Talking to Helen Wambach

Here's a three hour film about past life regression that includes a past life regression with one of its pioneers.

This film is a compilation of research I've been doing about Dr. Helen Wambach.  A clinical psychologist with a PhD from JFK University, she pioneered past life regression in the 1970s. 


Dr. Helen Wambach. Born in my hometown Chicago, died in San Rafael, CA

She wrote two books on her research, "Reliving Past Lives" and "Life Before Life." I was startled that her data was identical to Michael Newton and the Newton Institute's reports a decade later. Identical to the 100 cases I've filmed - both with people under hypnosis ("Flipside" "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" "Hacking the Afterlife") and without "Architecture of the Afterlife." 

I was startled when one of her friends sent me original tapes of one of her past life regression sessions.  

She's a pioneer in the field - this was recorded in 1979 in Chicago by one of her pals.  She had already published "Reliving Past Lives" with 2000 cases of hypnosis - which I highly recommend reading as she uses historical records to verify their memories.  

This was part of the 750 more cases she included in "Life Before Life." When this friend sent me the original tapes, I wondered what to do with them - they're a historical artifact - perhaps they belong in a museum.  

So I asked Helen what to do with them.  

Fans of flipside research know that the past 5 years I've been talking to people on the flipside directly via Jennifer Shaffer ("Backstage Pass to the Flipside" part one, two and book 3).  

That footage - of us speaking directly to Helen is at the end of this piece - and why the film is 3 hours long.  It's not for the casual observer - this footage is for the serious student of past life regression, for the serious student of consciousness research, or for the person who has 3 hours in captivity due to a pandemic to open their horizons in ways they didn't think possible.

Normally I recommend a person only do a past life regression with a trained hypnotherapist present - (I recommend hypnotherapists trained by the Newton Institute as I've filmed many, they have a searchable database on their website) but as she points out, we have nothing to fear from examining a dream. Hypno - dream - osis - study. 

I used some of my music throughout and the footage of outer space courtesy of NASA.  One can listen to this a bit at a time - the first half hour is her talking about her research and what she's learned.  The second portion is a guided regression - where people are encouraged to "write down" their impressions.

She talks about mailing in those responses - she's no longer on the planet, but I can offer my quora com forum - "Hacking the Afterlife" as a place to put those responses, or via email to me (MartiniProds at Gmail) or just think of them as a mental exercise.  

No need to take it too seriously - after all we're just pretending that we can access something that's not in our conscious minds.

Hypnosis has a bad rap - because of stage hypnosis, because of Hollywood pretending it's something it is not - it's just "talking to someone who is asleep."  When they wake up they don't retain negative imagery or thoughts - they aren't toying with anything other than their higher selves.  

Having done this for so long I know guides will send folks this page if they think it's important to do so - and for those who should not be examining previous lifetimes for whatever reason (it may disrupt the path they chosen in this lifetime) they will suggest clicking away.  

I will as well - if the idea of hypnosis is bothersome or in any way contrary to one's belief system - ignore this film. Nothing can harm anyone from watching this film - I've listened to her session in detail, she is a licensed psychologist, a scientist using a technique she's used hundreds of times before.  

Couple of days ago, I asked a friend of mine what I should do with this film - and he said "Why don't you ask Helen through Jennifer?" I remembered we had spoken to Helen, watched that two year old clip, and then heard Jennifer say "She's telling you to put it at the end of the project."   

Well - this is the project made two years later, and since Helen was outside of time, she knew I was referring to this film even before I knew what I was referring to, because no film existed. Now it does.

I must say that instead of charging people to watch this - I suggest a modest donation to my GoFundMe page ( to support the research.  Or get a copy of one of the books - the most recent being "Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3" (interviews with Jennifer) or "Architecture of the Afterlife" - interviews with people not under hypnosis accessing the flipside, their past lives, and everything that is discussed in this film.  

Some people need to hear or access this information and don't have anything to donate that's fine. Think of it as a gift from Helen.  But for the price of a Grande Latte at the Starbucks down the block - one can access something pretty rare - a live past life regression with one of its pioneers. 

Enjoy. But buckle up.

Talking to Helen Wambach


Talking to John Lewis on the Flipside

Speaking of and talking to John Lewis...

Congressman Lewis (Wikipedia)

For fans of the flipside research, the process has been the same. I film people under hypnosis speaking to folks on the other side (or their higher selves, guides, teachers, etc) and put those transcripts into my books (or turn that into a documentary; "Flipside" on Amazon Prime or "Talking to Bill Paxton" on Gaia.)

When I started working with the amazing Jennifer Shaffer, I filmed our conversations, often in a noisy restaurant - but my goal was to record the conversation for print later. I knew the footage was for the most part unusable in a noisy restaurant (but that didn't stop me from using it in "Talking to Bill Paxton" or in "Talking to Junior Seau, Paul Allen and Dave Duerson").  In both cases, those films have footage from quieter locales.

Then, due to the pandemic, Jennifer and I were forced to have our meetings online. We both have this desire to "move the needle forward" in this research.  We aren't doing it at anyone's request, if people want to purchase the books they can - "Backstage Pass to the Flipside Part One, Part two and book three."  But they don't have to do that.

They can just tune into the podcast or watch the clips at

The set up is this - I may have decided upon interviewing someone, as I did with Congressman John Lewis - and ask them to come forward.  I did so a couple of weeks ago.  Since Prince has been an escort to many people who come into our "classroom" - I thought "If Jennifer says he's shown up" then he's bringing someone into class with him. Often it's a musician, but not always. 

In this case, a couple of weeks ago, after his death, I asked him to bring forward John if he was interested in speaking for our class. He was not at that point. I didn't say to Jennifer "We want to speak to John Lewis" - but when she said "Prince is here" - I said "Does he want to bring forward the person I suggested this morning, or is he not ready for that?"

