Hacking the Afterlife with Kobe, Marilyn, Jesus and Jennifer

 Here's a link to the iands talk tomorrow: Sat 2/18 at 10 am PST, 1 pm EST.  Iands Talk with Rich Martini

For those not familiar with this podcast; Jennifer Shaffer is an intuitive medium who works with law enforcement nationwide on missing person cases. She does pro bono work daily for them, and once a week we get together and see what we can learn from the flipside.  We've been doing this weekly for 8 years, the last two on our podcast. 

     I'm a filmmaker, have written and/or directed 8 theatrical feature films, a couple of documentaries.  Some years ago, my best friend died in my arms and started coming to visit me. Instead of being freaked out by it (and her showing up to friends and family members) I started to dig into how that might be. That's resulted in 10 books (Flipside, etc) and four with Jennifer Shaffer.

     We met a couple of years ago, I brought my camera to her office to document what might happen.  Those clips are in - also in "Talking to Bill Paxton" (  My latest book is - where I did a guided meditation with twenty professionals who had never heard of me or the work - all were able to meet guides, visit their councils and talk about what that experience was like.

     In this edition, a number of people show up that we've spoken with before. We interviewed Kobe just after his passing, it's the last chapter in the book "Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3" - where he talks about his journey, and I ask him questions in Italian.

     Eventually members of his family have met with Jennifer - so it's not unusual for us that he might stop by.  The construct is this; my friend who passed away is on the flipside, and has organized a "group meeting" or a class as we call it, not to teach folks on the planet, but to teach people on the flipside how to communicate using frequency, images, visualizations on the flipside.

     Jennifer may get an image, let's say of a character from a TV show, and it may be their way of giving her a thought so that I could say, "Do you mean someone who shares the same name of that character in the TV show wants to speak to us?" That happens often.

     As noted, Jennifer is doing her best to translate what is coming to her. Like a translator at the UN, the people on the flipside are downloading a lot of information, and she does her best to catch the meaning, syntax and general idea of what someone wants to impart.

     A number of people stop by who've been interviewed before; Prince ("I was addicted to jumping off pianos, which caused me to use pain killers"), Robin Williams ("Love Love"). Marilyn stops by - refers to something I was writing at the other day - and when I asked if she wanted to talk about the manner of her passing, she said she wanted to talk about how she had two children waiting for her on the flipside. Both whom had not come to term.  

     That concept has been repeated in the research - consistently. A number of people in our podcast have mentioned it, the idea of "those we don't have are waiting for us on the flipside."  Harry Dean Stanton said the same thing - and I was able to verify it (but don't mention it in the podcast.) It's in "Backstage Pass to the Flipside."  Harry came through after he passed and before his memorial. I asked him what he wanted me to impart to his friends (as noted.) He also said that when he passed, "He was in a room with five women" and when he got to the flipside, he was met by a "baby that he didn't have in life."  In other words, a child was there to greet him with this profound unconditional love.

     At his memorial that I went to a week later, I asked someone who was with him at his deathbed to describe the scene. She said "There were five of us with him, all women."  I asked if he had said anything unusual while she was in the room. She said "Yes, he asked me to hand him the baby. But there was no baby in the room."

     I had heard THE SAME THING from Harry on the Flipside via Jennifer a week earlier.

     At some point, the Alpha and Omega stops by - and mentions the one thing he wishes people would not do, that is "get freaked out by his name." (Jesus). I've had a number of interviews with him via various mediums, different hypnotherapy sessions, and multiple guided meditation sessions. As noted in the podcast, I've finished that book and am doing the audible as we speak. Apparently, they wanted to know "when I was going to finish it." Soon.

     As noted, he's known as Issa in the Middle East, was referred to by the moniker in the Qu'ran, other documents in Persia, and describes his ability to be "everyone at once" in terms of the various planes of existence we're on.

     That's not to say that he's the only one who can do that - there are others who can, who share that "unconditional love" frequency (and in his case, in our first interview 8 years ago, said "I brought more of source energy to my lifetime, when people are near me they experience more of that "unconditional love.") 

     I quote him from other interviews and ask again if that's accurate; he's said "all religions point to the same garden." "The Bible is metaphor, all religious texts are metaphor." "We are all walking each other home, allow me to walk beside you, you don't have to follow me." "My retelling my story is not alternate if it's true."

