Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Tom Petty, Amazing Randi, Regis and Paul Newman

Full house today.

                                    Paul swings by to say hello.

No other way to put it.  Prior to the session, I noted the time and date and the fact I was going to invite two folks to our session. I had no idea if Jennifer would be aware of it, as I hadn't spoken to her about who I was going to invite.

One was Tom Petty, in honor of his birthday,  the other "The Amazing Randi" who passed a couple of days earlier.

 For those aware of our connection to Tom, it's not that we knew him, or Luana Anders on the Flipside knew him - it was because, as noted in the video, he came forward soon after his passing in 2017 to visit us at our local restaurant where Jennifer and I used to meet before the Pandemic.

She remembered his name that day (and did not this day!) But as noted, he had a complaint for us about "having to wait in line to talk to Jennifer." He said "Your friend Luana has a clipboard, and it's like she's the backstage bouncer who has a list of who gets into the VIP lounge!"

As noted as well, he asked us to reach out to his family who were in the midst of a court battle. I did so, privately, reaching out to a family member who agreed to look at what I transcribed from our session.  As noted, I have no idea what they made of that information, nor did I ask. I did as requested and passed his messages verbatim.

A portion of that session is in the book "Backstage Pass to the Flipside."

But Tom's 70th birthday is being celebrated this week, and I took the time to celebrate him through an interview.


I invited the Amazing Randi because... It's funny. 

New York Times Photo of Randi

Like my old friend Harry Dean Stanton, Randi was a skeptic about the afterlife. 

Despite being a famous magician in his day (He beat the record held by Houdini for an underwater escape live on NBC back in the 50's) like Houdini, he went from a working magician to someone who debunked, or outed "fake psychics."  

Anyone familiar with my work knows that I focus on data, that I work with mediums who work with law enforcement agencies nationwide... when they're skeptics I refer them to Bill Bratton former NYPD commissioner who was helped by Jennifer Shaffer.  If she's good enough for Bill, she's good enough for me.

But that's a joke - Jennifer has proven her abilities for a long time, and I met her five short years ago.  And over and over and over again, she's proven access to the flipside - not always 100% as she notes, because she is interpreting information after all - but for the most part I ask her questions based on my knowledge about the person we're chatting with and I transcribe what she says verbatim and those sessions are in the books "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" 1, 2 and 3.

But for those who have a vested interest in "debunkery" I've heard often the old saw that "you haven't tried the Amazing Randi's million dollar prize" for someone who "proves there is an afterlife or the paranormal." 

The last time I replied to a fellow on Quora about that, I pointed out that knowing that we still exist is worth more than a million bucks, and further, I had no desire to play that game of "prove it to me."  As I point out, in the 100 cases of people under deep hypnosis, (half without hypnosis) all of them recall previous lifetimes, all recall the between lives arena. So that makes their recollections "normal" as a base number for data - and those who "disbelieve the data" are the ones who are "para" or "ab" normal.

Jennifer and I present these sessions as they occur. I edit them for time, as she may take a minute to answer one of my impertinent questions. So for the sake of continuity, I trim those before I post the sessions.

Randi has a lot to say about his journey and to his husband Jose. Let's leave it at that. Since Jennifer had no idea who he was, it makes it that much more amusing to watch what he has to say from the flipside.


Then Regis Philbin stopped by - I knew Regis through our mutual pal Charles Grodin (as noted in the session) and Regis correctly recalled the day he met me on the Charles Grodin show where live on the air made fun of my "mixed outfit."  (A tie and a striped shirt).  Not a clothes horse like Reg, but he noted I was a misfit or mismatched. 

Later, I had dinner with him and his wife Joy and Charles and his wife in Connecticut, and have had a few laughs with Regis.  Always a polite guy and he had a quick comment for Charles about "slowing down" (even though last I heard he was still recording the Charles Grodin minute for KCBS in NYC.) Either way, it's one old friend talking to another.

But it was sweet to hear from him.  He's a nice guy.

And then Jennifer mentioned that she saw Paul Newman "in the wings."  As noted, he was someone I had invited previously, but got the impression he "wasn't interested" in chatting with me (which turns out to be the case.) He was more than happy to chat with Jennifer and we may continue the conversation in the future if he so desires.

He was funny, wise, spoke eloquently about the need to help those less fortunate than us. He had a message of love for his wife, and a comic message for John Cusack.

John Cusack and Paul Newman were in "Fat Man and Little Boy" together, I detail I did not know until I searched their names together on the net. 

All I can say is that I ask questions that pop into my head. 

The books "Flipside" "It's a Wonderful Afterlife," "Hacking the Afterlife," "Architecture of the Afterlife" speak to how it can be that we can still speak to our loved ones, and the books "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" 1, 2 and 3 are transcripts of our sessions, as well as the first two books include a workbook on how anyone can do the same for themselves.

Finally we have to thank Luana Anders for her assistance. We wouldn't have had a title if it wasn't for Tom's comment, and the idea that he sees her as a bouncer at the VIP lounge of the afterlife, is hilarious. Not something I could ever have thought up, and certainly, as you'll see not something Jennifer would have invented.

Luana Anders from one of her 300 film and TV appearances.

The Amazing Randi has a message for his pals Penn and Teller, and Paul Newman had a message for John Cusack.  It's in the session, so I won't repeat it here.  But it's a message of love and light from friends who are no longer on the planet, who want their friends and loved ones to know they're still keeping an eye on them. As do yours.

Here's the clip on YouTube at

Thanks all for tuning in. Stay healthy, mask it up, and "Stay tuned."

My dos centavos.

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