A flipside chat with The Red Baron
Hacking the Afterlife with Rich Martini, Jennifer Shaffer

Having been doing this for the past 8 years with Jennifer Shaffer (2 years on our podcast Hacking the Afterlife), also doing this through guided meditation as demonstrated in the books ARCHITECTURE OF THE AFTERLIFE (there’s a workbook in the books) or DIVINE COUNCILS IN THE AFTERLIFE —(a guided meditation in the introduction) that is, asking people to “pretend to have a conversation with someone off planet, and see what kinds of replies one can get, I’m offering these emails as an example.

This fellow reached out to me on email, and offered a suggestion of someone he thought Jennifer and I should “interview on our podcast” — the World War I flying ace “The Red Baron” that Snoopy so often did battle with (Charles Schultz anyway) in the comic strip “Peanuts.”

Of course this fellow really existed, and since someone has existed on the planet means that they still exist outside of time — and if we do a simple meditation, we might be able to converse with them, here’s an example.

Here’s the fellow in question.

Manfred von Richthofen

“Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen (2 May 1892–21 April 1918), known in English as Baron von Richthofen or the Red Baron, was a fighter pilot with the German Air Force during World War I. He is considered the ace-of-aces of the war, being officially credited with 80 air combat victories.” Wikipedia

Now, those who are fans of the podcast HACKING THE AFTERLIFE (on Youtubeitunesspotify, etc) know that Jennifer and I occasionally get someone who “stops by the podcast to chat” (there’s an elaborate guest list, and my friend Luana Anders on the flipside is in charge of it — so when a publicist reaches out to book their client on our podcast, I have to let them know we only interview guests “on the flipside.”)

But that’s the process. Either someone pops into my head (or my ear) and I tell them “You have to speak to Luana to get on the list” — and then when we do the podcast, often Jennifer says “so and so is here” and it’s the person who showed up in my ear or head earlier — and has been given the chair so to speak.

We’ve been doing it this way for 8 years now.

But I also point out in the book BACKSTAGE PASS TO THE FLIPSIDE, as well as the recent DIVINE COUNCILS IN THE AFTERLIFE, that anyone can do a simple guided meditation to see who will come forward to speak with them.

Could be a relative, loved one, a guide — and one has to “allow that it’s possible to speak to them” and then ask them to “nod, shrug or shake their head” — or speak into someone’s ear (as they often know how to do that, but we don’t.)

So in light of that admonition “Try it yourself” I’m sharing these emails from a fellow who “wanted to talk to the Red Baron.”

“Hey-o, Rich…loving the podcast, never miss an episode! Question: is it possible to request that Luana can track down a specific historical figure to have a seat in the chair? I’ve been reading about Manfred von Richtofen, aka the Red Baron, who was ultimately shot down and killed in WWI after 80 confirmed kills. Apparently towards the end of the war his appetite for war in general had waned — I’m wondering if once he got to the flipside he rued his actions in accounting for all those deaths, if there was a self-judgement of sorts, if he met any of those who perished at his hands, and how his experience in that life set the stage for a reincarnational experience, if any. Thanks and cheers…

My reply:

Thanks fellow Chicagoan! So the question is; “I’d like to talk to the Red Baron.” The reason Jennifer and I do this podcast is to show how simple it is. Do an experiment. Write up a list of questions you’d like to ask him.
Get out a photograph of him and take a long look at it. Try to imagine when it was taken,who took the picture, what the room was like or what it was like outside the day the photo was taken.

Then ask him to sit opposite one. (the “picture yourself in a boat on a river” meditation). Thank him for coming, note what kind of clothes he’s wearing. Is it from the photo? Then ask him if it’s okay to ask him a question.
Tell him to “nod” “shrug” or shake his head no. Ask him “can I ask you a question?”

When he nods (and you can tell him, “we can’t play this game until you nod or say yes” — it gives him parameters as well. He’s not used to people talking to him — and perhaps not used to speaking telepathically (without the need for translation.)

Ask him your questions. (Who greeted you on the flipside? Who are you hanging out with? Who were you surprised to see? Have you met any of the folks you shot down? What was that like? etc.)

We are all mediums. We all have the capacity to bypass the filters on the brain and access whomever we want to speak to. They’re outside of time as we know it.

Tell me what he replies.


His reply:

Rich: thanks for the response. Well…interesting.

