Being On The Right Path

I normally try to avoid reading reviews. 

After my film "Limit Up" opened, I asked Luana Anders (my co-writer) to read me an "edited review" over the phone (From Roger Ebert "thumbs way down") 

She read ""Limit Up"... was directed... by Richard Martini." ...followed by silence. 

(Ha! I think it's still funny, timely, included a chapter on Roger in "Flipside" proving he was more familiar with the afterlife than he imagined) 

Came across this review for "Hacking the Afterlife" today, and well, decided to share:

5.0 out of 5 stars "Life changing read...."

By E. Kepneron July 6, 2017
Format: Audible Audio Edition

"This is my first book by Richard Martini and my first book on past life / between life regression therapy. I love the fact Richard is a film maker and researcher and not a medium or hypnotherapist. There is an honesty, a purity to his writing and to the reading of his book as well. 

I listened to the Audible edition and am grateful he recorded this book for those of us who only have time to listen to books these days. He speaks as a person who has heard the same stories over and over. He isn't trying to sell anyone on any of his ideas. 

In fact, he says multiple times in the book for people to "get their money back, PLEASE" if this book bothers them or doesn't ring true for them. 

As a Christian with more universal beliefs, I have long wondered about souls I've loved who have passed on and seem to help me from the other side, about my purpose for my time and my family's time on the earth, about Christ and our obsession with his birth and death instead of his life, and about how different religions seem to teach so many of the same concepts and carry the same energy. 

Often many of my thoughts on these topics seem to be disconnected and unrelated. This book has helped me integrate these concepts for my own life while providing a reassuring and peaceful vision of what was before and what awaits on the flip side. 

This is a long book full of fascinating verifiable stories. I will likely listen to it again and I know I will gain more insight each time I hear from Richard and his research. Definitely life changing and definitely worth the read, if you are open."

At some point I've realized, I will never ever, not ever - get reviews in my film career with the headline "Life changing film." 

I guess I'm on the right path after all. 

Thanks E. Kepneron for reminding me, wherever you are!


There is no Space like the Present

"There is no Space like the Present."

This was a message to me from a guide on the flipside.

The illusion of space and time. Me and Mom. 1959? Or now?

Allow me to explain.

After my recent appearance on "Coast to Coast" I got an email from someone who had a profound dream about a topic that weighed heavily on his mind and wanted my opinion on it.  

He called the Vision a "Grain of Sand."

"... one night, I had my vision. (A dream that's so real you would swear you are there. This is because you are.) The dream (which I will refer to as my “vision”) happened on a sandy beach.

On this beach, the sand was smooth and oh, so soft. The waves were gentle, and the clouds were few. A perfect day. I was there standing close to the edge where the water was washing over my feet when I realized that there was someone standing next to me.

I couldn't see him, but he was there. It was one of my Spirit Guides... (I think it was) my main Spirit Guide.
We enjoyed the sandy beach and the calm ocean together. The silence was so peaceful.

Then he turned and picked up a grain of sand and as he showed me the grain, he said, “This grain of sand is all you know, and this is all you will ever know!”

He put it down back where he found it. Wow.... 
The encounter left me crushed. I mean, I had this notion I learned everything. Boy, was I wrong. It jolted my ego. I woke up.  Devastated that I understood nothing..."

Hang on. Here I go.

Interesting dream.

I wrote back to him and offered that sometimes we wake up to interpret a dream, but it may not have been what the person in the dream was trying to impart to us (subconscious aside). I offered that when he said "This is all you are" he may have meant something different than "the insignificance of a grain of sand." I suggested he "open himself up to the possibility" that he could communicate with his guide through the dream to ask him to be more precise about "what he meant."

I suggested he ask his guide some questions:

"The best way for you to understand the dream is to reach out to your guide and ask. Try to remember the dream as best you can in "real time."  Look over at your guide...  Look at this face.  Is it old or young? What color is the hair, the eyes, the skin?  Can you see what he's wearing?  Just focus on him for a minute until you can actually see him.

It might be fuzzy or not clear - but you can get a clearer picture by asking questions. "How tall is he?  Taller than me?  If so, how can I see his face? or do I just hear him?"  If you freeze the frame, try to look at him carefully.  

Then reach out with your hand and take his hand in yours. What does that feel like?  Describe the emotions you feel. Anything? Cold? Warm? Friend? Teacher? etc. Then try to take both hands.  Look him in the eye.  Thank him for showing up."

I then gave him a series of specific questions to ask which included "Specifically what did you mean by "I'm this grain of sand?" 

I ended the email with "And tell him I said hello." 

To which he replied:

"Wow! Thank you so much for the powerful lesson. I saw his face as I first read the email, and surprise, surprise, it wasn't who I thought it was in (my dream) "A Grain of Sand".... The saying "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" is something I am saying to myself here as I feel the student. (Of course.)

The interpretation has changed. He told me I was the sandy beach, ocean, and sky all at once and that the grain of sand was an aspect of me. The grain is "Me" in this lifetime. (This is all of us.)

