This is one of those podcasts where after it's done, I think "that's it. We've finally shown beyond a shadow of doubt that people can talk to the flipside."  Then I format the show, listen to it - listen to myself make mistakes (often) and listen to Jennifer channel people no longer on the planet.

Let's start with the stuff that will stop people in their tracks. Bob was not 67 years old.  I am 67 years old. Bill Paxton (who shows up later on,) is 67 years old, and both he and Bob Saget share a birthday of May 17th.  I asked Bob to tell her what age he passed and she said "67."  She reported the number accurately that she heard - for those who don't want to believe that she can communicate with people off the planet, Bob is 66. (After this recent birthday.)

So if you want to jump off the flipside boat, reject the Hacking the Afterlife premise, now is your chance.  Again - she reports "what she's getting."  I don't know why he reported a year off - maybe like Luana he always "shaved a year off the bio."

I know that Luana did because I discovered it one day when she got a ticket and I had to hand the driver's license to the cop.  There is was in print. A year shy of the actual date.  Officially (but not officially.)  Somehow she got them to accept the date she preferred.

But I digress.

The podcast started off with a general discussion of Pride month - this was filmed before the Supreme Court announced they were tossing out 50 years of women's rights - so the reference to "abortion" is not because of the decision. I filmed this on Thursday, and for the record, the decision came out on Friday.

But the folks on the flipside wanted to reference it.  Human rights. Love your neighbor as yourself - it's really the most important thing said in the bible, or in any book of scripture. If you don't love your neighbor - UNCONDITIONALLY then you're missing the point of being on the planet.

There's an angry diatribe in here, coming from yours truly about the hypocrisy of a church I grew up in.  But that aside - people are going to watch this for mainly one reason.

Bob Saget has messages for his friends and family.

Honestly, for whatever reason, I was aware of Bob through his pals - people who talked about him, his generosity. Jeff Ross talking about him, John Stamos and John Mayer telling stories about how generous he was with spirit and love - and that inspired me to watch the special on Netflix.

But I had no desire to interview him. 

As stated in the podcast, he "showed up" as a voice in my head, saying his name, and I said to him what I've said to others before (in the books "Backstage Pass to the Flipside.") "I don't talk to people on the other side, but Luana Anders does.  So find Luana and she can facilitate a conversation." I was going out of town the next day, so I promptly forgot about it - then Jennifer was unavailable last week, so I didn't bring it up. And then a few days ago - he showed up again.  As you can see and hear in the podcast.

I won't belabor the point here. Your loved ones exist.  You can communicate with them using hypnotherapy, mediumship or meditation. All three work. Clearly. Bob can testify to that. And Jennifer really does pro bono work with law enforcement agencies nationwide, and she really does help people. 

To those who knew and loved him - I apologize in advance for something that may seem treading on toes. I don't know what else to say then, it's not that folks on the flipside want to speak to Jennifer or me - they want to speak to YOU and they're showing you how simple it is.  

Say their name. Ask them questions. When you get a response before you can ask the question you'll know you've made a connection.  He has direct messages for his wife, for his children and for Jim Carrey, someone I met over drinks at the "Little Door" and we talked about Andy Kaufman, because his sister lived across from my parents in Northbrook.

Not hard. Simple. They are NOT GONE. They are just NOT HERE. Give them the opportunity to connect, to let you know life does go on, and they're happy to talk if it's something desired. Hope this helps.


Meditation on Father's Day

 An unusual event on Father’s Day. My daughter and I stopped by the Lake Shrine near Malibu. This was the property given to Yogananda, the great meditation scientist, and it’s a lake with swans and roses. Above the lake is a temple where they hold weekly meditation services.


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