Erik Medhus speaking from the Flipside

You want to hear someone say "I love you mom" from the afterlife? 

Dr. Medhus sent this to me last night. It's an interview she did with medium Veronica Drake with Dr. Medhus' son Erik and a scientist. 

(Erik makes a couple of appearances in "Flipside" and "Hacking the Afterlife.")

 I first met Dr. Medhus because I heard a clear EVP event during one of her other sessions, and wrote about it. 

Jennifer Medlyn Shaffer and I did a session a bit like this a few weeks back with Mr. Hawking, (I invited some other famous atheists to weight in - it's pretty funny) and we got the same answers. 

(i.e. He appeared to be healthy, about the age of 29, had a past life memory of a life in the Roman era, same descriptions of what he now sees black holes as) Our interview will be part of Jennifer and my next book. 

I met Dr Medhus because I heard an EVP on one of her other interviews.  She hadn't heard it but I did. What's really mind boggling is that Dr Medhus' son took his own life. Then later he called her on her cellphone to tell he was "okay." 
She told me she didn't believe in an "afterlife" until the phone rang from an unknown caller.

 She answered it and he told her. "I'm okay, mom." She heard him. Then a medium called her and said "your son is in my living room and he told me to call you." And now here he's casually saying hi.

 His voice on the flipside. Clear as a bell. 

"I love you mom." Not a trick or an anomaly. Not a fluke. Her son Erik speaking to her but this time we can hear it

 She didn't hear it at first.
 But she does now.

It's unusual to come across an actual EVP that a mom can point to as being "the voice of her son who is no longer on the planet." The whole interview is about an hour, this clip is just a few seconds. Listen carefully.

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