Hacking the Afterlife with Joe Ranft about the Pixar film "Soul" - live from the Flipside

 Happy New Year. Writer/Director Joe Ranft was one of the most prolific storytellers in the Pixar canon. Mentored at the start of his career by Eric Larsen at Disney, working on story for the Lion King and Beauty and the Beast among others, then moving over to work with John Lasseter at Pixar as the head of the story dept - Joe was responsible for storyies and characters in Toy Story, Bugs Life, Cars and many other films. Unfortunately a car accident took his life in 1995. He left behind his family, and brother who works in the industry.  

Having seen the film "Soul" and realizing how much of a documentary it is - meaning that a number of the story points are also story points in the "Flipside" research I've been doing for over a decade (the Great Beginning, classrooms of newly formed souls, guides and teachers who watch over them, how a person comes from there to hear - how we choose our journeys in advance based on the lessons we need to or want to learn, etc) I thought for our New Year's podcast Joe would be an ideal candidate. I asked Luana Anders on the flipside if he wanted to chat with us, and what I got was "Of course he does!"

Jennifer doesn't know who Joe is, and didn't know his story - and I'm quite deliberate in leading her as best as I can without revealing who he is - put it this way, after six years of doing this every week with Jennifer I know how accurate she can be. And I'm not here to prove anything to anyone - but to conduct an interview with someone on the flipside.  Joe has messages for his family and friends, including John Lasseter, including Pete Docter, the co-writer and director of "Soul."  For those who don't know who he is, they should know him - he's one of the "mentors" for 22 in the film "Soul" that's posted on the wall her list of mentors she's "defeated."  

The name of the main character appears to be named after Joe - and from their review (the flipside review of the film) they loved it. They said "It was more accurate than you think" as well as giving it a 98% accuracy for "how to explain it to people on the planet. (however, pointing out that once one is on the flipside, it's about 15% accurate in terms of that more vast experience.)  

You want to talk to the flipside? Anyone can, and this is just one of the 42 examples from this year. Jennifer can be found at, I can be found at Happy New Year.

(From a friend of Joe's) "Joe came out of Cal Arts with Lasseter, John Musker and a host of other artists who started at Disney in the 1970s. There was some consensus that when Joe died, Pixar was knocked off-balance in a major way.

John Musker (co-director-writer of “The Little Mermaid”, “Aladdin”, “Hercules” etc.) made this tribute video to Joe five years after his death. (The illustrations are John’s.)"

P.S.: Someone pointed out Joes father (and sister) were still on the planet when Joe crossed over. We bring about a third of our conscious energy to a lifetime and the rest stays home.

I've seen it often in the research; In David Bennett’s near death experience he saw the higher self of a close friend on the flipside but the friend was still alive.

Then 20 years later during a hypnotherapy session he saw the friend on the flipside again, only by now he had passed away, David reported seeing him as “less transparent” the second time. (As if fully over there. )   We can be met by the "higher selves" of loved ones who are there to greet us. Just clarifying.


Soul the Flipside documentary and the Man Who Shall Not Be Named

 By the way, the film "Soul" is a documentary. I mean it feels like one to me. 

Yes, everything in this film is referenced in the book/film "Flipside." 

"Nurseries for new souls. Guardians ("Jerry") who tend over them." 

"The right to refuse to incarnate." 

"How it takes courage and compassion to come here." 

"Why people volunteer to help others." 

Couldn't have said it better myself. 

Pixar and Pete Docter for the home run. Music (John Baptiste) is angelic. Kudos all around.

"Soul" on Disney +

If you'd like to read the textbook that has all the same information, here it is:

Tongue in cheek, but everything in "Soul"
is in this book published in 2012


Had an unusual conversation last night with someone I've never met before, and apparently have yet to meet.

    The Man with No Name whose name is actually Clint. 

