Flipside: Talks in Virginia Beach and Orange County IANDSA

Here's the Orange County IANDS talk - careful, my hands have seem to be telling a tale of their own. I dedicated this talk to the Near Death Studies group in Orange County to my cousin Matt who passed away last week - and his first word on the planet was "Sunset."

I was invited to speak about "Flipside" in Virginia Beach this summer.  Here are the two clips from the event.  One is at the Edgar Cayce Center A.R.E. in Virginia Beach, speaking to the IANDS (International Association of Near Death Studies) group in Virginia Beach and the other is at the Fellowship of the Light Church in Virginia Beach the next day.

A couple of errata: I mention that I was asked by Charles Grodin to produce his show in NYC; he asked me to come and produce comic segments for the show, not the show itself.  The other is that when I refer to myself in Angelina Jolie's trailer while working on the movie "Salt" it's a metaphor; I was only in her trailer once to take notes for her and the Director of the film, when I refer to it here, it's to describe the variety of work someone does on a film.

That being said one is 90 minutes long with 30 minutes of questions, the other is 30 minutes long and I'm addressing people who had all come to the church to share their prayers and intentions for the health and well being of loved ones - and hence why I shared the "Tonglen" Meditation. This meditation can be found online, it was used by Richard Davidson at the University of Wisconsin in studies that showed that this form of meditation can help with depression.  Here they are:

And here is the half hour in the Fellowship Church the following day:

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