Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer and Ian Stevenson

Unusual chat with Ian Stevenson who passed in 2007. There was an ulterior motive that Jennifer wasn't aware of - I knew there was a lock in his office that can only be opened by a specific phrase or word.  I edited out the answer - because I've shared the answer with those scientists at DOPS to see if it's accurate.  If it's not accurate (due to trying to interpret complex images from the flipside) I will report that, and ask that people not bug Jennifer Medlyn Shaffer​ about the answer - which she knows.  It may be the proof that life goes on that people are looking for.  (And then again, it may be something akin to it - something close to it - or something different altogether.)  But the interview itself is interesting because it covers the same hallmarks as many other interviews on the topic. "What's reincarnation about? Why do some folks bring marks on their body that relate to wounds from previous lifetimes?" etc.  But the key phrase that he gave us - is not in this podcast. However, it is in the hands of the scientists at UVA. Knock on wood, it opens his combination lock. (Gee, "is it knock on wood?") Just kidding.


Richard Martini "Navigate the Afterlife, A Tourist's Guide"

Fun talk from a couple of years ago...

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