Interview with Pan Society talking to the Flipside

I was contacted by Laura of the Pan Society about appearing on her blog broadcast.  She was casually familiar with posts I've made about accessing the flipside.  When we finally connected, she suggested that we do a show about "evil and pain in the afterlife."
Laura Giles Pan Society
I jokingly said "Well, that interview would be me saying one sentence, and then we'd have the rest of the hour to discuss."  As I mentioned in my note to her this morning:

"Thanks for recording it. I will send you a transcript as soon as I can... it's worth looking over to see what else you may have recalled or remembered.  That is why I try to emphasize "learning new information."  The idea that you have had guides around you, that can communicate with you (including the fabulous "Pearl") is something you already know.  

But in this interview you got to learn more new information about them - including sort of what they present themselves as, the qualities of you that they represent, and how they can help guide you if need be.  (And guided you into my world).  

Just fabulous to meet them and you, and thanks for allowing us to take that adventure.  

As I said, if we had done a show about "evil and pain," I would have said "Well, based on the research, both of those are relative to this planet, that they don't exist per se, but are a produce of an ideation or mental construct of trying to navigate this lifetime."  

And then we would have spent an hour discussing how that may or may not be reflected in both our research.  

But instead - we got to explore a whole world - and wow! I forgot! We spoke to a pool of water.  I just got a chill recalling that.  

I can tell you that in doing the same kinds of explorations, I had a scientist with a PhD have a conversation with a "rock" that she held up out of a riverbed in her "place of healing" - I've had numerous conversations with trees - each one different, each one the person saw the tree, went up to the tree, I asked them to hug the three - and then to describe if they "felt anything about the tree that was unusual" and they all said "There's an entity here."  

Some described their lifetime on the planet (I remember one said they lived 640 years on earth, and considered humans no different than the insects that crawled over her - perhaps a bit more dangerous but no less or more important) - and like I said, the one who dropped the "plant a trillion trees" idea on me.  I later discovered they estimate there are 3 trillion trees on the planet - so that's not an insignificant amount, but obviously would make a dent in climate change. 

I've also asked about the "cleaning salt water" process in the past (from scientists like Hawking, Einstein, Sagan or Tesla) and all gave variations of the SAME things you mentioned. I don't know how much science you have in your background - but you mentioned (or the water mentioned) the same things that these sage physicists offered... so... WOW.

Like I say - I'm glad Pearl reminded me to take you there. I really was about to wrap it up, and had this thought "Pearl is telling you to take her to a place of healing."  I know what a place of healing refers to - it was short hand, I often ask a person at the end of our discussion to go there - but I wasn't about to, and it did pop into my head as if Pearl put it there.  

I try not to judge whatever I hear, sense or see during these sessions... it's easy to do afterwards, but while its occurring I've found I've had many unusual questions pop up.

I don't know about you, but I was exhausted yesterday after our hour - I mean as if "holding focus" for that long was exhausting. And I wasn't doing any of the work!  I was just holding on to what you were saying... and allowing questions to "bubble forth" to see what we might learn.

So - obviously you have an open channel to these folks. And if you have a hypnotherapist you "trade" with - meaning someone you trust to take you back there, you should pursue this on some level. I know Scott De Tamble ( my pal who was trained by Michael Newton and has let me film a number of sessions with him, has hypnotherapist friends and they do sessions "over the phone" like we did, skipping ahead to ask questions or get answers for things they're working on.  Something you have the obvious capacity to do!

Will send over the transcript as soon as I can."

Here's the interview:

As I posted on Facebook today:

Unusual podcast yesterday with Laura Giles of the Pan Society. A demonstration that a person doesn't have to use hypnosis to access the flipside. In her field, she was aware of her guides, but not with the kind of detail we explored. (A deep hypnosis session is preferable, as that can assist in long term healing.) 

This is a simple demonstration that shows a person always has assistance from the flipside. (Her guides say the same things others do). 

Warning: once you listen to this podcast you will never see water with the same eyes. If you don't want your consciousness filter altered I recommend NOT listening to the entire conversation. 

If you do then I suggest it's because your guides want you to open yourself up to the possibility. (For other examples with same results see


Talking to the Flipside without hypnosis

Interview with Pan Society, demonstrating one doesn't have to use hypnosis to access the flipside.

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