This happens occasionally, and usually before Jennifer Shaffer and I have a discussion about the flipside on our podcast "Hacking The Afterlife."  But I try to remember that they are "outside of time" and I'm on my time frame - so it's up to them who shows up and why.

In this case, I had a long conversation with someone interesting - I can only report bits and pieces of it, because it was a bit complex, and by the time I became consciously aware I was having the conversation, my conscious minds was saying "Wait. What? Who? How? Is this a dialectical argument? Who is saying what?"

I tend to have these conversations, sometimes with Luana Anders, my pal who checked off the planet some decades ago, but now is moderating our class and helping me with these various "conversations."  

It's not like the filmed version of a "conversation with a ghost."  It's more like - I'm having a conversation, my conscious mind becomes aware of the conversation somewhere in the middle, sometimes the end - and then asks the question "What were we talking about?" And if I get an answer, I note it, perhaps write it down somewhere to address it later.

I can only report.

Luana Anders rides a bike.

So last night was someone who seemed to go by the moniker "the one who shall not be named."  I don't know why that was the case - as I didn't see anyone. It was like he was speaking to me behind a door.  Not a literal door, but some kind of mechanism that didn't allow any other access but mentally.

And when I became aware of this conversation, I started to ask questions, the usual ones I ask. "So, have you ever incarnated?"

"No. I'm from another realm, and I can transverse realms."

"Have you ever incarnated in the other realm that you're from?" 

"Well yes and no, not quite in the way that you imagine it."  

"So why the mysterious name? You're the man who has no name?"

(Correcting me) "No. I'm the one who shall not be named."

"Why is that? Is there a problem with your name?"

He said "It's because you wouldn't be able to understand the conversation, if I gave you a name, you'd reduce it the way people do so that we cannot have a conversation. The reason I have no name is not because you can't know it, or it's not allowed, it's because when or if you parse something - put a name or label to it, you reduce it, and the conversation falls apart into a mist, or sea of syntax."

(As best as I can convey what he was trying to say.)

So I asked "Well, what are you doing here chatting with me?" 

His reply was "Because you can do so, and because you also have other venues where you can pass along information.  So the information I'm trying to impart to you - is how perception and observation are two sides of the same coin. That when you are in the audience observing the stage, you are also on stage experiencing the play or the event. It's impossible to perceive both sides of that perception at the same time, but you can bounce back and forth." 

He said, "You might call me a collector. A collector of souls might be the term - but it's inaccurate, because I don't collect them per se, I show up when they need assistance. In your research, in the reports you've been writing about, people generally recall the trip "home" - where they had a previous lifetime, they recall the journey back and they go there willingly and not often in need of assistance - however, there was one account in a recent book of yours where I assisted that person."

I ask, "Do you mean the account of the River Charon, and the boatman?" (It's from "Architecture of the Afterlife").  

                          A drawing of the boatman on River Styx

"Yes, and I'm here to clarify some points about that. At the time, you were interviewing your friend about the death of someone else, someone she felt connected to, and was asking him your questions - "what happened when you died?" (It was Andrew Mellon). 

The book: Architecture of the Afterlife where he was referenced

"And in this case, the fellow said that he was met by a boatman, and ferried across the river. At the time, you asked me if I was aware that I was the boatman of myth... and I didn't reply to you at the time, but I am now."

"Of course I am aware of that myth, of course I'm aware of how consciousness works, it's not like just because I'm playing the role for someone else I'm not aware of that reality.  Of course I'm aware that the "person who knocks on your door to take you to the underworld" or "Yamantanka" the god of death in both Buddhist and Hindu literature is a creation, a construct - of course I'm aware of that, and I'm here to let you know that you had the question and at the time I didn't get a chance to reply." 

At this point, he reminds me of the chapter in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife Part two" where Robert Thurman spoke of the "death of death" - a Buddhist meditation on the idea that Yamantanka, a messenger who shows up to escort the faithful home - not really a faith involved, but that's the idea, a guy with the head of a fierce bull - fire in his eyes and hair - when Buddha passed along his information to the planet, he also passed it along to this mythological character who realized that death doesn't exist.

