Just got off the phone with Prince...

I was not a fan of Prince's work.

I have to be honest.  I reviewed him for Variety some years ago, and certainly I thought the concert was amazing, and his talents were pretty amazing, but I was not a fan per se... I was backstage at a VIP party where he was there with a throne, and a line of women were waiting to meet him.

"It's the same line these days" he said a few moments ago... (as in today, as I'm writing this.)

I filmed an interview with Raylene Nuanes a medium a few hours ago, and Prince came through "clear as a bell."
I said to her "I didn't know Prince during his life, I reviewed his concert, and while backstage found it silly that he was sitting in a throne and women were lined up to meet him."  That's when she said "He's telling me "it's the same now.""

I laughed.

As mentioned in "Hacking the Afterlife" Prince first came to visit me in a restaurant in Manhattan Beach. I was in the middle of interviewing Jennifer Shaffer ( for my book, when she said "Prince is here." (see below, I reprint most of the chapter from the book.)

I said "Prince who?"  I was joking, but I was also a bit startled. After all, why would Prince show up in a restaurant in Manhattan Beach to an author writing a book about the Flipside?  

Jennifer Shaffer and Scott De Tamble
(Recently, a woman complained in a review of "Hacking the Afterlife" that "too much name dropping is going on." I agree.  Name dropping should not be going on. It reminds me of when I was having dinner with my old pal Rebecca Broussard, and every time someone said the name of a celebrity during the evening, she'd drop a fork loudly.  "Name drop!" and then when someone said "Oh, Jesus Christ!" everyone dropped their forks.  Talk about the ultimate name drop. (He appears in "Hacking the Afterlife" as well. Doesn't get any bigger name than the alpha and omega.)

What can I say?

If I said "Someone who was dressed in purple just showed up" everyone would know who I meant anyway.  And the point is - he's not "showing up" to me - he's stopping in to speak to the medium that I'm interviewing. I'm not asking the medium "say, can we talk to the purple one?"  That's not the case. He's just "showing up unannounced."

In this case, it was while speaking with Raylene that Prince showed up.  

The construct is this: 

I'm on Skype, filming Raylene as I interview her in Colorado.  Raylene has come into my field of vision through Dr. Elisa Medhus, whose son Erik has been showing up from the flipside to speak to his mom through various mediums. (Jamie Butler, Kim Babcock and others.)  Erik reached out to Raylene, and now she and Erik hold conversations with people on this side to help them with their lives and path and journey.

Erik checked himself off the planet some years ago.  I became aware of his presence through his mom's website ( and I reached out and befriended his mom.  In Flipside, I reprint the transcript of a session that Erik had with Jamie Butler, a session that I had come across and pointed out to Dr. Medhus that some "voices" can be heard on the audio from the taped interview.

We've become friends, and last week she gave me a call and told me about two mediums she's working with - I interviewed Raylene this week, and the other I will interview next week.

Because I'm pretty familiar with the architecture of what's going on over on the flipside - and by that I mean if you're read my books you'd know what I'm referring to - I don't interview a medium to prove to myself that what they're saying is accurate.  In my case, I interview a medium to see if I can gain access to people on the other side and ask them questions that I don't know the answer to.  I'm in search of "new information."  Meaning something that I have never heard before, could not have seen, or made up.

Colors in the Universe.
In this case, Prince said "Music is like color."  He said that from his perspective, he sees music as a color.  He said, for example, if you hit a guitar string and it vibrates, from his perspective he'll see the color red. I offered that made sense, since red is a wavelength, and a string on a guitar makes a sound that's a wavelength - both are energy and both move through the air to be seen or heard.

I knew a performer (Abbie Adams Yaffe) who was an amazing singer, always on key, and once she told me that she sees colors when she sings, and when she hits the correct note she sees it as a stronger color.  This is in tune with what Prince was saying about the vibration of music and color.

I asked him where music comes from. 

He said "From Source."

I asked him to describe how that occurs. He said "Think of it like wind. We can't see wind, but we see it in the trees as they move.  We feel it on our faces.  The wind, like music is moved and comes through the source." I asked if there was a particular "source" that was making the music move, and his answer was "God is what people associate with different religious figures, it all is variations on the theme, that each individual sees God through their perspective" to which I said "You mean like the "garden" is God? That the garden itself is what God is, and it's not a particular flower or bird or insect that is singled out as God, but that when you take the entire garden in, that's what source is?" - and he said "Yes."

He said "Music is part of source and what we do when we create music is to tune ourselves into that wavelength. We may experience that as downloading music, but it's also just that we are tapping into it."

I asked if he had any message to the Prince Museum about their announcement that they're going to release new tracks and albums of his music.

He said "Don't alter it in any way."

I said "What do you mean by that?"