Jennifer said "He's not ready for that, but he wants to speak about the pandemic."  That interview is here:

Then this past week, I invited John Lewis again. Or rather, as noted, I was in my kitchen and I got the "impression" that he wanted to speak to our group.  I got that impression because of a person's image that popped into my mind - someone I associate with fighting for equal rights, the activist from my home town Fred Hampton. I've written a script about him ("Wingspread") but that's on a back burner because the makers of "Black Panther" have announced they're making a film about him.  Which makes total sense - and I hope they do his story justice. It's an amazing story about an individual who thought up free clinics for impoverished people, and created food banks for children who were hungry in Chicago. For his efforts, he was murdered by the Chicago Police (under direct orders from J. Edgar Hoover and Cointel FBI agents - as learned in a court case recently.)

But that made me realize that John Lewis was in the wings - about two hours prior to our meeting.  So I took the time to look up some facts about him, his mother, father and wife - who had all preceded him, and this one detail jumped out at me. That he knew two of the three boys murdered in Mississippi - Michael, Andrew and James - freedom riders who he knew and rode with.  

I want to say that question "jumped" into my mind as a "proof of concept."  Because Jennifer didn't know these boys, I didn't say who they were, I just asked if he had been reunited with those friends.  And his reply is what brought me to tears. I asked him to show Jennifer what happened to them - and he did.

Proof of concept.

Jennifer didn't know who these boys were. I referred to them by first names only. I asked Congressman Lewis to "show her what happened to these boys."

Andrew, James and Michael

That's how communication works.  Sometimes with impressions, feelings or words - but in this case with visual images.  I don't know what she saw that made her say "they were killed by the Ku Klux Klan."  But she was accurate.

Dr. King holding up the Freedom Rider's pictures.

I also asked about Emmett Till.

I did not say his whole name. I new that Jennifer would not know who Emmett was just by the use of his first name. Note that on the video she writes it onto her clipboard. "Emmett."  Then he said he had reunited with Emmett.

Emmet's murder profoundly affected John Lewis. I thought he might have seen him since returning home.

Emmett Till (Wikipedia)

Which gave me a massive chill and brought me to tears.

I apologize for the tears. But sometimes this information does that.  It's overwhelming.

Emmett Till in my hometown of Chicago.

Which leads me to another point. 

Someone on took the time to write to me about two things that bothered him in this interview. One was that John Lewis would suggest who we vote for - based on the research that shows once we "go home" we can see that life is way more complicated and planned out than we can imagine, that those who prevent people from voting may be part of a larger plan to teach people lessons in unconditional love, etc.

"Why would John Lewis be concerned about the vote? From his perspective everything happens for a reason, doesn't it?" 

My reply: "Thanks for the comment. Couple of things. He didn't say to vote for Joe. He said vote for Jack in the box. We assumed he meant vote against the current administration.

But if you read the books.. and Jennifer and I have been interviewing people on the flipside for five years. When he was elected people came forward to say how much the loathe him. People reported he was a necessary evil to inspire those to rise up against what he represents. Famous politicians who mock him. We've interviewed John McCain - he still loathes him but so does Lincoln. 

Every politician we've talked to says he's a disaster. (Then I went into my personal interactions with him - having had a film premier at Mar al Lago (the only filmmaker to do so.)  The star of my film Dina Merrill loathed him and had numerous creepy stories about him - which I've heard and witnessed first hand.  I won't go into detail, because this is not about that fellow - but why John Lewis would care.) 

But I’m the one who prodded John about voting. He was answering questions. I'm the one who prodded him about everything."  (These reports are in the books "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" and for the most part I leave them in verbatim. They even claimed to be responsible for the photograph of the President walking up Air Force One with toilet paper on his shoe.)

The other observation was the shifting answer about the number of "his children."

Jennifer said "He had 3 children? I'm seeing three."  I said "He had one that we know of." She said "I'm seeing more, like six. That's what he's showing me."

So here's where most people freeze - stop - get off the bus so to speak (reference intended).  

"He had one child so she must be wrong or making this all up."  That's what people do - and that's fine. They aren't meant to know this information, they should return the book, turn off the channel, move on.  This research is not for them.  

But hang on.  

For those who have been paying attention or read the series of books: "Backstage Pass to the Flipside."

As I've learned over the past 5 years of doing this every week - Jennifer doesn't make up what she's seeing.  She can misinterpret what she's seeing, or in trying to explain what she's sensing - but that's why I'm here. 

Jennifer works with law enforcement agencies nationwide on missing person cases.

I could have said "No, he had one child, let's move on." But I know better.  She asked him the question (in her mind, live on camera) "Why am I seeing these children?" And she said aloud "They're Martin Luther King's children. It's like he treated them as his own."

I had no idea if that was accurate. If one knew their story - how close they were, they might assume that - but neither Jennifer nor I knew his story in such detail. 

And if this was a chapter in a book (and who knows, maybe it will be) I would have transcribed the session, then taken the time to look up each and every comment.  

In this case, it took me two seconds to find this interview of Congressman Lewis at Coretta Scott King's memorial.

John Lewis Wikipedia

ED GORDON, PBS host: "Joining me now, democratic Congressman John Lewis of Georgia.  

Congressman JOHN LEWIS (Democrat, Georgia): "Thank you very much for having me today."

GORDON: A remarkable homecoming that we saw yesterday. You were there. Give us a sense of the feeling in the church.

Congressman LEWIS: Well, it was unbelievable, extraordinary, a great sense of community, a family gathering. It was a reunion of the civil rights movement, with many entertainers, political leaders, four president, foreign dignitaries, a first lady of South Africa, several ambassadors, and it was a people's gathering. It was a people coming together to say goodbye to one of the most beautiful and charming and gifted women of our time. I was so moved. At times I cried, at other times I laughed. It was very hard and very difficult to say goodbye to Coretta Scott King.

GORDON: Congressman, you had a unique relationship with the two of them, Dr. King being a mentor, someone you looked up to. And of course, through the years you've become very close with Mrs. King. On a personal level, talk to me about what you will miss most.

Congressman LEWIS: More than anything else, I will miss her late telephone call, late night calls. She would call me late at night, and we would talk, and especially right after the assassination of Dr. King, because she was planning the Martin Luther King Center. She would call and we would talk and talk. And one night she called and talked so long and so late I fell asleep on the telephone, and I heard myself snoring. And she fell asleep. And I woke up and I said, Mrs. King, Mrs. King; she was not there. And we would laugh about it.

