Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Fred Trump Sr and Jr and Beau Biden

It popped into my head last night as I was going to sleep

However, as noted, this morning I didn't think it was a good idea and abandoned it. But when our session began, my friend on the flipside Luana Anders said "Don't be afraid of inviting the two people that you were planning on inviting."

First I invited the father of Mary Trump, Fred Jr. He had a contentious relationship with his father, but Jennifer did not know who we were speaking to.  At one point, I think I referred to him as Robert, Mary's uncle - but this was Fred Jr. in the chair, father of Mary Trump who wrote the book excoriating her uncle.

Because Jennifer had no idea who we were talking to, this is an unadulterated exploration of a father who had dementia, and a son who had a rocky lifetime - but both reconciled on the flipside. Once Jennifer realizes who they are, she gives some insight into their opinion of their son and brother. No other way to put it.

The other person I invited was Beau Biden - at first Jennifer didn't realize who Beau was (I know a few myself) but ultimately gives a poignant reading with him - what it was like to cross over and be with his mother again.  He offers insight into his father, and repeats some of the themes that Joe has said in the past - waking up each day as if it's a "new day" and the quote he gave the other night about "keeping the faith" (and adding "spread the faith."  Jennifer might be aware of it - but as it happens live on camera, I doubt she's aware that's exactly what Joe said in his acceptance speech.

Everything works out in the end. We all are just walking each other home.


Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Maverick, JFK and Sargent Shriver

Here's the "Election Edition" that we did last week.  

As noted, we did not "invite" anyone to this session.  Sometimes I get the feeling or impression "someone wants to speak to us."  In this case, I was tied up, busy up to the moment we went on air - and just left it open to Luana, our friend on the flipside, to bring to the class whomever wanted to speak.


She begins with "Maverick."  He showed up to discuss the election. Said he felt "bitter sweet" and Jennifer said it "felt like" he was saying "sweet revenge." (Or I did. I forget). Bittersweet (revenge).

We call him Maverick, because as noted in "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" John came forward to chat with us, Jennifer couldn't think of his name, but heard the word. 

As a point of order, I was not a fan of his politics, I had met his chief of staff while researching my film "Three For the Road" with Charlie Sheen, and I remember him as a political creature created of the era. I knew his life story, and in the book we go over his impressions of the flipside.

But I had the impression he showed up in my apt. as I heard his voice say "I understand you're the person I need to speak with to give my family a message."  I was startled - for a number of reasons. I'd never heard a stranger's voice before in my home speaking to me, I was wondering why I was hearing it in my place, and I'm not the guy he needs to go to. So I said to him aloud "No. I'm not the guy. However, I know the person you should speak to, and ask Luana to put you on the list for this Thursday's session."

I mean - as wacky as that sounds - it mollified him.  And the following Thursday, when I showed up at Jennifer's office, she said "John McCain is here."

Just like that. On camera. 

I take no credit for this information - again, I'm being specific. Someone "shows up" in my consciousness, and I tell them "It's not me you want to speak with, it's Luana and Jennifer."  And the following session, just prior to arrival, I say their name aloud again - like "you're up. This is your cue."

As noted, John was eloquent, poignant in the book about his path and journey - and we spoke to some of the folks who were victims of his during the war, as well as friends of his who he suffered in POW camp.  He's still a funny, witty guy - and that has not altered a bit.

In this session, he reiterated some things we'd already discussed. However, as demonstrated, I ask people on the flipside if they "know someone else" on the flipside. In this case, Sargent Shriver.

Sargent Shriver

I must point out - I was wrong about the day I saw Sargent Shriver in church. He was standing up in St Monica's on father's day because he had a dozen grandchildren (at the time, he has 19 now) - and not a dozen children. But I had that in my head, as my aunt and uncle had 11 kids.  

So when I talk about "how many kids he had" it is inaccurate. He had five. No more, no less. An example of bias - I thought he had a bunch of kids but he did not. Jennifer said she got the impression of him saying "9" - but that could be "19" (grandchildren) or 9 in "spirit." (We may include miscarriages or others because on the flipside, everyone is there to greet us.)

The inlaws

He talks about being first greeted on the flipside by a "child who drowned."  I have no way of knowing if anyone in his family drowned, or if he's referring to someone else (could have been in a previous lifetime.) I ask "Who was there to greet you?" and two people came to Jennifer's mind. A "child who drowned" and "someone involved with the war."  

On one hand, it's a convenient way to "get off the flipside bus." Because if one knows that he "had no children who drowned" then they can "stop listening" or "get a refund."  Mediums can mistranslate ideas of what they're "getting" "seeing" or "hearing."  Sometimes it requires "returning to the comment" later to understand it. I've been with Jennifer where someone walks up to her and says "You remember that thing I said did not happen? After our session, I learned it did happen!" Or, "I said I was not going away, the next day I was invited there."

