A Near Death Experience that mirrors the Flipside reports

I'm a member of IANDS and have been asked to share my research at a number of their chapters. It's the International Association for Near Death Studies, a wonderful organization, created by scientists and others to share, study, examine without prejudice, experiences people have had during a near death experience.  I spoke at their recent convention in Orlando.

I got the following NDE report in my email today and wanted to share it with fans of FlipsideThis NDE was reported to the organization, and is presented here anonymously. All rights to this story, and reproduction is copyrighted by IANDS. 

The person experiencing this event has a number of things happen that exactly mirror what people under deep hypnosis (as pioneered by Michael Newton, and reported on in "Flipside: A Tourist's Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife.")  Michael Newton had over 7000 clients over the course of his 30 year career say roughly the same things about the journey of souls (as reported in his books "Journey of Souls" "Destiny of Souls" "Live Between Lives" and "Memories of the Afterlife") where they describe this same journey over and over again - it didn't matter what the person's gender or background was, they all had roughly the same experience. 

Dr. Helen Wambach ("Life Before Life") reported the same results from her work about a decade prior to Michael Newton's - a psychologist who used hypnosis to ask people about their journey, and cataloged them. She had over 2000 people say the same things about the journey - choosing our lifetimes (which is reported in this NDE).

Dr. Bruce Greyson (Dean Radin/Youtube)
After meeting Dr. Bruce Greyson, founder of IANDS at the University of Virginia, he pointed out to me that science doesn't consider "hypnosis" to be a valid scientific tool.  I pointed out that it apparently didn't matter who asked the questions, or where on the planet the questions were asked, people had the same replies about their journey.  But as a result of that conversation, I expanded my research in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" to include people who had near death experiences, and then people who had near death experiences, but also examined them afterwards via hypnosis, to see if they could access new information from them.

That's what led me to "Hacking the Afterlife" - which goes further afield, speaking to mediums who appear to be able to access people no longer on the planet.  But in the case of this report, I wanted to point out that there is a journey to a "library" for this person - which is consistent in the flipside reports; no library is every described precisely the same, just as no rainbow is the same to everyone - we all observe them from our own perspective.  

Great libary - wikimedia
I'd also point out that it "appears" that there is no time on the flipside, this has been a source of discussion in most of my books.  What I'm getting is that time exists over there, just "relatively differently."  What appears to be things happening simultaneously, is also an experience.  It's just that it's so different than what is experienced here, it "feels that way."  What I've learned is that the future is not set - there are likely outcomes, so no one can see or predict the future precisely because it is not locked in stone.  People do have free will - to change their minds - and when they do, the future changes as well.

It also implies that life is predetermined - but it's no more so than a play is pre-determined.  We get on stage with 3 x 5 cards, know what people we're supposed to encounter and what role we want to play - but that can change at any time. We have to improvise to adjust with whatever happens, and that's where the lessons come into play. We may sign up to experience something difficult, or to play the role of someone difficult, but we have the ability to say "No thanks, I'm done playing that role, I'm putting my rifle down, and no longer doing what I was tasked (and agreed) to do."  Free will means just that - we are free to change our minds.

But that's a matter of fine tuning - and also its important to remember that not everyone has this same experience.  They may be similar, but everyone sees or experiences these events differently.  That being said, it's worth repeating.  Here is the anonymous story that I got in my email today from IANDS.

"The following is the Monthly Near-Death Experience (NDE) for October 2016, provided as a service to members of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS). This selection was taken from accounts submitted to IANDS and is provided here anonymously.

Following an accident, this woman felt she spent 60 years in heaven and learned everything there was to know about the universe. When she was sent back to her body, it was difficult to fit into it, although she had only been gone 30 minutes in Earth time. She shares some of the things she learned; for example, that nothing is right or wrong, and that there is no time. She explains that our brain filters reality while we are in our bodies, and it creates the appearance of linear time. She affirms that we choose our lives and that everything that happens is essential for our learning."