But she was so warm. She would always ask me, how is your mother? How is your father? How are your sisters and brothers? And every birthday, Ed, that I've had for the past 20 years she would send me a birthday card, a note or a signed book. And my birthday is coming up in about two weeks and I will not get a birthday card from her, and I will not have her to say, how are you doing, John?

I remember during the march from Selma to Montgomery, 40 years ago, when we were walking up Highway 80 between Selma and Montgomery, Mrs. King and Dr. King took the cap off of Dr. King's head and said, John, you've been hurt. And Dr. King put this cap on my head and Coretta nodded in agreement; she said, you need to wear that cap to protect your head.

....GORDON: Congressman, we've lost so many giants over the course of this year in particular but over the last few years. Do you believe that the movement is in good hands...?

Congressman LEWIS: Well, I--it is my sincere belief and feeling that the movement is in very good hands. There's a cadre of young people on the move. Some are elected officials, and others are in the entertainment world and the business. But I'm not worried." 

(Copyright © 2006 NPR. All rights reserved. Visit our website terms of use and permissions pages at for further information.)

In the Wikipedia entry for Martin's son he mentions a trip he took to India with John Lewis... "In February 2009, King and his wife traveled to India, fifty years after his father and mother made the trip. During his stay in India, King led a delegation, which included John Lewis." Lewis also spoke at the death of Yolanda King some years later - showing up for their family in many ways.

So in terms of seeing Martin's children being children that he felt responsible for, that looks to be accurate. Martin and Coretta had 4, John had 1. There's likely another one in their story that he also took care of that we aren't aware of yet.

Jennifer is reporting. 

The Congressman said he wept at seeing those speak at his funeral.  Energetic, etheric tears - the feeling of being overcome with emotion. Seeing the unconditional love being poured out for him.

We are reporting. 

As I report, I try to unpack, or ask questions to get to the heart of the matter, to the truth of the story. These clips are live on camera - later I can look up the details. We're capturing lightning in a bottle. But it doesn't change.

In this case, I think the interview stands on its own. 

He is still passionate about getting people to vote, and offers a solution - to invite "UN kind of monitors" into each state to oversee the election process so that when the results are tallied, there will be independent confirmation. (He may have been referring to this article in the Intercept:

I think it's a great idea and have passed it on to our congressman #TedLieu (without mentioning where it came from. Too hard to put into a tweet.)

For those who don't want to consider that our loved ones continue on, they won't consider this verification anyway. For those that have had the experience of connecting to loved ones no longer on the planet, this is a method for how to do so. 

My two cents.


When you know, you know

“When you know, you know.”

This quote came from an Oscar winning writer yesterday.  We were talking about something that had just occurred – he got some new information from the flipside, the afterlife, that could not have come from anyone else except the person he was talking to on the other side.

It's a bit like talking about skydiving. People who've never done it can have an opinion on it, but only those who've experienced it "know" the experience.

                Luana Anders. An avatar in a mirror.

In this case – it was this writer's dog.  

I knew his dog well, walked him for three years when I worked for his owner, and had no clue that we could access his dog… until we did. 

About a year or two ago, I organized a skype session with him and Jennifer Shaffer, medium extraordinaire. During the course of the session, I was filming, he was accessing a close pal no longer on the planet, when I asked if we could talk to "Hira.” (It's in the book "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" Part one)

                         With Jennifer Shaffer

My friend paused. “Can we do that?” 

I said “Let’s see.”  

And Jennifer said “Why am I seeing a giant white rug?”  My friend held up a photograph of him – he was a giant Hungarian sheepdog – a bit like a giant white shag rug.  That day we conversed with him – asked him questions, he gave answers that only he would know (about me, about a trip he and I went on together, about a trip he went on with our friend that only he would know about – that Jennifer could not because I did not.) 

My friend had a million questions after that session. “How could that be?” 

I have done my best to encapsulate the research, the thousands of cases of deep hypnosis I’ve examined, the 50 I’ve filmed, the 50 I’ve filmed without hypnosis – people saying the same thing over and over.  “We don’t die. We know we still exist. It’s you, our loved ones, who pretend we don’t.”  

I’ve spoken to friends of this writer, friends of mine – I’ve filmed those interactions and shared them with their family members or the public in the books “Backstage Pass to the Flipside” books one, two and three.

Yesterday my friend had a chat over the phone with Jennifer – just a casual chat saying hello. 

And she said “Hira wants you to take a yellow cough drop.”  My friend hadn’t coughed, so he said “What? Why?”  

And Jennifer said “I don’t know why, but Hira is saying you used to take these yellow cough drops – and he’s concerned about you, and wants you to take them.  And my friend revealed to her that very morning he had woken up with a cough, and that no one else knew about it.

It’s an example of new information. 

The medium, Jennifer could not have known that he woke up with a cough. Could not have known that he used to take these particular “yellow cough drops.”  (They’re specific and special, and believe me, having worked for the guy for years, could only be found in one or two stores on the planet.)  And yet, here was his dog, who passed over 30 years ago – telling him that he needed to take those same drops for his current cough.

Get it?

“When you know. You know.”

                                       With a couple of avatars.

As I pointed out to him, no one else is going to “believe” that they can access their loved ones on the flipside from hearing that story. 

In fact, only one person on the planet would realize this to be accurate, that this story was meant for him, that this story would prove beyond any shadow of any doubt that he had, it was true.

But he has an Oscar and I don’t. 

In the hierarchical world we live in - he's got a PhD in writing, while I'm just a fellow who films people talking about the afterlife. So until he wants to announce to the world that he knows what he knows, people will have to take my word for it that he said it.  

But it made me think of another comment I was replying to. About "PhD's" in consciousness.

This fellow on was complaining about my reports on the flipside.

I had posted an innocuous comment in the forum I moderate and created “Hacking the Afterlife” on  (It was in response to someone posting about the accuracy of consciousness existing outside the body...)

RM: "Thousands upon thousands of people have had NDE’s that are skeptics, non religious or every variety imaginable. Check out for the most reliable source of information on NDEs - and there are quite a few to read..."

This Poster asked: "Why do you think that there is such a thing as a disembodied mind?"