Yamantanka, defeater of Death

So in essence, this fellow, outside the door, is saying to me "Of course I know how things work, of course I knew how things worked even when Buddha learned of those things - it's not like we aren't aware of how things work over here, it's humans who aren't aware of them."

Then the next topic was "the perception of evil" when a person is passing away. 

The idea that they might see "hell" (1% of NDE's report a negative experience, but no two match).  The idea, as I've repeated in the books, and as has been offered and suggested by many of the reports, is that evil doesn't exist as a  "thing" per se - but that it's a human construct. So if one is convinced they're going to be met by Satan and a team of demons - they might construct that... but at some point in time, their mind becomes bored with that construct and they "return home."

I must add, it's a little bit like the "limbo region" as described in the film "Soul" - where people are wandering around like dark objects,  kind of flailing about, as creatures... driven by fear, or self doubt, or self loathing.  

I mean - the film is a documentary! - this is also reported in the research.

A person steps into the flipside and if they're convinced they're going to hell, or are going to place of sulfur (as described in "Hacking the Afterlife") or a place inhabited by evil people - they may construct that.  But at some point they realize - that hoofs aren't inherently evil, that horns are matted hair and cartilage, that fire isn't a bad thing - except if it's a metaphor for bad breath - then it can be really bad... but I digress. Red eyes aren't a bad thing either, do not represent evil - just another color on the spectrum.

But back to this fellow without a name (correction, "man who shall not be named") speaking about his journey. 

I asked. 

What I got was "People use all kinds of names for me, and that's their prerogative. But I volunteer to help them when they need help - I show up in a non denominational way, as a frequency or vibration, and depending upon their background, belief system, they'll assign some kind of moniker or reason for me to be there - but again, I'm just a frequency showing up to do a favor. 

I help people to get home."

And when he puts it that way it suddenly makes sense.  The flipside is home. It's here on stage, the performance part of it where we are "not home."  And anyone who helps someone to get home - whether they're breathing fire, or playing a lute with wings who sings - they're just "walking each other home."

So that's what I got out of that conversation.  

It is in line with "you believe what you want to believe" portion of the book "Architecture of the Afterlife" - but it also includes the idea that the frequency that shows up to help us could be a loved one, a grandmother, parent, sibling - or it could be someone we knew in life who loved us dearly. 

Or it could be someone we don't know - because we are not trying to get home, and this "man who shall not be named" passes us off to our guide (guardian, or "Jerry") who will help us get where we belong back home.

My two soul farthings.


Find the Flaw and Life Reviews

So, this morning, I awoke with this sentence in my head, "Find the flaw."

An icon without flaws

I knew what it was in reference to, and it was about the "process of speaking to the flipside."

It refers to the idea that during the pandemic, people are shut away from their journey, their path, their joys... but not their sorrows.  Friends, loved ones, we will all be affected by the loss of someone at this rate. 

I know I have beenfriends, neighbors, have been lost to something that was preventable.

It's infuriating to think that with competency, this wave of disaster didn't have to occur.  So when one is considering what I'm about to say about the flipside, know that I'm as outraged, furious, fist waving as anyone when it comes to "snap out of it!" kinds of answers to what's going on. Mask up, grow up is my motto.

But I've also been speaking to people on the flipside for the past ten years. To be clear, I'm not doing the talking.  I mean, I am talking, but it's asking questions.

I have been filming people under hypnosis for the past ten years speaking to loved ones no longer on the planet about the process, about the architecture of how that occurs, "Architecture of the Afterlife" - I've been filming people talking about it (see "Flipside" or "Talking to Bill Paxton" on Gaia, or the 40 podcasts on "" or at

Yeah that's right. I just keep filming, and posting. Filming and transcribing and publishing. Speaking up and out whenever I can to whomever wants to hear.

