Coincidence and the Flipside, talking to John, Jesus and Harry Dean

 Ever wonder why you know who's on the phone when the phone rings?

Science will tell us that it's "likely" that you now who that is because you've scanned all the possible names in one's mind, and you answer the phone.

"I knew it was going to be you."

But that doesn't explain how it could be that you knew something would happen before it happened.

Some people claim it's because "there is no time" or "time doesn't exist on the flipside."  That's not in the research either. There is time, it just works relatively different than what we know of it.

For example, I've heard consistently in the research that "lifetimes are lived in a linear fashion, otherwise we wouldn't learn anything."  Just like going to college. You don't enter college, get the degree and then start the freshman classes.  No point in graduating if one hasn't learned anything, or argues "It's all happening at the same time, man. Just give me the frickin' degree because I already know I get it, okay?"

Don't work that way.

However, once we are out of school, off planet, out of the parking lot - looking back on it, it all blends together. Freshman, sophomore, senior year... wait a second, what happened to junior year? Was I stoned? No, I just skipped it... All of them, all together  - they feel, appear, seem to be simultaneous.

But from our vantage point outside the university grounds, we can see our fellow classmates "in class" struggling with their reality.  

So let's go over some coincidence from the perspective of the graduated student, shall we?

Example #1 "The Missing Bracelet."

We know our niece is looking for that bracelet that Granny left behind.  But we don't want her to see it just yet, so we craft a way to get her to think of Granny and then see it.  It's not hard to do - you just reach over to where the links in her mind are, and tap on the link that says "Here's where the bracelet is" and shut it off.

Then you know the bracelet is sitting in the drawer it's always been in, every since she put it there at your direction five months before. "Hey, put the bracelet in that drawer, why don't you?" But every time she opens that drawer, you put a "visual block" on her awareness of the bracelet.  Opens the drawer - doesn't see it.  Opens the drawer, could have seen it but didn't.

And now it's Granny's birthday. And we want to give our niece a surprise. And so we "remove the block" that we put in place, she opens the drawer and sees the bracelet, thinks of Granny, realizes its the very day that she passed away... and voila! Coincidence!

Example #2.  "Stairway to Heaven."

Mother is sad and upset that her son passed away young - before his time. She's have a hard time moving on, so son wants to "send her a message that he's okay" that it was "part of his life's plan" and that "everything is going to be find in the end, you'll see me eventually."  But he can't quite get that message to her in the form of a sentence. "I'm okay." She can't hear it. When she feels him around, she goes into sadness. Grief.

So he appears to her in a dream, and in the dream he's got the stereo on, is playing "Stairway to Heaven." It's his favorite song. He puts a dream of him as a little baby into her mind, when she wasn't worried about him - and then when she turns around, she sees him in the dream as a young man... and he's playing air guitar to "Stairway to Heaven."  She is bereft again - can't really hear the song, but he has put it in her mind.

Mom goes to a book talk where the fellow on stage is talking about "the flipside" and afterwards comes up to him and tells him the story about losing her son. He says, "Has he ever come to you?" She says "No." He says "Have you ever had a dream about him?" She says "Yes. He was dancing." The author says "What was the song?" She says "I can't remember it..." and the author says "What song pops into your mind when I ask "What song was he dancing to?" She says "Stairway to Heaven!" Author says "Well, that's a pretty on the nose metaphor isn't it?"

Moments later the mom gets in her car to drive to the "after book talk" cocktail hour, and when she turns on the car radio, "Stairway to Heaven" is on the radio.  When she gets to the event, she tells the author.

He says, "Think about the work involved to get that to happen." At the radio station, the playlist is preprogrammed. In order for that song to come on at "the exact moment" someone would have to know all the math involved. When she would be getting in the car, when she would be turning on the car - when the song is supposed to come on the radio. It's still the #1 rock song of all time, and is likely playing on a radio station as we speak - but there's a special kind of ability to do this kind of "coincidence" creation.

Because they're outside of time.

Getting the program director to "pop it onto the list" or even getting the song to be around at a particular time on a particular station isn't that hard if one knows how to do it. Getting mom into the car at the right time, getting her to come up to the author at the end of the talk - another mathematical puzzle.  But somehow - it all comes together and people on the planet say "Coinky dink!" and people on the flipside high five the son for pulling it off.