He said "I'd prefer it if they didn't alter my music or the tracks that I've put down in any way, to preserve their authenticity."
Image may contain: 1 person, closeup
From the Prince Museum
I said "You mean in terms of "mixing down" or blending tracks to make them fit?" and he said "Yes. Don't alter them in any way."

I said "Well, I appreciate that authenticity idea, but does it really matter if people alter your music or mix them down, when after all, centuries from now we have no idea how they'll be presenting your music?"  He said "That's correct. I agree with you.  But you asked about the release of these tracks. I ask that they not alter them in any way, change my voice or use different tracks than what I intended."

I said "Okay. I'll let them know."

(Ha!  This is how I'm letting them know. "Hey Prince Museum. Not that you were going to - but try not to alter his tracks in any way.  If they're funky, just let them be so.  You heard it here first.")

I get around. Haven't been to the Prince Museum yet,
but have been to Tibet.
I asked if there was any simple way for his fans to be in touch with him, or to access him.

He said "Just think of me. I can appear or be anywhere because I'm outside of time. I appreciate it when people think of me, or that I can be of some help to them."  He said it doesn't require any special meditation or gift, or anything else that's difficult. It's a matter of "just thinking about him."

I asked what he thought of the Bruno Mars performance at the Grammys.  He said "I was there to watch it, I was there to observe the rehearsals. I thought it was excellent. He did a great job." I told him that I posted something on Facebook referring to it as "Purple Light" - as in Miller beer, but also in sense of being the light that is purple.  Raylene said "Yes, he's appearing to me in this purple light as you speak."

Now. For those of you stumbling across this blog: I'm not a medium. I'm not a sage. I'm not a new age author.  I'm a filmmaker, and have been documenting what people say under deep hypnosis for about ten years. What they say is consistent and it is replicable (which is what science requires.)  This is not a belief, a philosophy or some kind of argument. I am literally "reporting" what people say on the flipside to people here (still on stage.) What people were saying was so consistent, I began a documentary about it (Flipside) and then wrote a book using those transcripts.  Then I expanded the research to include scientists ("It's a Wonderful Afterlife") and near death experiencers.  The latest book includes Mediums who appear to be able to access people on the other side.

Not making this up. I swear.
From "Hacking the Afterlife" - Chapter Seven - "An interview with someone who appears to be Prince:" 


Available at Amazon, audible, itunes, etc.

Interviewers: Erik Medhus, Dr. Elisa Medhus, a Medium that works with Dr. Medhus (Kim Babcock) and the Artist formerly (and currently) known as Prince. Dr. Medhus asks the questions from Texas, and The Medium answers them from her place in Ohio.

Dr. Medhus: Hi Erik.
The Medium: (speaking on behalf of Erik) “What’s up, mom?”

(She gives him a couple of options of people to talk to) 

Where would you like to start? He’s showing me images, “We’ll talk about Prince, we’ll go there.”

Can you go get him?
He’s making fun of you; Erik says “I can get him but I don’t have to “go anywhere.” “Let’s just connect to him. Think about it like that.”

Ok, let’s think about it like that.
I’m going to shift and tune into him – he’s definitely stepping forward next to Erik, coming in next to him. I’m seeing images that look like Prince. It’s funny - I did a session one time for a client where Michael Jackson came through, and the energy coming from Prince feels the same – very calm, very gentle, extremely gentle in his approach.

(NOTE: This is a transcript of a video that is available on youtube where Kim Babcock "interviews" Erik Medhus.  The questions are supplied by Erik's mother, Dr. Elisa Medhus, and in this particular case "Prince" - or someone who appears to be Prince - comes through.  I was not there during this session, I only asked permission to reproduce it.)

Initially – he’s expressing gratitude. He says “I already know what this is going to be about.” There must be a lot swirling about how he passed. Why he passed.

First, thank you for coming forward. You are missed. 
 He was leaning into that (as you spoke), he was thanking you. He says “Thank you for giving me an opportunity like this to have a voice. Maybe to clear up a few things…” and he kind of takes a bow and goes like this (hands in front, bowing) He says “You have the floor.” He’s being very um… chivalrous.

I don’t know that much about you Prince, but that seems right.
(Medium, aside) Me neither.

What was your state of mind when you passed over?
He’s going like this with his hands (indicates passing over calm waters). “Very calm.” He’s giving me a sense of feeling very calm. He says – again not telling me how he passed, but he says he didn’t fight it. It didn’t feel like there was a fight or struggle, it felt very natural. “As far as my mindset -- where my heart was, it felt natural with the timing and all.”

Was it one of your “exit points” that you designed for yourself?
He quickly said “Yes.”  

What did you die from?
He looks down at his body and he says “frail” - making me feel his health was frail, not superior, somehow his health was compromised. But I also feel like this is.. he’s speaking with images, with energy, I see his body as unwell. I feel like because his body was in a compromised state, it must have been medication that he was taking…

He said “Yep.” Or medication that he was on and its’ effect on that compromised body – like someone who takes heart medication and they die from it.

