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Jennifer giving a hand to see someone on the Flipside

In my spare time, I've been moderating a forum on Quora called "Hacking the Afterlife."  People share experiences they've had with the flipside, unusual visions, dreams or accounts of a myriad of different experiences.  25 million people have stopped by to read my comments on the flipside. (27.5M content views 861.6K this month

Since my documentary "Hacking the Afterlife" has appeared on Amazon Prime (via Gaia) people have weighed in from across the globe with unusual events, either seeing a loved one appear to them in a dream with new information (proving it cannot be cryptomnesia) or people sharing a near death event that happens decades ago, but are still able to access it.

In moderating the forum I try to stay focused on three avenues for "accessing people on the flipside."  That is through hypnotherapy, mediumship or meditation.  As demonstrated in the book and film FLIPSIDE I've filmed people accessing this information via hypnotherapist like Michael Newton, Paul Aurand, Scott De Tamble. In the film "Hacking" I cite the work of pioneering hypnotherapist clinical psychologist Dr. Helen Wambach ("Reliving Past Lives") and Dr. Brian Weiss (Many Lives, Many Masters.) 

The data that Wambach (2750 cases) she eliminated bias from her study; it's worth examining. On the website, I include one of her hypnosis lectures where she takes the room into "a sleep study."  Dr. Weiss has 4000 case studies, and the work of Michael Newton and the Newton Institute includes 7000 reports.  What makes them worth noting is that they are consistent reports that match with the 100 cases I've filmed (half without hypnosis.)

So while sharing that information, I also share reports from meditation studies, where I demonstrate that by doing a "guided meditation" (even if one doesn't understand the word comes from Latin - med - to measure) - anyone can access a vivid memory, including but not limited to a near death event (NDE) or out of body experience (OBE) or some vivid dream they had as a child that is still in their conscious mind. I use those memories as a "gateway" to access the flipside (as demonstrated in the 50 accounts in the book "Architecture of the Afterlife" and a third of the film "Hacking the Afterlife." 

Then, after medium Jennifer Shaffer reached out to me six years ago, I began filming sessions with her - six years worth on a weekly basis. The first five years became chapters in the three books "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" and then because of the pandemic, we began meeting online, which became the podcast "" (footage of each session is posted at

This is a long preamble to the following:

One of the readers of my posts on Quora reached out to me and spoke of the loss of his wife, and how he spent time mourning and grieving, and wishing that he could speak with her.  Tim said that part of his exploration of how to do that included reading my work on the topic - but I know that he's done his own amount of meditating on the possibility.

About a year ago, he reached out to let me know that it had happened. That one day, just walking along, he suddenly felt her hand on his arm, or her presence next to him, and heard her voice in his head.  Because he'd spent time teaching himself how to "allow that it's possible" that she still existed, that began a conversation with her that has been deep and profound. When he's feeling low, she shows up to give him great advice (new information that demonstrates he couldn't be creating it) as well as solace and help.

He's also a fan of Jennifer Shaffer, who mentioned him in our last podcast, because he said she could.  Tim has taken the time to learn how to hone his communication skills with his wife on the flipside. In our recent podcast, we spoke about it - as well as pointing out that by "connecting with someone no longer on the planet" it doesn't mean you "aren't moving on."  As Jennifer puts it (via Luana Anders, our moderator on the flipside) "They know they've moved on. And by realizing that they still exist helps us move on in a more profound way." 

Our recent podcast:

Moving on to realize that life does go on, and we will "see them" and interact with them in the future.  After that mention I got the following email from Tim about his session with Jennifer speaking to his wife Mari Lynn on the flipside:

"Good Morning Rich,

As I posted on Quora, thank you to both you and Jennifer for your very kind words.  I wanted to share with you a couple of the things that occurred during my session.

Jennifer was pointing out that Mari Lynn was going back and forth between us, standing behind me and then next to her. Jennifer was holding her hand over where she saw Mari Lynn’s head. Then she told me to look at the top of her hand. Everything on my screen was very crisp and clear except the top of her hand was completely blurred out. 

She said what I was seeing was Mari Lynn’s energy interacting with her hand.  

Jennifer Shaffer via Tim Blair's zoom. 

She showed me a method that would allow me to visually see Mari Lynn’s energy and it’s working.  I can now actually see Mari Lynn.

Mari Lynn

The next mind-blowing thing was when I showed her the photo she mentioned on the podcast.  This is a picture of Mari Lynn when she was in high school in Glendale Ca. At the time this was taken, I was living in Dayton Ohio. It was 14 years before we met. This is one of the pictures I study before I connect with her in a way that’s deep enough to write her letters.   

