Eddie Murphy, Rachel Dolezal, and the Gator Riding Raccoon

Two unusual stories on the net this week.  One that is full of awe and shock and surprise, and the other is about a woman in search of an identity.


First let's start with this Gator ridin' Raccoon.  What's up here?  Is this just a game that animals play when humans are watching them?  Like as soon as we turn away, they go back to playing cards and doing high fives?

Racoon on the back of an alligator
From the BBC website. Raccoon rides an alligator when no one is looking.

Anyone remember the fantastic Eddie Murphy sketch where he walked around in "white face" dressed like a white guy, ("White Like Me") and as soon as the black people got off the bus, everyone let their hair down, the loan officer offered him money free of interest, and Eddie's eyes were opened to the "true nature of the white world?"

Both of these stories remind me of that bit.

Let me break it down for you; Flipside Style.

I'm going to assume for a moment that Rachel Dolezal, the former head of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, is a sane, responsible person who just did what her heart asked her to do.  Or so it would appear.

First I'm going to follow Dave Chapelle's enlightened response in the Hollywood Reporter to acknowledge first that "she's a person and deserves a chance to speak for herself."  Then I'm going to further consider what her son said in an interview today on a morning talk show, when asked "what do you consider your mother?" and he replied "a human being."

Is anyone listening?

Here's the Flipside deal. Between lives, after we die, before we come back - we're all equal, all the same, all the same stuff that stars are made of. No one is higher, lower, better, smarter, prettier, more interesting, richer... at least that's what the research and the reports tell us.  I'm not making this up, it's not my opinion - I'm just referring to the mountains of data and research.

That's 7000 cases from Dr. Michael Newton, thousands from Dr. Helen Wambach, thousands from Dr. Bruce Greyson (with regard to near death experiences) and 25 that I've filmed of people under deep hypnosis.  They all say relatively the same things about being "back there."

They also say the same things about being "over here."  That this is 'like a stage' or it's 'the playground' where he don costumes and play roles of various individuals.  To what end? So we can learn from our mistakes, from our experiences, from our loves and our losses.

Now - I'm sure you're asking, and if you haven't asked, you should - is it possible that Ms. Dolezal is remembering a previous lifetime where she was African American?  Well, aside from the psychological influences on her - her parents adopted four black children, she married an african american and has african american children - she went to Howard - she's obviously "self identified" as black or African American her entire life.  And if anyone bothers to ask her - likely before that as well.

Whaaaat? Excuse me?

Let's start with the case of the boy in Ohio who "remembered" his lifetime as a young black girl in Chicago who died in a tragic high rise fire.  He gave his mother enough details so she could look up the name and date of that child's death.  Does he "self identify" as black?  Does it matter? Does he need to?

People "self identify" all the time - as in "I feel like I was born a man, but I have a woman's body."   In the cases of Ian Stevenson at the University of Virginia, he found people who were born into a family of a different religion than the one they had been in a previous lifetime and refused to eat the food they were served, considering it "unholy."  Dr. Jim Tucker ("Return to Life") has taken over Stevenson's research, and has also found cases - where a Korean child remembers their previous life as a Japanese child and insists on getting the food he loved best.

So let's start there.  Is it possible?  Yes.  Is she claiming that? No. Is she subconscious aware that she might have had a different lifetime as a black person?  I don't know, you'd have to ask her.

But is it in the research?  HELL YES.

Now take this gator riding raccoon.  Is this like the story of the scorpion and the duck? (or is it a snake?) where the duck offers the poisonous creature a ride across the river, but halfway across the scorpion stings the duck. The duck says "What did you sting me for? We're both going to die!" and the scorpion says "Eh. It's my nature."

But wait a second.

Reports from the afterlife about animals (and there are many, and they are replicable) tell us that over there, animals don't fight it out, they have their own realms, their own paths and journeys and our beloved pets are happy to hang out with us in the afterlife. They're just like us in that regard - reports are that we don't generally mix it up with them, they don't appear as humans, and vice versa - there are exceptions that I've heard or read about, but by and large, they're just like us) At least that's what thousands have reported. Don't shoot me. I'm just reporting what they say.

So are these two animals, that might be antagonistic on the planet suddenly dropping their costumes to enjoy a ride on the lake together?  I don't know, you'd have to ask them.

But the point of this post is - WE THINK WE KNOW REALITY BUT WE DON'T.

We think we can judge people for their actions but we can't.  We think we're aware of what black or white means, what male or female means, what raccoon or alligator means - but we don't.  It's not the whole picture. And it's not reflected in the research.

Odds are, some in the medical profession would prescribe her drugs to "help her" with her identity confusion.  Just like they use to use electroshock therapy to help gay people. (Alan Turing for one, who committed suicide rather than be cured.)

Again, I'm not a philosopher, I'm not a preacher.  I'm just reporting what thousands say under deep hypnosis and have expanded that research into what thousands say after a near death experience.  As well as asking questions to people who are no longer on the planet (through mediums, or other means) and getting answers from them that include new information.  Meaning information I couldn't have heard, read or otherwise had access to ("cryptomnesia").  New information from the Flipside.

So while you chuckle your way through the day's events, please bear in mind - we can't possibly know the motivations for a person's journey or path during their life. We can only know our own.  And it's about time we started looking at ourselves to examine what the hell we're doing on the planet - and what we're doing to it.

My two cents. Okay, go back to whatever it was you were doing. Enjoy your new day.

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