Flipside "I Can Help You" GoFundMe Update

Flipside Interview: Spoke with an attorney in Colorado today. She said that in ALL the murder cases that she's worked on - and the number is in the 100's - the person who committed the crime (usually vehicular manslaughter, drunk driving, etc) has had some form of visitation from the person they'd killed or caused the death of. She recounted four specific cases where in each instance the victim said to the perpetrator in some kind of dream or visitation, relatively the same things -  variations of "I'm okay. You don't need to suffer. I'm happy where I am" and "I can help you."

The people who'd committed these acts were by and large too freaked out by the visitation to do anything about it. These cases were mainly of the drunk driving, accident variety where a death occurred, sometimes under the influence of drugs, or alcohol. She said her clients weren't able to process that their victim would visit them in this manner.

Perhaps because we don't yet have a common language for these kinds of incidents; they go against everything we know of reality, they counter to our sense of outrage and are basically counter to everything we've ever been told about our lives on the planet. It's startling to hear messages from people in the afterlife in whatever manner; it's a shame we don't yet have the nomenclature or way of sharing this information with mental health professionals who could be of help to the families of the victims.  If you consistently hear from a loved one who has died, doesn't it make sense to let their loved ones know about it?

It could be of solace to the families of those who are suffering, to know that their loved ones still exist, or even to consider for a moment that their loved one has visited the perpetrator to let them know they are are okay. This information is important not only victims, but the families of victims who live with anger or a sense of helplessness from what appear to be random acts. 

As I frequently point out; these reports are not based on belief or philosophy - these are consistent reports from a spectrum of sources; NDE's, Between life hypnotherapy, Past life regressions and now, from the files of an attorney.

If you can, please help me continue this research. ("Flipside" now on sale at Amazon for 99 cents). These are some of the topics I will be exploring in the next version of "Flipside." Thank you.


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