Recently on Quora, someone posted a comment, "So what are we supposed to do during the pandemic? We are obviously no longer on our path?"

I said "change the paradigm. Do something for someone else. Go to an animal shelter and offer to walk a dog. Look up someone who is suffering and donate money." 

These small gestures, according to the research and reports - are the major gestures in our lifetime. 

We think it's about the "foundation" we created, or the charity work we do - but when it's specific, like literally holding a hand of an older person walking across the street, or stopping to help them up - those are the things people report in their past life review.

So I had an experience once I began this research.  

Again, I was a skeptic about it - didn't believe there was an afterlife, or any order in the universe at all - until I started the documentary. And then unfortunately everything I'd believed about the planet had to be reevaluated.

Including myself.

When I first heard about the "past life review" - that is someone who during a near death event experiences a "life review" - it gave me pause. People would describe either an intimate setting with their guides or council members where they went over  details of the things they did that were helpful or the things  they did that were hurtful.

People reporting experiencing these events first hand - if someone punched someone in the mouth, they suddenly were the victim feeling the punch, the blood, the broken tooth, the humiliation.

Think  that over for a moment - every bad moment we've had in life will be experienced once  we get to the flipside. So one can see why some people are reluctant to leave - for fear of the consequences of their actions.

In fact, during a session recently we heard that - from none other than Chuck Yeager, someone I didn't know, never met, someone Jennifer didn't know, never met - and he was saying "Because he carried the deaths of all those he'd killed in World War  II and the Vietnam  war, he was afraid of  "consequences" when he got to the other side.

But that's not what happened in his case - he reported that the German pilots he'd shot down (at one point 5 in one day) were there to "congratulate him" on a job well done. They showed him that he had been a pilot for Germany in World War I and that he'd been "downing other planes" for some time. (That's not something I could make up, nor could Jennifer. He said it. She heard it.)

So back to "finding the flaw."

I started to  think over my life, and those I may have harmed, hurt or made feel bad. In my mind's eye, I was asking for forgiveness from each of them, and then one fellow popped up into my mind. Someone that our class had bullied in grade school. I've talked to him about this - and he says he didn't feel bullied - but I recalled it in vivid detail. Each time someone made fun of his clothes, his jacket... just awful behavior in a grade school setting. And I had participated in it.

But I thought about having that life review - where I would be the child taunted and harassed - and thought, "Is there any way to rectify this?"  I sought him out - found him online, grown up, a successful  person in his world. I was going to be in his neighborhood, so I asked him to join me for coffee.  

And as we sat there having these coffees, I thought about not bringing it up. The usual "Hey, how's it going, just curious about  your life" kind of  chat. But I finally forced myself to say "Do you remember our harassing you in grade school?"

He looked at me with a face that seemed as if he had no recollection of it. And as I looked at his face, I saw how beautiful a person he is. Always was. 

I mean, for a moment, I was looking at his blue eyes and could hear a voice say "What possibly could have possessed you to harass this beautiful human being?"   I just said "Look man, even if you don't remember it, I'm sorry that I participated or had anything to do with making you feel bad. Ever. I just wanted you to know that."

He thanked me, still not quite sure what the heck I was doing in front of him.

I  dug deep to find the flaw.

Not everyone has the ability to track down an old acquaintance for grade school and see them. But you can look them up. Search for them online. Donate something to their cause or work or what they loved. Say hello. Say goodbye. Say something that changes the paradigm.

When I went to school in Rome (The Rome Center, part of Loyola Chicago) I took  a sculpture course with Peter Rockwell, the son of Norman, and a famous gargoyle maker for churches in Europe.  He took us to Carrera, taught us how to sculpt -and told the story of how the 25 year old Michelangelo competed for a giant block of marble in Florence.  He won the competition and won  the marble - but when he began to work on it, he found a flaw.

