Reflection on the death of a Parish Priest


Reflections on a Priest’s Passing

So a beloved Bishop was shot and killed recently in Los Angeles.

The bullet took the life of a Bishop, Father David O’Connell from Cork, Ireland. According to reports, he met Cardinal Manning on a trip some years ago, which led him to follow the priesthood in Dublin, which eventually led to his parish in Los Angeles.

According to all reports, he was a kind and generous person, who made it his life mission to help people from all backgrounds. One thing I noticed is that he “spoke Spanish fluently, but spoke with an Irish accent.” Made me laugh. Irish is such a musical language, Spanish is as well — the combination must have been a fun one to hear. “Dos tacos por favor, if you don’t mind me askin’.”

Bishop David G. O’Connell

“The Most Reverend David G. O’Connell is the Episcopal Vicar of the San Gabriel Pastoral Region, one of the five Pastoral Regions in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Bishop O’Connell received a BA in Philosophy and English Literature from the University College Dublin in 1975, a Bachelor of Divinity from Maynooth College in 1977 and a Masters of Spirituality from Mount St. Mary’s College in 1987. He’s served as Associate Pastor at St. Raymond in Downey, St. Maria Goretti in Long Beach, and St. Hillary in Pico Rivera, and then as Pastor of St. Frances X. Cabrini, Ascension Catholic Church, St. Eugene and St. Michael Parishes. In his pastoral ministry, Bishop O’Connell has always been very active in serving those in need.” (from LACatholics.org)

But while looking up the Good Father, I found this clip on line, so I could hear the lilting sounds of the home country (half my family is from near the Cliffs of Moher, the other from the Dolomite Alps). When listening to it, pretend for a moment that he’s talking from the flipside, and discussing “how to stay in touch with someone who is no longer on the planet.”

Here’s father O’Connell talking about how to stay in touch with Mary or Jesus:

Just in terms of content — if he substituted the words “your mother” or “your grandfather” he would be accurate in terms of “speaking directly” to the person on the flipside one wants to access.

The details of his death are something that will be talked about — killed by the husband of his housekeeper, apparently in a dispute over money. (According to the tipster who said “he was acting weird.” Love that the LAPD talked about “incredible detective work” without mentioning the fella who made the call.)

Interesting detail; most Bishops (priests) don’t carry money — someone does that for them. So it’s not like the housekeeper’s husband (who also did work for him) was there looking for cash.

Not sure what the disputed amount was, whether it was a delusional slight, whether it was anger because his wife was slighted, not sure what the slight was that would convince someone to pick up a gun and threaten a feckin’ Bishop for cash.

Therein lies a deeper telling, another story. And exit ramp story.

In the flipside research, in the filming that I’ve done over the past ten years, talking to people no longer on the planet (via our podcast hackingtheafterlife.com ) or via hypnotherapy (flipsidemyfilm.com) or a combination of hypnotherapy, mediumship or meditation (hackingtheAfterlifefilm.com) people report the same things.

That we don’t die.

That who we are on stage, that costume falls, but who we are as people returns “home.” We bring a portion of our conscious energy to our stage play, when the curtain falls, we return “home.” That’s consistent in the reporting.

It’s not my opinion, theory or belief that people say that, I’ve been filming them saying that for over ten years. “What happened after that past life memory?” “I went home.”

And what David says here about talking to Mary, or talking to Jesus — is accurate in terms of the research about “how to talk to our loved ones on the flipside.”

Not in a religious sense — one doesn’t need to be of any faith to have a conversation with someone on the flipside. (And in the half dozen or so conversations I’ve had where people from all religions or walks of life claimed they were seeing “Jesus” and asking him my questions, he’s said “All religions point to the same garden.”)

I’ve filmed enough people having conversations with Mary or Jesus, Krishna or crazy Uncle Pete and Aunt Betty that I know it has zero to do with one’s denomination. It has everything to do with the possibilty that they exist and can help.

My mom had a rosary and used it often. She gave out rosaries to many people. Some I’m sure found them a bit like the mala beads that Buddhists and Hindus sometimes wear — or yoga teachers — those have 108 beeds, while the rosaries have less.

But the number isn’t important. It’s the intent.