     So thanks to all the folks who showed up, Jennifer's dad Jim, all those people that demonstrate they aren't gone, they just aren't here.  If one has an issue with this podcast, I recommend doing some research into the concept that consciousness is not confined by the brain, I recommend the research from UVA Medical School DOPS, with Dr. Greyson's AFTER, Dr. Tucker's BEFORE, Dr. Kelly's CONSCIOUSNESS UNBOUND. 

     In terms of the hypnotherapy research, I recommend the thousands of case studies from Dr. Helen Wambach (RELIVING PAST LIVES) Dr. Weiss (MANY LIVES, MANY MASTERS) Michael Newton (JOURNEY OF SOULS.)  My latest book is - where I invited 50 people, half whom had never heard of councils, who visited them, met their guides, teachers, etc.

     As noted, it's up to the guest list on the flipside who will be invited, and as demonstrated, I brought up two individuals I had been reading about (Thomas the Doubter via the Gospel of Thomas, the Acts of Thomas, and that other fellow who the Book of Job claims was on "God's council.")  Just want to point out, I asked Luana if she was interested in us interviewing either one, and she said "No, just finish the book."

     Nothing quite like getting career advice from the flipside. Hope this information helps someone out there who may need to hear it. Links: - - -




Next Saturday,  live event courtesy yours truly sharing latest flipside research 1PM EST, 10 am LOS ANGELES ZONE

International Association for Near Death Experience Studies. 

Basically, have been filming people accessing their near death events for the past ten years.  One method is to use hypnosis, revisiting the event with someone trained in hypnotherapy.

However, as demonstrated in the book DIVINECOUNCILS.COM one can access pretty much any memory, event, dream, experience - even ones we don't recall by using guided meditation.

We'll discuss a simple method of accessing the same information during the talk. HERE'S THE LINK.

Revisiting The NDE Event Using Guided Meditation

Richard Martini

Active, Webinar


Facilitator: Dean Christensen

Language: English

Capacity: 450

Saturday, February 18, 2023

1:00 pm EST

1 hour 30 minutes

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Revisiting The NDE Event Using Guided Meditation



A Message from Richard:

The subject of my talk will be “How to revisit the NDE using guided meditation ” based on my recent book “Divine Councils in the Afterlife. ” (

In the research I demonstrate how a person can revisit an event that occurred, including the NDE, using a simple exercise of guided meditation.

How people (including Scientists, Clergy) report being able to meet guides, teachers, fellow classmates on the flipside, learn new information from their experience, and ask and answer questions about their experience.

The talk will include examples of people who used hypnotherapy to access their NDE, and then examples of how people can revisit an event, or get help with accessing the event from their guides or loved ones.

Its a method of inquiry that gets the same results without hypnosis.


Richard is a filmmaker/author of ten books about the Afterlife. (Best selling in their genre at kindle.) Frequent guest on “Coast to Coast with George Noory and “Beyond Belief” on Gaia, Richard has three documentaries on the afterlife, or, “Talking to Bill Paxton” on Gaia, in addition to his latest book He’s spoken at 9 different IANDS locations and was a featured speaker at the IANDS convention (Orlando).

He’s been invited to return to the upcoming “Art of Dying and Living Conference” in March with Robert Thurman, Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson.

Links to connect:

This event will be recorded. The recording is included free with your RSVP to the event.


Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Cindy Williams and friends

Another mind bending podcast.

