Hacking the Afterlife Book talk this Saturday 3-11 Irvine

Frequent Coast to Coast AM Guest Rich Martini “Practical Advice for Living from People No Longer on Planet”

Date:               Saturday, March 11, 2017
Time:               1:00-4:00 pm
Place:               School of Multidimensional Healing & Sciences
Address:          18271 McDurmott West, Suite H, Irvine, CA
Cost:                $10 contribution toward our cost for rental of our meeting room.
No one is turned away for lack of money.

“HOME:  How NDEs Point to a Location That is Not Here”

Rich Martini will discuss the latest research that he’s done with his most recent book, “Hacking the Afterlife.”  A filmmaker and author, Martini began his research into the flipside with his documentary and book “Flipside: A Tourist’s Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife.”  His follow up book “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife (Volumes 1 and 2)” explored Near-Death Experiences (NDE), and those who’ve had both an NDE and a between life session with a hypnotherapist to explore the memory of the NDE. hacking
In “Hacking the Afterlife” he converses with a number of people who claim to have access to the flipside, and delves into interviews with mediums who bring back “new information” from those who are no longer on the planet.
In his research into NDE’s and other consciousness altered events, (people under hypnosis, via an Out of Body Experience or some other event), he’s often come across the concept that people refer to the flipside as “home.”  In this talk, he’ll examine how it could be that “home” is not here, where we are, but somewhere else.
Rich is a frequent guest on George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM. His website,
Rich is a popular speaker. It’s suggested to arrive at the meeting early to assure seating. 


Science and the research behind proving there is a Flipside

Here's an hour video worth watching.  These are the scientists I met with at UVA to discuss the results of the research behind Flipside.  Dr. Greyson was behind the creation of the International Association for Near Death Studies (iands).  These are scientists talking about the science of the afterlife (or as I prefer to call it; the flipside.)

An hour of your life. Enjoy!

For futher reading: (click the links)

Dr. Bruce Greyson
Dr. Jim Tucker
Ed Kelly PhD
Kim Penberthy PhD


Speaking to the Flipside about the Nature of Existence

This post will come under the "So I had this weird dream last night...."
dreamland - pacific palisades

Sometimes we have dreams that are weird, or we know they're weird while we're having the dream.

As of late, I have "conversations" in my head - I don't know who I'm talking to, at least not consciously, it may actually be a "conversation in my head" but I slip in and out of being aware of it.

And what is being said in the dream, is profound and beyond anything I'm aware of on the planet.

For example; a couple of nights ago, I was aware of being "shown" or being given an example of "dual consciousness."

Now that's not the term that I was hearing, but it is the thing that comes to mind as I try to describe it.  I think this was an example of what it feels like to be "back home" in your disembodied conscious state, and also "here on the planet" in your embodied conscious state. (for lack of a more concise term.)

Are you with me?

If you've read Flipside, or my books, you're aware of the reports from people under hypnosis, or from people who've had near death experiences and can converse about them, that about a third of our energy appears to be with us while we're on the planet. It's apparently not a finite number - but if you ask someone while they're under deep hypnosis "How much of your soul energy did you bring to this lifetime?" They respond with a number.

The number is usually - often - between 20 and 40%.  Which is about a third.

That means that two thirds of our life energy - our soul - our energetic soul like energy - call it whatever you'd like - is "always back home."  What it's doing back home is beyond my capacity to understand, but when filming people under deep hypnosis, they claim that their "back home" energy is attending classes, playing games, having fun with our soul mates.

Now that might sound ludicrous - I know it does - but it's what the data shows. Consistently. And I've had people take me to classrooms where they're learning (or teaching) or doing something back there that has to do with "energy transformation." Either moving energy from one place to another, moving it from one object to another, creating objects out of "thin air" and placing them, cleaning objects that contain memory banks, healing energy classes... there are many many classes that are offered to us between lives.

Soul group? Or hanging with my homies in Ladakh?

(See Galen Stoller's account of classes in "My Life After Life" or some of the classes I've visited myself in "Flipside" "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" or "Hacking the Afterlife.")

I say "classrooms" because sometimes they look like.. well, classrooms. With desks and a chalkboard. Sometimes they're outside, sometimes inside an auditorium like structure.  These are all energetic constructs, of course, they aren't actual buildings - but they look and function like buildings.  (Like our buildings do here on Earth - atoms agreeing to bind together and hold a space.)