It was medication to a frail body that caused your demise?
He says “Yes.” He’s very soft in his yes.

Any particular medication? Or several?
He wants me to see there were several, but I don’t feel like it was abuse. I asked him if it was any kind of abuse... he says “Perhaps they shouldn’t have been used together.” Perhaps it was some prescription for him? 

(Note: Apparently this is accurate based on his autopsy. This interview was soon after his death.)  

One of the members of our blog asks “Why are so many musicians dying?”
He’s so sweet. He tipped his chin, smiled real big and says “No matter who you are when you come to Earth -- and then when you come back home -- once you make your mark… It’s not like it’s planned,” he says, “that we (musicians) all leave in waves… (But) once you make your mark and accomplish what we need to, you transition back… you come home. That’s why some people design different or later exit points.”

He makes me feel like (he’s demonstrating) “Here’s an exit point in my 50’s -- but I still have some work to get done, so my exit point (over) there if I accomplish what I want to - with freewill thrown in - or (over) there’s another one that I have in mind.”
He says “I felt like I was a voice for many - based on my actions - or for many who couldn’t speak (up, but) who were introverted or afraid to express themselves. I knew I made an impact, I know I left an impact, (and) that has something to do with the timing of my exit.”

Were you a devout Jehovah’s Witness?
Hmmm. He said “Yes” then gave two words to describe why… - and he’s giving energy that says something different. I’ll try to break it down for you… He said “Safety and comfort. It felt safe and it’s where I felt comfortable with beliefs.” But now he’s making me feel like he understands the framework that kept him within – “It doesn’t mean it is wrong, certain types of beliefs…” He’s laughing (now), says “…It doesn’t matter who you worship or what avenue you worship through, we’re all truly worshiping the same thing; it’s all just different light.”

(Note: Here again the concept of “light” being the source, or web of the universe, how all are connected. We’ll see many references to God as “light” to other souls as “light” to the “healing light of the universe.” What is light? It’s both particle and wave, and apparently some form of consciousness.)

Was it just a comfortable belief for you??
He says “Yeah, it was conditioning.” He says “Comfort and conditioning.” (Aside) He gives really short fragmented answers. I’d describe him as a man of little words; just very direct and to the point. Not someone who speaks a lot.. just someone who speaks directly to the point.  

Have your beliefs changed since the transition? And did you refuse (medical) treatment because of your religious beliefs?
He says “Many times, yes.” He says “In his lifestyle there were many ways that he chose to live. Maybe not so much tied to my religious beliefs, but who I was and what made me happy or what made me comfortable.” He says “Often you can get you picked on for choosing to not be like all the rest – sometimes you get picked on for that.”

Did your beliefs change after you passed? Did you see Jehovah’s Witness differently?
He says “Widely; his beliefs have widely changed.” He says “Think about it like this: You go through life with a set of beliefs that you’re really attached to, or tied to them - and when you come here, you see all the rest, all the other perspectives that you didn’t accept or align with in your physical life. So here it’s more of accepting (of) all ways. You see it that it’s all the same thing.”

He uses a painting as an example; “You can have two different artists paint the very same picture with different color paint; over here you have this artist show through paint how people express themselves, but over here it is just the same; still the same thing. This is no exception with (regards to) religion. Then when you come (back) here, you break free from what you’re tied to and realize you’re all one.”

That it’s still the same thing.
“Yes, this is the same. Over here you (can) break through and see that it’s all one.”

When you look back on your old beliefs as a Jehovah’s Witness, do you see it as negative?
“Not as negative,” but how it (those beliefs) kept him with “tunnel vision and how that affects so many (people).” This (experience) was really eye awakening, really moving for him to see. He smiled and said matter-of-factly “Just to realize that it’s really all the same thing.”
Describe your transition. What happened? Did you go through a white room or tunnel?  

I heard him say “I was greeted by my grandparents.” He says that it was very quiet. He says “I’m a quiet person.” He kind of laughs, “Imagine that!” -- based on his lifestyle that he lived. “I’m a quiet person;” so his transition was very quiet, it was extremely subtle.

He shows me like traveling through a tunnel. He says “Like constant movement through what looks like a tunnel, feels like different shades of white, if that’s possible.” He says “Go ahead and repeat that for everybody because it sounds ignorant – because it’s not “shades” - it’s vibration.”

He said he felt pulled, like a pulling sensation, and it looked like a tunnel. (When he got to the other side) “There were not many there, I get overwhelmed easily, I like my space. Then it happens… there’s a sense of “all-knowing” there’s a sense of comfort that envelops you and welcomes you into…” -- he calls it “The homeland.”

(Note: In most of the 30 between life hypnosis session I’ve filmed, after a person remembers the last day of a previous lifetime, they’re asked “Where would you like to go now?” They all say what I said when I did my first session. “I want to go home.” Interesting that Prince felt “pulled” to this location (some folks say the same thing, while others feel the sensation of flying to. One person described it as “magnets pulling steel filings across a table.”)

