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Flying in from the flipside. MY TIME SLOT IS 2:45-3:45 PM ON SATURDAY THE 26TH. (5:45 TO 6:45 EST)

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Just a general thank you to all the folks who’ve been donating to the research. It’s not something I ask people to do, but some want to - and there’s a list of links at Rich Martini's WebPage - but I want to at the very least acknowledge a number of folks from around the planet who suddenly decided to send something my way to encourage me to continue doing what I’m doing. John in Arizona, Marc and Raili in Norway, Andrew in Switzerland, Cathy D and this story from Kai:

“My donation was a thank You for Your great work. I just finished the 2 books “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife.” “Architecture of the Afterlife” is waiting in line with the Tuning into afterlife. (And I still feel like to reread the first one “Hacking the Afterlife” there was a real “a-ha moment” in this book. In the chapter about talking to the spirit of Earth, I saw myself so clearly in a large auditorium, more like stadium, but indoors. It was like part of the (life) planning session, there were some planners in the middle and I so much wanted to be part of this current life, I looked over to my friends and they were like, “Don’t look at us, we will not joining you!” From the front of me, my son turned around and said, “I will help you with this.” Then I snapped back to my home, jumped out of chair and shouted, “I got the part, I got the part!” and I was really happy in this moment.

Your books are well written, entertaining, light and with so much information. I love your books. They are exactly what I need. No fictions. No dogmas. As a parent to trying to reach to the Flipside, I am open to every opportunity to learn how to do it. I’m on this journey a little over year and my son is guiding me where to look and from what to learn. I am amazed how much there is information. And I am sad that the only way to find the way to it seems to have to be the hard way.

It would be so much nicer to know who you are without it. But this seems to be the part of human experience. You lose some, you gain some. And then you will know; you haven’t lost anything really. I have my connections to the Flipside and You have been a great help leading me to find ways to do it. Thank You!”

Thank you Kai for that note, and I’m sorry for the loss of your son. He’s lucky to have chosen you. In terms of this research, which is unusual to say the least, I try to dedicate some part of my day to moving the needle forward. Whether it’s our podcast with medium Jennifer, or posting excerpts of films at Richard Martini MartiniZone - or putting up documentaries like FLIPSIDE or Hacking the Afterlife - or the 9 books I’ve put out there - it’s certainly something I’ve done because I feel compelled to do so.

It’s unusual to get donations from folks in Switzerland, Norway, Arizona - across the globe - but in my mind these people are all connected by the research. Because ultimately this research isn’t about me - it’s about how everyone says the same things about the journey with hypnosis, meditation or mediumship. And those nine books, three documentaries on Gaia demonstrate that.

In the 100 hypnotherapy sessions I’ve filmed, half without hypnosis, I’ve also done six of them with different hypnotherapists.

Each one has been a revelation of new information - afterwards I do the research to see how accurate or inaccurate my memory is, or my memories were. Then I transcribe the sessions, so I can get another crack at them, seeing what new ideas come to mind - and when I do so, it’s like I’m pushing the filters further out of the way.

My dreams have changed in that I have become aware during dreams that I am in a dream, that the people in my dream are playing roles in my dream, that I can stop them in the dream and ask them other questions about the journey. And then, when I do the podcast with Jennifer, frequently she’s start the podcast saying “You had an unusual dream yesterday.” And we explore what folks on the flipside were trying to share.

I guess this is a long preamble to a dream I had last night where I was hanging with my father, the inspiration for the book “Architecture of the Afterlife” - and we were talking about architecture, life, other stuff. And as the dream ended, I was aware of him taking my face in his hands as if to make me remember this moment, and saying “Son, you’re doing good work.”

This from a guy who built the largest university in the world (King Saud in Saudi Arabia) to the Sheraton on the Nile, a Beechnut factory in China, schools in Virginia and Chicago (they shot “Breakfast Club” in one of his his) to the window design on the Bahai Temple in Evanston - hearing “You’re doing good work” from dad the architect who worked at Holabird and Root is high praise.

Anyways, thanks for the continued support - it doesn’t need to be financial, it’s good when people have the courage to share stories of the afterlife that have happened to them, that they may or may not fear their colleagues or family will be horrified by - that lump all “tales of the flipside” with pyramid hat wearing people who speak in tongues. When someone shares a story, or research, or data - it’s humanity moving the needle forward in this unusual way that has only been available for a few decades. Sharing new information online with others in a forum about the afterlife.

Nothing wrong with examining the journey. It’s what we’ve been doing since we first started it.

My two cents.

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