Post Script on a Scripted Post - More Harry Dean in the Afterlife

There was a wonderful memorial service for Harry Dean Stanton a week ago.

I've been waiting a bit to post about it, because it was genuine and touching and very Harry Dean.

It was thrown by his nearest and dearest friends, and although I knew Harry, I was not one of those.  As mentioned in the previous post, I ran into him in various venues including while appearing in a Laverne and Shirley episode, while sharing guitars at someone's private party, and over drinks at Dan Tana's at his usual booth with Dabney Coleman. But I knew Harry through his pal Luana Anders.

Luana Anders

The Memorial was a veritable "Who's Who of Hollywood" and was a testament to Harry's persona that all these camera shy folks showed.  Jack and Warren and Al were there - to name a few "one named superstars" from his era, Buck Henry, Rebecca De, Ed Begley Jr did a wonderful job of emceeing the various musical acts that played. Funny and touching.

A heart breaking rendition of "Desperado" was sung by a 12 year old girl whose mom was at his bedside.  Rebecca De Mornay sang his old favorite tune, "Blue Bayou" - songs written about Harry were sung, it was a wonderful evening of reminiscing.  The producers of "Big Love" recounted how the first met Harry, his irascible self, and then the amount of eastern philosophy he dropped in their laps.

His doctor, "Dr. Rick" told epic tales of his treatment of Harry over the years and how it was quite a miracle that this man who smoked and drank as if he only had one day left on the planet lived so very long. 

The director of his last film "Lucky" talked about spending precious moments with him, and Harry's hilarious curmudgeonly delivery that only made people love him more than less.

But my experience was unusual to say the least.  

As I entered the room, I spied the "Fred" that was mentioned in the previous post, the fellow who had driven with Luana and Harry Dean up to the Monterey Pop festival.  He waved me over (I hadn't spoken to him since I shared the blog with him, and wasn't sure what his reaction would be) and said "What else did Harry Dean have to say?"

I remembered that Luana had a private message for him, one that I included in an email, but wasn't sure what his response would be.  (Jennifer and I have these freewheeling conversations, she gets shown an image or gets a thought impressed upon her, and I pass it along.  Sometimes people say "That doesn't sound familiar" but sometimes they say the opposite.  It's always about translating what images or feelings they're getting in these conversations.)

In this case (and it's a note anyone can hear) she told me to tell him that "he should drink more water."  That he's "not hydrating himself enough."  His son looked at me, in shock - and said "That's the part of your email that blew me away. We've been saying the same thing to him for a long time."

And odd way of confirming what Luana was telling me about Harry Dean Stanton on the flipside - but I could not know that Fred's own family was saying that to him, Jennifer could not know this detail either.   

A super skeptic would say "Well, that's a general piece of information, that doesn't prove anything."  Yeah, everyone should drink more water.  

But I've never ever heard anyone say "And that's what we tell him every day."

Luana as Dona Medina in Roger Corman's Pit and the Pendulum.

But wait, as they say; "there's more."

A friend was there and was sitting with a group of women who were with Harry when he died.  I had shared with her that Jennifer had said that "Harry is showing me that five women were with him when he was dying."  

(I didn't know if she meant there were 5 women waiting for him, or in the hospital.  It was the hospital.)  And my friend told me these women were talking about an unusual comment that Harry made prior to passing. 

They were sitting with him as he was dying and he said appropos of nothing; "Hand me the baby."

In my interview with Harry via Jennifer, Harry had said "there was a child who greeted me as I crossed over."  

Jennifer got the impression this was a baby that had died as a miscarriage. Harry said "Google it. 1962."  (I wasn't sure if he meant the baby was born that year, or passed that year, or the mother was associated with that date.)

(In the Flipside research we learn that people choose to come to the planet.  And when they don't come for some reason, it doesn't mean that they "disappear" or "dissolve" back into the ether or consciousness.  They're still here, just like everyone who leaves the planet.  They can "appear" as they want to - in the form of energy that would help you to understand "who they are."  That there's no "time over there" so a person who died last week at age 80 could appear as you knew them at 30 (as Luana described how Harry looked) or someone who passed a few months old could appear as a "child.")

Either way, Harry Dean in his hospital bed asked for someone to "Hand him the baby."

Just like he told me and Jennifer in the cafe in Manhattan Beach two weeks after he crossed over.  Not a detail I could have known, nor that Jennifer could have known.  But a detail that was verified at his Memorial service.

As noted in the previous post, he recounted the trip they took to the Monterey Pop festival.  That he thought it was a "dream" that he had entered into - some kind of "Jacob's Ladder" (my reference) where in the last moment of consciousness you might wind up in a happy dream.  (I wasn't aware that he was in the car with Luana on her way to the festival until a few months ago, when "Fred" mentioned it in an email.)