A flaw usually dooms a  piece of marble. Because you could be working on a piece and the rest falls away. But instead, Michelangelo followed the flaw. He dug into the marble, followed the flaw until  it ended, and that's where he began the sculpture. The flaw ended in the David's knee.  If one looks carefully, they can see that one knee cap is smaller than the other. Michelangelo dug to find flaw, and then built out from there.

Where Michelangelo began

Everyone has flaws. Every piece of sculpture does as well. Every song, every painting. Every play, everything we've ever created. The better artists know how to hide the flaws.  But as people we need to look inward to find the flaws, then dig deep to fix them, or otherwise influence them.

Peter Rockwell, National Gallery

When stuck in a room due to the pandemic, look for the flaws.  

They may not be apparent. They may be as simple as "You know, I never told that person I loved them, I'm going to take out their photograph now and apologize to them." Or text them. Or call them. "Hey, I was thinking of you, how are you?"

So many people have touched our lives -I think of some of the "past life reviews" that people report that are in front of a giant auditorium.   Thousands watching, and each moment that is recalled - everyone in the audience experiences that as well.

I had a dream about this - I became conscious that I was in a giant auditorium, and someone was on center stage, and was getting their  life review.  I was up in row 120 or so - pretty far away. But  each time this fellow was reminded of something he'd done to help someone, the visual went out through the audience like a wave. We all experienced it, we all saw the value that was being expressed.

I remembered this dream, because as I was "coming to consciousness" I turned to someone sitting nearby and said "Oh man, I gotta go, I wish I could stick around." And this  person (whom I did not recognize) said "That's okay, this will be going on for days."

The person onstage was a musician, famous for being an iconoclast, someone I had reviewed when I did music reviews for Variety, someone I did not know, but who has shown up often in the research with Jennifer Shaffer ("Backstage Pass to the Flipside"

I'm not mentioning his name, because it's not about his fame or celebrity (that doesn't exist on the flipside) but  it is about the experience of being in the audience and experiencing someone's life review. An amazing experience. Virtual in 4D - as one sees it and feels it simultaneously as it's being reviewed.

If you haven't thought about it - now's as good a time as any to think about it. And if there are flaws to fix - fix them.  It will be entertaining when we all get to view that event.

My two cents.

John Lennon says he's helping Paul with his music, Paul confirms it

It's a provocative headline, I know.

Flipside detectives. Just reporting ma'am.

I'm not trying to sell anyone anything. I'm reporting, so it deserves this kind of headline.

Let me say it again: John Lennon says he's helping Paul with his music, Paul confirms it.

Today on the CBS Morning show, Paul was quoted speaking of John.

(Asked about John's passing and if he'd still be writing on "CBS This Morning") 

"Yeah. He was showing no signs of slowing up. You know, he was still making great music. The question is, would we have ever got back together again?" What's the answer? "I don't know!" McCartney said. "We don't know. We were friends. That was one of the great things about it. You know, I don't know how I would've dealt with it. 'Cause I don't think I've dealt with it very well. You know, in a way, you know … I wouldn't be surprised if a psychiatrist would sort of find out that I was slightly in denial. Because it's too much." 

McCartney told us he still has dreams about John Lennon, and thinks about him when he writes."  

There's a direct quote in last week's "Hacking the afterlife" podcast where we asked John (who stopped by with a friend) "what are you up to?" and he said "I'm working with Paul on his songs."' 

We (Jennifer Shaffer and I) asked him about that process as well:

Here's the podcast of that episode: 

Here's the video of the podcast from 

This past week, we had a "surprise guest" in our podcast.  That is, as I was going to sleep, I heard my friend Luana Anders (who passed in 1996) tell me that we had a "surprise guest" for our upcoming podcast.

Why Luana put it that way, I don't know. We have interviewed both Elvis and John in the books "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" and I reference them in this interview.