I even asked while we were on the beach if I could hug him and could feel not only his soft hands but his warm embrace. Love is so different over there. Wow! I am not sure what this means, but I said you say "Hello" and he said: "There is no Space like the Present." Not sure what the hell he's talking about. Only I need to tell you..."

Insight anyone?

Cool. A message from someone else's spirit guide...

Let's not forget, this fellow does not know what his guide meant.  

So it can't be cryptomnesia, hypoxia, hallucination, or something he heard or saw if he's inventing it.  

If he was inventing this dream, then he'd know what his guide "meant."

But he does not.  

Sand all right. But on MARS.  We tend to think of sand as only on earth. Mars sand.

First let's google the phrase. His guide said "There is no space like the present." Any references? 
Google reports: "About 1,980,000,000 results (0.80 seconds)  No results found for "there is no space like the present."

Space? or all composed of the same energy?

So let's start there. 

This guide offered a phrase to me that doesn't exist in human language.  Got that?  There are no references to it, until NOW.

As I write this blog post I am putting his words into the lexicon.  From this point forward every search of this phrase on any engine will include a reference to this post.


So we have created something new.  From the flipside.

Now let's parse the sentence or the sentiment, shall we? 

The phrase, as its commonly known is "There is no time like the present."

What does that mean? 

Jack Kornfield, the renowned Buddhist scholar and author, wrote a book called "There is no time like the present" with reference to the Buddhist concept of the nature of reality.  
Come again?

We tend to think in the past, since everything we observe during the day is "old information" or a reference to something that we knew or has been discussed.  We tend to focus on "Old news."  And we spend a great deal of time stressing, worrying, obsessing, fearing the future. "What's going to happen next?"  But to live life fully, we need to allow that the past is gone, the future is not here, but now is when we are living.  And even that is transitory - as by the time your eyes have gotten to the end of this sentence, time has moved on since you started it.  Very difficult to pin down "now" when your brain is moving at a lightning speed.

Or so the zen concept goes.

Love love. So very Zen.

"The Time is Always Now" is a friend of mine's art gallery in New York, borrowed from a Dutch artist who used to make stopwatches that ran backwards.  

Peter Tunney is using his talent as an artist to create new pathways of the brain - new ways of seeing words and phrases that have grown stale; "Fear Less" "Remain Calm" "Today is the Day." He's forcing the viewer to review - to see again - what is in front of them.
Met Peter in Cannes. Felt like I've known him forever.
In like form, this guide from the Flipside is asking us to review the nature of reality.  Hence why he sent me this missive.

To me it means a number of things:

1. Review the nature of reality.  If by moving one word from a sentence changes its meaning entirely, then the structure of sentences can change how we think and who we are.  "There is no time like the present" normally means; "do whatever you need to do now, and don't put it off until tomorrow, or another time later.  Do it now."

2. Review the nature of time and space.  What are time and space? We view them as units of distance, or figures in math in terms of physics.  But if time is relative in terms of this realm, then what does time really mean? Time, according to those I've interviewed on the flipside, is entirely different "over there."

"Over there" time exists (despite what many new age authors claim) just relatively different.  For example one person claimed that their 25 year lifetime in the 1600's felt like "ten minutes" back on the flipside.  They literally "walked out of their classroom" and lived this lifetime, then walked back into the classroom (consciously - only about a third of her energy had left) to finish the lesson she was teaching.  Her 25 year life over here "felt like ten minutes over there."

If you follow that math, then 2500 years may feel more like a 17 days... not much more than a fortnight (!) "over there."  If that's accurate, then 25,000 years feels like... well, the mind reels from the comparison.  

Suffice to say I've had this discussion many, many times with people both here and on the flipside, and ultimately, the people on the flipside agree with me that "time feels like it doesn't exist" when we're "back there" - but that it does exist. That's why we have young souls and older souls. Because we come here to learn lessons. Can't learn any lessons if everything is happening simultaneously. 
Time moving for Paul Tracey, me and Dave Patlak

Time is just really slow. Or fast, depending upon your experience.

Which now takes us to space.  

How does space exist on the flipside?  Well, people claim that once they are over there, they are able to move instantly from one place to the next.  ("I can fly!") I can only liken it to the way molecules move in a pool of water, for example.  If one molecule is hit with a jolt of electricity, all of them feel it simultaneously.

So if one water molecule wanted to experience what another molecule in the pool was experiencing, they can "shift their focus" to the other side of the pool.  There is no space between them in that example - as it's a simultaneous experience.  Shifting your focus from one place to the next doesn't take time or space.

Two ions experience the same phenomena at the same time, no matter how far apart they are.  Why is that?  Is it that there is some invisible material that binds them?  Or is dark matter more like a pool of water, so that if one ion that shares another ions makeup - for lack of a better term - if both ions experience the same things simultaneously, what does that tell us about space?

That space doesn't exist.

Or that it exists relatively. It's an illusion, the same way that TIME IS AN ILLUSION. (Not illusion in a pejorative sense, like someone "playing a game" or "toying with reality" but that it doesn't inherently exist.)  Space is one too.