RM: "I don’t think about it much. Or to quote Carl Jung “I don’t think, I know.” Having done six deep hypnosis sessions, having filmed over 100 (50 without hypnosis) I’m aware of how consciousness works when not incarnated in a body. 

We have this illusion that it begins with us - like an avatar in a video game believing that they are in actuality the source of their behavior. The research shows we bring about a third of our conscious energy to a lifetime, two thirds is always “back home” where we started from. 

All the research points to the same thing; we choose our lifetimes (avatars) we construct them to behave in this environment (as best we can, we have free will to screw things up and often do) and when the game is over we return home and become aware of all the other lifetimes. I’ve been filming people saying the exact same thing for over a decade now, so no - it’s not a belief of mine."

Poster: "You've been filming the exact same thing for a decade now, so in a nutshell, what have you deduced from this?"

RM: "Let's see... I have 8 books on the topic. You want one sentence? Life goes on. Life didn’t begin either - we chose to come here, volunteered for the mission so to speak. We have no awareness of it unless we have a consciousness altered event - NDE, OBE, LSD, meditation or hypnotherapy. .We can bypass the filters. It’s not for everyone - but for those who want to figure it out, there’s a path. In “Architecture of the Afterlife” - I filmed about 50 people doing the exact same journey, saying the same things people under hypnosis said - without any hypnosis. Check it out. Mind bending."

Poster: "We choose to come here? What a load of nonsense. I don't care if everyone rambles the same under hypnosis. People interpret what they want to believe. Science outright rejects an afterlife.

There is no such thing as a disembodied mind. Good day."

(Ah, finally - we get to the opinion of this poster. That materialist science is accurate and non materialist science is not (as they refer to it at UVA, where they study consciousness)  So I replied (how could I not?)

RM: "I'm sorry. Let me amend that. Everyone chose to come here but this fellow.

In all the thousands of cases I've researched, the 2750 from Dr. Helen Wambach, the 7k from Michael Newton, the 100 I've filmed of people accessing previous lifetimes with historical accuracy - half under hypnosis and half not I've finally found the one person who didn't volunteer to incarnate.

I'd pop champagne if I could.

I would offer that there's plenty of science that demonstrates consciousness exists outside the brain.. I could cite the over 100 peer reviewed studies done by Dr. Greyson at UVA, the peer reviewed studies done by Ed and Emily Kelly PhDs at UVA, “Irreducible Mind" or the 1500 cases of reincarnation under review by Dr Tucker at UVA, the 30 years of research by Ian Stevenson at UVA or the 10 years of NDE cases cited in the Aware project by Dr. Sam Parnia… but what would be the point?

This one fellow claims he didn't choose to be here.

I could query all those involved with that choice - parents, siblings, teachers, guides.. I could even query this person's higher self (the two thirds of conscious energy that stays behind during a lifetime) and without this fellow’s awareness here - could learn why he chose to be here and not realize why.

Again - without his even being aware of it here, his higher self knows what I'm talking about. (As demonstrated in the book “Architectureof the Afterlife.”)

But I wouldn't do that. 

It would be fun… but it would be impolite. One cannot interfere with a person's path or journey.. people don’t all sign up to know how the play ends… for the most part we aren’t allowed to interfere with anyone’s chosen path or journey… except I just did.

Everyone who has read this reply has a higher self that knows exactly what I'm referring to and by reading this comment has realized it's possible to direct someone's awareness to the research.

Oops. Sorry. Have a good day.”

Folks don't like hearing that no one is dead. Not sure why.

The poster was not finished: 

Poster: "You should read Antonio Damasio’s papers. He's a renowned neuroscientist, you are not."

RM: "You should read David Presti’s book “Mind Beyond Brain.” He’s a renowned neuroscientist as well. or let’s take a gander at Dr. Greyson’s peer reviewed papers:  or watch the video “Is consciousness produced by the brain” where Greyson cites the medical cases where it is not only.

Or these peer reviewed studies about consciousness:

Or these peer reviewed studies about consciousness existing outside the brain: Irreducible Mind

Or take five minutes to look at the research at DOPS at UVA. It's not my opinion, theory or belief. I turn on the camera, film what they say and am startled that they say the same things the research demonstrates. Division of Perceptual Studies | University of Virginia School of Medicine.”

Poster: "…Also when the brain is put in a dream like state, it can be coaxed into coming out with all sorts of fantastical things which, unfortunately is interpreted as a past life."

My final reply:

RM: "I try to focus on new information. That is - details that can be proven that aren’t cryptomnesia. New information that the person under hypnosis, or not under hypnosis (as demonstrated in “Architecture of the Afterlife”) observes, sees, learns during the experience. 

That is not limited to near death events (Dr. Alexander learning he had a sister who had died but never met, Todd Burpo learning he had a sister who died he had never met, David Bennett, scientist who died from drowning for 12 minutes (“Voyage of Purpose”) where he saw the events that would occur later in life - a diagnosis of cancer he would overcome - and then 20 years later it occurred. He’s been studied in the DOPS lab at UVA - perhaps this poster isn’t aware of it - but it’s a place to study consciousness outside the brain (as cited above.) Division ofPerceptual Studies | University of Virginia School of Medicine -

While Antonio Damasio is a scholar (and a neighbor, as I went to USC), he’s dealing with materialist science without the benefit of post materialist research (quantum mechanics visa vis the brain). I recommend listening to some David Bohm (physicist) conversations with Krishnamurti (at the site in Ojai, where they have all online) or a proof of concept exercise. Antonio (or anyone) can visit a hypnotherapist - see what the process entails - do their own session and see what the results are. It’s one thing to talk about skydiving, but another to experience it.

I’ve filmed 100 cases, done six myself - and done the forensic research to see how accurate my memories are (“Flipside” book and film, “Talking to Bill Paxton” film, “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife” interviews with scientists, “Hacking the Afterlilfe” interviews with mediums, “Backstage Pass to the Flipside” interviews with people I knew on the flipside, and “Architecture of the Afterlife” with people not under hypnosis accessing the same information.) 

It’s not my opinion, theory or belief these people say the same things. I’m only filming them. I’m a filmmaker you see. I film people and then transcribe what they say. And beyond a shadow of any doubt I have - I could connect Antonio to his parents on the flipside, and prove beyond any shadow of doubt he might have that they still exist and are accessible. But anyone can do that. 

