Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Don Everly and guests

I met Don Everly once in my career playing pianos in nightclubs around the planet.  The amazing sax player Craig Cole, a member of our band "Imminent Disaster" and I were playing a gig at Les Deux Cafe. It was just me and Craig and as I began singing "Knocking on Heaven's Door" there was the sound of someone singing harmony in my ear. As I recount in this episode, I didn't know who it was, but I recognized the voice immediately; Don Everly.  So I thought it would be a good chance that we might be able to connect with him. The session begins with a visit with James Dean. As noted in the podcast, we didn't invite him - but Jennifer and I had a conversation with him last week via someone who has had a lifetime of visitations from him.  So it wasn't odd for us that he would show up and having something extra to add.  It's always mind bending when someone shows up - like at the end of the podcast when Jennifer says "Janis Joplin is here and she wants to say something to you."  It took us awhile to unpack what she wanted to say - and it was about this book that I'm doing, that she will be a chapter in. It's about music and the afterlife, or music back "home" as they call it.   But I invited Don to our class, and he does show up. For those who are eager to hear proof of the afterlife, it's not what we're doing - Jennifer and I have been doing this weekly for six years. There's tons of evidentiary sessions - online ("Paul Allen, Junior Seau and Dave Duerson") where it's clear she's talking to someone on the flipside that has new information. The film "Talking to Bill Paxton" has three mediums ask my old pal the same questions. The film "Hacking the Afterlife" on Amazon Prime is chock full of experiences that cannot be ascribed to cryptomnesia - so I don't spend time in these podcasts trying to prove something. I'm more interested in process, what "Harmony" means - and if people have journeys they planned in advance. I know that Phil and Don were estranged, and his description of "hearing his brother" before he saw him is priceless. Having been doing this for six years I always hear something new and fascinating when I ask "So what was it like when you crossed over?" I also took the time to ask his brother Phil some questions, also to ask Craig Cole some questions (I'd interviewed Craig years ago, but he's not in the books "Backstage Pass to the Flipside") - his description of having a "concert in his honor" makes total sense to me. I played with Craig at the House of Blues, he had a huge following in Los Angeles, was a monster sax player, and if anyone wants to hear him play, search "Point of Betrayal Theme" as he came in and recorded that for me, as well as played on the soundtrack for "Cannes Man." (Hope his wife Mariella sees this.) But for all those folks listening in for the first time - it's not about talking to "famous people" or "celebrities." There is no celebrity on the flipside. There is only love. Only the people we loved, who carry the frequency of our love. Who know that we grieve for them, who want to let us know that life goes on. Interesting discussion about that as well - as Don points out "inundating people with information that shows life continues can inspire some people to wallow on grief and not move on" - and that by "not talking to them" allows them to grieve and move on. It's an unusual point of view - in light of how much work we've done to show people that their loved ones are not gone, they're just not here. But it's what he's saying - and I'm happy to share what he had to say.  Believe in an afterlife, don't believe in an afterlife - that's a choice - but allow for the possibility that it exists, or that life as we know it does not end.  Based on the research we are "fully aware" prior to coming to the planet that we've chosen to be here, when we are here, we are semiconscious of that fact (some bypass filters to experience the flipside or their higher selves via an NDE, OBE, with LSD, meditation or hypnotherapy).  But this is yet one more example of a conversation with someone no longer on the planet, but fully aware of what he's talking about, even though he passed less than a week ago. Note: Don's mom is alive and well in Nashville. We bring a portion of our conscious energy to a lifetime and the rest stays home. So we all can be greeted by our mom, even if they're still here on the plane; it's reported often. Jennifer reports what she's getting verbatim, but thanks to my pal Cis for pointing this out. Here's to having a mom who's a 101! Also - Phil said he was greeted by his first wife - or what seemed like his first wife - and she is a songwriter, Jacqueline Alice Ertel, who is on the planet. Since I didn't know that detail, I couldn't dig further into it. But again - Jennifer is reporting as best she can.


Carlos Santana speaking about why we are on the planet

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 Carlos Santana speaking about why we're on the planet.

Recently, Carlos Santana was interviewed by Anderson Cooper during the “Homecoming Concert” in August, 2021.  Anderson asked Carlos about performing live, coming out of the pandemic and his new album, “Miracles and Blessings.”

Carlos: It’s wonderful to be able to connect with people’s hearts (again). The message is that we can transmogrify (transform in a surprising and magical manner) fear and darkness, we can coexist with unity and harmony, accept our own totality, accept our own light and create miracles and blessings.

People are thirsty; we’re bringing living water to people with a sound resonance vibration. We are at the right time and right place to present to them another frequency, different than fear darkness and separation – which is what we’ve been dealing with for years.

Most people have crystallized their intentions during this period – and the questions is, “Can you prioritize why am I on this planet?” There’s an opportunity for a lot more equilibrium, balance and competence.

From my point of view, time is an illusion. From where I am, I discard time and gravity. You just have to spend more time with your heart and less time up here (points to his hat).

Because that’s what’s happening with everybody. We’ve been bamboozled – we were imbued before we came out of the womb with heavenly powers which means we can create miracles and blessing. The program we’ve been given is for us to believe we’re a wretched sinner unworthy of our own life. (Laughs) I don’t think so – “Keep those beliefs to yourself, man.”

I believe I am made of the same essence that God is – look it up in the Bible – we’re “In god’s image.” God is only good – anything that’s less than that…  there’s a lot of Godzilla energy in the Bible – with jealousy, if he doesn’t like something, he would flood it.

That’s not God. God is love. Just like you update your phone and your laptop – we need to update the Bible and the Constitution.

Gratitude is very powerful, when you say the word, even before you say it… We’re at the place where we can program your whole molecular structure to say “Today I’m only going to only contemplate and entertain thoughts that are inspiring and elevating – anything else I’m going to say “No, that’s going to put me in a misery ditch. I’ll be sad, lonely, depressed – that’s boring. I don’t want to be boring. I want to be effulgent. (Shining forth brilliantly; radiant.)

I love to see people cry and laugh and dance at the same time – my metaphor is like when we see a wet shaggy dog shake off the water, he creates a rainbow next to the sun. That water he shakes off, we can ward off fear, we ward off lack of self-worth.

I love all the things that I’ve learned from people I love from John Coltrane, Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Dolores Huerta, Harry Belafonte – I love who I’m becoming. I’m learning from those who have impeccable integrity on a very high level. It’s fun to be Carlos now. What I focus on, is for the highest good for all people, impeccable integrity – if you’re not with that, catch the next train, because this one’s leaving.”  

Carlos Santana.


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