There is no space like the present is another way of saying "There is no space."  Or that by interchanging the words "space" and "time" this teacher is showing that neither is accurate with regard to how we interpret phenomena.  "Present" is a unit of time. If time is an illusion, then space is as well.

Buddha of the "future"; Maitreya.
Space is relative to your experience working with it.  Quantum computing is already using quantum entanglement as a framework. 

Quantum entanglement proves that light is both a particle and a wave.  How can it be that one thing could be two things at once? Turns out that experiments show that light travels as both a particle and a wave.

Both simultaneously.  (Holy Trinity anyone?  How about "consciousness exists as both particle and wave?")  If quantum entanglement proves that time is an illusion (as it can't be measured when two objects react simultaneously no matter where they exist in the universe) therefore it also proves that space is an illusion.

How could two objects light years apart react at precisely the same moment when one is affected?

What are examples of quantum entanglement in nature?   As mentioned in the previous post, I interviewed an identical twin about that phenomenon - how two of them experienced the same event at the same time although miles apart.  She noted that the two of them had the same dream - experiencing the same event at the same time, where a teacher was using them as an example of "unconditional love."

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE appears to be the fundamental law of the universe, and within it lies time, space and consciousness.  Understand how that sentence makes sense and you will no doubt win a Nobel Prize.
Luana on a wing.

In the previous post, I noted how my friend Luana had shown space in terms of this equation ll .. ll - as in "11:11."  If you look at the equation as an architect's drawing, it's two hallways separated by two decimal points.  

The hallway on the left represents where we are in time and space.  The hallway to the right represents where she is in time and space.  The decimal point is the distance I must travel to communicate with her - which is one plane or realm over - and she must do the equivalent move from her realm in order to reach me.  It's not a physical space that we can identify - but it does exist unto itself.  

Like the difference between a block of ice communicating with a field of steam or mist.  Both are composed of the same element, but at first glance impossible for them to communicate. But they are composed of the same material; water. One transforms into the other, but there are "decimals" along the way.
Deep thoughts from Mt. Kailash

 And in terms of the concept of "now," space does not exist.  There is no space between us as entities on earth, because, like the ions in the quantum entanglement equation, we all "come from the same home."

You catch that?

We are all from the same home.  Not the same space in that home, but for lack of a better word, we are all part of the same realm, we are all ions created together, we connect more rapidly to those that we've encountered before (the way deja vu works, or that feeling we've "known someone before" because we have known that person "before").

Space is an illusion, the same way that time is an illusion.

Andromeda Illusion
We exist here in this space because we've agreed to participate in this experiment here on the planet.

Oof da. That's a whole lot of thinking for one simple sentence. "There is no space like the present."

And it is a "present" - a gift if you will - and I thank his guide for passing it along to me, and from me, I pass it along to... YOU.

No space. No time. Enjoy.



Okay.  This is something that occurred last night. I'm recounting it second hand, but it comes from an impeccable source.


Fans of Flipside know Luana as my pal who started to come and visit me after she passed away back in 1996.  She inspired me to write about her visits in the book and film "Flipside" and then later in the books "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" and "Hacking the Afterlife."

Last month I recounted how she came to visit me while I was having lunch with the medium/intuitive Jennifer Shaffer in our usual "Chatting with the flipside" event.

Pals of Luana. Harry and Bill.
And she brought along her pal Harry Dean Stanton.  I've mentioned how Harry proved beyond a shadow of doubt (to me anyway) that he was actually with her, because he described events that Jennifer did not know, could not have known, described how he passed away and who was in the room with him (details I did not know but were verified later) and other fun, and amazing things.

Last night Luana gave us some more insight to chew on.

The Callaghans of Continental Mixer in Osseo, Wisc.

Here's what was happening when she "appeared."  

Our daughter had come down with something... perhaps something she ate earlier in the day, and was feeling sick, shivering.  But at the same time we were getting ready to make a long flight back home from visiting our relatives back in Wisconsin.

It was a funeral - of the one and only "Dadzo" Coyne Callaghan, who lived to 96 and spawned the most amazing, fun, hilarious, phenomenal relatives anyone could hope to have.  

Whenever I'm with them, I can't help but marvel how hilarious they all are - there are 11 children, and the amazing story of how when he proposed marriage to my Aunt Martha (sister of my mom) they actually named all the children they were going to have.

They named 12 of them, but had 11.  I found out at the funeral that the name of the missing child was "Ann Louise" - from a stranger who had just heard the story no less! - but also discovered there were 4 miscarriages in total.

So they might have had 15.  But instead they had 11 of the most amazing, wonderful, charming, generous people I've had the pleasure to meet.

But back to Luana.

So my wife Sherry decides she needs to pray to help heal our little daughter, who is shivering with this illness, sick, and can't sleep.  And she put out a "call to all angels" and then fell asleep.

That's when Luana appeared.  

Sherry insists this was a "dream and not a vision" - but that's what people have to say around me, because I'm constantly saying "tell me what else she said, what was she wearing, etc, about every dream I hear.