I suggest one try, no harm in self experimenting.”


My two cents

Which is my way of saying “When you know, you know.”


Hacking the Afterlife chat with Jennifer Shaffer, Junior Seau, Robin Williams, Prince and my mom

Another mind bending session with Jennifer Shaffer.

Here's the video:

This turned out to be an episode where folks came forward from the flipside to talk about the pandemic.  Junior Seau wanted to reinforce the idea that hyperbaric oxygen therapy cures a host of brain issues (and a shout out to Joe Namath), Robin Williams wanted to speak about depression and the pandemic - how to alleviate it.  Prince wanted to talk about using water and music to help with mental issues, Dr. Salk spoke about the properties of elderberry with regard to the lungs.  A pretty unusual session that included some wise words from my mom, and a neighbor who died of Covid last week.

I'll add that this is an unusual podcast for a number of reasons.  I didn't tell Jennifer it was my mother's birthday (as noted) but she was aware of it.  I didn't ask for Junior Sea to  come forward but he reiterated what he's said before (and is on this page under

Robin Williams showed up to talk about depression and the pandemic - a topic worth discussing. For those fans of thehere were more in the session.) Prince wanted to talk about the healing aspects of water (first time he's offered that, but I understood what he was saying.)

Then my mom came forward to talk about my son - on her birthday. That was sweet and absolutely accurate. I mention her website

Finally a neighbor of mine who died on the floor below us.  I had thought of asking him to show up - but left it up to

Again - not trying to prove anything to anyone. Just getting people to think about stuff that they can consider on their own.


Hacking the Afterlife with Carl Jung, Krishnamurti and Bill Paxton

Proof of concept.

For flipside fans, this won't be too hard to digest. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, this may be the hardest to consider.

Some months ago - perhaps a year - Jennifer and I were conducting a "class" - well, Luana Anders conducts the class, Jennifer and I just show up to interview folks in the class.  And during this interaction she said "Carl Jung is here." (HackingTheAfterlife Podcast)

I may have said "do you mean Carl Sagan?" because we had chatted with him before. 

But she said "No, Carl Jung."  

Carl Jung - Quotes, Books & Theory - Biography
Carl Jung.
We were interviewing someone else at the time, so I put him in the back of my mind as someone to interview in the future. After all, if he took the time to show up in our class, and identify himself (I couldn't pick him out of a lineup, so for her to do so, is uncanny) I should at least ask him why.
Jennifer is a medium who works with law enforcement agencies nationwide on missing person cases. She's helped Bill Bratton with a case (ask him about it) and has helped others nationwide.  I've been working with her for over five years and know how accurate she is and can be.

Prior to our sessions, I often "say the name aloud" of the person I'd like to speak with.  So I did that in this clip - said his name aloud - used the "Greenwich Mean Time" clock (on the right side of this page) to indicate when the name was evoked - and then began to tape the session.  I'm in an apartment building upstairs - sometimes too many folks are on the wifi at the same time, so apologies for the intermittent cutting out of my voice - but her voice is not interrupted.

Prior to the session I did some casual research into the fellow. I have a friend familiar with his work (David Kirkpatrick, thanks) who supplied me with a couple of questions, because oddly enough that morning he was referencing him - and I said "If you had a couple of questions, what would they be?" He supplied the "Why didn't you go to Rome?" and "Why didn't you meditate or do a hypnosis session?" questions.

Here's the Wikipedia page where I gathered some of the details - the "soul stone" for example.  When I read that I can only think of the many filmed interviews I've done with people under hypnosis ("Flipside" to "Hacking the Afterlife" - "Architecture of the Afterlife" includes about 50 of people not under hypnosis.)  In those cases, when a child does something as odd as Carl did - making a totem of a native culture - I assume it's related to a past life memory.
Carl Jung; Wikipedia

In terms of his mother, Emilie, indeed, he reported that she "spoke to spirits."  He's also the person who created the concept of "Collective unconscious" as well as the term "Archetypes."  

Which brings us to point two.  Bill Paxton and I were friends many years ago, we stayed in touch over the decades, but his career skyrocketed while mine floundered.  When he passed away, I did a series of interviews with him ("Talking to Bill Paxton" on Gaia) via three different mediums.  So when I was referencing that "we have friends in this class who lived in Ojai" - while interviewing Krishnamurti, I was referring specifically to him.

One of Ojai's famous residents
I didn't ask for him in this interview - but was referring to him when I said that.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

So I wasn't surprised when she said his name - but I was surprised when he said "Ask him about archetypes."  I did not know that he had created the term until I read it that morning - and here was my old pal referencing something that I had not written down (I had written down "synchronicity" and "collective unconscious") - but here was someone asking a question from the flipside to someone we are interviewing.

Jennifer is not an expert on Carl Jung - as she freely admits on camera. She had no idea that Carl had invented the term.  But Bill did. And he is the one who asked the question. Here's the video:

This morning, former studio exec turned author David Kirkpatrick wrote to me to thank me for sharing the video with him. I wrote back: 

"Thanks for the questions. I tried to focus on the things that relate to this research (his "soul stone" sounded like a past life memory) his mother seeing spirits - Bill saying "ask about archetypes" is "new information."  

Jennifer never studied Jung (formerly a financial analyst in Manhattan beach) I had just read in the wiki entry that Carl invented the term. 

Bill literally raised a point only he could raise. Asked Carl his own question.  (Not mine. Not from Jennifer.) It's mind bending and proof of concept. I mean... am I missing something?  Is this not proof of the afterlife?  

Jennifer doesn't know anything about Carl.. and yet recognizes him. Doesn't know about archetypes yet repeats a question from an actor she met "in class." Proof life goes on. Full stop. 

Those whose path doesn't include this knowledge will not see it. Will assume we "cheated" or she "read my mind."  But she asked things not in my mind. She repeated answers I could not invent. Welcome to my world."

Indeed. Proof that life goes on. Proof of concept. Proof of the flipside. Proof of heaven (although everyone calls it "home" instead). Proof of being able to "Hack the afterlife."  I could go on... I frequently do.  But in this era when our friends are falling around us like flies, it's important to report that life goes on. They know it. We just aren't privy to that same information. Our loss.

