Tibet House Flipside Book Talk Aug 8th Free Event 7-8 PM NYC

Getting ready to speak at Tibet House Friday August 8th from 7-9 in NYC. Hope you can make it, it's a free book launch event. Copies of Flipside in book and DVD will be available for sale at the event. For details and to RSVP, please click this link:

The book is nearly finished. It's two volumes, and wife Sherry has been editing both of them. We're hoping no later than the end of this month. But meanwhile, I interviewed author and near death experiencer David Bennett - "Voyage of Purpose." and have adapted this interview into a chapter of the book. I highly recommend watching it below for a sample of what's to come.

David had a NDE when he was a science officer aboard a research ship. He kept the journey to himself for over a decade, and then relived the event during a meditation. His memory of it was so vivid that Dr. Bruce Greyson (also interviewed in the book) studied his case at the University of Virginia. David also has had an LBL - a between-life hypnotherapy session with a Michael Newton trained therapist, which allowed him to examine the event in greater detail.

David is also a cancer survivor. What makes his story so unique is that he saw during his NDE that he would survive the illness, so when a (new) doctor came in to tell him the awful news he had six weeks to live, he was able to reply "Yes, I know. But it's okay because I will I survive this." The doctor and the hospital staff thought he was in denial about his impending death. But because David had already seen during his NDE that he would survive the illness, he was able to forge ahead with both traditional and non traditional efforts to heal him. His recovery is complete and truly a miracle. He's written eloquently about it in his book "Voyage of Purpose" which is available online.

But you can watch this wonderful interview for free, and it is a chapter in the book, so it's like getting a taste of what's to be. I appreciate everyone's financial support, I can see the finish line, but your help is needed now more than ever. If there's any donation you can make, it's really needed at the moment. I can't thank all of you angels enough, but only to say think of it as an advance against me sending you your own copy of the book (and a free link to the DVD). It's a futures contract on the book to come. 

Thank you again! And thanks to David for the interview!!!! It's an hour long, but it's an hour of your life you will not regret, nor soon forget. best, RM

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