Sherry only saw her face.  About 30 (many years before they met) and Sherry's reaction to seeing her was to say "How can you be here? You died back in 1996."
She appeared looking a bit like this.
And Luana showed her a space craft as an example.  She showed her a cruiser that we had seen at a Lego store hours earlier and said "Imagine that I'm traveling in this but it moves really quickly."

Then she said "Imagine the numbers 11..11 as an example."

(We've all heard people talk about seeing the numbers 11:11 on a clock - at least I have - and wonder about the synchronicity of seeing that particular time each day.)

Well, Luana explained that synchronicity.

She said imagine that I am an 11 and  you are an 11 separated by two decimals.

(As she put it: "Imagine 11 . . 11 with two decimals between the numbers")

She said "In order for you to see me, you move one decimal in my direction, and I move once decimal in your direction."

Sherry didn't understand this, but I do.  

It's unusual in that 11:11 didn't exist… until digital clocks showed up. So it's silly to think something that had zero meaning could suddenly attain it. That being said… once someone points it out (or 4:44 as a friend recently pointed out) - once you are aware of something you become more aware of it.

Based on that other discussions we've had, everything on the flipside is a matter of understanding how energy works, how waves work, how math works.  That in order for them to manifest, appear, it's a matter of understanding the math behind doing that, as well as understanding the time frame of the time/space realm where they need to appear so that we can see them. 

But it requires both of us to move in the same direction.  So in Sherry's case it was because she was asleep, in the sleep state, that she was able to "shift her focus" to be able to see Luana, but equally, in order for Luana to appear to her in this form, she has to "shift her focus" to be able to appear to Sherry.

The space craft is a metaphor for "moving at lightning speeds" (in this case it was a Star Wars Lego ship) and that "moving at the speed of light" is a metaphor for how fast people are able to move on the flipside when they want to focus on doing so.

I've interviewed a number of people who when asked to describe the "one thing" they'd like to tell people about the flipside it's "I can fly."

And by that they don't mean wings - but they do mean moving from one place to the next at lightning speed.

Me and Luana traveling a bit slower in Venice.
So the next time you see 11:11 on a clock... just add those two decimals in your mind.  There's someone "over there" who wants you to think of them while you're glancing at the clock - that's why they got you to focus on that time on the clock.  Just open yourself up to whomever that might be.

Luana also said our daughter would be fine after she slept (she was).

I heard this story on the way to the airport this morning - and despite Sherry's insistence that it wasn't a vision, but "only a dream" I share it here - because... wow.  

What a cool dream.


The Flipside of Anger or Hate


"A manifestation of a divine or supernatural being."

"A moment of sudden revelation or insight."

An epiphany (from the ancient Greek ἐπιφάνεια, epiphaneia, "manifestation, striking appearance") is an experience of sudden and striking realization. Generally the term is used to describe scientific breakthrough, religious or philosophical discoveries, but it can apply in any situation in which an enlightening realization allows a problem or situation to be understood from a new and deeper perspective. Epiphanies are studied by psychologists and other scholars, particularly those attempting to study the process of innovation.

Epiphanies are relatively rare occurrences and generally follow a process of significant thought about a problem. Often they are triggered by a new and key piece of information, but importantly, a depth of prior knowledge is required to allow the leap of understanding. Famous epiphanies include Archimedes's discovery of a method to determine the density of an object ("Eureka!") and Isaac Newton's realization that a falling apple and the orbiting moon are both pulled by the same force. From Wiki

"Relatively rare."

I heard an epiphany this morning and thought I'd write about it. A friend was really angry about something.  It was something that has angered a number of people, and to be specific about it is to take it out of the world of "hate" or "anger" and to put it in the world of "cause and effect."

Alcatraz. Prison of the mind.

In other words, any normal person would see this video clip of someone being hurt and would feel a swelling of anger in themselves with regard to the event.  In her own life, she has had a similar event, but not the same event.  Meaning, her reference to the feelings of powerlessness, hurt, humiliation and fear were not the same as the person in the video she was watching, but one could "associate" those feelings with a "fear based memory."

Post traumatic stress disorder is a fear based memory.  Seeing people hurt by people in authority is a fear based memory.  Reading about a sexual abuse case in the news sometimes triggers the memories of fear or abuse, and brings back those feelings of anger. 

But this post is about addressing just the energy of anger and hate.

Anger, hate, fear is a prison.

Because as my friend was reflecting on the feelings of anger and hate regarding that tape, she was also aware that she had awoken in a state of anger, had already cut her finger badly by accident, or lack of focus, and was generally in a state of rage, fear, anger and resentment - not just from watching the video of someone being hurt - but from all of it.

She realized "Everything that's been happening in the world that is being focused on by the media" contributed to her state of mind.  

All of it infuriating in her mind, and more importantly in her energetic field.

And then she had an epiphany.  

She saw that the energy of hate is closely aligned with anger, and stepping into, or living in a state of anger or hate forces an energy shift in us that puts us into that focus.  That it's a self created energy, and that it is just a matter of focus to be in that beam of energy, or to not be in that energy.