He’s giving me a big picture, almost like stepping into it (the picture) – “Traveling is not the right phrase, but then (when I arrive) I see all kinds of people and plants. But it’s not a world like ours.”

(Note: Again, a common refrain from many near death experiences. Dr. Eben Alexander saw rolling hills and grass, others have seen trees, flowers, gardens, in many of the between life hypnosis session they see intricate architecture, trees and flowers. In Erik Medhus’ book “My Life After Death” he describes seeing grass, and in Galen Stoller’s “My Life After Life” he describes being out in a place that looks like the desert near his home. The point being – no description is identical, but they are all similar.)
The Medium: He says “I never questioned what was happening.” It was like he knew, he was never scared, and he was never like “What the heck just happened?” (That fear) It never carried with him.  

What was your life review like?
He says that he is still learning from a multitude of perspectives. He says -- he kind of looks back like he’s looking at his life review – (It was) “More profound, more deep, the depth of which I connected to people. I couldn’t have imagined.” He says “I didn’t realize the impact (I had on people), you truly don’t realize the impact you make (on others) until you feel it from an outside perspective.”

He’s giving me the word “Grateful.” He’s almost kind of speechless. He says “Don’t get me wrong; there’s a lot I don’t want to look at that, I don’t want to reflect on, but you grow and you understand that you’re (over) there in your physical life, and you don’t always understand (why things happen to you) -- you just have to suck it up.”

What was your spiritual mission in this lifetime? What were you here to learn and teach?
He says “To move people. I guess I would call myself an example; to move people, to be a voice for people to express themselves however they felt comfortable (doing so.) To be true to who you are, no matter what that means.”

Like Erik (has said) “Be your true authentic self.”
“If you try to hide something, (or) try to be something you’re not, you’ll live a life of misery and that defeats the whole purpose of being in life.” His spiritual mission was to teach…

“To help pull you out of your comfort zone. Because if you stay there you don’t learn -- you don’t know who you are.” (Aside) Woah. That was a strong statement with the energy that he’s giving. “If you stay in your comfort zone, you truly don’t know who you are.” He’s so sincere (when he says this.)

Where you here to learn anything?
He said “Just that. How to trust myself in moving outside of your comfort zone. If so many eyes are upon you at once, imagine the ridicule you could face -- that you can face; that’s uncomfortable. You’ll never learn about yourself if you don’t pull yourself out of your comfort zone.”  

Do you think you accomplished that?
He’s so kind – he keeps saying (to me) “Make sure there’s no ego” (in these replies) He says he “Wants his messages to be conveyed with authenticity and sincerity.” (In response to your question) He says “I think so.” He says “I hope people learn from me to truly express who you are, don’t hold back, it doesn’t matter… Meaning others’ judgment of you doesn’t matter.”

Were you killed by someone? You know when someone like you dies, all sorts of conspiracy theories bubble up.
He says that’s true, conspiracy theories bubble up when you have the spotlight on you, (but) he says “This was divine order.” He’s pointing (his finger) up.

What about what Erik has been teaching? Are you in alignment with what he’s saying?
He says “A lot of what Erik teaches now coincides with who I was, how I tried to live my life. Being in the public eye and being famous can easily pull you away from your own beliefs and knowing who you are. The thing I like about Erik is that he speaks truth, no bullshit. I wanted to live my life with no bullshit. I don’t bullshit people; this is who I am, you can take it or leave it.” He says there are lot coincidences between the two of them.

Talk about the angel who cured you of epilepsy (when you were a child). Can you talk about that?
He says “Yes.” He’s referring to this angelic being as being very much like a guardian angel but very motherly towards him. This is how he’s explaining it, he says “This goes back to the foundation of truth being in truth, believing it and accepting it. If you can find the core of what truth is…”

(Note: He clarifies this point – not a “guardian angel” per se, but “very much like a guardian angel.”)
So for him in that moment (it was) believing that you can be healed, and releasing (disbelief) at that same time, anything can happen. Anything’s possible; it’s a miracle that miracles can happen, people are too cynical, too sour to believe in miracles, but it was the belief in truth…” He says this very matter-of-factly.

You believed this angel could heal you. You were able to let go of epilepsy?
He said “You put it perfectly. If you believe and just let go, miracles can happen every day.”

What’s your favorite instrument?
He says probably guitar, there’s also … it looks like a saxophone, but (he prefers) the expression through the chords. I hear a guitar playing; it sounds like an electric guitar.

You should jam with Erik (Medhus)!
(Laughs) That’s what’s happening right now.
What about your will? Did you leave one?
He makes me feel like he did – or, he shows me the start of a will, but it’s not complete, not finished, like he intended to. He didn’t have his estate or belongings covered, it wasn’t complete.