Sixty Years in Heaven, Thirty Minutes Earth Time – from

It was a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon of the Labor Day long weekend 1977. My friend and co-worker picked me up to go to a BBQ at a friend’s house. As we were proceeding through an intersection, a sports car ran the light and slammed right into the side of us. 
I remember hearing a crunch of metal and a huge jolt as we skidded towards the curb. Then everything slowed down and I remember watching the windshield shatter in slow motion. It looked like frost forming on glass. I looked out the passenger window and watched as the concrete light pole got closer and closer. I "knew" I wouldn't have a chance of getting out of this alive! As that thought was in my mind, everything stopped, no sound, no movement, everything seemed suspended in mid-air! I "felt" a presence surround me, then a SWOOSHING sound, like helicopter blades were really close.

All of a sudden, I was moving up, really fast. I felt like I was being embraced very gently, someone or something was holding me, and I knew I would be OK. The sound got louder and we went faster. All I could see (or sense) was white light, very bright but I could look at it—no problem.  I remember looking up and seeing white, then looking down and seeing the accident scene; it was surreal.  I felt a huge sense of peace and calmness. I knew everything would be fine. We "arrived" at the foot of a very large cobblestone path. Ahead I could "see" a large city to the left and a beautiful field to the right. A babbling stream ran along the path. The city was constructed of luminescent glass; the buildings shimmered in radiant colors I had never seen before!  I could see children, adults, cats, dogs, birds, butterflies (lots of butterflies), and every kind of animal, playing and singing in the meadow. I wanted to immediately join them!

It was then I could "see" my "guide" (for lack of a better word). He was very handsome and about 30/35 years old. He was dressed in a brown/beige robe and I immediately knew that I knew him! 

(Note from RM: In Newton's books he mentions that we all have a "spirit guide" and some have more than one. In the 35 sessions of hypnosis I've filmed, there has always been at least one guide to help us along.)

He smiled and said (actually it was telepathic), "come on, follow me."  I was led to one of the buildings. As we approached, the buildings got higher and higher until they disappeared into the clouds.  We entered into what looked to be a library of sorts; it had multiple levels and it was made of marble and dark wood. All I could see were scrolls, from top to bottom. Most were rolled, some were cloth, some were raspy paper, some were flat and etched in marble. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen! Lots of "people" were there, bustling around. They ALL looked at me and seemed very happy to see me. Some even cheered!

(Note from RM: Not everyone sees a library of souls during their hypnosis session, or during a near death experience. But I have had people explore these libraries, examine "books" or "scrolls" or "golden cups" or even "video screens" where people explore and examine previous lives.)

I was then led to a room that resembled a conservatory. As soon as I was left alone, the walls came to life! 360 degrees of "movies" all projected at once. I watched the domino effect of what harsh and unkind words and actions would do to people, how it would start with one person and spiral down to 300 people. I "felt" the anger and sadness of everyone! I thought I was going to explode! I was emotionally shaken to the core. That was the only semi-negative thing that happened to me during my visit there. 

(Note from RM: this "past life review" is often reported in NDE's but also in between life hypnosis sessions. We get a chance to "feel" all the joy or negative actions we've done to others. It's a powerful experience.  It also points to the idea that we don't want to harm others - because we will experience the pain they've felt.  It's part of our learning experience in the classroom of life.)

I was asked to return to the "library" as I was to start my studies, as in reading the scrolls (it was more like downloading into my consciousness). I read and studied there for 60 years!!! Most were people’s lives from beginning to end. I was allowed to "feel" the emotions of most people. Some were vibrant, some were sort of boring. A lot that was downloaded was information.