Light. Tunnel. End.
As she experienced that thought, she was suddenly overcome with a feeling of compassion for the perpetrator in that video.  

She saw that the person committing the act of violence was also living in that state of fear and anger, and that the action was a direct result of being in that state of anger and hate.

It didn't mitigate her feelings of horror of seeing what happened to the victim, but she saw and understood that the perpetrator was acting as a direct result of living in that state of anger and hate, or fear and disconnection. She had an overwhelming feeling of compassion for the perpetrator.

I'm not posting the video or the description of the violence - because that would be missing the point.  The point is that living in a state of fear, living in a state of anger and hate only causes more violence, anger and hate.

It's a choice to be in the energy of hate and confusion, anger and fear.  

We tend to forget that everything that we think, feel, sense or experience is a result of exterior input.  Meaning the light wave that hits our eye is translated into an electrical signal that enters our memory, or the smell of food is a wave that reaches our nostrils and stimulates that part of our memory bank, the sound wave that moves through the air and reaches our ears  is translated to a signal that goes into our memory and causes a reaction - or that the sensation on our skin is actually an electrical signal that moves through our body to remind us of something... all of it is an electrical impulse.

All of it exists outside of us.  None of it exists inside of us.

It's a matter of reacting to what we're seeing, sensing, hearing or experiencing.  And that's a choice for us of how to react.  We can react the way our parents reacted, our grandparents reacted, the way our friends or community reacts - or we can choose to react the way we believe we should react.  

With or without fear, with or without ignorance, with or without hate or anger.

The  Dalai Lama calls himself a "professional laugher."

As the Dalai Lama has pointed out - "Hate or anger would be a useful emotion if they caused the person we hated to be sick or ill.  But it doesn't.  It only serves to make us sick or ill."  

We can't control what other people do, we can't control how other people behave, we can only control how we react to them.

And when those feelings of hate or anger arise within -- try to unfocus that feeling - or shift it -- to see that it arose out of fear and anger in the perpetrator, that we don't have to experience that anger and hate, and adjust it so that you are not attached to the experience of it.  

From a Flipside perspective,  people under deep hypnosis often say that the very worst things we can imagine happening to people were "agreed upon" prior to coming to the planet.  That's a disconcerting piece of information but it's not my opinion, belief or theory.  It's just what people consistently say about their own journey and path.  Meaning it's next to impossible to understand why an event occurs, unless we ask the people involved.  Unless we literally "step into someone else's shoes" to understand it.

If we understand that people act out of anger and hate because they're living in the shadow of anger and hate, it allows us to not react with our own anger and hate.

It would be easy to say "the answer is to try to live in a state of love and compassion" but we all know how difficult that is.  

Just try to live in a state of understanding.

Turn this...

Or this.
Into this...

Find the thing that shifts your focus from anger and hate to understanding or compassion.  

It's a much healthier way to navigate the planet.  

My epiphany for the day.


Speaking of Coast to Coast

I got a chance to appear on "Coast to Coast" with George Noory last Thursday.

George Noory and yours truly looking kinda pink.
Someone sent me an email that asked "Why did you say this particular thing?" the other day.  Truthfully, I'm pretty much on auto pilot at that time of the day, so whatever I said was in reply to what George was asking me.  He's such an excellent interviewer, that often I haven't a clue as to what we talked about, I just know that it was a lot of fun talking with him.

He asked me one question about whether "people feel remorse when they report from the Flipside?"

I said "not in my research."
With Jennifer Shaffer, medium/intuitive

I need to clarify that people may experience remorse after a lifetime, that's not in my ability to say that people do or don't experience what they experience.  However, I can say that in general, the people that I've interviewed aren't people who've had awful lifetimes causing distress while they were here.

Its entirely possible that someone would feel remorse, regret, pangs of ill feelings about the things they've done or not done - but in my experience, and in my research, once a person "lets go of the earthly bonds that tie us to the planet" - they go through something akin to being "blasted out of a cannon."

It's kind of hard feeling remorse at that particular moment.

When people do express that feeling of remorse,it's often during their "life review."  That's a term often used by Michael Newton ("Journey of Souls") regarding what we experience while under deep hypnosis, while accessing the "between lives realm."  His 7000 clients over 30 years said relatively the same things about having a "life review" process.

I've filmed 45 sessions, and interviewed a number of people who are familiar with their own between life sessions.  In particular Paul Aurand described in great detail what it felt like when he was before his council and accessing a previous lifetime where he was a slave owner, and "cared more for his property than his slaves."  Paul was able to access that memory because his council was showing him that as a soul he'd progressed - that he no longer treated anyone (outside of himself) with disdain.

In the near death event of David Bennett ("Voyage of Purpose" and his interview in my book "It's a Wonderful Afterlife") David recalled his "Life review."  In it he was shown a couple of events from "this lifetime."  (Information he'd easily have access to, but wasn't aware of the ramifications of them.)  