But it’s only money. What inspired “Purple Rain?”
He says -- he’s using images to talk, he’s pretty good at it, I’m quite surprised -- he says “Purple rain” (was about) connecting to an understanding something outside of yourself. He says, “It’s feeling like, Elisa…” he’s using your name, “there’s something bigger and more powerful than you. (And) it represents my sense of wonder; this was to try to shine light on things that are bigger than us.” And he sends his energy outward, (to demonstrate) “Trying to find or connect to things that are bigger than us, a sense of wonder, to move people the way that I felt moved at times.”

(Note: In Michael Newton’s research, he discovered that people can “look at themselves” if asked to. They noted that people saw themselves as a light or color, depending upon the “experience” of their soul. The lighter colors represented younger souls, but the darker colors, specifically purple, represented souls who had deep wisdom.) 

….Why did you say “Don’t waste your prayers” at your last party with regard to your health?
He says (about prayer) “It’s a belief. Sometimes people take that very literally, but it’s not like ‘don’t waste prayers cause they aren’t answered.’ There’s energy there (in prayer), there’s creation there, keep praying.” But he means “Live it, be it.” He’s showing me someone praying for something they want, he’s (showing how they are) pulling their energy into themselves. “So don’t just pray it, just be it.”

....Tell us about another lifetime that you had that most influenced your one as Prince.
He gives me the word “orphan.” He looks like an abandoned child, homeless, no family, no anybody and wanting to have a voice. He says “Having a voice not just in who you are, because there’s a validation in just knowing someone (has) heard you.” He felt very un-validated in his being “In who I was (then), because I didn’t have anybody to listen to me. Not that I needed that in ego, but I needed that to sort of just validate my existence.”

He said he was born to a poor family who couldn’t afford to keep him so he was abandoned. (That lifetime) looks very primitive, his clothing is primitive. The way it affected this life, as Prince, is kind of taking that to the complete opposite; “Being able to have a voice and being heard and the way that people responded to me, by records selling or whatever…” (This life) validated him - but also what he was trying to say to people. It’s like this extra validation in essence of who he was.

Any final message or advice to us or humanity as whole?
He’s very subtle with his energy here. He kissed a peace sign (two fingers to his lips) and said “Live your truth.”

Three words that are important, thank you for that. Erik, you want to ask him something?
Erik looked at him and said “If you could directly change humanity like that (snaps fingers) – How would you do it and what would you do?”
Prince says “I would give them vision to see what the hurt (is like) when they… what it looks like when they hurt someone, what it looks like when they cause hurt. Energetically. I would give them that vision, because then we would all be kind, we wouldn’t cause that hurt. So with the snap of my fingers, if I could change something, it would be that.”
Then he kind of pulls back and just says “Be kind to one another.”
Awesome, so many have wanted to hear from you - they’ll be very excited about this.

He says “Thank you for the love, the continual outpouring of love for who I am and accepting who I am.” He just keeps saying “Thank you Elisa.” And he keeps bowing.
You’re Welcome and thank you Erik….
(back to the chapter in the book)

“Live your truth.” “Be kind to one another.” “Don’t pray it; be it.” “If you believe it and let go, miracles can happen.” Wise words indeed. I include this interview for the simple reason that it includes new information from the Flipside. “Then it happens… there’s a sense of “all-knowing” there’s a sense of comfort that envelops you and welcomes you into…” -- he calls it “The homeland.”

I can only point to the fact that Prince is saying the same things that everyone else says. Once you “get through” to the other side – you see plants and flowers, you see that all religions come from the same light, you get a sense of all knowing, a sense of comfort (or unconditional love) that envelops you, welcomes you to the homeland.”

He uses a painting as an example; “You can have two different artists paint the very same picture with different color paint; over here you have this artist show through paint how people express themselves, but over here it is just the same; still the same thing. This is no exception with (regards to) religion. Then when you come (back) here, you break free from what you’re tied to and realize you’re all one.”

A pretty eloquent way of putting it.

We are all one. How we choose to express our memory of the Flipside, the memory of having unconditional love – is up to us. But eventually we get back to “the homeland” and see that we are all one, and all religions are the same thing. Referring to the light that connects us all, that is who we are, and who god is.

That it’s still the same thing.
“Yes, this is the same. Over here you (can) break through and see that it’s all one.”
There is it again; “Just let go.” I offer this works as well; “Just suck it up.” Then there’s this important passage:

"Erik looked at him and said “If you could directly change humanity like that (snaps fingers) – How would you do it and what would you do?”
Prince says “I would give them vision to see what the hurt (is like) when they… what it looks like when they hurt someone, what it looks like when they cause hurt. Energetically. I would give them that vision, because then we would all be kind, we wouldn’t cause that hurt. So with the snap of my fingers, if I could change something, it would be that.”

In “Flipside” I spoke of a man who saw during his NDE a review of when he beat up a man who had cut him off in traffic. He experienced the beating from the man’s POV. He could taste the blood, feel the broken teeth, and experienced the humiliation this poor man felt while the man who was having the NDE beat the shit out of him.