First an apology for talking over Jennifer; because I knew I didn't have her for long, I wanted to squeeze in as much information as I could. The first half I interrupt her often, the second half not so much. Yes, I did a Laverne & Shirley, I played "Guide the Pizza Delivery guy" - an idea that Charles Grodin had, that he pitched to Penny. They wrote me in and as noted, they cut me out.  It's just fun that I did the show, and that Harry Dean Stanton sang a song (which went over, and is why I was cut out, according to Penny.) I did spend the millennium on a yacht with Bob Shaye, Penny Marshall and others - and I played the piano while Penny sang shows tunes from "Hello Dolly" but with Bob and Ava Shaye's names instead. And for those familiar with our books with transcripts of eight years of meeting weekly - "Backstage Pass to the Flipside 1, 2 and 3" or "Tuning into the Afterlife" - they'll know that Jennifer doesn't recall our conversations unless folks on the flipside remind her.  We did interview Gary Marshall when he crossed over, we have interviewed others mentioned in the podcast, Robin Williams, Sally Kellerman... Luana Anders is our moderator on the podcast, she did over 300 TV episodes and films, knew everyone - and those in turn know others.  We've had many stop by the podcast - not because they're "celebrities" - there's no hierarchy on the flipside, but because Luana knew them. (Luana reached out from the flipside to get me to do a documentary about this research.) I was at Penny's birthday party when I met Robin Williams. Luana introduced me to Fred Roos, introduced me to Francis Coppola who introduced me to George Lucas (I beat them both playing "Risk"). Rance Howard starred in my film "Limit Up" so I know Ron, as well as his mom. I don't know Bill Hudson, but I do know his ex Goldie. Apologies to her children for dropping their names in this podcast - I try not to offend grieving family members, but sometimes it's healing or helpful to hear or see how easy it is to access our loved ones. We do this podcast for that reason - to demonstrate one doesn't need a medium (it helps) doesn't need a hypnotherapist (it can help) but one can just do a simple meditation (example in or the film ) to chat with anyone. Or give Jennifer a call. She's really good at what she does. As Harry Dean Stanton told us (transcript is in "Backstage Pass to the Flipside") "tell people to allow for the possibility there is an afterlife so then they won't waste another minute of their life arguing about it like I did."   I mention David Kirkpatrick in the podcast, as he wrote a wonderful memory of Cindy on his Facebook page.  Some may think I'm directing Jennifer in these questions - but since we've been doing this for eight years, I'm not trying to prove anything to anyone - for me that's a waste of time and energy when she's done that so many times already. Plus she works with law enforcement daily pro bono.  I'm not the only one who knows how talented she is ( I don't know if Ron or George or Fred will ever see this podcast, but they're specifically mentioned in here. Our loved ones are NOT GONE. THEY'RE JUST NOT HERE.  The data, research, footage from UVA Medical school DOPS demonstrates consciousness is not confined to the brain. It's not my opinion, theory or belief that people say the same things about the afterlife using hypnotherapy, meditation or in this case mediumship - it's footage.  Examples are in, "Talking to Bill Paxton" on Gaia, or . And to Bill Hudson - whom I don't know - Cindy says "you can have it."  She says you'll know what that means. We hope so.

A post from the Quora forum HACKING THE AFTERLIFE

For the past few years, have been maintaining a forum called HACKING THE AFTERLIFE.

Hi, Richard, I had the most wonderful experience last weekend. I performed at a house concert not to far from my home, and on my way out the door, I said to my pal, Andy, on the flipside, "come hang out with me tonight." 

Andy was as close as a brother to me and his passing from cancer four years ago was wrenching, despite our having a great conversation just prior to his transition about going home, and how we don't die. After the concert, I was talking to a few friends, when one of them cracked up. 

In that instant, I clearly heard Andy's laugh, and saw his sparkle in Kevin's eyes. I told him, you remind me so much of my friend, Andy! Even my husband saw it. 

In that instant, I knew Andy was indeed hanging out with me and I felt such pure joy and love. I tell you this because that moment was made possible because you choose to share your research and insight with the world, and I've been paying attention (unlike during my loooong years in Catholic school when the ceiling tiles were more interesting than the lesson plans). 

I just wanted to send a little of that joy back to you with my thanks.

Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s always fun when a pal shows up. Like I say, no one outside the circle of friends would believe it, be aware of it, and the closest of close friends may be skeptical of it - which is fine, because it’s not for them. It’s for the individual who knows the frequency so well they feel that inner “ding!” when the sound of their laughter, their favorite song, some obscure reference suddenly pops up - and we can’t help be be a little breathless… with “Oh wow. You have no idea what just happened.”

We don’t. But it’s cool. Thanks for sharing.



A comment about

From a Quora follower in the "Hacking the Afterlife" -

"Hi Richard, I just got your book Divine Councils In the Afterlife.

I LOVE IT. I am amazed by the amount of information you can get.

I am a hypnotherapist and it really does parallel the information that I receive when my clients are in a trance.