I've visited games people are playing between lives - one woman was playing a game of cosmic tag with her soul group, only "they can make themselves invisible and hide anywhere in the universe, including different realms..."

Imagine that game.  Find six friends simultaneously while they're hiding themselves visually but exist only as an energy form.  Yeah, good luck with that. But I heard this description. Live. And filmed it live. (Not the game, but the account of it) (It's in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife")

So a long way of saying when I feel like I'm speaking to the flipside, I know that it's something I can observe later on, and if I'm lucky enough to remember it, report it somewhere (in my books, or here.)

The example of dual consciousness was my having a conversation with someone over there - and then simultaneously observing the conversation, and being able to communicate with someone on a different level or plane.  I was having both conversations at once - and aware of both of them at once - but also aware when I heard "This is what it's like to have consciousness over there and over here at the same time."  Like the thin membrane between our reality here and there, is easy to dissolve.

I thought "wow, if I could figure out a way to do that - to help people speak directly to their loved ones off the planet in some fashion, using this technique, that would be really cool." And insanely life transforming.

conversations with folks not on the planet.

And then last night, I was having a conversation with someone about the "nature of existence."  Something kind of profound to call this discussion, but I was aware that I was being told (or telling myself) that I should write about it and call it "the nature of existence."

Folks who know me, know me to be a jovial fellow of pretty good nature, just having fun while being on the planet.  I may talk about profound things now and then, but most of the people I do that with get a far off look in their eye and start to wonder if "I'm going flipside on them now" or not.  But I offer that if you've read this far, you're already used to that. 

So let's go Flipside, shall we?

According to this dream, or this memory of a conversation I had while I was consciously asleep - or whatever you want to call it - lucid awareness - I was shown, or was showing myself how life itself works.

Wait, what?

Shown an experience of being "back there" between lives, which isn't a great moniker, because "between lives" implies that "Life" is the operative paradigm, when I'm told that it's not.  The operative paradigm is not life per se - meaning life on the planet - but "existing in this home place" is the operative paradigm.

Existing as we do, as energy.  We are with our loved ones, friends, soul group, soul council, guides and counselors - and have a vast universe of people to visit and meet and learn from, even people not in this universe, in different realms, but we can always go home to that place where we feel comfortable, happy and sane.

That happy place is our natural state of existence. No other way to put it.

And when we choose to go "onstage" or be part of the adventure back here, we can do so... it's a bit like climbing onto a large ship... we can't see the edge of the ship we're on, but while we're on it, it feels like solid ground. We can ride our bike on it, job on it, swim in pools on it - but we can't see that it's this giant ship that's moving in another media form - water.

So think of the etheric universe as this giant pool of water, and our existence (if it's on Earth or some other planet or some other realm) is like climbing onto a giant aircraft carrier (human being carrier) that navigates these etheric seas, people from other realms can stop by if they'd like to - we may or may not see them or experience them - but they have the capabilities to do so.

And while we're "back home" we experience this realm - but we're also experiencing the back home part of it as well. Perhaps a marionette is an apt metaphor - we are both the puppet and the person holding the puppet.  So if a person on stage wants to speak directly to the puppet and interact with that puppet (depending upon the role the puppet is playing, the costume, props, etc) they're getting a filtered version of who we are... and it might be us "playing the role" of a good guy, a bad guy - because the play calls for us to immersed in the role and to experience it fully...

But the person holding the strings - that person who we are at our core is okay, is fine, is always fine, is never not fine, has the ability to experience both what's going on above the stage, and what's on the stage... at the same time.

Ergo; the nature of existence.

Now, if you'd like to spend years trying to define the process - well that's what people have been doing for centuries... but I'm here to pass along that the process is pretty much as described.  There are inevitable questions of "why" and "who was the person who created the theater? And "How are we all connected?"  And those answers are also related to the idea that "love is the prime mover of the universe" that "God is beyond the capacity of th human brain to comprehend, but you can experience God by opening your heart to all people and all things" and "Gee, isn't this a fun adventure?"

All are related.

Not sure if this will be part of a future tome, or if this is just one of this things someone will stumble across 100 years from now.  But when they start to parse what reality is, and start to examine the nature of our energetic existence, I believe they're going to find that these concepts hold up.  

That we are fully conscious "back home" - and that we choose to come here to the planet to play one of these roles, to teach lessons or to learn them, with our pals and loved ones.  It's that simple. And that complex.  

My two centavos.

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