What Jennifer didn’t say during the podcast was that both Jennifer and I were simultaneously able to be in that moment back in 1978 with Mari Lynn.  Jennifer was talking about how the air was thick as if it had just rained and was experiencing the smell of the grass.  I was able to brush the small curl of hair from Mari Lynn’s forehead. As I was doing that my hand touched her cheek. I could feel the perspiration on the side of her neck.

These were two of several WTF moments during an hour-long conversation between the three of us that I thought you might like to hear about. By the way, while it truly seemed like a year, it only took a week or so for us to connect.

As always, thank you for all the work you are doing. I’m very sure we wouldn't be as far along our journey without you.

Best Regards

Tim & Mari Lynn

PS: I’ve attached a  screenshot Jennifer’s hand and the above mentioned photo. If you can think of a way to share any of this without freaking everyone out, be our guest!"


The photo is Jennifer demonstrating where "Tim should look," as she was seeing Mari Lynn standing next to her, underneath her hand. 

Without drawing a red circle around her hand, take a look closely at her hand; clearly something else is there, interfering with the photograph. Because it wasn't a photo taken "on the run" or by accident - but was Jennifer directing his eye specifically to a spot where she could see his wife, it's worth noting. Not a photograph accidentally capturing someone on the flipside - just a photo of "frequencies" or a partial visual of someone or something. 

Tim copied the photo from his Zoom session and sent it to me.

I'm sharing this with my Flipside audience for a number of reasons.

Photographs shouldn't freak people out. They are just photographs. 

Footage shouldn't freak anyone out - it's just footage. 

Data should not freak anyone out, the data doesn't care if people get freaked out by it or not.  

The data shows consciousness is not confined to the brain (see Dr. Greyson's "After", Dr. Tucker's "Before" or Ed Kelly's "Consciousness Unbound" for data), or examine the work of Dr. Wambach, Dr. Weiss or Michael Newton and the Newton Institute. 

(Or just watch my two films on Amazon Prime FLIPSIDE and HACKING THE AFTERLIFE.)

1. I'm not here to prove the afterlife exists to anyone. I have learned it's a reflexive experience - like "skydiving" is something we can all blather about but means little unless we've done it. "Falling in love" is reflexive - because if someone has never done it, they really don't have a clue what they're talking about.  So in this case, I'm sharing something "down the road." Tim has already learned his wife still exists, and these photographs are something that underlines it for him.  

2. Jennifer has been told by loved ones on the flipside, "Your job is not to prove anything to anyone. It's to be as accurate as you can be."  In this case, it's to point out that Jennifer is amazing at what she does. (She works with law enforcement pro bono on many cases).  I have met and interviewed a number of amazing mediums, who have differing abilities. (Simple reason is because the "filters on their brains" are down) Jennifer has always been able to not only hear, sense people around her when she focuses on them, she can also "see" the outline of them during her work.  

As she was speaking to Tim about "seeing Mari Lynn" she held her hand in the space where she saw her. The photograph clearly indicates some anomaly in the air.  (I can verify that the photo has not been altered because I know both individuals. I actually have testified in court in Chicago as an "expert witness" based on my film background and knowing how to manipulate footage.) This has not been altered.

3. Proof of Afterlife is something one can only experience on their own. However, they don't need to "believe in a religion" "put on a pyramid hat" or follow any "rulebooks." The data about incarnation, reincarnation, how consciousness functions is not based on any religious beliefs, or a belief in anything. Data doesn't really care about beliefs. It's just data.

One doesn't have to use a medium (it helps.) One doesn't have to know a hypnotherapist (it helps.) One doesn't have to know meditation (but it can help.)  All three yield the same information and the same results.  See 'HACKING THE AFTERLIFE' for verification (and footage.)

I rarely if ever share these kinds of photographs, because this is the first instance where I know the folks who took them. 

But because I am sharing this photograph, I will also share a photo from Steven Lancia another Quora reader, who has taken many photographs of a person no longer on the planet who shows up in a place he works.  

He can see the fellow clearly - and as evidenced by this photograph below (which he has copyrighted, so one has to reach out to him to license it - get a larger copy, etc - his details are below the photo, and he's interested in telling his story about how this fellow keeps showing up and he's able to photograph him.) 

Man carrying metal who disappears into a wall 
 photo courtesy of Steven Lancia
Symmetry Intl, Rhode Island All Rights Reserved.

Steven Lancia can be reached through Symmetry International Inc.  in Rhode Island. For a clearer, larger photo of this fellow who has appeared walking through this workplace, or rights to other photographs and footage Steven owns, go to Symmetry International in Rhode Island. 

As I'm fond of saying "If they can respond to us, they aren't dead." "If they can speak to us and tell us new information, they are not dead."  "If they can communicate with us and inform us that they "feel more alive" then they ever have, they are not dead."  They aren't gone, they just aren't here. 

Day of the Not So Dead

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