It was your podcast ( that is dedicated to start taking ppl to their councils in the first place.

The very first time I did, my client told me that the first 2 were trees.

All I could hear was you in my ear saying “Don’t judge it”.

It was one of the most healing and beautiful sessions I’ve had with someone. Thank you."

On Sale Now at Kindle:


Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis, Benjamin and Michael Jackson


So Jennifer let me know that she didn’t think she was going to be able to make today’s podcast, then texted me a few minutes later to say she’d try since someone was “bugging her” about doing so. We started our podcast as we do all of them — no prep. Don’t know what we’re going to talk about. But clearly someone wanted to stop by and say hello.

Lisa Marie Presley, who said that her father Elvis, her son Benjamin and her former husband Michael Jackson greeted her on the flipside. As noted in the podcast we’ve often had people come by and “observe” or “see what it is we’re doing” — because when one is on the flipside, it’s not entirely clear how to communicate between themselves and loved ones back on the planet. Jennifer and I have been doing this for eight years.

Once a week, basically for the past eight years — she normally has pro bono cases that she works on with law enforcement agencies (about a third of her time) and the rest of the time booked with a variety of clients. But she tries to make time for the podcast — which clearly is not selling our four books — “BACKSTAGE PASS TO THE FLIPSIDE” 1, 2 OR 3, or TUNING INTO THE AFTERLIFE.

We do this podcast as a public service, to demonstrate that anyone can access their loved ones — that it’s a matter of “bypassing the filters” to do so. In my work, I’ve demonstrated that in where people use a simple guided meditation to access guides and councils.

In this case, I’m asking questions to Lisa Marie Presley that we’ve asked everyone — “who greeted you when you crossed over?” “What was that like?” “Do you have any messages for loved ones back on the planet?” “Who were you surprised to meet?” Then there’s a discussion of awareness, as in “what are you doing over there?” At some point, her father, who has stopped by our class before, said that he was “busy playing baseball” when we asked him to stop by.

When asked to describe that, he gave relatively the same information that Junior Seau gave (it’s in the book “Backstage Pass to the Flipside” where we talk to Junior’s widow without Jennifer knowing who Gina was — and she correctly identified (on camera) her husband on the flipside.

It’s in the film “Talking to Paul Allen, Junior Seau and Dave Duerson.” So when Elvis is talking about “Playing baseball with Babe Ruth” — he’s literally talking about the mental construct of that, how one can created (like CGI) the memories of those events, mixed with the action of the game, that we create using math for telemetry, speed, power, etc. I ask him questions related to the topic as we’ve discussed it before with Junior Seau and other athletes, just never with Lisa Marie’s dad.

We do this podcast to help other heal, to help with grief, to demonstrate that anyone anywhere can access their loved ones — they don’t need a medium, (it can help) don’t need a hypnotherapist (it can help) don’t need a meditation guide (it can help.) Take the time to learn to chat with them — they’re standing by to say hello.

Examples of Jennifer in action are in the film — and the simple meditation can be found in the book Hope this helps.


A recent chat about David Crosby from TUNING INTO THE AFTERLIFE

A reference to David Crosby in "TUNING INTO THE AFTERLIFE"

(From Graham Nash's page)


Chapter 11...


My comments are in italics, Jennifer Shaffer's replies are in bold. By "class" I'm referring to our pals on the flipside who gather to chat with us on the podcast HACKING THE AFTERLIFE. ( or )

RICH: Then I went to see that documentary about David Crosby, “Remember My Name.”

JENNIFER: I got that it was more about his drugs.

That’s right, his heroin addiction. So class, what did you guys think of that?

Roger Ebert just showed up. (Jennifer aside) I know you don’t like him.

(Note: Roger gave my film “Limit Up” a “thumbs way down.”)

I have no beef with Roger now, I’m always glad to see him. Thumbs up dude.

He just gave me the chills. He says “It’s going to hit more people because of the addiction – it was hidden, something hidden about it – people didn’t know how bad it was – he (Crosby) played Russian roulette every single time... (he did drugs).

After seeing the film, I sent David a note on social media. In the note, I mentioned Crosby’s girlfriend Christine Hinton who died at 21.  

When you said her name, Christine, I got an image of all these female robots. I don’t know why they showed me this – they showed me red lipsticked girls like those from the Robert Palmer video “Addicted to Love.”  That’s what showed up, but I don’t know where this is going.

