Having a Near Life Experience, Classrooms and an Interview

I answered this question on Quora today...

How would you define a "near life" experience?

That’s the term I prefer to use rather than “near death” experience.

Near death experiences occur when a person feels their consciousness leave their body and moves to another plane.  There are thousands of cases, many have been studied and cataloged by Dr. Greyson at UVA.  

There are many that can be examined at iands.org.  

People describe a variety of experiences, but by and large they are positive and give people a euphoric feeling and alter any fears of death.

However if we compare those near death experiences with the research done by Dr. Helen Wambach (“Life before Life’) or Michael Newton (“Journey of Souls”) two psychologists who studied what their clients said under deep hypnosis about their journey, we find similiar stories about what it’s like “back home” - that place that’s not here, but is where people consistently claim we “return to” after our departure from this plane.

So let’s examine what that might mean.  These people (I’ve filmed 45 so far) consistently refer to this arena, what Michael Newton called the “life between lives” realm - but what I’m hearing people call “home” - is reported to be a place of “unconditional love.”  

It’s the place that we exist prior to coming here - and further, people claim we only bring a certain amount of our conscious energy to our lifetime, and roughly two thirds of that energy is always “back home” while we are here.

So if the place that we come from is “home” and the majority of our conscious energy is always “back there” then that’s a reframe of what it means to be here on the planet, what it means to be “alive.”  When we are here, sleeping for a third of our lives, living and breathing and navigating the human animal that we are, we are as far away from our natural state as we can imagine.  

Like waking up and finding ourselves on Mars - trying to navigate that atmosphere, trying to stay alive in that environment, and then when that lifetime is over, returning “home” to earth (for example.) 
Mars. Look familiar? It should.

If that’s accurate, that the lifetime we lead here on the planet is one that is “not like being home”that our journey to this place is “unlike our natural state” - then having a near death experience is like getting a glimpse of what “real life”is like.  It’s getting a glimpse of what our natural state is - in a space of unconditional love surrounded by our loved ones and soul mates, and having a feeling of interconnectivity to everyone and all things.  That’s essential what our existence is,according to these reports, essential what “being alive” entails.

And our journey here to the planet seems more like “being in a fishtank” or “existing in a dream”or “finding oneself onstage in the middle of a play.”  In other words, this world, this place where we currently inhabit, is the false front, the imaginary world that we navigate on a daily basis.  

And when we have a near death event, or some other altered consciousness event, we get a glimpse of what LIFE really is - hence why I call them “near life events” rather than the former."

Near Life on Earth.

Then I answer this Quora question:

What do you think souls are doing in heaven?

Ask them.

There’s an odd construct while we are here on the planet. We assume that when people die, their consciousness does as well. But that’s just not in the data. 

What is in the data is the reports of thousands of people who’ve had near death experiences (iands.org) where they report not only that we don’t die, but that we “return” somewhere we’ve been before.

What the people under deep hypnosis consistently say (I’ve filmed 45 sessions and examined thousands of cases from psychologists Dr. Helen Wambach and Michael Newton) is that we existed prior to coming here, that we don’t bring all of our consciousness to our incarnation (reportedly about a third) and when we leave this plane, we return to merge with the consciousness left behind.

In this question there are two brain freeze parts; the word “soul” and the word “heaven.” In this research, people don’t use the word “heaven” but claim that people are “going home.” 

In other words, the construct of the word “heaven” is reflective of the person saying it. They claim that during their between life experience they have feelings of “unconditional love” and experience “joy” - but they don’t refer to this place as anywhere but “home.” As in the place we return to after we are here.

No two descriptions of this place match - other than the hallmarks of seeing “soul mates” or people we normally incarnate with, of seeing “spirit guides” or the people who have guided us through “all of our lifetimes.”

Occassionally they encounter some being they ascribe to being “god” or “godlike.” No two descriptions match either - other than describing an “intense bright light.” People refer to “creator” or “creators” but none of the reports follow any of the religions that are on the planet that I’m aware of. 

The closest belief system that I’ve come across is that of either aboriginals of Australia (who believe that being awake is being in a “dream” and that while we are asleep (or that our consciousness can roam free) is “reality” (which is what people under deep hypnosis also claim) or those beliefs of native Americans that “every object is imbued with energy” or “the great spirit.” These accounts are remarkably similar to what people under deep hypnosis claim about the process.

So I’m happy to say there is no “soul that goes to heaven” in the research. But I’m equally happy to report that “our consciousness returns home after life.”

Now that I’ve opened that door (and it’s not a door everyone should open, nor am I suggesting people should open it - it’s just what I’ve been doing the past decade) - I can tell you what people report they are doing “back home.”

Going to class.