In David Bennett’s NDE (“Voyage of Purpose”) he recalled being in a cowboy bar in Texas where a man made a pass at him – and he reported it to the bartender, who along with everyone else in the macho bar proceeded to beat the living daylights out of this gay man. Bennett said he could “feel the wave of rage, anger and hostility” that came from everyone in the room. He said it felt “horrible.”

Paul Aurand, hypnotherapist, talked about his first LBL where he was shown a lifetime where he had been a slave owner, and experienced whipping his slaves. Treating them “as if they were less than animals.” Paul was sick to see that behavior, something he knew nothing about in this lifetime, but learned from his council of elders, was “something he’d been working on for many lifetimes.” That he had finally only directed that kind of rage at himself “but you’re getting better.”  

If Prince could give us one gift – it would be to see the effects of our actions. Now I ask you. Is this new or old information? You want to understand what it means to be alive? Check out how your actions affect others on the planet. 

Prince with Tavis Smiley in 2009:
Prince said to Tavis: "I've never spoken about this before, but I was born epileptic… I used to have seizures when I was young. And my mother and father didn't know what to do or how to handle it but they did the best they could with what little they had."

On the show with Tavis (and also referenced in the afterlife) he said "I've been having to deal with a lot of things, getting teased a lot in schoolYou know, early in my career I tried to compensate for that by being as flashy as I could and as noisy as I could."
He said "My mother told me one day when I walked in to her and said 'Mom, I'm not going to be sick anymore.' And she said 'Why?' And I said 'Because an angel told me so.' Now, I don't remember saying it, that's just what she told me," he said. Teased a lot in school. Pretty much the same thing that Prince said during this inter-life interview.

Here he is saying the same things to two different people – one is Tavis Smiley on television, the other is a medium – same topic, nearly the same words. More importantly, he was “visited by an angel” who told him everything would be okay. 

(If I had a nickel for every time I've heard someone in my Flipside research say they were "visited by an angel" that told them everything would be okay... including myself!)

Some months after I wrote this chapter, I had lunch with “my friend the medium” Jennifer Shaffer who will appear in a big way in the second half of this book. Jennifer works often with law enforcement agencies (pro bono) to help with missing person cases. 

Later in the book, I go into detail how we met, and what happened in our first meeting; but here it is a couple of years after that first meeting, and I’m editing this book when we catch a quick bite at a restaurant in Manhattan Beach near her office.
When we first met, the actor Robin Williams showed up as I was interviewing her; just after he passed on. After he showed up, I told Jennifer I had dinner with Robin once; he was the shyest most polite guy at the table. Steve Martin and Charles Grodin were at the table as well, and we all took a back seat to their lightning wit. 

I’d wished I’d spoken to Robin about the Harvey Lembeck comedy workshop, we both had that in common as well as memorable lunches with his mentor and pal Jonathan Winters. Pretty much every time I interviewed Jennifer, Robin would show up for a minute or two, say something funny and depart.

But at this point in our lunch, Jennifer and I were catching up, talking about how the “veil is thinning” when she looked up said “Robin Williams just showed up.” I said “Your pal! He shows up for you all the time.” And she said “Well you’re the one who met him, I’ve never met him.” I asked him why he showed up, for me or her? She said “I just saw the word “Love.” I said, “You mean “love, as in “love your neighbor?” Or love as in “the essence of what we call God is what love is?” “As if the word refers to the connections between all of us on the planet?” 

She said “He just showed me the word love; it appeared, coming out of “the Matrix.” (I guess she means a mass of numbers and digits that turns into letters).

I turned on my cellphone camera and asked her to recount what we had just been talking about that brought him forward:

RM: So what did you just tell me about Robin appearing? What did you see?
Jennifer: Robin showed up when you were talking about the planet. All of a sudden, he came in when you described how everyone has this gift, (i.e., of accessing the afterlife, not only mediums) and when you said how in my work, I had taken this information to a different level. How I’ve learned how to use it and how others can learn to use it as well.

RM: Also that you are able to open yourself up to the idea that no one can be hurt here because we are always fine back on the Flipside…
Right. Which took me a long time understand. And then he showed up.

You mentioned how the word “love” appeared out of the Matrix form. Then I asked if we could ask Robin a question about whether the Akashic records kept a list of everything people had done before, good or bad, and his reply was to appear as Santa Claus. You said he was holding a giant scroll which rolled out endlessly. On the scroll, there was this long list, like the ones where people’s names appear in the “naughty or nice” columns, but then you saw the lines where the names would be.  

They were all blank.
I guess the idea is that the Akashic records people keep a list of everything that happens in our lifetimes, but God does not…

Right. It would be like God keeping a record of himself. That’s in my view, where I go to. God doesn’t keep a list of himself, he just retains everyone’s experiences.