You mean like a groupie thing?

Yeah; but they’re all robots.

Are you saying Christine was more like a groupie?

No. I think there were too many groupies that got in the way. The robots representing the groupies, it’s like he (Crosby) feels bad because he feels responsible for her death – they had a fight, she was crying, and went to meet someone...

They didn’t mention that in the film, but makes sense.

She said she caught him several times (with groupies)  – I know the crash wasn’t her fault... hold on...  she’s showing me it was her fault. Something about (it being) her fault.

In the film, they showed a news report, a horrific crash.

She says “No one did a toxicology report on her.”

So it may have been drug related? Well, either way, she died in a car accident, I think it was in Marin County.

She showed me something like a tree lined street, a street like Laurel canyon – curves in the road.

My point was that she’s still with him, and I think she was with him every step of the way – but I don’t know if she was as in love with him as he seemed to be with her.

It’s timeless. This (relationship) has been going on for awhile, they keep trying to get it right. She’s saying “They almost had it – I felt like she was told not to go but she did.”

On the other hand, his music wouldn’t have happened without her loss.

Which will then catapult him in the next life... hold on. Because he’ll want to do more music, that angst will be there so they have a better shot at it (next time around.)

He seems pretty driven in terms of music; it appears it’s the only thing that keeps him going. He’s lost all his friends because he’s a pain in the ass. I was thinking about Cass Elliot who appears in the film. Luana, do you want to bring Cass in?

She showed me that girl from “The Mamas and Papas.”

That’s correct. (Ding!) That’s her.

What? It is? I don’t know anything about them, or “The Mamas and Papas” but that’s what I got from her. She was in that band?

Yes, Cass Elliot. Funny she would show you the band – she is that band.

She’s very much different over there... now.

How to you perceive her there?

Flamboyant, like with peacock feathers; if she was wearing an outfit it would be with peacock feathers, sunglasses, crazy hair – “A lot taller over there,” she says.

(Note: The image in Wikipedia is her in peacock feathers, which I’ve never seen until uploading it for the book.)

Well, you appeared in three movies this weekend Cass; in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” “Echo in the Canyon” and “Remember My Name.” David Crosby talks about you with great affection.

Feels like he was a father figure to her.

They were close friends.

She says “Everyone was jealous of their relationship... they all  thought...” She says “She for sure wanted to sleep with him.”

He said in the film “No one loved her the way she wanted to be loved.”

She says, “That’s correct.” She was like “I don’t care, I wanted to sleep with him anyway.”  It might have been daddy issues – Was he older than her?

He is now... she was much bigger, like a big person.

She’s showing me she’s not big anymore. She’s funny. She showed me “I look like the girl in Mamas and Papas...” and she was that person!

Michele Phillips is the other female member, I met her on that boat trip. She’s still on the planet, the other girl from the band. In “Echo in the Canyon” she reveals she had affairs with a lot of folks – says “I really enjoyed myself in the 60’s!” But I didn’t know how Cass had died, and Crosby implies it was heroin. My agent Joel knew Cass.

She said, “He was a lovely fellow... but he can be a pill.”

(Laughing). I’m sure he’s a pill to more people than me.

“That will change,” she said.

Okay, Cass, thanks for the note of confidence.

It feels like they she was in love with him when she was young.

You want to talk about that, Cass? Why did you check out so early?

“To get a new body,” she says (laughing.)

Cass, who was there to greet you when you crossed over?

Her cat or dog at first... then her grandmother...  on her dad’s side. She was there to greet her. She’s telling me she had thyroid issues, there was something wrong with her heart; that’s why she gained all the weight – it felt more like (it was) alcohol that killed her.

I don’t know – Crosby implied it was heroin.

She said “You could say that.” (Jennifer aside) I asked her “Was it heroin?” and she showed me a bunch of things – “Wrong place, wrong time, wrong drugs,” she said.

Who are you hanging out with over there?

“Jimi. (Hendrix) We’re planning our next lifetime.”

Who else?