I forgot to add in the post that Elvis came through to talk a bit about his relationship with Colonel Tom Parker. 

Tom Hanks was talking about what a con man and huckster he was in life on "The Late Show" - but then said when he invited Priscilla to dinner at their home, she talked about how much the family loved Tom, how much Elvis loved him. 

And in the interview, Elvis explains why - they "found each other in this lifetime" and "checked off all the boxes of lessons they wanted to learn." People on the flipside not only reporting new information, but confirming what their loved ones on this side say about them. 

John helps Paul, Paul refers to John helping him - Elvis loved Parker, Tom reports that's what Priscilla said. Literally what Jennifer reported Elvis said about being "a genius and scoundrel."

But something in the interview jumped out at me today, because, well the quote came from Paul McCartney.

In the interview with Elvis, we asked him how he showed up in our class that day or why. And Jennifer said "He's telling me that John Lennon brought him forward."  That is "normal" in terms of the amount of sessions I've filmed and done with Jennifer - once a week for the past six years - one person we've interviewed in the past will "bring someone else" forward.  ("Backstage Pass to the Flipside" books 1, 2 and 3).

We've interviewed friends (Bill Paxton, Harry Dean Stanton) strangers, politicians - anyone who wanders in, because I know they haven't wandered in, they've asked, raised their hand to speak to us.

I know that's the case because when Tom Petty showed up a few days after his passing, I asked "Why is Tom here?" And he said "You guys have no idea how long the line is to talk to you.  Your friend Luana is the person who holds the clipboard and allows people in.  It's like she's the bouncer at the VIP entrance of the club, no one gets in without her saying it's okay."

Hence the title of the book.

I didn't know Tom. Jennifer didn't know Tom. Tom has specific messages he wanted us to pass along to his family and we did so. For the record, the family member I reached out to said "I really wish I could speak to my father, but I don't think you guys are talking to him."  

I apologized for the intrusion. 

But that hasn't stopped others from coming in to speak to us, to ask us to pass along messages to people. Junior Seau wanted to speak to his widow, Gina, so I set up a session with Jennifer without telling her why. She didn't know Gina, didn't know who Junior was really, and they had an hour long conversation on film.  Junior was adamant about telling us that the very much alive Joe Namath has "cured his CTE" using hyperbaric oxygen therapy. 

Jennifer and Gina Seau post interview

So adamant he showed up three times to make the case, with Paul Allen (Microsoft founder who started his brain institute to explore these brain issues), Dave Duerson of the Chicago Bears who was the first victim of CTE. I put a film on that is 90 minutes of these conversations that anyone can view for free.

But back to Paul and John.

Let's not forget who wrote the song "Yesterday" and "Let It Be."

In the interview he talks about "waking up with the song in his head." More on point is that his mother came to him in a moment of stress - when he reportedly was worried about his finances - and told him to "Let it be."

It's literally a conversation with his departed mother telling him to "just let things be" and that everything is going to be okay.  

But beyond that, last Thursday John said he is "helping Paul with his music" - and describes that process, and today, Sunday the 20th of December in the year of our plague, Paul confirms


It's not me saying these things. It's not my opinion, theory or belief that people can speak to the flipside. I've been filming people doing so for ten years - over 100 cases to date, 50 with the help of hypnotherapist, 50 without any hypnotherapists. And that's aside from the dozens, perhaps 100s of people that Jennifer and I (and other mediums as well) have directly accessed from the other side.

Anyone can do it.

Anyone can speak to their loved ones.

Anyone can ask their loved ones to help. They can't intercede - they can't change the path we've chosen for ourselves - but they can (and do) keep up the conversation.

Even if it's the most famous writing duo on the planet.  One is assisting the other. 

( Jennifer works with law enforcement agencies nationwide on missing person cases. She knows what she's doing. Or at least I film her doing what she's doing.

