Dept of Perceptual Studies at UVA proving that life goes on...

DOPS UVA, where consciousness is studied by scientists. Great to see my pal Gary Schwartz PhD included; data is data after all. Not a fan of the B roll choices, but worth watching. 

Insisting life ends in death or consciousness ends when the brain does just isn't reflected in the research. Happy Halloween.

Perceptual Studies

The UVA Division of Perceptual Studies have been researching consciousness for several years.


Howard Schultz "River of Souls" from the film Flipside

Howard Schultz, friend and mentor, exploring his subconscious via a between life session circa 2010.  This is the raw, unedited version of what becomes the chapter "River of Souls" in the book "Flipside."  Someone requested being able to view the raw unedited footage of a session, (in order to understand what I had edited, or what I'm referring to) and since Howard has crossed over to the Flipside, I'm posting it in honor of him.

   A lifelong friend, mentor to many, Howard was responsible for "Extreme Makeover" and many other shows through his Lighthearted Entertainment banner.  In this session, which he often showed to people in his offices in Burbank, he recalls a lifetime where he was a young girl living in Denmark who is deported to Dachau. I was able to find the records of this town, and the arrest of Jewish families there. In terms of his recollection of a lifetime in Tombstone, Arizona, I found an account of his "death" in a newspaper account from the 1800's in that era (it's a footnote in "Flipside") I found the town he recalled being from exists in Arkansas.

  After he crossed over, I interviewed him via Jennifer Shaffer (a medium who works with law enforcement nationwide, who is featured in "Hacking the Afterlife" and "Backstage Pass to the Flipside: Talking to the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer") where he laughingly told us "Good luck convincing people that there is an afterlife.  People say they want to believe it, but they don't, as it would upset their paradigm." (Paraphrasing).

   Howard did this session as a proof of concept exercise for me (and for him) - he proves it was accurate in the details that he gives (that are in the footnotes of "Flipside"). Jennifer is not the only medium he's reached out through - other friends have told me that during a session (and one who was sitting nearby) he showed up to make comments, give advice from the flipside. Howard still exists and has proven it time and again.

   Apologies for the format;  this was filmed for reference for the book - the footage is out of focus,  sound hampered by a guy cutting his grass - but it is the raw footage from which I crafted his chapter in "Flipside."  Howard hired me at one point to write a film about an experience he had - I'm sorry to say we never made that film, but in retrospect, we came together for other reason, spiritual ones, which are evident here.

   If you take the time to listen - about an hour in, his account of dying in Dacau is painful to hear, but his report of visiting the "River of Souls" is beyond compare. It's not something he invented, made up, or created - in real time he's as awed by this experience as I was.

   This session has humor, wit, and a variety of things to share - but in its essence, it's raw - unedited.  What anyone could experience if they took the time to do so.  The session is conducted by Scott De Tamble (lightbetweenlives). He was trained by Michael Newton in this method, and he's graciously allowed me to film a number of his sessions.  He was recommended to me by Paul Aurand, former President of the Newton Institute. (They have a searchable database to find Newton Institute trained therapists worldwide.)

   Howard checked off the planet at the young age of 61.  When we accessed him on the Flipside, he told us that despite leaving his loved ones, his family and dear wife, he felt he had accomplished what he'd set out to do in this lifetime - bringing "lightheartedness" to people. His literal quote to us, which I asked him for to put on the book "Hacking the Afterlife" is: *"Good luck to you for making the unbelievable claim that there even is an afterlife. " He was a notable fellow and is missed by many:

    This session stands outside of time, a small testament to a great human being.  I'm sorry he checked off the planet so early - but I can tell you that he did so on his own terms, sitting on the beach in Hawaii, having a cigar watching the sunset.  He just had a simple heart stoppage - but it didn't stop him, or his ability to speak to anyone who needs to speak with him.

    He and I discussed doing a TV reality show on this topic for, oh, about ten years.  He shot a pilot where he followed around mediums who were assisting people on the planet. We had many lunches where we danced around "how to make this work."  The last conversation I had with him was about us making "Past Life Detectives" together - but now I realize, five years after his passing, we were referring to this work, this footage, this evidence that life has gone on before, life continues to go on.  He's still funny - still witty - still accessible. You don't need a medium or a deep hypnosis session to access him (although that helps) - you just need to say his name and ask him questions. When he "replies before you can ask the question you'll know you're connected."

    Howard. This one's for you buddy.

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