Now - if we were going to spend an hour discussing this with him, we could dig deeper. "What uniform was the serviceman wearing?" etc. Or "was this son from this life or another one?" Or... Is this your son, or someone you considered your son? Or... Is this someone who was a son in a previous lifetime, who was a relative in this lifetime who drowned?"  There are many variations of that information...

In "Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3" we ask George Bush Sr. about who greeted him, and at first Jennifer said "Was he in prison?" I asked why she asked that. She said "I'm seeing him in a prison."  I said "Look carefully at the guards. Who are they?" She said "They're Japanese." I knew that when George was shot down in World War II, the fellow pilots who were shot down were taken to a POW camp in the Marshalls and abused horribly. I asked if those were the fellows who "greeted him?"  Jennifer said that was why she "saw those prisoners of war." (Transcript is in the book.) 

What happens in mediumship often is the medium says "did you have a relative who drowned?" and the person says "No." And there's a disconnect. The medium is getting a no, the person is getting a no - which only means the person on the other side is not imparting the information in a way so that the medium can understand it. No one is at fault. It's a game of "telephone" but using Dixie cups on strings to communicate between one realm and the next.  Having worked with Jennifer for half a dozen years, having seen the kind of work she's done with law enforcement, I know how accurate she can be.

But we aren't here to prove something to anyone. Just reporting as best we can, based on the information gathered.

So that goes for the other reports as well. JFK coming forward to agree that LBJ was indeed behind his passing, but that "every President makes mistakes" and that "it takes a large amount of people to plan something of that magnitude" - meaning no one individual is "guilty" or to blame.  When we spoke to LBJ (in the book "Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3") - he confirmed that... said he "knew it was happening and did nothing to stop it" or "the individuals involved."

So that too is subject to interpretation. 

First it's a "oh my God, what did he just say?" moment - I'm old enough to be thrown by it - and then it's a "how does this fit into the research over all about us not dying, and continuing to exist on the other side?" Etc. It is mind bending, but I do my best to report and not judge what we are hearing.

We also have a visit from someone we spoke with a week prior - John Shaner - and he came forward with a message for his pal Robert Towne (who just called me as I wrote this, so I know there's a connection) - to tell him that "he's with his dog Hira, and he didn't like dogs" - a way of confirming to Robert he still exists.

That won't confirm it for anyone else but Robert. 

That's pretty much how this kind of research goes. None of this will prove anything to anyone else but the family or individuals mentioned. And then - atop that - the family themselves may doubt the source of the information.

Recently I forwarded one of our sessions where we spoke to someone on the flipside to their daughter (as per this person's request) and the daughter replied "I wish that I could speak to my father. But please refrain from sending me something where I can't believe that it is him."

So what can I do other than to tell the father on the flipside? "Hey, don't bothering asking me to pass along information. I did, and they didn't want to hear it. You are going to have to try some alternate method to get them information, because I am not the guy."

I often refer them to someone like Jennifer

You don't need to hear it from me - I'm not speaking to them, I'm not the one doing the communicating - I'm just the person filming or recording the session and passing it along. Take your parent's advice or don't - it has nothing to do with me.  

But it does have everything to do with "learning how to communicate to someone on the other side."  Instead of the usual "denial" that people go through - this is a forum or method of showing people how simple, easy it is for them to "speak with" or communicate with loved ones no longer on the planet. To get "new information" that cannot be cryptomnesia from their loved ones - that has zero to do with talking to me or reading a book, or otherwise tying up their minds in knots.  Take the time to learn. They took the time to have us, raise us, nurture us - take the time to learn how to continue the conversation. 

People ask me how to do that - there are three methods I have filmed that are effective.

1. Hypnotherapy. People working with a hypnotherapist (I recommend those trained by the Newton Institute as I've filmed many and they have a searchable database) can speak directly to loved ones on the flipside.

2. Mediumship. I work with mediums like Jennifer who works with law enforcement agencies nationwide on missing person cases. I know how effective she can be, so find a medium who is highly recommended.  That's a second hand way to communicate - as you are asking someone else to be the "cell phone."

3. Guided meditation. Med means "measure" in Latin. Measuring one's thoughts can open up doors. I've filmed 50 people doing a version of that - opening up doors without any hypnosis required. What makes it so unusual ("Architecture of the Afterlife") is that people say the same things that people under hypnosis say about the journey.  If they were "making it up" one would assume what they made up would follow their expressed belief system - but it does not.

So get to work. 

Learn how to communicate with loved ones no longer on the planet. Plenty to learn from them.

Anyways, here it is:  Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Maverick, JFK and Sargent Shriver

My two cents.

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