The Process and The Librarian Podcasts from Hacking The Afterlife

 Couple of interesting podcasts the past couple of weeks.

This week's is "The Process"

"Today's podcast is about process. In our ongoing conversation with Luana Anders, our pal no longer on the planet but who moderates a classroom on the flipside, we asked her about process. How people are able to connect with their loved ones on the flipside, but from the perspective of someone on the flipside trying to reach out to someone here.

In today's conversations, Luana has Charles Grodin, TV producer Howard Schultz and others weigh in on the process.  We have guest appearances by Garry Shandling on the anniversary of his passing, who talks about the "venn diagram" of creating structures like golf courses on the flipside - a short chat with Marilyn about the recent Vanity Fair article about her relationship with RFK. 

There's also a chat with Dick Clark who stops by to chat about the process. It's all mind bending stuff, and again, we do our best to talk about the process. Buckle up, it's going to be a unusual journey."

The week before it was "The Librarian"

Happy St. Patrick's Day.  

"Today we have an interesting chat with someone who self identifies as "the Librarian."  In this instance, he suggested we call him "Seven" as to avoid separation between us and him.  He says that he's the librarian for all the Akashic libraries - normally shows up as an ancient fellow who is about the size and demeanor of Yoda.

In the half dozen times I've chatted with him, via different people, each time he gives insight into the journey. In this case he self identifies as the "Librarian" of all Akashic libraries - not throughout all realms and universes, but the ones we might have access to.  He mentions that as a result of that, he's connected to all of us - at least on a frequency level.

It's an unusual talk - and is in line with our other mind bending conversations with him (listed as "five" at  All I can say is, whoever shows up, we try to ask as many questions as we can.

Happy wearing of the green."

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