I can't figure out any other way to trumpet this information.  I've been saying the same things since I wrote "Flipside" and made the documentary (on Amazon Prime) about this topic.  None of the details have changed - just grown more detailed.

Check it out. Look at the books, look at the research, try a self experiment, see if one comes up with a different outcome.  

Lately, I've had one of my old pals on the flipside "kicking my ass" because I haven't been more vocal about this research.  It's worth noting when something rings true, rings a bell, or otherwise shatters our illusion of how things work we need to let it ring.

Consider this post a very loud bell.

My two cents


Hacking the Afterlife with Chuck Yeager

 Hacking the Afterlife with Chuck Yeager

It's been a couple of weeks since Jennifer and I did a session. As noted during this one, I had the impression that Chuck Yeager wanted to speak to us, and heard his name in my kitchen. As I always do, I suggest that person "Make a reservation with Luana, who is the holder of our clipboard."

This morning, I had asked Luana in my mind on the flipside, "So who should we speak with?" and Chuck's name appeared as an answer.  I did a little cursory research about him - and the show is verbatim.

At the end of the show, there's a moment when Jennifer's friend texts her, and she asks "I had the feeling you were speaking to Chuck Yeager" but had no clue as to why that would be.  But she texted it literally as I was reaching for the off button - I had Jennifer read it live on the podcast.

I refrained from editing the pauses in this episode.  I normally trim them - but I want people to realize that I'm not forcing these answers. She didn't know who Chuck Yeager was, and he told her he was the guy who "broke the sound barrier."  Later, I ask him how he learned about our class, and claimed it was John Lennon who told him.

That's not my theory or opinion - it's just what was reported. Since we've interviewed John before in the book "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" and I'm friends with one of his sons, I took the opportunity to ask him a couple of questions. 

Also a surprise visit by Aretha Franklin who is also in the book "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" (where she asks us to reach out to her niece to find her handwritten will, which we did.)  Then there's a conversation I had with a woman named Miriam - I asked about her in the fashion I did because I'm writing a book that includes interviews with the alpha and omega - and for those familiar with "Hacking the Afterlife" book, they won't be surprised by these question and answers. I was.

Sorry for the glitch towards the end - normally I cut out those "frozen moments" - but in this case, I tried not to edit much as I wanted people to get the experience of how I hear these things in real time.  Not scripted. Just experienced. Pretty wild that her friend texted her with the message "I got the feeling you were talking to the pilot Chuck Yeager."  We were.

Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Elvis and John Lennon

It's our 40th episode!  How about that? Podcast

Well, this is no different than the others - mind bending and just about as out there as we can get.

Last night I happened to catch Tom Hanks talking about his movie he's doing with Baz Luhrmann in Australia, where he plays Colonel Tom Parker. Went to sleep without a thought about it, and had the impression that Luana told me we'd have a "surprise guest" in today's episode.

To be clear, we've seen Elvis before in our class - and we did invite him into the chair and interviewed him extensively.  Who was there to greet him when he crossed over (his mom) and other important things in his life.  It's in "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" - and we also interview Colonel Parker (not a Colonel, and according to Tom's interview a rather shady character) - but aside from the public perception of who his manager was, both the interview in the book and this interview paint a different portrait.

It's not opinion being expressed here. This is live, off the cuff, improvised, whatever happens happens kind of reporting. I had no idea, zero idea what we'd find in today's episode and even forgot what last week's was until she mentions it.

Elvis said he was "introduced to our class by John Lennon" - which is repeated in the book.  It's not like "all the celebrities hang out together" - it's a frequency issue, and those artists or musicians hang out with other folks who are using the same frequency.  If one looks at the Backstage Pass books they'll find quite a few musicians there.

I directed Ray Charles in the film "Limit Up" which Luana and I cowrote, so Ray has introduced us to quite a few of his friends because he knew ... well... everyone.  And through one we can know the other.