But in the "afterlife dream" he was having, they had a flat tire, and when he got out to fix it, he looked at "Fred" and said "But we didn't have a flat tire on the trip. This can't be a memory."  And Fred responded; "I know."

That was the moment when Harry Dean realized there WAS an afterlife.  He said that Luana had "tricked him" (his word) into this event, so that he would have a "soft landing." Her memory of their trip to Monterey served as the vehicle for him to realize he was in the afterlife.

Other details came out of that conversation, and I mentioned them in the previous post.  I asked Harry to "show Jennifer" what they saw when they got to Monterey and she said "I see Prince."  

Then said "But this was awhile ago... I see someone onstage who looks like Prince."

I said "Look closely. What's he doing? Is he playing an instrument?"  She said "He's playing a guitar. Is it Jimi Hendrix?"

"Fred" confirmed when they got to Monterey, that was who they saw play among other famous musicians who played.  (As mentioned I'll put the transcript of this chat in the next book that I'm crowd funding at the moment "The Afterlife Expert")

Back to the memorial service.  

I spoke briefly with someone he dated years ago, curious if she might know who it was that Harry had almost had a child with. She said she didn't know. (Jennifer had gotten the impression of the number 1962 - so if any of you Harry peeps out there know who that might be, direct her to this website.)

When I told this woman the story of our "seance" and how when I asked Harry if he had any message to his friends and family he said: "There is an Afterlife."  Then "Believe in the afterlife."  She said "I knew it! I told him that there is one! He wouldn't believe me."

I told her I said "Harry, you were famous for claiming there isn't one.  If I claim you're telling me to tell people they should "believe" they won't."  

He said "Then open yourself up to the possibility that there is one. That there is an afterlife.  Then you won't spend so much time, as I did, worrying about whether there was one or not."

He added that it was like "running on a treadmill" to worry about it when you could focus on other things.  

I asked what the source of his disbelief was - he said "Too many friends died. I walled myself off from the emotions of it.  It was easier to believe that there wasn't one."


I hasten to add - Harry's not saying "There is an afterlife as described in the Bible" or "There is an afterlife as described in Buddhism" or "there is an afterlife as described in the Vedantas" or "there is an afterlife as described by Zooraster."  

He's not saying that at all.  Nor is any of my research claiming that.

In fact it's the opposite.  

His declaration that "there is an afterlife" and this method of proving that you can communicate with loved ones no longer on the planet, points to another reality altogether.  

Not that there is no God per se, nor that there is a heaven per se.  

What the research shows consistently is that these words are placeholders for concepts that we can't really get our minds around.  I have interviewed enough people on the flipside to get a point of reference, if only by understanding what these words are not. They claim that we can experience both of these things, and by experiencing them we "know them."

When people talk about "heaven" during a near death event, or some other vision, they are talking about a place that people under deep hypnosis call "home."  It's a consistent word that they use to describe that place "we all eventually go" and where we "experience unconditional love."

Got that? There is an afterlife.

Obviously, when talking to these folks no longer on the planet, we learn that we don't "lose our personas" or become some "other entity."  We remain ourselves, (same sense of humor) albeit with different physics involved.  

One person said when asked "What shall I tell your friends?" he said "Tell people that I'm flying."  

When I asked the director Tony Scott (whom I accessed through an interview with Bill Paxton - I can access people that I know and then if they know someone, they can access them.  It's a bit like "Six degrees of separation" and yes, I should interview Kevin Bacon as he probably knows "a lot of folks" on the flipside).

So I asked Tony Scott a direct question "So why did you park your car on the St. Vincent Thomas Bridge and jump?"
(Sometimes when accessing information, I ask questions in a challenging manner. And this was as matter of fact as I could make it.) He said "Because I wanted to fly."

I said "You're joking."  He said, "I'm not. I'm spending much of my time over here traveling around to different worlds, different realms. I really am flying. I can go anywhere."  

We discussed more details, I asked if the "black box medicine" he was taking contributed to his demise.  He said "that and a bunch more."

I will include that interview in the book as well.  I'm not philosophizing, or opining a theory here - I'm just reporting what people say about the flipside. 

Either through direct experience (a near death event) or via a hypnosis sessions (between life hypnotherapy as pioneered by Michael Newton) or via a medium (working with people I know that have given verified information.)

I misquoted Bill Paxton in the previous post.  After transcribing the footage, I realize he said that he "was the new guy and he had to sit on the end of the bench" - calling himself the "new guy" on the bench, not Harry Dean, who with Luana were part of the "older crew."  

Bill shows up often in these talks with Jennifer because I knew him, we were pals, and he knew Luana as well.

 And in another interview he had specific things he wanted to say to his family.  (I've forwarded a link with the footage from those interviews to a member of his family.)