So Robin, let me ask you, is it accurate that the universe is sentient, that the universe learns things from our experiences?

(Note: This came from a discussion with a spirit guide in “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife.” He was asked if the universe was a machine, and he replied, “It’s a mechanism, but it’s sentient.”)

He just showed me a map… hold on. He just showed me something on the board… a bunch of.. (listens. To Robin) What does that mean?
What did he show you?

He just showed me like a Matrix. (Laughs.) He’s like “Come on!” He showed me the Matrix, like three different holographic TV screens, they’re light blue… they’re sentient? (He says) “Everything is celestial.” (to me) What does that mean?

Everything in the sky, the heavens or perhaps the idea of heaven?
Oh yeah, I’ve heard that. Mormons use the term “celestial kingdom.”

(Note: His answer, for me, seems to imply that everything on the Flipside is “heavenly,” that it is all sentient or conscious. Looking into the afterlife would be like looking through multiple holographic images. Each piece of the hologram contains all of the information from that hologram, no matter where you look. I’ve also heard a description of reality as a “multi-tiered 3D chess game, where one move affects all the rest.”) 

So when we act down here, do those celestial things learn, or are those lessons learned by the rest of the universe? Like planets learn?
He’s showing us on a stage. He puts the planet on a stage, then he put some big chairs on the stage, then a bunch of people on those chairs… They’re all learning from us, (on the Flipside) just like when we’re “The Learning Planet,” like in my session when I got crushed? This is us, now, for another planet.

(Note: Jennifer is referring to her past life memory (in a future chapter) where she lived a long time ago, and was tasked to help people cross from one realm into the next. She was in the process of helping people when her world was destroyed. The idea that people on the Flipside observe what lessons we learn here, and that knowledge helps people on the Flipside as well. We teach and learn from each other in a symbiotic way.)

So they’re learning from us and we learn from them?
How we can co-exist.
So it’s like a mutual existence – we learn from each other. They’re pulling information up from us, but allowing information to come back down to here?

(Note: This is something that’s recurring in these reports. In one of the sessions, a guide spoke of how the souls who are no longer on the planet are also experiencing and learning from those who are still on the planet. But that the process is both ways – we learn from them as well. “As above, so below.”)

So why is the veil thinning? Why is that thing between us becoming easier to access?
He just showed me Prince.

Prince the musician? What about him?
I don’t know.
He’s in the new book. (This book. I was still working on it.)

Is he? Give me a second… When you said “why is the veil thinning,” he showed me Prince. (Pause, listening.) He said “Prince just wanted to go home.”
“Prince just wanted to go home.”  

Okay I understand. I include an interview with him in the book. In the interview, he talks about what it was like when he got home.
Are you guys friends? (Robin and Prince) You guys hang out?

(Laughs.) They’re both laughing. “We go way back.” They’re laughing about the whole concept of “way back.” Like what does that mean? In their world, where they’re at, way back is like… (laughs).
Let me ask Prince a question. Are you aware of your interview that you did with Dr. Medhus and her son Erik that I’m using in my book?

He’s showing me something with the number 149.
A page number?
Could be.

(I thought Jennifer said either “a page 49” or “page 149.” It was a noisy restaurant. Page 49 is the interview with Scott De Tamble, but page 149 is the section of his interview where Prince talks about being bullied growing up.)

I used the interview where you talk about going back “home,” what it was like arriving there, and the journey. It’s funny, I asked Dr. Medhus’ permission but I didn’t ask yours. Is it okay to use you in the book?
He says “Yes, of course.” He’s showing me reading a book. Page 149. (or 49).

What’s he reading?
I don’t know. (pause) He says you’re very good at not taking things out. He’s laughing; he says “It’s a good thing.” I asked (him) “Is it a good or a bad thing?” And he gave me a look, said “It’s a good thing.”

You mean not taking things out… you mean like I’m allowing everything to be in?
Yes, everybody else takes bits and pieces out.  

Well I think I understand the architecture of what is going on up there. I leave everything in so people can experience this research as I’ve experienced it.
He says “Love is what it is.” Now he’s playing his guitar.

“Love is what it is.” What kind of guitar is he playing?
Right now, he’s showing me a classical guitar, before it was one of those…

He’s quite good guitar player.

I don’t know, I haven’t seen him play before.
He’s amazing. Like Hendrix or Clapton. So, Prince what are you and Robin up to?
“Surfing the ethers.”

Surfing the ethers? Cool. Do you go around and check out your fans, reach out to them? Or do you guys hang around and do your own thing?
(Listens) No, what? (Laughs. Nods. Smiles.) They’re both teaching (the class) “How Not to Leave the Earth Early.”

Excellent, well that’s a great class. I’d like to take that class. I know a few people who need to take that class.

(Note: When people ask what I teach in film school, I tell them my class is called “How Not to Have a Career in Hollywood” because “I’m really good at that.” The idea they’d use the same context for the same kind of joke is doubly amusing -- to me anyway.)

