Talking "Hacking the Afterlife" in San Diego on April Fool's Day

Speaking at the IANDS Group in San Diego on April Fool's Day!

Richard Martini: 4/1 – Going Home
Dates: 04/01/2017 Times: 13:30 - 16:00 Location: Om Center for Spiritual Living. 7941 University, La Mesa, CA 91942

The Subject of the San Diego IANDS talk will be “Going Home.”  “How Near-Death Experiences point to a place that is not here, but a place we all consider home.”

Author and Filmmaker Richard Martini

A filmmaker and author, Martini began his research into the flipside with his documentary and book “Flipside: A Tourist’s Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife.” In it he examines accounts from people under deep hypnosis who claim to be able to access the afterlife.  

He conducts interviews with numerous hypnotherapists, including author and psychologist Michael Newton (“Journey of Souls”)  His film “Flipside: A Journey into the Afterlife” was picked up by Gaia/Universal, and his six appearances on “Coast to Coast” with George Noory have made all of his titles best sellers at Amazon.

His follow-up books “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife,” volumes 1 and 2, explored Near-Death Experiences, and those who’ve had both an NDE and a between life session with a hypnotherapist to explore the memory of the NDE.  He also includes interviews with scientists, like Dr. Bruce Greyson of IANDS. about the nature of consciousness, and the cutting-edge research in the field.

In “Hacking the Afterlife” he converses with a number of people who claim to have access to the flipside, and delves into interviews with mediums who bring back “new information” from those who are no longer on the planet. In this book, he converses with people who claim to “channel” people on the flipside, as well as prominent mediums who claim to be able to access and ask questions of people no longer on the planet.  Martini offers a number of details that in his opinion “prove” that he was receiving “new information” from people no longer on the planet.  That is, proof of the afterlife.

In his research into NDE’s and other consciousness altered events, (people under hypnosis, via an Out of Body Experience or some other event), he’s often come across the concept that people refer to the flipside as “home.”  In this talk, he’ll examine how it could be that “home” is not here, where we are, but appears to be somewhere else.

Rich is a frequent guest on George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM. His website is

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Hacking the Afterlife in Real Time

I've started to experience and hear some unusual events, and I'm jotting my notes down here, as way of reminding myself to revisit them.

Puzzled? Me too.
I could wait until my next book, and that may be what this line of inquiry turns into.  But perhaps others out in the world are getting the same results.   Since it's been happening to me, and with my line of questions, it feels like it's unique to me.

But as happens in the world we live in, it's more than likely that other people are experiencing the same things I'm experiencing, getting the same results I'm getting, and are writing them as we speak.  Or even putting them into a screenplay as we speak.  

I'm uniquely positioned to do the same, that is take my research and write it into a script and turn them into a movie.  And that film may take life as a documentary, as a series, or even as a theatrical feature.  All I can say, is that something REALLY WEIRD is going on, and I'm reporting it here for those of you who care about this kind of thing.

Really weird? How about the Cubs win the world series?

You should be aware that for the past ten years I've been filming people under deep hypnosis, hearing them talk about the afterlife.  And recently I've been interviewing mediums who appear to be talking to someone no longer on the planet - in all of these cases, it's only if I know the person that they're talking about can I verify if indeed it does appear they're talking to that person.

But recently, in my interviews with mediums, I've taken the opportunity to ask them to examine their own path to this work they're now doing, and while we examine that path, I ask them to take a detour and go to the source of their ability. Meaning, I ask them to speak directly to their spirit guide or guides, and to ask them to show them how their path came about.

Because I've filmed so many sessions (35 so far) I'm conversant with what people almost always report when they get to the flipside - whether it's loved ones who greet them, or visiting their soul group, or a place of healing, or a library, or their council - since I've been before many councils (as every hypnotherapist trained in the Michael Newton method of hypnotherapy has, or can report about in detail) I'm familiar with what a council looks like.

So I can ask questions.  "How many are there? Are they men, women or something else? How are they dressed? What role do these council members represent in terms of your life's journey?"  And recently, I've done the extra step of saying "Go forward to your council member. Take their hand in yours. Describe what that feels like. Now, while you're holding their hand, ask them this question..."

I'm getting some really unusual results.  In the past month alone, I've interviewed four mediums in this fashion, have spoken to people that I know personally who are no longer on the planet, but what they say is consistent with my memory of them, or consistent in terms of what other people have said these same people have said. I've done this same technique in person, on camera, on skype, and in auditoriums.

I've also done the same technique with every day people who have had some kind of experience in their life that they can recount. I've found that once they tell me about an unusual dream, or an unusual event, that becomes the gateway so that I can ask them to take me to the flipside, to meet their council, loved ones and friends.  

I've done that with three people in the past week. One is an airline stewardess who has been reading my books, has never had any hypnotherapy whatsoever, one is a person who had a near death experience 30 years ago, and one is a woman who runs a book club online who reached out to me for an interview.

She said "I've read and listened to all your books."
I'm going to recount in shorthand what each one of them said.

In the case of the stewardess, she lives in another country, so our talk was via google talk.  I'd never spoken to her before, we've exchanged emails, and she's described some unusual dreams.  In one dream, she made a point about seeing an "alien" that was dying, and how she went to his side in the dream, and he gave her "two pills." ("Go Ask Alice?" or "The Matrix?" No) One pill made her see and learn the entire history of the planet he was dying on, and the second pill allowed her to understand and know how the DNA of that planet worked - so when she was stabbed moments later by the same people who were trying to kill him, she was able to heal herself instantly.