Bill showed up again during our follow up with Harry Dean, and said "I wanted to thank you for sending that link along. While no one has acknowledging seeing it, two people have, and it has opened up the possibility to them."  

I said again, "Look, Bill, I only mentioned you in the Harry Dean post because there are people who are suffering immeasurably from the loss of loved ones, including you, and you did ask me to reach out to them, so I have."

He said "Thank you. And I'll thank you when you get here."

Not too soon I hope.

Meanwhile, here's a post from the IANDS.org website.  It's about a guy who had a near death experience, and then realized he was "home."  Pretty much what I've been claiming is in the research.

"From Richard L's NDE on NDERF:

"I started to hear a buzzing sound that quickly became very loud. As the sound increased, the hole above me got bigger, the light got brighter, and I felt myself being pulled up towards it. I felt as if I was being squeezed through an opening that was too small for me. 

The buzzing sound became a whooshing roar as I entered the hole, with a Doppler-like effect as I passed through it. The sensation was like speeding down a tunnel at light speed, not unlike the 'warp' effect you see in movies. I wasn't alone in there, either. I felt the presence of others, but I couldn't see them.

I passed through some kind of dividing line, a barrier of sorts, hard to describe.

I was surrounded by light. Misty shapes began to form as I looked around. At first, they were just moving swirls of light, but they soon took the shape of human forms. There were a lot of them around me. I heard soft whispering coming from them, like a crowd murmuring and talking among themselves. From this crowd, three shapes came forward and approached me. As they drew near, I could make out them out better, as if they were slightly out of focus and my eyes were adjusting. They were tall and slender, wearing what looked like flowing robes. One of them was wearing a beard. They all had long, shoulder-length hair. One of them spoke to me.

'You're not supposed to be here, yet. You have to go back. You know what you agreed to,' he said.

I told him that I didn't want to go back. I liked it here. It felt like home. I felt like they were amused by my response.

'You must go back, you have work to do. We'll send you back, soon.'

I looked around me at the crowd. I saw familiar faces. These were friends, family, enemies, people I had known before, but I couldn't remember from where or when. Some of them I knew I had known for a very long time. Many lives, many places, many times. I flashed on visions from those lives and events. There was a continuity and connectedness about all of it, a sense of purpose and order that spanned the centuries.

I looked back at the three people in front of me. These people were ancient. I don't know how I knew that, but I knew that they were 'old souls' who watched over my group. We all had 'sprung' from them, like children, each going their way yet connected to the source. I felt nothing like judgment of our actions from them. If anything, I felt a kind of amused benevolence from them, like parents watching their children playing. Even at the really bad things we did in our lives, there was no judgment.

The one with the beard spoke to me. 'You can ask questions. We will answer them and you will remember. It is important that you do this.'

My first question was 'Is this heaven?'

'It can be, if that's what you want. It can be Hell, as well, if that's what you believe. This reality is an extension of you, instantly realized and formed. You always create your own reality, no matter where you find yourself, for we are all co-creators.'

'Where is God? I don't see him.' I asked. They became visibly amused, like they were snickering at my question under their breath.

'How can you see that which you are yourself a part of? We are all expressions of God. When you see with your eyes, you see through the eyes of God and he experiences reality through yours. When you speak to God, you speak to yourself. We are one and the same, there is no division or separation. You can no more 'see' God than your hand can see you, for it is a part of you and functions because of you and for your purposes, as well as its own. There is no separation. Any that seems to exist is an illusion. The light that surrounds us here is God. It is our source of being and is given freely to all.'

Next question. 'Why do I feel like this is home?'

'Because it is home. All begin here and return here. It is the starting point for all journeys and lessons.'

A strange question. I still don't know why I asked it, but at the time it seemed relevant. 'When I come back again, can I stay?' I got an even stranger answer.

'We don't think you'll want to stay long, you never do. You love your lessons, especially the hard ones. You can do as you please, it's your choice.'"

Read more at: https://www.nderf.org/Experiences/1richard_l_nde.html

Cheers.  Me and Luana in Roma.

Note: The word "home" means something different to everyone.  But we can all agree that it means something to each of us, and that may be a place of calm, acceptance and "unconditional love."

At the end, he asks "When I come back can I stay?" And the answer is "Sure, dude, if you're not in a hurry to get back to the planet, because that's what you do, you're always in a big hurry to get back there.  And you choose the hardest lives to experience.  You can do as you please..." - because we choose to come here.  That's why he says "It's your choice."  

It's our choice to come here!  

When we check off the planet, we hang out with our loved ones until we make a plan to return (here or sometimes people claim it's somewhere else, off planet.)  I post this verbatim because it's pretty much what I've said in all my books.

More to come. 

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