Again, he showed me time doesn’t exist. (Note: Meaning that it’s not a big deal for them both to exit the stage early.)

Right, but if you’re down here to learn something, if you’ve chosen to learn something, it’s important for the people who look up to you, to not see how easy it is to check out.
Right. My bad.  

No, look, we’ve all done it before… (Note: I think it’s pretty funny if I try to reassure someone on the Flipside and they reply “My bad.”)
Everything is perfect timing.

Any plans on what your next incarnation will be?
(Laughs.) That’s funny. (To Robin) Why’d you show me that?

What did you see?
He shows me a little African American kid. Then I saw Eddie Murphy. That’s funny, hold on.

Maybe he’s saying in the future he’d be a comedian, an African American kid who is a comedian?
That’s right.

Prince or Robin?
Prince wants to be a female. Robin wants to be a comedian, an African American; he’ll bring back more information, (I think she means “material”) because he’ll be able to access more. Prince is more attuned with Versace’ – the designer? Is she alive?

Gianni’s gone but his sister is alive.
Prince wants to be a female.

(Note: I assume this means “in his next life.” Prince was quoted as saying “I'm not a woman. I'm not a man. I am something that you'll never understand.” It’s up to us who we want to come back as or why.)

A female Versace’? Oh I see, like a clothing designer?

(Note: Needless to say, Prince was an amazing fashion trendsetter. As Stephen Colbert noted: not many people own an entire color.”)

Dude, you were already a designer, already a stylist.
He says “Music hurts too much;” it hurt his joints. He said “It hurts.”

I understand, you had those amazing dance moves; all that rehearsal must have taken its toll. That’s pretty cool he wants to be a designer next time around. So guys, anything else you want to impart to us sitting here in this restaurant in Manhattan Beach? 
They’ve got their arms around each other. (She rocks back and forth to show me, like two happy sailors.) They said “Thank you for not questioning our existence… from your guides.”

(Earlier I had been teasing Jennifer over the fact that during her between life hypnosis session, (later in this book) she quoted her spirit guide as saying “We get exhausted when you keep questioning whether you’re really tapping into spirit or not. And we don’t get exhausted!” I thought that was pretty funny.)

You mean, thanking you for not questioning whether or not you’re hearing them?
Robin wants to know where his part is in the book… (laughs) He’s kidding.

I did mention him in “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife.” He’s the last chapter of volume one. I met a postal clerk in NYC who was crying the day after his death, I told her I’d been doing this research that showed people don’t die, that Robin’s spirit would always exist, just not here on the planet. She loved hearing that. How about Prince, any last words?
“Live and let live.”

Thanks. You’re both welcome to come and visit either of us in a dream or whenever.

Prince is so sexy. Wow. He’s something else. (Blushes. Laughs)

(end of book excerpt)


So there you have it. Just got off the phone with someone who claims to be Prince.  

To be clear I'm not claiming it was Prince. I can only report that I was interviewing a medium who was accessing Erik Medhus, and at some point said "Prince is here." I knew who she meant and did not question it. 

You should question it - I don't post this to upset anyone's reality or paradigm. I'm not selling anyone on this research. It is what it is.  I offer it unvarnished, as they say, as I heard it. This happened today.  And I will post the interview as soon as possible. Not trying to "sell more books." As I say repeatedly in the books; "If this upsets you, please get a refund."  I offer it to anyone who feels the need to hear what people are saying from the Flipside.

Take it with a grain of salt if you need to, or take it as Gospel. Either way, I'm passing it along to you.


Just got this note from someone on Facebook who asked if I thought perhaps Prince could come and heal people from the Flipside... I wrote that I imagined it was possible people could access their own healing abilities while meditating on being healed while listening to his music (the placebo effect). And that whether they imagine that it is him helping, or if it actually is him helping; the results are the same and worth exploring...  

I wrote "everything that's in your healing doctor's kit is within your own reach... you can effect healing by tapping into that doctor's bag - through prayer, through meditation, through song, through music - just applying "healing light" to whatever it is that you're doing... and crank up a little Prince while you're at it." (Couldn't hurt, might actually help.)

She wrote this in reply

"I was sick a couple of weeks ago - scary virus like I've never had before - and I saw while on the edge of sleep a dark hand playing a white guitar.  I thought that the chord progression I heard over and over again was beautiful, and realized as I woke up that it was the intro to Purple Rain.  

Then, weirdly enough, I heard a voice from the kitchen say, "He cleansed you."  I thought that was interesting, and filed it away, and last night thought, "Hmmmm.... I told my friend I'd bring out the big guns for this healing, but I didn't expect the Big Gun to be Prince." Haha! Your reply makes perfect sense.  Thank you.  I hope you are having a beautiful day.

And then there's this... too awesome not to share. (and yes. I am a fan now.)

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