In one instance, he was shown a barfight he started in Texas, when a young man made a pass at him, and he let the bartender know about it.  The man was then beaten senseless, but in David's memory of the event, he experienced it through the eyes of the victim.  He felt every punch, the hatred, the humiliation involved.  Then he was shown another event when he helped a woman who was depressed - and how getting her "to smile" changed her world.

Luana says hello.

Today I replied to someone who was upset about my comments during the show that people generally didn't report any form of evil on the flipside. 

Here's the exchange:

Email: "I'm not sure if Karma is addressed in any of your interviews with souls/spirits in the Afterlife. But I don't seem to find that topic.  I don't know about life paths for every person, but I would find it hard to "believe" that a soul who created mayhem, destruction, violence (especially against children), could just sail on through in the Afterlife without some kind of amends/retribution.  Thank you."
My reply:

"Thanks for the comment.  Well, as I'm fond of saying, I'm just reporting here.  It's not my theory, belief or philosophy in the mix... I'm just reporting what people consistently say about the flipside. Whether it's under deep hypnosis, during a near death event, or in some other altered consciousness fashion.  I understand that sounds contrary to every known religious and philosophical tradition on the planet, and if I observed or heard information that wasn't contrary - that is, if I heard information that contained some form of amends/retribution for those who've created mayhem, I would report that.  But that's not what's in the reports.

What is in the reports is that people who create mayhem experience that mayhem when they get "back home" to meet with their "spirit guides" or council - which is reported to encourage that individual to experience fully everything negative they've ever done to anyone.  So in a sense, yes, if we can imagine everyone that we've ever hurt, made feel bad, or worse - every creature that we've killed by accident or on purpose, to fully feel their experience of pain, suffering or humiliation - all from their perspective - that would give anyone pause. (Which is consistently reported - that when someone remembers an awful thing they did during their lifetime,it's something they experience from the perspective of their victim.)

And that detail actually is reported - that people have a "life review" and during those life reviews they get a chance to experience everything they've done to other people.  (During Coast to Coast the other night, he asked if people felt "remorse" over a previous life - but I have to answer honestly... in my research I've not found that.  However, I'm not interviewing people who were perpetrators for the most part, just people who have suffered and not caused pain.  There are a few of those in my research (and I report those) but for the most part - people experience wonder after they pass. At least the ones I've interviewed or filmed.)

But when we speak to people who've had those experiences as victims (and I've filmed quite a few) - that is people who were "murdered" "annihilated" or molested as children... while they are under deep hypnosis they report consistently not what anyone with a sane mind would want to hear.  They report - consistently - that from the soul's perspective, their journey here was done with intent - either to teach lessons in love or compassion or forgiveness, or to learn lessons in the same.  And again - if they reported some form of red hot pokers being applied to the fingernails of their perpetrators - I'd be really happy to report that.  Because it certainly exists in every film, book or story I'm aware of where someone seeks revenge on their perpetrators.  And there's something satisfying to think that would be the case.
My job as I see it

But my job, as I see it, is to report what I'm hearing consistently - without judgment or prejudice about what they're saying.  I can't imagine choosing such a difficult path, I can't imagine choosing a lifetime where awful things would happen to me - and from my own experience I've seen a number of lifetimes of my own - or what appears to be my own memories of these different lives - and generally I appear to avoid that kind of strife and stress in my own choices.  But I have respect and unconditional love for my fellow beings who choose difficult lives - and so therefore I can appreciate what they're saying about them.  But thanks for asking.

The reply: Okay, thank you, and I appreciate your thoughtful reply. Troubling to me how we don't hear about and from the inflictors of pain as often as we do about those who suffered terribly. The Hitlers, the Stalins, and those whose policies have made others suffer would be an interesting report.

My reply:

"There are quite a few reports of people "speaking" to those you mention. What they say is that the world we exist in is a stage. That people sign up to play roles of "good and bad" people.  Since they are performances, they are actors playing the role of the bad guy.  For example, Desdemona doesn't go up to Othello after the play and say "You killed me!"  Rather they comment on how well the show went.  

Romeo doesn't walk up to Juliet and ask "why'd  you take that poison?"  She'd answer "we've been doing this play for a long time Romeo, did you forget that we do this each time?"  Since we have the illusion that we are fully conscious, fully in the world we're in, while reading this sentence, we can't be aware of how it is that we chose to be here, chose to wear this costume or chose to play this role.  It's not up to me to change anyone's feelings about that - because that makes me the fellow who turns on the lights in the middle of the play and shouts "It's only a play!"  

But if one can wrap their mind around the concept "We don't die" it might make it easier to comprehend.  None of us dies, so there's no harm anyone can accomplish in our direction.  Yes, temporary stress, harm - but we can't be killed, and if we survive whatever has happened to us, physically, we can comprehend that any event is one that teaches lessons to everyone involved.
"We don't die."

It's not an easy topic. But I will offer you an account that I filmed, and is included in the book and film "Flipside." 