This will be hard to explain, but I'll do my best. We (here on earth) have a role to play. We choose our lives even before we are born...whether we chose a good life or a bad matters not, because there is NO good or's just your chosen role...and ALL lives lived are essential for our evolution and development. That's why we have memory. WE LEARN AND GROW because we have different lifestyles, beliefs, opinions, etc. Sorry to say this, BUT even the most evil—death, destruction, disease—is essential! Think about it, if everything was ALWAYS good and going your way, if all relationships were good and everyone got what they wanted, over the years it would get pretty boring and stagnant. I know it sounds wonderful, but it wouldn’t let us grow much, would it? 

Also, something else that might be hard to comprehend is that there is no such thing as time! Your life is happening all at once, meaning your past/ present/ future are all one bubble. It's our brain (filter) that makes this so-called time linear. Huh? I know...strange! That might raise questions of "free will." Do we have it? Yes and no. Just because your life is predetermined, you don't know what the outcome will be. Things can change on a dime. Always remember that!  I knew everything about the universe...why/ how/ what's the point of it all? I was there for so long it was hard not to know everything! When I returned, I couldn't remember a lot of information that I had received. I assumed it was intentional.

(Note from RM: As mentioned, "things can change on a dime."  Things change because people can and do change their minds about what they signed up for. Like an actor suddenly shifting gears on stage and saying "I don't like this part I'm playing. I'm going to play someone else now. I learned my lesson, let's switch this up.")

I will never forget when I was told I had to go back. I was stunned. I wanted to stay. I argued. I didn't win. I made a deal though—that when I did return I would stay. But I guess I had said that before, apparently many times! So I had to squeeze my big expanse back into that tiny body that was, by now, half way laying outside that wrecked car. I couldn't fit very well. It took me 6 months to get comfortable. I came to in the ambulance. The EMT was glad to see me he said. My friend that was driving spent 3 months in hospital: broken pelvis/ arm/ femur/ crushed foot. I walked away without a scratch. The insurance adjuster was amazed I got out alive, let alone nothing broken. Huh, imagine that! So now you know time is irrelevant! 60 years in heaven/ 30 minutes earth time! So, that about concludes my experience. Lots of other things happened there, but this is long enough! LOL.

(Note from RM: This time element is repeated in my reports. On this blog there's a discussion of how "two months" feels like a "millisecond" - and in my books, how 25 years here felt like "ten minutes" over there. Of course it's relative - but if 30 minutes here feels like 60 years over there, or 30 years here feels like ten minutes over there - you can see how time exists over there, but just in a really different paradigm.  If 25 years here feels like ten minutes, then 250 years would feel like 100 minutes, and 2500 years would feel like 1000 minutes - or roughly 20 some hours.  So running into someone who lived 2500 years ago, wouldn't seem all that long ago from a Flipside perspective.  I haven't been able to get my mind around how to describe it - perhaps what it looks like from a hummingbird's perspective - but use the example of "it feels like being inside a pool of water" to being "outside the pool of water" - to describe being in these different realms.)

FOOTNOTE: I decided to share this after almost 40 years because of an odd series of events that happened to me recently. The main one was I discovered who my "guide" was. He was with me the whole time I was there. When I retired, I returned to my small home town and I happened to walk by a church. I looked toward it and then it hit me (LIKE A TON OF BRICKS), my guide was a friend and school mate that passed when he was 12 years old. It was him, without a doubt in my mind! I knew I knew him.

(Note from RM: This is "new information."  If this person was "creating" or imagining that person as his or her guide, they would have instantly recognized him from their past. But in this case, they did not recognize him, other than the feeling of knowing him for a long time. Dr. Eben Alexander ("Proof of Heaven") had a similar experience, his "spirit guide" was a woman he'd never met before but seemed like he'd known forever. Later, he discovered that she was a sister who died, a sister he wasn't aware of and had never met in this lifetime. But in his near death experience, he recognized her as someone he'd known "forever."  Only afterwards did he discover who she was - "new information" that can't be ascribed to cryptomnesia or hypoxia. My two cents.)

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