Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Luana, Prince, Tina Turner,...

Talking to Tina Turner on the Flipside

We’ve been doing this weekly for eight years, Jennifer Shaffer and I. The past two on our podcast, “Hacking the Afterlife.” She works with law enforcement agencies nationwide on missing person cases so I know how effective she can be. Luana Anders is my pal who passed in 1996, who moderates our class on the flipside — doing something similar to what Jennifer is doing here. Helping translate information. 

In this one, Luana talks about an old friend of hers, someone she knew and “chanted with” awhile ago. It’s always mind bending when these things happen, but we don’t plan our podcasts in advance. You just never know who may show up. Enjoy. 

Here are the liner notes for the podcast:
Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Luana, Prince, Tina Turner, Lil Richard, Billie Holiday

Didn’t plan it, suspected it might occur, but we got a visit from the Queen of Rock and Roll. In the podcast, Prince shows up first, I thought because he showed up the week previously and didn’t get to speak, but he wanted to say “We got her.” And then he presented Jennifer with Tina. 

We asked if she was ready to be interviewed, or if she just wanted to hang back, but because of her relationship with our moderator on the flipside, Luana Anders, who knew her when they both joined the Nichiren SGI group in LA, (“Nam Myoho Renge Kyo”) — they could both speak about the value that form of meditation had on their lives.

I asked the same questions I ask everyone — who greeted them on the other side, what that was like (Later, Jennifer mentioned a “standing ovation”) but also who she was surprised to see. She mentioned JFK, although I don’t think they met in life, I did look up that she met and knew Jackie O. 

But the idea of “seeing someone that’s in our class that was a surprise to see” is what the question is. As she noted, she’s “meeting more people every moment’ — connecting with her old friends, and going through a “life review” with each person she meets. 

James Brown (whom we interview in “Backstage Pass to the Flipside’) was one of the first people to greet her, then we had a conversation with none other than her pal Little Richard, and there’s a touching moment when Jennifer hears about her meeting up with Billie Holiday. 

Again, to clarify, Jennifer isn’t a music critic, (as I once was for Variety) doesn’t know the connections these folks have, but is either seeing or hearing answers to the questions we pose. We’ve been doing this weekly for eight years, and the past two on this podcast. 

As noted, we do the podcast to demonstrate how easy it is to ask questions to loved ones on the flipside, in terms of practice, doing it in their favorite locations, and asking them to “nod” “shrug” or “shake their head” helps them to realize they too can continue the conversation. 

We had no idea that she would show up today, but because I knew that Luana was friends with her, I wasn’t surprised when we were told that occurred. Jennifer didn’t know about their connection, but learned it as the audience does, when Tina showed her “a meditation group.” 

This podcast is done with respect to these artists, but also respect to the research. I’ve been filming people accessing this information for over ten years, have filmed 200 individuals “talking to, learning new information” from people off planet, have three documentaries on the topic (FLIPSIDEMYFILM.COM, TALKING TO BILL PAXTON, MARTINIFILMS.COM HACKINGTHEAFTERLIFEFILM.COM available on Gaia). 

I have written ten books on the topic (Best selling in their kindle genre on Amazon) and continue to push this envelope which demonstrates not only the same hallmarks from people on the flipside (guides, teachers, councils, classrooms, etc) but also that anyone anywhere can communicate with love ones anytime if they take the time to learn how to bypass the filters. 

We can do so in dreams, with hypnotherapy or meditation — but also by having a friend like Jennifer Shaffer who spends 30 percent of her day helping members of law enforcement agencies nationwide on a pro bono basis. So I know how effective she can be if someone asks her. 

We hope this podcast helps someone somewhere, as people suffer with grief from the loss of loved ones daily. As Jennifer’s father told us from the flipside; “grief contains the sad memories. Nostalgia has both sad and happy memories. 

When you can move grief to nostalgia you begin the healing process.” Apologies for not recalling Erwin Bach’s name, her partner for the past ten years, but it was Tina who pointed out that he was “much younger than her” (and that is correct, by 16 years.) 

As she notes in the podcast, “She’ll be waiting for him when he crosses over, but he has a lot more fun to have before then.” As do we all.

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