I was filming a woman who under deep hypnosis remembered being in the holocaust. She saw herself naked, waiting for the showers to come on. The hypnotherapist asked her to move back to happier times in this life,and she saw her family and friends and loved ones. Eventually he brought her back to the moment where she crossed over, out of the camp, and into a place where she was met by her loved ones.  She eventually got to see her council, her guides who have watched over all her lifetimes.  She asked "Why did I choose this lifetime? It was awful. I lost everyone I loved."

She said (and it's on camera in the film "Flipside") "They're showing me images... this is going to be difficult to express... but they're showing me images to make me see that it was harder to choose to play the role of a perpetrator in this life, than a victim."  

I was startled to hear it, as I'd never heard anything like it.  She said "From my perspective each day in the camp was a heightened lesson in many topics, love, compassion, forgiveness, courage... and from this perspective I'm glad I chose this role, as the role others chose was more difficult for them to overcome or process."

We really have to examine carefully the roles people play - as we know, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Genghis Kahn, Alexander the Great - all played a role, but they did not perform by themselves. They had thousands of others playing the role as well, assisting, aiding, abetting... perpetrating their will over others.  Why?  It's a good question.  Why would anyone sign up to experience trauma?  Well, I can only point to one person's report "You can learn more from one day of tragedy on earth than you can in 5000 years on some other boring planet."

Did you catch that?

We come here to learn or teach lessons.  For people on the flipside, 5000 years isn't that big of a deal - time works differently off planet.  From my research I've heard that "25 years on earth feels like 10 minutes over there."  So there's that factor as well.  An 80 year lifetime might feel like a half an hour to our souls back home.  What happens on earth might be relatively thrilling or depressing,but it also might be just a blip in our overall journey and life's progress.  Just something to chew on.  

Again, I'm just reporting what people say.

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Then there's this fun email:

"Everything you talk about on your website, and what you talked about on Coast To Coast, is complete horseshit.

1) "We choose our next life". Horseshit.  I would NEVER choose this worthless abomination of a shithole ruled by evil criminal psychopaths to incarnate into.  I would choose a parallel Utopia Earth with no money, no banking, no government, no business, no corporations, no psychopathic ruling Elite, no corrupt legal system, no intelligence agencies, no need to eat other life forms to survive, and no secret societies like Freemasonry.  I have just proven you wrong.  (My response; "So why did you choose it?")

2) "We are here to learn lessons". Horseshit.  Who we really are is omniscient (all-knowing), omnipotent (all-powerful), formless, and has nothing to do with this 3D illusion.  In reality, we have nothing to learn.  It only seems like we learn in this 3D illusion, because it is in the deceptive design of it, to deceive us into believing we are the opposite of who we really are, and to deceive us into believing the 3D illusion and the illusion of humanity are real, when none of this is real.  This 3D illusion was created by corrupt thinking and lying entities that religious people worship as God. (Some of us take longer than other to learn lessons, just like in school.)

3) "Love love".  Horseshit.  Love is hypnosis, and has nothing to do with truth or reality.  (He cites a blog about the topic, how love is an illusion)  (Actually not my quote; it came from Robin Williams, someone I knew, who gave it in reply to asking him for a quote for the book "Hacking the Afterlife."  As pointed out on the show, neither I nor the medium understood what he meant - until he explained it.)

4) "We reincarnate".  Horseshit.   (He cites the blog again, claiming it's not true that we reincarnate)  (Highly recommend reading Dr. Tucker's books, Carol Bowman's or Ian Stevenson at UVA for verified peer reviewed cases of reincarnation.  Not my opinion, belief or theory - just verified cases.)

"Based on the quote above, mediums who are not con artists are actually unintentionally deceiving people.  Mediums are not actually communicating with dead people, they are communicating with the corrupt thinking and lying entities who conjure up this illusion, posing as the dead people.  Who we really are is that singular formless reality, and these individual 3D identities are all illusions."  

(Well, perhaps. Except in the cases of mediums who work with law enforcement on missing person and murder cases (which is what I was citing.)  Also, mediumship is not a panacea or a religious order - mediums can misinterpret what they're seeing or sensing - that's why I ask questions that are specific about "new information" that can be imparted.  Meaning "not knowable to anyone listening" until it's verified later forensically.  That's not hard to comprehend, is it?  It's not "predicting the future" or "hearing an opinion from the flipside" - which I agree would be pointless.  What I focus on are verifiable details that are unknown to the person asking the question or the medium - proving it could not be cryptomnesia. We may experience an illusion while here on the planet, but that doesn't mean we can't examine that illusion.)

5) "Atheism is not a religion". Atheism is a religion.  Atheists are deeply in the hypnotic trance state just like religious people: they believe this 3D illusion is real, they believe the illusion of humanity is real, they believe science is real and valid the same way religious people believe their religion is real and valid, and they have their God, science, the same way religious people have a God."

(The reason I said "atheism is not a religion" is that I agree with you - some people treat it as such, just substituting their old rules and regulations from previous religions onto a philosophy.  But my point was that it is not a religion per se - it's a philosophy.  (like Buddhism)  Not a religion, that believes or disbelieves as a matter of faith.  "I don't believe in god" is not an accurate sentence - it's "I don't believe in anyone's belief in god or gods."  Something different.  I'm not picking a fight with atheists - it's to call out people who confuse the two.  As this person has done in their reply.)

