A quote from Luana and others in the book "Hacking the Afterlife"

An odd, yet thrilling dream from my past...
I have no idea where to share this but here... 

I was looking over some old files today, and found this notation from March 18th, 2002.  This was about six years after she passed away, and about 6 years prior to my starting this research into the Flipside.

March 18th, 2002

I had a dream last night where I ran into my old friend Luana Anders and she said "The hopes of a thousand generations are resting upon you." 

I had no idea what she might have meant until now. 

Let's pretend for a moment that some people start to read this research, watch "Flipside" - read "Flipside: A Tourist's Guide" or "It's A Wonderful Afterlife" or "Hacking the Afterlife."

And they suddenly realize that we don't die. 

That we have access to everyone who has ever gone before, that with a good amount of meditation, self reflection, perhaps a trip to a hypnotherapist, or even a medium who is recommended to you - we can access those loved ones who've gone before us, give them a voice to communicate with us, and give us insight into what they learned while they were on the planet.

A thousand generations??? 

Wow.  That's a heck of a lot of folks.  

Okay, all humility implied, all vanity aside, sleeves rolled up, and open to the universe: I can handle that.  
I got this.

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Here are quotes from "Hacking the Flipside" given directly from people on the Flipside who are in the book:


I asked Jennifer Shaffer if any of the people interviewed in the book might give a quote or “blurb” for the book cover. I wrote her (tongue firmly in cheek): “I assume no one spends time in the afterlife reading books, however, perhaps one of them might be able to give a quote I can put on the book?” She asked each person on my list for a reply:

Edgar Cayce

“Tell Richard that his book has an appealing thunder for controverting settings that are falsely depicted, for those that need (to hear) it. (Jennifer asks Cayce “Need what?”) The truth we need is, how we survive our bodies, (arrive) in the afterlife to different situations that make up (I think he means comprise) the past, present, and future outcomes of our spiritual existence. (“Controverting” may mean “contradicting misconceptions.”)

Tell Rich not to fear the outcomes of what it is, that (the response to this book) will have people questioning their own disbeliefs and belief paradigms. And that we all have to, (and) at some point of our spiritual growth, need this “upheaval” to make a difference. Rich, you are that translation of the ethers. For now; I’m “The Awakened Prophet.” (laughing.) (Note, Jennifer had a hard time with his syntax and I’ve done my best to unpack it. Edgar Cayce was known as “The Sleeping Prophet” so his comment “The Awakened Prophet” is pretty funny.)

Billy Meyer

(Billy is my life long pal who appeared to Jennifer when we were doing an interview live on German television moments after I’d learned he passed away.) Jennifer: He’s smoking a cigarette. “Of course I am” he says. He’s showing me your daughter by the way, Rich. “Is it her birthday?” (It is, in two weeks) He’s showing me a depiction of.. not her birthday, or a previous birthday? Your son? (It was yesterday.) What do you want to say to Rich?  He says “I want to tell Rich I’m watching over him. And I do care about what he publishes…” Jennifer asks “Have you read it?” “Yes, I was there when you wrote it – (and) many lifetimes before.” So Richard’s written something like this before? “(showing Jennifer) I’m seeing quills. “Absolutely... something they had to use a long time ago.”

He says “He appreciates you talking to his family, last September. (That’s accurate, I emailed his kids to let them know he came through to Jennifer). He’s showing me another female – is this the guy that…? (I assume he’s showing her a friend in high school who also dated another friend, Howard). Why do I laugh with him so much? “Because you get it,” he says. He’s hanging out with your other friend up there – Luana. Jennifer asks “Luana’s teaching you?”

He says “He doesn’t qualify for her classes, she’s so much ahead of his spirit. He still likes being around here.” He’s super funny. He said “Rich did what I asked him to do. Yes, you checked up on his family and (that in turn) opened up a dialog between Bill and them.”

Anything else Billy? He says “Tell him I finally have nothing to say. And that Rich got it right this lifetime.”  Got it right? “Right in terms of your soul purpose.” He shows me a fence, like you were trapped (behind it) you lifted the fear factor and you’re just going for it. He just high-fived you. 

Tell me something else only Rich would know. “That you don’t know when to stop. That it’s working out better than anybody expected it to.” He says tell him “I love you maaan;” like from that film; that’s funny. He says “I hope to catch up soon after the reviews come in.” He says “You did it Rich.” He shows me an R with a circle, like the Radio Shack logo; like you’re an antenna. He says “His heart is with you and he thanks you and everything you’re doing on both levels, with the spirit world as well, and to not hold back… Ciao.”  (A phrase Billy used with me when saying goodbye.) He said “Good luck, but you don’t need it.”  

