limbo was cancelled, Buddhists believe that there's a subtle clear light of consciousness that moves from one body to the next, but not that it's fully conscious - they describe it as a "wisp of smoke."  There are a number of eastern religions who feel that our consciousness after leaving our body is pushed/pulled moved around to places based on our karma, or good or bad deeds.  Certainly that's echoed in the Christian religions who believe that sin or the lack of it dictates where and how our consciousness moves around after we're gone.

Look deep into my eyes...

And then we have the post materialist scientists, those dealing with quantum physics who believe that there may be a myriad of universes, options, that are occuring, all of them beyond our will, and that in the afterlife we find ourselves pulled in a myriad of directions, perhaps millions of lifetimes and choices, ad nauseum.

It's just not in the data.

What is in the data - or research - or anecdotes - I don't particularly care what one calls them, but they're eyewitness accounts, we find that not only are we conscious after this life, there are many accounts of being hyper aware, or conscious of other details, all of our lifetimes, conscious of libraries, and classrooms and teachers and schools and groups of individuals who guide and counsel and love us, and laugh at us too.

Basically that everything we've been told about the afterlife - that it's a place or retribution, it's a place of revenge, it's a place of suffering from our actions here on the planet, is not supported by the data.  Or anecdotes.

Light reflecting on light

I use the word anecdote because that's the latest attack by materialist scientists talking about near death experiences.  "They're just anecdotes."  Well, if you get 10,000 anecdotes, and they all relatively report the same events, do we ignore them?  And then if you compare the 10,000 anecdotes to people who have had between life experiences, either via a coma, or while under deep hypnosis, or some other consciousness altering event, should we discount them when they all relatively say the same things about the afterlife?  I call them "eyewitness accounts" because what else are they?  If you get 10,000 people who witness the same event, you're going to get that many saying different things about it - but you're also going to find that most of them say the same things about it.  Because that's the nature of language, of communication, of syntax and nomenclature.  They express themselves in the best way they can.

Recently, I was given a transcript of a session that a person did while under deep hypnosis, where he was able to access some other entity that was not human in nature, not alien in nature either, but just some form of energetic thought that was beyond anything the person who had the experience had ever heard of or pondered before.

This person remembered a previous lifetime, the dates, life and journey of someone who lived in the 15th century, and during that lifetime had this apotheosis event where he/she felt connected to the earth.  And the hypnotherapist asked this person to describe that event in greater detail.  And further, the therapist asked the person to examine what that "connection to the earth" was about.

And in the session, this person claimed to be speaking to an entity - or energetic force if you will - that represented the planet itself.  Mother Earth. Gaia.  Whatever new age phrase you'd like to associate with this particular entity - that's been written about for eons, that many native cultures have claimed exists.

The pale blue dot has its own soul? Who knew?

And in this fairly mind blowing encounter, this entity shared some wisdom - that every planet has their own version of an energetic "oversoul" that represents the planets (and stars I would imagine) and that they're all interconnected.  That they all form some kind of network that is sentient.  I've heard this before during some of the sessions I've filmed - that the "universe is sentient" but I didn't quite understand the concept.  Perhaps this is a way of getting closer to that.

And this "mother earth" energy seemed slightly annoyed by the way humans had been treating their home.  She/he likened it to "having the flu." She/he was describing the human a bit the way we would describe germs that have taken over our health, and how that would eventually "no longer be the case."  This person couldn't access any apocalyptic version of events (for which I was grateful) but that things would "right themselves" in a way that it's supposed to.  And that the consciousness of the planet is being raised, and those who can't handle that transformation will choose to incarnate on other planets where they'll fit in.

Which I thought was kind of funny.  "You don't have to go home but you can't stay here."  This person under deep hypnosis was claiming that those who can't handle the transformation of energy won't be coming back.  It does give one pause.  But it's just one person's observation, and if I get another dozen or so who say the same thing, I'll spend more time examining it.  But until then, it's just another anecdote.  Enjoy the weekend.


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Talking to the Flipside

Last night I was having an interesting discussion with a Jungian psychologist, a very successful gentleman in his 60's, and we were at the memorial service for a mutual friend, a doctor who had passed away in the prime of his youth.

I spoke to the sister in law of the doctor, asked if she had felt his presence at all since his passing and she said she had "felt him around her."

Dancing in the clouds

Normally people stop after that question and comment how wonderful that is to experience.  But of course, I'm not a normal person when it comes to the flipside.

So I asked her what the most significant experience was.  She said that she felt him "lean against her" as if he was putting his head on her shoulder.  I asked if she heard or sensed any message from him.  She said she had, that he said "Thanks for holding up the tent."

I asked her what that meant.  She said she didn't know.

The bedroom as he left it at the Potala; HHDL.  Another form of tent.

This friend is a doctor as well, from a family of doctors, attorneys, lawyers, all people who've been hard at work helping others, helping people heal.  I asked the deceased doctor's brother if he was aware that his brother had "spoken" to his wife from the Flipside.  He wasn't.  She laughed "He never asks me about that sort of thing."

So when I sat with the Dr., the Jungian psychologist, we talked about how people don't have the words to discuss these events, don't really have the syntax to express what they saw or felt. People can describe a "dream" - but dreams are not always the same. Some are more vivid than others.

