There is No I in Team

The title of this talk is "There is no i in team." 

I talk about the latest research into talking to the flipside, the work done by Dr. Helen Wambach and Michael Newton. How we incarnate with a "team" of individuals that help us here, that we help as well. 

I cite cases and examples of the same. There is a Q and A worth watching at the very end, where I invited a person up to ask a question. 

The question turns out to be to her father on the flipside, and demonstrating the technique of "asking questions without knowing if you can get an answer" and "opening ourselves up to whatever it is we see, sense or hear" she gets a direct message from her father to a man in the audience who had told me earlier on that he was involved with a film project about spirituality. 

I wouldn't have believed it if it hadn't happened before.  I asked him why in his vision he provided his daughter on stage, she could see his watch - he replied (through her) that it was to observe that time is relative, and on the other side, the flipside, it doesn't have that much meaning.  

It is a short, concise, five minute example of how anyone can speak directly to their loved ones on the flipside.

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