I did all of the above. There’s one pic of Manfred that pops up routinely when you google his name; looks like it was an official military photo — that’s the one I pictured after getting settled in the ‘boat on a river.’

I thanked him for showing up, and asked him if I could ask him a few questions, to which he readily responded with a ‘Ja.’ (Hadn’t expected that.) Interestingly, he looked very relaxed and open, in contrast to the piercing look in his photos, a small smile playing on his lips. He seemed somewhat…amused, but in a friendly, ‘this will be fun’ kind of a way.

I got right to the point — I told him that the primary reason I wanted to talk to him was that some months ago, I had occasion to talk to a trance channel, one who goes into a deep trance, and in this case, channeled a causal plane entity. It was a terrific conversation, and I peppered her with loads of questions about the nature of reality, ancient civilizations, ET’s, and all of the things left of center that a curious human can dive into, laying awake nights thinking about.

One of those things that came up was reincarnation — is it real? How do we know? Hard to believe it when one is submerged in this dense, physical world and has no direct, personal experience. But, intriguing nonetheless.

I asked her about a past life I may have had, and after casting about for a bit, she came up with a name: Manfred von Richtofen. OK…never heard of him. She gave me a few tidbits: pilot, WWI, killed in action, was a Captain, pretty good flyer. Passively curious.

Swell. That night, I hunkered down on my computer, plugged in the name: yikes. THE RED BARON? REALLY? Come ON! Video on youtube of his funeral, etc. OK, this is just too weird.

I spoke with the trance channel again, some time later, wanting to pick her wise, allegedly perspicacious brain about details: was this really me then? Just to be clear, it was the soul of me who I am now, nobody else? Affirmative. OK, clearly this requires some thinking about.

Back to my conversation in the boat with Manfred, after relating the above, paraphrased:

ME: So…were you a prior incarnation of mine?

RB: (Smiling) You already know the answer.”

ME: OK, if you say so, but I rather feel like I’m just talking to myself.

RB: “Ja, you are, in a way.”

ME: OK, let’s go with this. I read in your biography that as the war ground on, you became somewhat disenfranchised with it — it ceased to be the glorious, adventurous enterprise it was at the beginning — why is that?

RB: “I realized that nobody wins in a war, despite the number of victories one can amass. War is waged for purposes of ego, greed, and fear — it doesn’t advance the human condition at all.”

ME: When you were killed, who greeted you on the Other Side? Did you meet any of the other flyers you had shot down? Was there any sort of anger towards you for causing their demise? Any judgement?

RB: “No, no judgement. I was met by many, some I had known who had passed on, and many who I was responsible for their death. You must understand that in war, especially among the fliers, it is well understood what one is getting into. And, in some respects, it is a game — one wishes to win the game, yes, but one also has great respect for the enemy. There is no joy in ending a life in war, but winning was very important, especially among the fliers. We were a cocky lot, arrogant, but even so, there was a bond among us, regardless of what side of the war you were on. If you downed an enemy, you saluted his bravery.”

ME: Thanks for that. So…after you settled in, so to speak, on the other side…what have you learned?

RB: “I didn’t need to repeat the kind of life I had. It was interesting, and fulfilling in some respects, but unfulfilling in other ways. I have learned more compassion. I wanted to engage in more acts of creation, rather than destruction. Not to blindly fight because someone told me to, regardless of how much fun the game is. Fighting for a just cause is one thing, but to be an instrument of aggression for someone else’s misguided agenda, I will not do that again.”

ME: Wow…this is a lot to take in. Odd question: assuming that we share the same soul, do you peek in from time to time to see how things are going in my life?

RB: “Yes. Fun to look in.”

ME: Thanks so much for answering my questions…OK if we do this again sometime?

RB: “Ja, you know where I am!”

So, that’s it. My takeaway from this: I dunno. The notion of reincarnation is endlessly interesting; I’ve seen the documentaries, read all the books, listened to the podcasts, and while it piques my interest, I’m not ready to jump in with both feet and proclaim it as gospel. I guess we’ll all find out one day.

About having ‘been’ the Red Baron: maybe, maybe not. Part of me resonates with his story, another part of me is pretty convinced it’s all a part of my vivid imagination, despite what sagacious entities tell me. Though honestly, I’m more apt to believe it having been told by a wise being who seems to have a hotline to the bigger picture. (Interestingly enough, there is a certain physical resemblance between the two of us.) If it is true, certainly not proud of killing 80 other pilots in dogfights.