He shared with me that one of his patients had called him recently and said he was going for a walk at dawn, walking along the beach on a dark cloudy day.  The client said that the clouds "parted" and a ray of light came down and an "angel" appeared before him.  The patient screamed in terror, as it frightened him half to death. (Great term isn't it? "Half to death.")  He said when he screamed, or jumped in terror, the angel disappeared.

The ghost in my cappuccino.

I offered that the word "angel" is a word we use as a placeholder.  We don't really know what an angel is or who that angel was, unless we ask them questions.  And we don't really know if they have wings, or what wings are made of unless we examine them more closely.  And I've seen or filmed sessions with people who do just that - the hypnotherapist can ask the questions - "who are you?"  And sometimes they'll give a name, but even then they'll explain "that's not how I refer to myself over here, or how others refer to me over here, but it's the easiest name I can think of to give you a reference."

Michael. Gabriel. Etc.  The famous names.

Are these folks actually "the archangel Gabriel or Michael?"  It's possible.  It's equally possible that people are making these things up with their subconscious.  But its when you get "new information" from the flipside that we can examine these events in closer detail.

But let's just agree that this energetic form that appears to a person is someone who is either no longer on the planet, or someone who never was on the planet.  Either is possible.  It's also possible that they're some form of a guardian angel - as the thousands of reports I mention in Flipside where people meet their "guardian spirit."  Some are "dressed in white."

Of course, no one is wearing a color.  White is an energetic wave that we see and is translated in the miracle of our brain to become the color white.  It is not white per se - but the vibration of white.

A sea of white, being held in place by mom, circa 1959

So when people see a "ghost" or someone wearing "white" - just assume that they're witnessing some form of energy that is affecting their brain. (And equally that they could be imagining it - except of course, when they aren't, or in the case where more than one person witnesses the energetic form.)

But whoever it was that appeared to the person walking on the beach miscalculated that event.  In other words, the person walking on the beach couldn't have conjured up the event, because why would they have conjured up an event in order to be frightened enough to "scare" the energy away?  And the "angel" itself couldn't have expected this person to scream or be frightened, else, why make the journey?  It takes a lot of energetic movement to change from one realm to the next, and if everyone could do it, why wouldn't they?

In this case, the angel made a mistake.

Which goes to my point that angels are not "omniscient" or "godlike."  To be sure, the reports of wise elders and guardians are of a higher power, of someone really smarter and more wise than the person they're visiting - but they're not omniscient. Meaning the angel thought that showing up on the beach at dawn was a good idea that there would be a good outcome as a result of it.  Not so much.

As it turned out, this person wasn't ready to experience that event.  Maybe another time.  

So when we talk to someone from the Flipside - it's not that they've completely lost who they were - they're a heightened version of themselves over there to be sure - but they still have a sense of humor, or a sense of awe, or love. But we have to imagine for a moment how difficult it may be to communicate with our side of the coin, slowing their energy down, trying to form words, or concepts, or even dreams in their loved ones.  And it doesn't always work properly, does it?

Santa Monica Sunset. A sunrise somewhere else.

For example in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" one woman saw her spirit guide "dressed as a monk in a robe." The therapist asked "describe the robe."  She said it was brown and he had a cowl, but looked a bit like the actor who played "Friar Tuck" in the television series "Robin Hood."  (Allowing that she may have imagined that person because she knew him, or he appeared to her in that form because he was tapping into the memory of this person.)

The therapist asked "So why is he dressed like that?"  And the woman under hypnosis laughed.  She said "He just said "I left my clown outfit at the cleaners."

Now did this woman make that joke up?  She insisted that she didn't.  You have to imagine for a moment the powerful emotions this person was experiencing, having already witnessed a previous lifetime (and a serious one) and now had traveled somewhere outside of time and space to see someone who could only be described as "her spirit guide" or her mentor.  And he came up with a joke that made her and the therapist laugh.

New information.  Not coming from her. Coming from someone, or somewhere else.

So when someone from the flipside reaches out to talk to us, note the ideas or concepts that you could not have been aware of. New information. Something you didn't know, or couldn't have thought of or made up on your own. As in the case of my friend had no idea what her deceased brother in law meant by "holding up the tent."  

Are you talking to me? 

When she told me that, I laughed, and said "Perhaps he's talking about the three ring circus that is your in-laws."  She laughed as well.  I suggested everyone meditate on what he meant, and what it means to be the one "holding up the tent."  Sounds like the pillar of strength, but said in a way that was poetic for her.

I also found references to the "tent holder" in the Bible and the Qur'an, to give her some context.  That the person who holds up the "tent" is someone who is an avatar. I'd quote those passages, but anyone with a search engine can find them, and I find that by quoting a holy book, sometimes it gives the passage of the book more significance than it should.  After all, someone else wrote the same idea or concept down 2000 years ago, or 10,000 years ago - does that make it any more or less important than the same concept written today? "Thanks for holding up the tent." 

Only she and her family will eventually know what that means. Something to meditate and ponder on as their lives continue - his journey that continues  on in the flipside, and theirs on this side. The Flipside of the Flipside.

Ya think?

My two cents.

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