Post script:

Some wag wrote on the MartiniZone page: "Why did you have to give her so many clues as to the identity of the man?   Totally unconvincing."

To which I replied: "Well, since this is the first time you've seen us work together, or have watched any of our videos, you wouldn't know that I've done this for five years with her. 

Sometimes she gets it immediately (as reported in "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" books) sometimes it takes three or four guesses.  It's not a contest. 

I'm not trying to prove that she can do this kind of work - I've been doing that for over five years now.  I had her for 45 minutes. The clues I gave her were "he's shown up in our class before" she picked Einstein. Instead of saying "No" I said "of that era."  She's not scanning my mind - or scanning her knowledge of Carl - she's asking the class "Why are you showing me Albert?" And then she said "Carl Jung."  (I just now remember that it WAS Albert we were interviewing when he showed up in the classroom - asking him about turning salt to fresh water for pennies, or how to create energy from non carbon sources.  The image of who we were interviewing popped into her mind - and from there came the answer.)

I'm sorry if this is the first time you've watched us do this. I'd say "watch the other 20 clips here" or "read the three books where I provide transcripts" or "watch "Talking to Bill Paxton" on Gaia.  

Or watch the clip on here called "Talking to Paul Allen, Junior Seau and Dave Duerson."  

In this clip - live - I asked for three people to assist us - and she named them in a row, one after the other.  (John Lennon because I'm a friend of his son, Steve Jobs because we'd interviewed him previously, and Anthony Bourdain because I assumed they met. She names them live on camera - one after the other in a row.) 

Again - I'm not trying to prove anything to someone who did not sign up for a lifetime to know how the play ends. It's pointless.  

As Harry Dean Stanton told us "Tell people to believe in the possibility of an afterlife then they won't waste any more of their time arguing about it like I did."  Once there is the possibility - then one can focus on what the content is. And that is a conversation about his mother, about his soul stone, and my old friend Bill Paxton reminding me to ask him about archetypes.  

Not my idea - not Jennifer's idea. Bill's idea.  

So thanks for the comment so that I could report that this is just one of many many many interviews we've done.  People can read them, view them, discuss them at their own leisure - eventually we all get to a point where we realize how much time we wasted arguing about something that was possible."

My two cents.


The Old Guard and The Flipside

Perhaps you've seen the latest film on Netflix starring Charlize Theron.  If not, perhaps shy away from reading this post. It contains spoilers - not about the plot, but about how consciousness works. 

The Old Guard

The film is about these "Guardians" who don't know why they're Guardians, don't have a clue as to what makes them Guardians, but in general they keep coming back to the planet.

Like the rest of us. But I digress.

In this story, there's only four that have found each other - there could be more, others may show up willy nilly, no one knows. (It was also the plot of a series I pitched to a number of folks as a series some years ago. The idea based on the old myth that there are "Guardians" who guard the planet at any given time.) 

I first heard the idea from Mr. Spock - that is the actor who played Mr. Spock was talking about it some years ago, this tradition that the Torah talks about "Guardians" who function like "Angels" who walk among us to save the planet.  (At the time, I pitched it to tech companies looking for a series to be played on mobile devices, or to TV entities.) I called it "The 84" - and had an elaborate plot of these "Guardians" saving the planet from rebooting. One company pretended to love it, another pretended to like it, and one other pretended they'd already made it.

I guess I was a bit early on that one.  Or too late perhaps in light of the planet in the midst of rebootage.  But again - I digress.

In the soon to be a series, successful Netflix film "The Old Guard" - it highlights folks who show up on the planet (never die actually) and play these roles over and over again. 

7 Archangels Symbols | Archangels Names and Meanings | Seven archangels,  Archangels, 7 archangels
The so called "Archangels"
Oddly enough in "Architecture" there
are four of them mentioned.

Except of course, they took out the messy part about being born and growing up - and just had folks be themselves 100 years ago, a thousand years ago - etc.  Like "Vampires" who never die, except they fight on behalf of "the good."

Guardians of another era.

The show sidestepped "What constitutes fighting for good?" by having the characters offer "Depends on the century."   Sometimes they fight on behalf of "the good" and other times they fight for whomever pays them.

Enter Chiwetel Ejiofor.
Chiwetel Ejiofor (google)

Chiwetel is good and bad in this show. (As a character, he's a great actor.) I got to work with Chiwetel on the film "Salt."  He's a charming Brit who can't resist football. (Torn Achilles during filming forced crew to shoot around his injury. No running, jumping, kicking - scenes designed so he could pretend he was about to do those things.) Not that it affected his acting - he's a consummate actor, and I defy anyone to point out the scenes where he was in pain. (Hint; all of them.)

In "The Old Guard," he's the "bad guy" who realizes that "Andy" (Charlize) has been spotted over the centuries saving people's lives, and each one of those folks goes on to save more lives.  So he's also the good guy.

This details shows up often in the flipside research.

During "the life review" on the flipside, people are often shown these details. A person who insists "they didn't do anything worthwhile" during their lifetime had their guides and teachers show them - "Oh, you remember that kid you saved from the runaway carriage? That kid grew up to be Marie Curie." 

In Michael Newton's "Journey of  Souls" he spoke of a client who recalled being in front of his council going over his lifetime. When asked "Did you help anyone?" He talked about all the charities he contributed to, all the donations he made... and the council member repeated the question. "But did help anyone?"  And this man, who was recalling a wealthy lifetime from the 1920's couldn't think of one.  So they showed him.

Stock Market 1929: The Highest Point Before the Crash | Time
Rich fellow recalled a life of ease.

He was on a trolley in a city and he came across a woman who was weeping. She had lost everything was feeling abject and worthless and couldn't help her sobs.  The man put his arm around her and said "Everything is going to okay."  His council then showed him how that simple act had "saved her life" and like a wave of positiveness had healed many other people as well.

In David Bennett's near death experience, which he reveals in his book "Voyage of Purpose" David recalled a life review.  

