Two new Flipside events in January

Glad to see the earth has survived the dawn of the "new era."  More fun to come!

Here's some pix from the shell sculpture in the Palisades in Santa Monica. Once a year it becomes our "Stonehenge" and on the solstice the sun lines up with the crevice in the shell. Quite stunning. Here's a pic:

Winter Solstice 2012 Santa Monica Palisades

A thought about this "new millenia" or "the shift." Recently I filmed a deep hypnosis session with a skeptic who found herself in a place where she was speaking with her spirit guide or guardian. She asked him what "the shift" was about, the new age concept that there is a shift in consciousness upon us. The guide said "You humans always feel the need to name things so you can get a handle on them. Here, we refer to it as "the quickening." 
In terms of the cosmos, it isn't that big of a deal. 
However, if you want to understand it, imagine yourself a crab walking on the ocean floor and suddenly you open your eyes and realize... you're in an ocean. 
That's a shift in consciousness." 

Welcome to the Ocean my fellow Paralithodes camtschaticus - are we Kings or Hermits or Horseshoes?

What.. me worry?
Mine. All mine. Oh, Ok, you can have some.
You decide.

Two new "Flipside" events. 

One in Santa Monica, Friday Jan 25th at 7 pm. 
Book signing and talk at First Pres Church, 1220 2nd street, 90401.

Probably in the Renaissance room.  I love this church, love the people here, many friends, so this should be a lot of fun.

The other is in Fullerton,

The Owl's Lantern, 801 S Euclid, 92832 Jan 26th at 7 pm. 

Donations welcome, not required. Books and dvds (of the 90 minute doc "Flipside: a Journey into the Afterlife" are for sale. C'mon down to have your reality altered (in a good way).

And Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to you all!!!!

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