She said “Luana. That’s why she’s here.” (Jennifer aside) Oh. That’s interesting. She showed me 7 different groups of lights – she showed me something profound... but just said “If you keep talking it won’t be.” (I zip my lip) She showed me (packets of light) all the musicians hang out together, then all the (people from the) medical field hang out together, all the industrial people, all the business minded people, all the great minds... they’re together.

And scientists?

Yes. There’s a philanthropy group which includes the scientists – she’s showing me 7 groups and there are subgroups.

7 groups? Are they in our class or just in general?

I’m hearing “It’s related to seven dimensions.” I’m asking “But can’t you cross back and forth between dimensions?” They’re telling me “You have to have a pass for one that takes you to different ones.” They’re saying “The class in and of itself has a lot of ones within these groups; Stephen Hawking, Carl Jung and then our musicians, so you (Jennifer and Rich) have passes... that’s funny – like the title of our book is “Backstage Pass!”  You have (to have) a pass, depending where you want to go. At this moment, they all have the intention of talking to you, so they’re (all here) together.  But they’re saying your idea to interview them over there is brilliant!

(Note: A lot to unpack in this answer. To paraphrase, “there are multiple dimensions.” Some have noted different realms during their near death experiences, some have noted them during deep hypnosis sessions.  In her session with Scott De Tamble, Jennifer saw herself on the “7th realm” coming down to “work on the 5th realm” and reported that we exist “in the third realm.”  This is the first time we’ve heard anything about “having a pass” to access them.  Not sure who doles out the passes (we know it’s Luana to get into this class) but interesting to hear.)

So you prefer hanging out with your groups over there?

She says, “It’s way more powerful hanging out together.”

But some claim they exist on the flipside by themselves, so why do those hang out alone?

She says, “Because they may irritate (the others) and piss people off. So you avoid being in your group, then you realize you miss them and go back.”

(Note: This sounds more like a Cass Elliott answer than something from Jennifer. First that I’ve heard of people “going off by themselves” to avoid interacting with their “soul group.”  But makes sense.)

What dimension would you prefer to hang out in?

She said, “The spiritual dimension.”

Flying around?

From what I’m getting, I don’t know if I’m interpreting this correctly; but “the top one,” without a sense of hierarchy.   I asked Luana “Where do you go?” and she showed me different dimensions, she showed me that’s the highest one (the “spiritual one”) – you get access and you are suddenly there, it’s not like you have to go anywhere to get there... but the most fun though, the dimension that is the most fun for her is the one with musicians and actors she says... I’m asking, “What would you call that group?” “The Entertainment Group” she says. She says, “We help people to have memories.”

 (Note: The man who produced 3 of my films, Jonathan Krane, called his company “Management Company Entertainment Group.” His wife, Sally Kellerman was Luana Ander's best friend.)

How so?

She says, “When you use music as part of your memory, when the memory is about music, so like when you see your first concert, or you hear a song that jogs a memory, it tags you to whoever you were during that point in time.”

Like frequencies in music? The same frequencies stimulate the frequency of the memory?

She’s saying, “Like you piano playing on the Millennium cruise boat created a music memory for many.”

One of our classmates, Penny Marshall was there.

She says, “She’s over there, yes.”

(Note: An unusual reference. She’s referring to me being invited to “play the piano” on a cruise ship by the head of New Line Cinema for the 2k event.)

Anything you want to tell your friends, Cass? What should I tell our mutual friend Joel?

She said, “Tell him – to get seeing glasses.”

You mean better reading glasses?

She’s saying, “Not glass - but glasses to see things etherically.”

All he’s got to do is read this book.

She’s saying, “He can’t hear people either, he can’t hear anything from the flipside – but he means well.”  She says, “He’s going to help you. You are prodding him and he feels that if he opens himself up to this research, he’s going to miss a lot of people – like the guy who told us that it’s too hard to realize there is an afterlife because how sad it made him feel.”

Yes, that was Harry Dean Stanton. Said he was an atheist because the alternative was too painful. So it’s too painful for Joel to open up this door?

Jennifer taps her nose. (for “yes!”)


This point has been made often by Jennifer. One doesn’t need a medium to access someone we loved who is on the flipside.

Luana was a pal of David's. I have no doubt that he's going to want to chat with us in the future, but am reprinting this from the book TUNING INTO THE AFTERLIFE.

Here's a reference to CHRISTINE HINTON

Here's TUNING:

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