He was a science officer aboard a ship and drowned for 12 minutes - during that time, before a wave smashed him into a rock and brought him back to life - his guides showed him two events. One of which was a woman who used to come into the store where he worked - a grumpy Gus whom no one could make smile. So he took it upon himself to make her smile - did this thing that went out of his way to bring some joy into this woman's miserable life.  

And he saw how that event had "moved like a wave" through the woman's life, effecting her family and others.  Every act of love we make begets other acts of love. We can't see it - the way that Charlize's "Andy" was not aware of it - but it is there if we want to access it.

How to access the life review without being dead or having a near death experience?

I thought the only logical way was deep hypnosis, hypnotherapy. I recommend finding a hypnotherapist trained at the Newton Institute only because I've filmed so many of them. If one wants to work via Skype, there is a searchable list on their database.  I have worked often with Scott at - he's a virtuoso at what he does. 

But as demonstrated in "Architecture of the Afterlife" one can access this information without any help at all.  

I demonstrate how just asking someone simple questions can lead to the same information. The results are not the same because hypnotherapy can help and assist people with a host of issues, but just in the simple search for "evidence of the afterlife" - having people who are skeptics, disbelievers suddenly access this information is ringing a gong behind them.

They may not recall how that gong was rung, but eventually the waves of frequency will affect them in ways they've yet to discover.

So - yes, the "Old Guard"  is accurate about the journey. Except the small detail that we all come back, we all choose to come back, we all volunteer to return.  

No, there's no evidence of a squad that is aware of this information.... although one could argue that hypnotherapists are; Dr. Weiss, Michael Newton, Dr. Helen Wambach were all aware of how the process works. Arming them with weapons might not be such a great idea - but at the moment, I'm pointing out that the "backstory" of what happens in the "Old Guard" is related to the research.

That is - that we all reincarnate (if we choose to do so.) We are fully aware prior to incarnation of all of our lifetimes, and the basically blueprint of what we want to achieve or accomplish in this lifetime we've chosen. 

We bring "about a third" of our conscious energy to that lifetime - but the human brain puts up filters around the age of 8 (when the skull hardens, so it's likely a frequency issue) so we aren't aware of this information unless we have a near death event, out of body experience, do guided meditation or hypnotherapy.  Those are all avenues to bypass the filters.

Or one can watch a film like "Old Guard" and consider that it's possible they've been here before, that we've been here before. That the times we experience "deja vu" it's likely related to experiences we've had before in different parts of the planet or even on different planets (See "Architecture of the Afterlife" for an indepth discussion of that.)

Luana is one of my Guardians

It's not my opinion, theory or belief that people say the same things with or without hypnosis about the afterlife. I've been filming them do so for over a decade.  

And thanks to Charlize and company for making a film that puts at least the possibility that life goes on into the zeitgeist. 

My two cents


An interview with Nelson Mandela about Green Peace

An interview with Nelson Mandela on the Flipside on behalf of 
"Nelson Mandela Day" 

Happy birthday Mr. President!
Nelson Mandela - Google

Backstage Pass 3

Jennifer Shaffer and I in our usual table at a restaurant. We’ve been speaking to the flipside for about half an hour by this point with the help of our class moderator, Luana Anders. Examples of the kinds of interviews we conduct can be found at - in this excerpt from the book, my questions are in italics, the answers are in bold.

Luana is there anyone else we need to talk to today?

Jennifer listens, then makes a face.

Richard: Don’t judge it. What?

Jennifer: Nelson Mandela.  

Nelson, welcome - I think we asked Nelson a question or two before – can you sit down and talk to us?  What does he want to say?

I think there’s an anniversary coming up. (Note: It was on June 20th that he addressed US; June 22nd the UN; his birthday is July 18th)

Nelson what do you want to say to us?

What do you mean by that sir?

He says, “They’re helping the planet from up there like we’re trying to help it from here.”

(Note: I think he means how people on the planet here are trying to help with climate change, people who are no longer on the planet are also trying to help us with awareness from over there.)

So the layers are you guys helping and us trying to help...

(But) He’s showing me like a room full of people on cell phones not paying attention.

What’s a way for us to break through that?

He says, “Your books.”

(Note: This is not a plug for my books or asking for help from flipside. Jennifer answers questions often before I can ask them.  He's referring to the research in the books - that is the thousands of clinical cases from Dr. Helen Wambach ("Reliving Past Lives") or the research from Michael Newton and the Newton institute, or the documentary "Flipside.")

What can I say to them that will help?

“Science” he says.

(Note: I think he means citing the science.  I've filmed over 100 people saying the same things about the afterlife, half under hypnosis, and half are not. They say the same things (consistent data) that folks in Wambach and Newton's work say about journey; those reports are contrary to religious beliefs, opinion or scientific theory.  Reportedly we bring "about a third" of our conscious energy to a lifetime - two thirds is always "back home."  Hence why we are able to converse with him, as he notes later that "part of him is already back here.")

What can we say on your behalf in your words, (coming from) your heart that will convince people this is you speaking?

I hope I’m getting this right; “Peace is when the amazon forest is full of life.”


He’s saying, “Full of life.” He’s showing me all the trees, all the animals. “When we take away the amazon we take away the peace of the two different kingdoms – between man and nature - and it makes it so unbalanced that things start happening (natural disasters) like a shark attack, things getting disrupted.”

What can we do to get people to pay attention to the planet in a different fashion?

He’s showing me you on a picket line with a sign.

What’s the sign say?

“Green peace.”

Two words or one word? Greenpeace is an entity.

He says, “No. Two words.”

So two words; “Green Peace.” Do we need your help reaching out to people who should we reach out to? I mean, myself on a picket line is not going to do much for this message - but you had many famous friends. Which of your friends would be receptive to your message?

(Jennifer aside) This is so weird. I’m not going to judge it. He’s showing me Puerto Rico. Something in Puerto Rico – I’m thinking “Why Puerto Rico?” I don’t know.

Hold on – let’s break it down – I asked “Which of your friends.. and you showed her Puerto Rico; does that mean Lyn Manuel Miranda?

(Nodding, tapping her nose for "correct") He said, “Yes.”

I get it.

(Jennifer aside) I don’t know how!