Howard Schultz  

Howard is a lifelong friend who grew up down the block from me. He came out to LA and became a successful TV writer/producer, creating successful shows “Extreme Makeover” and “Naked Dating.”  He offered to do a between life session with me, which I filmed and included in “Flipside” (but made him anonymous at the time.) We spoke often of doing a “spirit show” together, but it just never happened. We were talking about doing a show together the last time we spoke, but he passed away from a sudden heart attack a month later. Jennifer asked him for a quote:

Jennifer: Howard told me “The beginning is near and the ending is nonexistent.” (I see this as Howard playing with “the end is near!” when it comes to talking about the Flipside.) It’s something we all have to incorporate into the well of our being. Not to “look for the now,” but to “live for the awakened shift.” And not to use fear to have it… (Jennifer; “oh my gosh, he just showed me, a picture of a fear monger who’s running for President”)  Not to use fear tactics within your soul’s purpose to gratify who you are now.

He says “Tell Rich I support him in all his endeavors, even more so because I get where he’s coming from. Much luck to you… and you Jennifer… for making the unbelievable claim that there is even an afterlife. (Jennifer laughs.) He’s so funny; he showed me (a cover of) The National Enquirer; “The irony is that all the things we’re afraid of are actually true in the afterlife.”

Then he showed me the main characters from the movie “Men in Black.” “Everything was true.” “Truth” is written in big bold letters. “Truth has now become a way of making fear and the lies are the fear’s way of making truth nonexistent.” Then he showed me a wheel, he says “It’s a never ending circle of stupidity in the population of the planet and the people in the afterlife are trying to make up for it.” (Jennifer asks “Of what you guys caused?”) He says “No, of what’s going on now; the past and the future, it’s all one - in a nice bow that looks like it hurts. (She saw a picture of a Tiffany box with a bow that Howard pulled until the box bulged.)

He says “Tell Rich to keep listening, I’m there.” What else did you want to say?  He showed me Amelia Earhart and said “Tell Rich not to worry, everything will work out, (“I think he means financially”) - spiritually he just showed me you were skyrocketing over him. Howard it was good to talk to you. He gave me that cute look of his. Gosh I love that… see you soon.”


Since Prince and Robin Williams appear in the book, they’re naturals to ask if they have a quote for the book. Jennifer sends me a file where she asks on her cellphone; “Is there anything Prince can say about why people should or should not should read this book?” “He says “They should read it if they want to fly.” (Jennifer laughs “to the moon?”) “then Robin Williams came in and said “That’s mine!”

“Prince showed me the book opening up and then stars floating from the page, like it’s magical.” He says, “But it’s history repeating itself.” Jennifer: “He said put lyrics in the book from his song Purple Rain; it’s the fourth section. (Jennifer: I hope I’m interpreting it right.) [1] He’s showing me the magic of the purple rain going up instead of going down, with the sparkles that happen upon opening up the book; it makes the reader open up. They’re calibrated, is what it feels like, into what you’re reading. “It’s beautiful written music, Rich.”

He’s also showing me an image of the Radio shack logo - that’s so funny. He says “You’re a transmitter of a spiritual language, hitting the masses in this dimension, which is hard to do unless you wear high heels like he did… which hurt his back. He’s showing me it’s ultimately what caused his death.” Jennifer asks “So you died from high heels?” “Technically yes,” he says. “What would you have done differently?” He said “I would not have used that piano (to jump from) … Ah, I see, it’s a metaphor. He wanted more, so he jumped off of it; jumping off his favorite instrument, trying to reach the ethers. Jennifer asks: “So you could have just done that by playing, no? “Yes,” he says, “he could have done that by playing.”

He’s showing your book at the piano. “Just do it” he says, laughing. But what does Rich have to do with jumping off a piano? He’s says you’re jumping off a different cliff, but he’s showing me a trampoline (laughs) – that you’ll be fine.  Because you feel like you’re jumping off a cliff with this endeavor.  He said “Balls to the wall.” He says “Tell Rich I can only have him hear me when he wants to listen.” “What does that mean?” Oh, (that) you don’t care to have things pushed on you.  Jennifer asks “Are you pushing him?” “Kind of…” he says, “to the point where…” ah, I see, that’s where the disbelief comes in.

He says he won’t push you, he’ll “Enchant your writings. Like on the piano, like a duo;” He showed me both of you guys side by side on the piano bench… (Note: Something I spent a lot of time doing with my mom who was a concert pianist who played duets.) “Tell him that we’re all doing this from all aspects.”