Now - those familiar with my work know that I put these dreams into two categories. Either it was completely illusory (made up) or it wasn't. If it wasn't, then we can examine how or why these elements came into the dream and why.  In this case, I used to death of this 8 foot tall "grey" alien as an entry point.  I asked her to "freeze" the memory in the dream, and to examine details in it. She talked about the texture of his skin, how his eyes were closed, etc. I asked her to take his hand and remember if they had any previous life together. She saw the two of them on the bow of a "space ship" where they were traveling to various planets to help out.

She said "I don't understand what this means."  I said "It's okay, I do."  (I have another friend who had a similar dream seeing himself traveling around deep space in a ship where his role was an ambassador of sorts (after a lifetime of fighting in this "other realm" as a general.)  

I try hard not to judge what a person remembers via the filters that are on our planet. "How could I be an alien and be me?" Well, the Newton institute recently reported about 30% of their clients say they've had "off world experience." (As reported by Pete Smith, President of the Newton Institute in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife.") So it's not entirely odd to hear someone remembering a past life as an "alien."

Further, when asked what she was doing on this ship, she said that she and her partner went around helping civilizations in an etheric way. I asked her to explore that, and she said they did not "interfere" with civilizations directly, but worked on the "grid" - or the electrical grid that is related to their existence on their planet. I asked her to describe this grid, and she described something akin to an invisible shield around the planet, and instead of directly interfering, or helping people below, they would work on the grid that surround that planet.  She added that she "didn't know what she was talking about" but was saying it anyway.

I pointed out to her that I've heard these kinds of reports before. (Specifically in the Pete Smith chapter in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife.")  I also heard a similar report recently,when speaking to a man who remembered having an experience with a UFO when he was 25 and had an hour of "Missing time."  When I asked him to examine that hour, he reported that the ship he saw had come to "activate him" so that he could help with the kind of work they were doing, very similar to what this woman was describing.

She said that "there are many alien groups here on the planet."  She said that some are doing their work invisibly, without interference, but there are others who appear to not care about the idea of non-interference and are "treating the earth like it's a possession." I have heard something similar from other folks. That UFO's that we can see - well, we're not supposed to see them - but if we do it's almost like an interference in our development.

In the case of the woman who had an NDE, in front of an audience we explored her near death experience, and she went back to visit her soul group, a place of healing and her council.  She was able to meet and identify people who are on her council, and had a profound experience doing so. She said that she has never done deep hypnosis, and this was an entirely unique experience for her. What made it fascinating, is that her council members gave her "new information" - details that she was not aware of during her near death experience, nor had she any conscious memory of - but while asking her these questions in front of a live audience, she had the profound experience of "remembering all of it."

Then yesterday I did a blog broadcast via Skype with a woman who interviews authors for her writing blog.  She told me she's read my books, had listened to them on audible, and had some incredible stories about her mom's passing and how her mother saw a number of relatives in her hospital room "that no one else could see." 

But, she said she was disconcerted that in the five years since her mother's passing "she never came for a visit."

I pointed out that people frequently say that, but upon closer examination, it's possible the loved one DID visit. Just that they weren't aware of it.

She said that once since her mom's passing, she had a hypnotist try to help her do a past life regression (unsuccessfully) but during the session, she got a glimpse of her mother.  So I asked her to return to that moment. (Fully conscious, we're talking on skype after all.)  She did. I asked her to describe her mother, age, height, etc. She said she looked "younger and more vibrant."

I told her the case of the NYPD detective (on the film "Salt") who asked me why his partner was appearing to his 8 year old daughter as younger and thinner, when he died 2 years before she was born.  I explained "people claim that they appear in the form they were happiest in."

I asked this woman to take her mom's hand and hold it. "What does that feel like?"  She did so - and described a feeling. I asked for her "primary guide" to come forward. She said she saw her mom's mother - but was surprised, as they were not close.  I said "Well, you are now. Take her hand too." I asked her primary guide for help in taking her around. She said she would.

So we went to a place of healing.  She described what that was like, and we went to visit her council.  It was at the council meeting (six individuals) that I asked for her to single out the spokesperson, or person on the council who could answer questions.  She described a gent in a suit, looking like someone in the show "Mad Men."  I asked her to go closer and to take his hand as well.  When she did, she said "Oh. It's my uncle. That's weird."  I asked why. She said "Because he's alive.  And I don't like him."

I explained that people claim roughly a third of our energy is here at any given time, so the two thirds of us could be back home doing this kind of work. I asked why she didn't like him. She said "Because he's the one I went to when I was being molested and he denied it was happening."  I told her about another case that was similar (in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife") and I asked her to hold his hand and send him some love anyway. And she gasped and said "Oh, I see it now. He's showing me how I had asked him to deny my story, I had asked him to pretend to be indifferent with me, that this was all part of my plan."

I asked her council member to describe how that worked.  If people could "agree to a contract" or if they could "break the contract they agreed to."  He said that "it didn't matter.  If they broke the contract, then that was something they'd planned in advance, and if they didn't fulfill what they set out to do in this lifetime, they could always do it further down the road. That "by the end of the entire journey this soul would have found a way to experience whatever it was they had decided they needed to examine."

I thanked him - as it was something I had never heard before, and as she said she had never had anything like what was happening to her happen to her before.  She confirmed (on camera) that we didn't know each other, we hadn't planned to speak in this manner, she had no idea that I was going to take her anywhere, and that she learned a huge amount during our short interview.

I guess I will recount this in a future book - in detail, as I filmed it. Perhaps the transcription of these sessions will bring further clarification.  Also, I will ask these individuals if it's ok for me to post footage from their interviews, so readers can see for themselves precisely what they were saying, how they said it, and whether it offers any solace or clarity.

One can only hope!

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