Well... He put it your head to go to my head; Lyn-Manuel is from Puerto Rico; he was recently there with "Hamilton" - (a new thought) Are you saying he should do a play about you?

He said, “It’s already in the works.”

(Note: “Already in the works” could mean “it’s being planned up here on this side of the curtain.” Doesn't mean Lyn-Manuel is doing it - but it could mean that. It could mean there's other projects as well.)

Okay, that’s someone to reach out to... so you want us to tell him; “We were speaking to Nelson Mandela and he told me to reach out to you and tell you there’s a play you’re going to do about him.” Which will convince him that this is actually you speaking... (if he's already writing it - perhaps he isn't yet) and the message he wanted us to pass along is that he wants you to help save the planet through "Green Peace.”

He said, “Yes.”

Okay, who else (can we share this with)?

“To Sting.”

Do you know Sting, Mr. Mandela? Did you meet him?

He showed me Sting and Bono – I think he’s saying “They’ve thought about what’s going on in terms of the Amazon.”

Image for post

What message to Sting could I pass along knowing it’s coming to you?

He says, “That’s he spoken to him recently.”

Since crossing over?


In a dream? Or a song?

Just like this – us talking. He was getting a message.

So Sting had a dream or a message recently?

He showed me everyone getting the same message at the same time...

Image for post

Okay, so everyone is getting this same message we are, Sting is getting a message, and Bono is getting a message? I’ll do my best to reach out to them.

He’s showing me cleaning up the oceans, how dense the salt is in the ocean, we should be cleaning that up. Making clean energy.

So your top three are Bono, Sting and Lyn-Manuel Miranda?

“Yes.” He says “They’re all getting messages, they’re planning it everywhere, they’re all getting the same message.”

So what’s the best way for others to participate and help?

He’s saying “Think tanks. Like minded groups.”

Image for post

What about President Obama? Should we reach out to him?

(Shakes her head). He’s showing me there’s almost not way to get through.

Well Nelson’s a big name – if he can get the message through, he’ll get it. Not from me, but from someone else.

He says, “He’ll come in later.”

What about your pal Oprah?

I was shown an image of Oprah and her dogs; super happy... that kind of pure happiness. Yes, absolutely; reach out to her.

How Nelson Mandela Emerged From Prison a Better Man - Video

Look, the people who are aware of my work, aware of Jennifer’s work – the ones who have experienced speaking to their loved ones on the flipside know that we’re not making this up. I’m happy to pass it along. May I ask you some of our mundane questions about your journey, Nelson? Who was there to greet you when you crossed over?

He says, “His mother.”

Okay, who are you hanging out with now?

He showed me some of the members of our class. He’s showing me Luana, for example.

We’ve had quite a gathering of people in this so called class, from Abe Lincoln to Martin Luther king... What do you think of what we’re doing, this connection to our class?

He said, “Amazing. Amazing.” He showed me Morton again, (Michael Newton) how they’re leaning how to talk to people here, and we’re in turn getting people to open up their minds so they can do it.

Image for post

I was thinking of friends of mine who are from South Africa who might help you...

“You should talk to them, definitely,” he says.

I’ll do my best. That’s cool. So you’re hanging out with people in our class? What do you miss about being on the planet?

He’s showing me tangible, touching. He says, “Holding people. The sand in my toes. The feeling of people – Hugging. Physical touch, water between my feet, sand at the beach, clean water."

I can almost hear you saying “clean water” in your accent.  Are you planning on coming back soon?

He says, “Part of him is already (back) here.”

(Note: This is a bit unusual in that people often report "staying out of the fray" for awhile, to rest and relax.  But there are those who "come back right away" perhaps because they were denied a lifetime outdoors as Nelson Mandela was for so many years.)

Okay, where?

“The Amazon."

As a male or female?

He’s saying “A male.” He showed me a guy with a spear –  I asked “Like are you spearing fish?” He said “No.”

Do you mean like an indigenous native?

“Yes. That’s it.”

What country?

He says, “Peru.”

Working with Indigenous Peoples to Conserve and Protect the Peruvian Amazon
Peruvian Amazon (

Why did you choose that lifetime?

He says, “I wanted to feel the dirt.” What he’s saying is that he can feel all what this person is feeling, so he’s understanding firsthand that there’s no fish, the animals are dying in the forest.

Seizing Wells and Going on Strike, Peruvian Protesters Stand Up to Big Oil  | Common Dreams News
Peruvian protesters fighting oil companies. (Common Dreams org)

What percentage of your energy is in this guy?

“Thirty” He says.

(Note: Michael Newton would ask people “how much or your conscious energy was in your lifetime?”  I noticed that the number was usually between 20 and 40% or “about a third” or our conscious energy.  Two thirds of that energy is “always” back home.)

He’s showing me “It feels like 100% of his energy to the person that he is incarnated in, but that person is not aware of it.. maybe like 10% is aware.

Is he aware in his dreams? Does he sometimes recall your life?

He says, “Yes.”

Which does he remember more of; the pain or the later adulation?

He showed me a flag – he says, “that’s a symbol of being free.”

So in a dream he might remember being you?

He says, “No, he doesn’t see him but he comes through in a different way...” (Jennifer aside) I just saw something... I was just shown that in the dream state we get to go within our soul group to experience other versions of ourselves; we get to see through their eyes what they’re doing.

Actually, I was writing about this morning.

(Jennifer aside) Really?

I was writing about how we spend a third of our lives asleep – cats sleep 14 to 18 hours a day – nature doesn’t make mistakes, so why would nature create a creature that sleeps 2/3rds of its life? Unless somehow we have it reversed; while we are asleep, our etheric bodies are doing all kinds of things.

This Is Why Cats Sleep So Much
"Why cats sleep so much"

“Correct” he said.

We sleep a third of our lives, we have other activities while we are asleep. Is that what you’re saying?

He says, “Yes. Nature doesn’t make mistakes; we do.”

Nelson any last words?

(Jennifer holds up two fingers.)

Bright green Green Peace words. Classic and universal text for cards,  badges, postcards, posters, prints white isolated - Buy this stock vector  and explore similar vectors at Adobe Stock | Adobe Stock
He says, “Green peace.”

Thank you sir!

Image for post
Green Peace

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