Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Larry King and Lady Gaga's...

As promised, we asked Larry King to return this week. Luana Anders our friend on the flipside, helped facilitate the conversation. We asked him to talk about his life and journey - growing up in Brooklyn and then heading down to Miami.

He talks about his mother and father, and who was there to greet him on the other side. He talked about some of the people that he knew in life, that are different when they get back home. He mentions Bernie Madoff - who stole 2.8 million from him life, but "isn't a thief on the flipside." This is something often reported - that people behave a certain way on the planet, their higher self isn't the same way.

He was sporting his favorite Dodger's cap (Jennifer didn't know he was a Dodgers fan). He said that he met with his children when he crossed over, Any and Chaia.  He had messages for Larry Jr as well as his kids Chance and Cannon. He made a number of comic comments about his wives - and Jennifer correctly heard him say he had been married 8 times (to 7 different women.) 

In the last portion of the show, we spoke about the recent tragic events where Lady Gaga's dog walker was attacked and two of her dogs were taken. Jennifer saw things a bit differently - she said that she felt the dognapping was financed by someone who "wanted to hurt her."  That the people who did the theft changed cars and put the dogs - what seemed to be at sea - as she felt them being on or near the water.  

Again, she felt that it was a Russian person who had a bone to pick with Lady Gaga and paid for the dognapping to happen. (I thought that might mean someone who wanted to hire her for a wedding or something but got turned down.)

Jennifer works with law enforcement on missing person cases. She's been helpful to Bill Bratton former NYPD commissioner as well as other agents in the U.S.  She's part of a consortium of mediums who help law enforcement pro bono to help them in their work.  Information is always subject to misinterpretation - and other issues. But in the hopes that they can track down whomever took the dogs, she offered to help in this small fashion.

Update! The dogs have been found. The perpetrator(s) have yet to be found. Happy to hear the dogs are back where they belong!  I hope they figure out who was behind the scenes orchestrating this event!

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