Which actually did happen.

Example #3. "Grandpa's cigar or Aunt Betty's Chanel #5." 

Getting people on the flipside to speak isn't harder than it sounds. They have to be able to tap into our memory of their voice - they cannot make sound waves for our ears, but they can tap into the communication system to speak sentences. (I've heard them, heard my father's voice after he passed giving me a laundry list of things to tell my mother and brothers. In her note it included everyone who greeted him, including names of 6 friends I didn't know. The next day when I told her she said "Oh, those are our friends who died in WWII." People whose names I'd never heard; so could not be cryptomnesia. "New information.")

But my father's voice was not "in my ear" - where the ear translates air to pulses that become "sound" - but "behind my head." About six inches behind my left ear. Different people report different places when they "hear something" or a voice... so it's possible, just not easy to explain how sound can be created without the mechanics of air and movement.

Smells, scents are equally "files in our mind." So tapping into a file that retains "the smell of grandpa's smoke, or dad's cologne, or aunt betty's perfume" - those files we have, and they know we have them, and they are "tapping our memory" in order to get us to think of them. Could be something specific ("Find the will!") or it could be general ("Thinking of you on the day I crossed over.")  We spend so much time parsing the event ("How did I smell that?") that we often ignore the content.

Example #4.  Stranger's voice saves our life.

Bill Bennett made a film about it, someone today on Quora talked about it happening to them, Gary Schwartz PhD heard a voice save his life while he was at Harvard (or Yale, he went to both) and told him to "put on his seat belts" which saved him and his then wife moments later when they were re-ended."  People have multiple reports (the actress Lindsay Wagner reported the same) where suddenly a voice "out of nowhere" yells at them and saves their life.


Nah.  Just someone on the flipside called in from the bench who has the ability to make enough noise to wake a person up. (Some folks "had a feeling" they shouldn't go to work on 9/11. Doesn't mean the others didn't "hear the warning" but reportedly, people who agreed to participate were shown how in their next lifetime they would have victories or rewards based on their self sacrifice for this event.) I know that sounds bizarre, but I'm quoting. 

The truth of it is, as I've demonstrated in "Architecture of the Afterlife" there is no memory that cannot be accessed, either via hypnosis or from guided meditation. Just asking questions about it. "What's the first person that comes to mind when I say "Who yelled at you?" An image will appear - and one can spend the next 30 years trying to figure out why "Uncle Pete" saved them, or just head to a hypnotherapist (or medium who is talented) and ask "Can I ask Uncle Pete a question?"

I've been doing that for ten years now. 

Coincidence is not something mathematical from our realm. Coincidence is something mathematical from the realm beyond our realm. Because they're outside of time, they can manipulate (without ruining our path and journey that we signed up for ) things to make us think twice about something, or to remember them or perhaps why we chose to be on the planet in the first place.

For those confused how "math" works on the flipside, I point them to our interview with Junior Seau at where he points out how they create "football fields" and other sporting events on the flipside. They tap into the memories of anyone who wants to participate to create fields, crowds, all of it.  Anyone can play - and many do.  It includes constructs of "golf," "horse track and races" "formula One car races, pretty much any event one can think of here (or has experienced) they are able to tap into a recreate (with different outcomes) on a daily basis.

I say daily because it's fun too - we're outside of time, so we have access to quite a few arenas. We have access to quite a few folks over there who can help us to manipulate events that remind us that "life goes on." That despite people's strong belief systems that "life ends" - that's not accurate, and "coincidence" is evidence of the manipulation of consciousness that many folks on the flipside are adept at. 

Question might be - so why mention this? It's because I was asked do. I kind of "woke up" in the midst of a dream, not fully awake, but I was having a conversation with someone about "coincidence" and he/she said "Why don't you write about it on your blog?" And I said (as I always do) "How am I going to remember this when I wake up?" They said "You don't have to remember the content, just remember the word."

And on that note, here's an interview with the recently departed friend of a friend, someone everyone might recognize as "Jesus" and a bit of Harry Dean Stanton.


My two cents.

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