What does one want to ask or say to their loved one on the flipside? Well, apparently they cannot intercede (as many ask) in someone’s journey, because well, the person planned that journey in advance, so they can’t disrupt someone’s planned journey. However they can comfort, come forward and remind us that love is all there is, all there is, is love, that love is the key to understanding consciousness, the key to understanding quantum theory, the key to everything.

The connectivity of all of us, and the compassion that implies. We are our brother’s neighbor, because we are etherically connected. Tethered to our guides, our teachers, our council members (take a look at the mind bending transcripts in DivineCouncils.com) — so what the good Padre is saying in this clip is reflected in the Flipside research.

It’s something that I’ve noticed over the years, filming people accessing this information and saying the same things. Yes, there is such a thing as reincarnation, but mainly because we don’t fully understand incarnation — how people exist prior to incarnation, plan their lifetimes and journey with the help of others. And not to step in on an ongoing police matter — but it’s also likely that it’s no mistake that husband of someone he worked with was the one who offered him this exit ramp home.

Certainly he could have been here longer, only he knows why this incident happened, he knows why he opened his arms and heart to their family — or why money or the lack of money became the issue in someone’s mind — albeit a disturbed individual, we don’t know. But I can report that in the thousands of examples I’ve seen, filmed or read about — sometimes someone says “Oh, yes, I have known this person for many lifetimes. And they signed up to be part of this lifetime.”

So on the flipside they see why and how the play ended the way it did. That doesn’t exonerate anyone from committing heinous acts — but it does give insight into why things occur on a level we don’t quite comprehend.

We can’t control how others behave, but we can control how we react to them. Based on thousands of other accounts, I’d be surprised that Father O’Connell wasn’t happy and back home, and in full awareness of what happened, and his impact and influence on people he’s met and helped over his lifetime.

It’s a long way from Cork — I know, I’ve been, and I remember someone coming up to me in the streets of Cork and saying “What’s it like in New York?” And me trying to describe a big city environment. This fellow only knew the green hills of Cork, his small city, and how everyone looked everyone in the eye when they spoke to them. He said “I haven’t been to Dublin, but I’ll guess that New York is probably a lot like Dublin, as I’ve heard people don’t look you in the eye in Dublin.”

I looked him in the eye.

“Yeah, that’s about right.”

And Father O’Connell spent his life helping people from all walks of life, different communities, even learned to speak Spanish with his Irish brogue, and there will be many suffering who knew him, loved him, who will miss his company.

But he’s not gone. He’s just not here. And he’s available as well. And if anyone wants to reach out and talk to him, the next time they’re doing the rosary, just include a few beads for him. “Who greeted you when you crossed over?” “What was that like?” “Have you run into Mary or Jesus since your trip home?” “What was that experience like?” “What’s one thing you’d like to share about your journey home?”

Ask him. He’s available too.

My dear conservative Wisconsin uncle, who left his life long parish when they stopped doing the mass in Latin, who went to church “more often than most” who prayed fervently, gave me a glimpse of what greeted him on the flipside. I spoke to him through a medium who works with law enforcement, and asked if we could speak to him. She saw that his passing was a “glorious event” where “Jesus and Mary and the angels met him as he rose triumphantly up to heaven” — with trumpets and fanfare, more amazing and beautiful than he could imagine.

And then, after a few minutes being there, the music died down, and someone started to sweep up the party favors, and he saw that everyone had stopped singing and were looked at him to see his reaction. Someone said “So, is that pretty much what you were hoping for?”

And he realized it was exactly what he expected, and once the parade was over, he realized where he was, and how he wasn’t “dead” but alive, still existing, aware, happy that all of his friends had given him this “fake but fantastic arrival” because it’s what he wanted to see.

Like getting a standing ovation for a performance well done and then the applause dies down and one realizes everyone has stopped clapping. “Is that all there is?”

Condolences for all who knew him, may read this, apologies for those who might be offended by it, but I can’t help but report what people have said on camera about the journey. That we all go home, that we all reconnect back home, that the predominant experience being back home is unconditional love. That Father Dave is back home, that he’s with pals and friends and family that he knew, and they all greeted him with thunderous applause. He’s available to tell anyone what that journey was — and would appreciate the conversation, as I never met an Irishman who didn’t like to chat.

Worth exploring.

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