In closing, thanks again for your response, and the Excellent Adventure!


My reply:

Good for you!!! Bravo. Try not to judge the answers. For example, the you/me paradigm. We bring only a portion of our conscious energy to a lifetime.

So while he suggested you and he share that energy, that means a portion of you, could be large or small, he can answer “so how much of your conscious energy was in Manfred? What percentage is me?”

The comments about war are consistent and brilliant; new information to you and me. Try to stop judging what comes in.

Ask him if he thinks you should do anything about this awareness. He’ll know.

But glad to hear it worked so well!!! Ja. Auf wiedersehen!

His reply:

“Good thoughts regarding what I should do about this newfound awareness — next time he and I have a chat, I’ll ask him; he seemed like a rather amiable sort, very forthcoming.

Been chewing on this, but as you say, trying not to judge the answers. For the time being, filing this in the ‘Really Big Questions’ part of my Cosmic Filing Cabinet. Thanks again for your thoughtful responses, and all the best to you, Jennifer, and those you love.


Like I say; mind bending stuff.

Could he have made up those responses? Clearly that’s possible. Did he make up those responses? Take a look at the content of what they offer, the overview, or perspective they give about war, about life, about the stage play we all participate in. It follows the research.

It’s in line with what thousands of people say in the clinical case studies from Dr. Wambach (RELIVING PAST LIVES) Dr. Weiss (MANY LIVES MANY MASTERS) Michael Newton or the Newton Institute (JOURNEY OF SOULS) or the 15 years of footage I’ve gathered in the films FLIPSIDE, TALKING TO BILL PAXTON or HACKING THE AFTERLIFE on Amazon.

Not hard to do — but it does require effort.

Hope this helps.



In honor of Earth Day: an interview with a Sequoia

This is one of our more unusual podcasts.

While visiting Sequoia National park, I recorded some interviews with people accessing the tree.

The following podcast, I asked Jennifer Shaffer if we could speak directly to the tree about those interviews.

Here's the podcast:

Today a woman asked about the contents of this discussion - in terms of the Sequoia suggesting that when we think of "source" we can think of him as "God" or "Source" when trying to ideate, construct a visual of "what or who God is."

Here's that reply from our forum HACKING THE AFTERLIFE on Quora.

Good morning Richard

I just watched part of this video up until Prince showed up (didn't have time to watch all of it) but I just wanted to comment about the part where you brought up picturing source or God and connecting with your heart. What is so interesting and profound is I have just been questioning the last few days that I want to know God more that I want to understand who he is and I've been saying this out loud for days. And then here is your podcast… coincidence I think not..since we don't really know what God looks like because he is pure energy or consciousness or what have you..Jesus appears in your book as a guy with longish hair in jeans and a t-shirt, what is your recommendation and how to picture God and connect with him? Long hair jeans and a t-shirt? Or does it really matter? I'm really interested in this cuz I really need to understand who God is.. I am very philosophical and a seeker of the truth ( a Sagittarian) and this is a very very interesting want to know more subject for me. Any enlightenment?

My reply 

Good morning. Or God morning.

So yes, the tree suggested a meditation on how to picture source, using himself as the example.

"Picture me."

What does he mean? (By the way, 8 years of doing this weekly with Jennifer, its not in her vocabulary to suggest it.)

He's saying "If you want to picture source, think of me." He's talking about being connected to every tree on the planet. So when one sees a tree, oak, palm, maple, apple, cherry, he's saying he's connected to all. Not some.

Connected to every piece of wood on the planet.

Now imagine a massive tree diagram, contains every tree on the planet, 3 trillion estimated, connected to "Six." (Tree uses a number to avoid gender identification. So try to drop the he she body parts identification. Its moot. )

Picture the tree as God or Source. This gigantic tree connected to all trees everywhere.

Its a metaphor for God. We are the trees. Connected to every human on the planet. Source.

As Five put it (Akashic librarian) in the book DIVINE COUNCILS IN THE AFTERLIFE "God is beyond the capacity of the human brain brain to comprehend as its not physically possible to do so. " Meaning we cannot conceptualize being connected this way.

He added, "However you can experience God by opening your heart to everyone and all things. "

So try that. Opening the heart, compassion, empathy, seeing how we are all connected.

What do we call that interconnectedness?


Beyond measure. Love is what or who God is. Picture the tree, then conceptualize love.


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