I’m sorry if that’s stressful to some - I know it was to me when I heard it, as in “I went to school for 18 odd years, you’re telling me I have to go back to class on the flipside?” But in all the cases I’ve filmed - the 45 at least, and the thousands I’ve read that Michael Newton has gathered - people claim that while we are “back home” we also “attend class.”
Mom and I started our own class in 1959

I’ve also done 5 of these between life sessions and each time I’ve “visited” one of these classrooms. All I can say is that my conscious mind is saying “woah! a classroom!) ((while “under hypnosis” your conscious mind is always aware, you’re just allowing the subconscious to speak)) - and in each of the classrooms I’ve visited I’ve been able to ask questions to the people who are teaching the class. (I reported this in “Flipside” as well as “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife.”)

What are the classes about?

They’re mostly about the transference of energy from one medium to the next. I’ve seen classes of students learning about how to help channel “the healing light of the universe into doctors, healers and others who are trying to help people on the planet” I’ve seen a class where students work on “geometric shapes, fractals that retain all of the memories of previous lifetimes yet travel with us during our lives so we have access to them.” 

I’ve attended a class where the teacher showed me on a “chalkboard” the formula for “creating crystals.” (I’m not a scientist so I wish I understood them - but it was something to do with “time” “intense pressure” “intent” - and in my mind’s eye I was shown examples of pink crystals that the class was working on.

In Newton’s books he has clients report about these classes. And in the book “My Life After Life” by Galen Stoller, (who wrote the foreword to “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife” volume two from the flipside) he reports attending these classes, and what it’s like to find yourself in one, to look around at the other students in attendance, and what a particular teacher looks like.

But aside from classes, what else are people doing? Playing complex elaborate games. In one case, (“Its a Wonderful Afterlife”) this film producer I know, a skeptic, who didn’t think “she would get anywhere” under hypnosis, but agreed to let me film her doing a sessions - said that her “soul group” was playing an elaborate game of tag. 

The hypnotherapist (scott de tamble of lightbetweenlives.com) asked “What kind of tag?” She said all six members of her soul group could “hide anywhere” and that in order to win, you had to “tag all six of them.”

with Jennifer Shaffer and Scott De Tamble

Scott asked “What do you mean hide?” She said “They’re invisible and they can hide anywhere in the universe.” Then she said “Oh, and they’re showing me the advanced version where you can hide in other realms as well. And you have to find all six of them before you win.”

Again - this kind of inquiry isn’t for everyone. I’m not trying to stir the pot, or trying to make any claims about anything. I’m just reporting (as a journalist and a filmmaker) what people are saying under deep hypnosis about the afterlife. It’s not my opinion,belief or theory about what they’re saying - I’m reporting verbatim what they are saying. And it’s been consistent over the past ten years and 45 sessions (I’ve done 5 myself.)

What I’m working on at the moment is “conversing” with folks on the flipside, via different mediums. (including JenniferShaffer.com) I ask the same questions to different mediums who don’t know each other,don’t know the individual I’m asking the questions to, and seeing what answers I get. 

I can only say that the answers have been consistent whether I ask them, where someone else asks them, or they’re written in advance. And while working on that ability to “talk to the flipside” I’ve found that they are much easier to access than we think they are.

The “proof” that they are communicating with me is in “new information.” Details that only they could know, that I later find out to be accurate through forensic research. In other words, could not be cryptomnesia, hypoxia, or synesthesia - they’re telling me something I could not know, something the medium could not know, but upon later research discover to be accurate.

Finally, here's a link to a "book talk" I did on air with Ana Velasquez:

Hacking the Afterlife with Rich Martini

“Hacking the Afterlife” offers that it’s possible to obtain “new information” from people no longer on the planet. 

These “afterlife interviews” offer practical advice (“afterlife hacks”) on how to navigate our lives and improve our planet. 

Martini’s inspiration and curiosity comes from the technique used by Dr. Michael Newton that allows people to access the between lives realm, or LBLs
Listen in as Rich takes a friend with a near death experience through this “Hacking the Afterlife” process.

Writer/Director/Author Richard Martini is an award winning filmmaker, who has written and/or directed 8 theatrical features, and a number of documentaries. 

His first book, “Flipside: A Tourist’s Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife” went to #1 twice at Amazon in all its genres. The book is based on transcripts of a documentary he made which is available at Amazon (Flipside: A Journey Into the Afterlife) and Gaiam TV. 

His books “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife” volumes one and two expands the research into the afterlife from Michael Newton’s work, to include interviews with a number of scientists in the field of consciousness, including Dr. Bruce Greyson, Dr. Mario Beauregard, and Gary Schwartz Phd. 

He also examines near death experiences and compares their accounts to similar ones during between life sessions (the technique used by Michael Newton that allows people to access the between lives realm, or LBLs) and other examples (OBEs) where people may have lost their ability to think normally, but are having the same experiences. In “Hacking the Afterlife” he interviews mediums and explores “interviewing people no longer on the planet.” As Gary Schwartz put it after reading “Flipside” “Inspiring, well written and entertaining. The kind of book where once you have read it, you will no longer be able to see the world in the same way again.”


Listen to my interview with Rich Martini

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