Me and George. Me looking pink again.

My reply:

"I appreciate your taking the time to reach out and respond.

Actually I'm not espousing any beliefs in this research.  I'm just reporting what people consistently say while under deep hypnosis.

It's not what I would have suspected they would say but it is what they say.  Consistently.  Meaning I've filmed 45 sessions with people I chose for skepticism.  But I've examined thousands of other cases as well as many near death events.

But I appreciate your opinion.  It's just not born out in the research.  If and when people say things under deep hypnosis (different therapists, different folks, around the planet) I'll be happy to report that as well.

Meanwhile, hope you have a good day. Again - not my opinion, belief or theory.  I'm just reporting what people say.

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And finally this emailed comment came today:

"I’m reaching out because of your interview on Coast to Coast. I loved it! Great show... you had me enthralled for the first hour.
What caught my attention was discussing Michael Newton. While I haven’t had a personal LBL session yet, what rang true for me was when you said “taking the red pill”. Lol. 

Because that was my reaction after reading “Journey of Souls”. I was captivated by that book (and his other one “Destiny of Souls”). They, for me, have gone a long way to bring clarity which wasn’t there before. (actually he has two more "Life Between Lives" and "Memories of the Afterlife.")

....So, for some reason when I heard you say those words, I had to connect with you. I’m not really sure why just that reaching out seems like “a good idea”. (The “good idea” you get when shivers run down your spine.)

Even writing this I shrug my shoulders going “what am I doing?”
I love your website and ordered a copy of “Hacking the Afterlife”. I’m looking forward to reading that too..."

(then he includes a vivid dream he had)

" night, I had my vision. (A dream that's so real you would swear you are there. This is because you are.) The dream (which I will refer to as my “vision”) happened on a sandy beach.
On this beach, the sand was smooth and oh, so soft. The waves were gentle, and the clouds were few. A perfect day.
I was there standing close to the edge where the water was washing over my feet when I realized that there was someone standing next to me. I couldn't see him, but he was there.
It was one of my Spirit Guides.... We enjoyed the sandy beach and the calm ocean together. The silence was so peaceful.
Then he turned and picked up a grain of sand and as he showed me the grain, he said, “This grain of sand is all you know, and this is all you will ever know!” He put it down back where he found it.
Wow.... The encounter left me crushed. I mean, I had this notion I learned everything. Boy, was I wrong. It jolted my ego."

He goes on to describe his interpretation of the dream.

My reply: (and this applies to anyone who's had a "vivid dream")
"Thanks for reaching out. Interesting dream.  I would have interpreted it differently... but then that's me. The best way for you to understand the dream is to reach out to your guide and ask.

Try to remember the dream as best you can in "real time."  Look over at your guide.  Don't get hung up on his name - that's a place holder.  Just look at this face.  Is it old or young? What color is the hair, the eyes, the skin?  Can you see what he's wearing?"  Just focus on him for a minute until you can actually see him.

It might be fuzzy or not clear - but you can get a clearer picture by asking questions. "how tall is he?  taller than me?"  If so, how can i see his face? or do I just hear him?  If you freeze the frame, try to look at him carefully.  

Then reach out with your hand and take his hand in yours. What does that feel like?  describe the emotions you feel. Anything? cold? warm? friend? teacher? etc. Then try to take both hands.  Look him in the eye.  Thank him for showing up.  

Ask "have we ever had a lifetime together? where was it? show it to me?  write down your impressions - answer could be "yes" or "no" - or "not on this planet."  If he says yes just ask "where, can you show me?"  If it seems familiar - like a city or era comes to mind examine that too... where are we? what was my name? what was your name? was I male or female?  

Don't judge any of the answers.  Just write them down.

Now back to holding his hand.  Ask him to show you something - like your soul group.  "Can you show me my soul group?"  if the answer is yes, count how many are in it.  don't judge the number.  Just count.  Look around - see anyone you know?

Then ask him "are you my primary guide? or is there another?"  Look around.  Is there anyone else watching this conversation?  If so - get them to come closer to identify them.  

Then ask him "Can you show me my council.?  You may not know your council, but he does.

Write down - are you inside or outside? What's the room or place look like? How many people? standing or sitting? are they in a row, or in a curve? what do they look like? go up to each member and do the same - take their hand, observe how they look, their age, their reason for being on your council.  Ask them "to show you" the "reason that they exist on your council.  What quality did you accomplish or learn from an incarnation to earn their place on your council?"  don't judge the answers but write them down.

Then see if they are wearing any clothing - describe it... any ornaments?  If so, ask what it represents.  Don't judge the answers...
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Finally ask "is there any message that I can pass along to myself or my friends and family or loved ones that will be of help to them?"  And see what they say.
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You'll be surprised.

You can have a friend ask these questions - but the key - the bridge - the gateway - is to remember that vivid dream.  You can see his face now as I write this sentence... so ask him some questions.

And tell him I said hello.


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