I know this interview might ruffle some feathers - but again, it's live, none of it planned, and Jennifer works with law enforcement agencies nationwide on missing person cases. She even helped NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton with a case (solved, ask him about it sometime.)

We are demonstrating that anyone can do this - don't need a medium, but it helps.  However, as noted, anyone can speak to their loved ones on the flipside, and apparently anyone they'd like to chat with.  Stick around to the end, where Elvis sums up his relationship with Tom Parker. Insightful.


Thank you Coast to Coast! #4 on the Audible Best Seller List Today!

 Thank you Coast to Coast. 

Latest book "Architecture of the Afterlife" is #4 on the Amazon Best Seller list today (Audible in its genre) as a direct result of people tuning in to hear me talk about the Flipside. Squeezed between Dr. Weiss's books - it's a good place to be for a self published author. (#5 on Kindle in its genre today). 

Give the gift of sound to your loved ones both here and off the planet... here's a link to our podcast "Hacking the Afterlife" ( with Jennifer Medlyn Shaffer!!!

Also, wanted to share this story today:

I woke up this morning (approximately 5 am mountain time today) and I dreamt about you and a new book that you were having out. I heard music, a person talking about it and then your name. Seems to me a radio host talking. And it was probably a video too, I saw colors (white and blue with letters).
And I just remember it looking at this post of you right now (5.50 am).
That is weird!
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  • 10h
  • Rich Martini
    welcome to my world. Thanks. First for mentioning it as we rarely do. When examined a dream could be metaphor or literal. In this case i was talking about my book last night "Architecture of the Afterlife " with George Noory and there are musical breaks between segments. (Show ran 11-1 am your time.) So could be someone on the flipside had you tune in (without a radio.) Could be a memory of a previous show... combined with this blue and white ad. But could be this actual show. Id suggest Sign up for free trial and listen to it . See if it rings a bell. Could be someone on the flipside trying to introduce the topic.
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    where you on Coast to Coast? I listen to the radio from an app and I didn't see anything about you this week. And at 11 pm last night I was sleeping.
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    Image may contain: ‎1 person, ‎text that says '‎09:17 COAST COAST ا 50% Friday December 04, 2020 Tales of the Afterlife Open Lines Hosted By George Noory Play Show‎'‎‎
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  • FACEBOOK FAN: That is what my app show from last night, very similar to the colors I saw in my dream. But I couldn't see anything about it as this picture appeared after the show its done in the app.
    And I am pretty sure it was a dream, I remember it very well. It was like a video or something.
    I will listen to the show later today.
    Thanks 😊
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  • Rich Martini
    that's funny.. yes the artwork is blue and white.. look at yesterday's blog at - the artwork from "Beyond Belief." Yes you described exactly what is sounds like during the interview. Don't get caught up in airtime. We are outside of time when asleep (or off planet). You heard the show. Must be that phantom chip the aliens planted...I'm kidding! Enjoy the show. Obviously someone or higher self wants you to hear it.

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    • 7h
    I know why I saw/hear about you last night!!! I was listening to the show, and a caller said he tried many things to communicate with his deceased mother (who suppose to give him the lottery numbers lol).
    You taught this caller to do a short list of questions and I will say visualizations (like in hypnosis), to make contact with his mother.
    It's been today 11 months since my mother in law passed away, and my husband said to me that he dreamed about her last night.
    I suddenly got emotional, and I knew I have to teach him the process of visualization and asking questions. My husband has been hoping to talk with her since she passed (he dreamed a few times with her) he misses her so much and they both love each other very much.
    I just wanted to let you know. Thanks a lot!

  • And here (is a photo of her dressed in white and blue) lol!

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  • Rich Martini
    that's lovely =- thank you for sharing your story! When someone reaches out to me based on a dream or some other odd vivid event, I always suspect it's someone on the flipside who has tapped them on the shoulder and said "Hey, reach out to Rich, he knows how to get through to me."  And here we are - hope your husband chats with her and tells her I said hello!
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