Oh… aw.. he just gave me a flower, I hope that was for me, I’m actually blushing… He gave me a daisy, not a rose.  He said “The rose is saved for God.” What does that mean? He says, “God is all of us, in you and me. The daisy is the enchantment of something. Something different in the matrix.” And then he showed me a beautiful array of flowers… wow. He said “Signed Prince.” He made an x for a signature… “He’ll know what that means,” he said. (Like a sideways version of his signature of the “Artist known as Prince.”) “See you soon.”

Robin Williams

Jennifer: I first want to say happy birthday to you, Robin (It’s his birthday as we write this.) Do you have a quote for Richard’s book, a direct message to your fans and friends? 

“I have only two words; “Love… Love.” Jennifer asks, “Love all?”  “No, love Love.” He says “That’s the key ingredients for happiness; love the love. Find that. In everything that you are. Whether you are in hell (metaphorically speaking) or in your prison cell, (physically speaking); find the truth. Love is God’s connectedness, love is God, it’s every single one of us, even if we can’t hear it. Love… Love. And then send it to everything. Oh my gosh, the sun just came through my window, my heart’s pounding. I said is that it Robin? He says “No; that’s everything.”  Wow that makes me want to cry. Thank you.

He says “Tell Rich I’m here for him. He says tell him that I’ll surprise him.” When? He’s going to visit this person, he’s going to visit this person and then this person is going to come to you; that’s how you’ll know. He just winked. He says “Tell Rich it’s exciting: the matrix, the connections, God…” -- it was so interesting when he said that -- and now he says “nanu nanu,” and just did like a little thing on his head, over and out. “Until now.” (A play on the parting line “Until then…”) “It’s Over and yonder.”

(A pause) Robin showed me a record. “The record is your lifetimes. Playing over and over and then sometimes we scratch the record and then we have to get a new record.” He’s showing me how in this lifetime he scratched it and he left, and (then) you come back as like a CD or a Walkman. And then we end up all virtual. (Note: I think he means at the end of all of our lifetimes. Each lifetime is like a variation on a theme, like music on cylinder, on vinyl, on digital – variations on each them we choose as our lifetime, and eventually we become that recording in a virtual way.) The music keeps going, our souls keep going, that was such a great thing he just gave me – we’re all records, sometimes we scratch, sometimes we get broken, eventually we just live on to more instruments more human bodies, I love the way he shows me the Walkman, the cd player, then we go virtual… for millions of people.

“And you are that right now, Rich - you’re now the virtual .. you’re not the record player anymore, or the record, you’re now in the virtual, you’ve made it, and you’re sending it to everybody else. I commend your thoughts and love who you are and thank you and love to both of you.” He showed me a pebble of some sort, he showed me a rock “You’ll know what that means.” Something with rocks. All right, bye. (I have a collection of rocks from around the world – world’s cheapest souvenir, but reminds me instantly where I found it. I have one on my desk and my eye went straight for it.)

Amelia Earhart

She has the most beautiful eyes by the way. First thing she says is “Don’t find me.” She says “it will disrupt everyone.” She says that her bones will be found or get shown soon. And that she’s having fun with all the crazy people that want to find me, “I’m not worth that. They’re spending too much on resources,” What about a tv show? “That would be okay, I’ll lead you; let them pay for it.” Oh I have the chills.

She says that she wants you to lead (the search). You’ll understand what not to look for. Not sure what she means by that. Oh, the plane. She’s showing me the plane and one of the wings, like half the wing tip. She says something about it not being hers; something about 1948 (whatever that means to you, Rich.) What else? She says: “Tell him I love him.” Oh, Luana came in by the way – both of you guys are conspiring something.  They both just came in while I’m talking to Amelia.

Luana: they both love how you’re channeling and actually thinking you’re confirming what you already know. What was that? Luana just kicked you up to her class by the way. She wants you to ask for her tonight to ask what’s going on; it’s going to be another revelation before tomorrow’s interview (on Coast to Coast AM radio). Um, aw… Ha, so Amelia just showed me her girlfriend and that you’re correct. Whatever that means.

We are all part of this play, she just showed me how she did so much – the last five years (of her life incarcerated in prison) she could live without – she says. But what about his book? Any quote? “Lift it to your soul. And see what your soul has to say. Hearing the words from the book; don’t judge it, just listen to your spirit, it will guide you and tell you that the “unthinkable” is real -- and (she says) make sure that the unthinkable is in quotes; she’s saying you’re not thinking it – it’s unthinkable. The things that you put in your head; it’s the stuff you don’t put in your head that’s real.

She just gave you a kiss on the cheek and spun you around in the chair, She said “Bon Voyage… to what?... to the ethers.” She says “I think we all have a lot in common. And we’re lucky to have us in all dimensions, I am grateful.” She says “Be grateful for your breath. It is coveted sometimes, (breathing) not the biblical sense of coveting of course. Wanting breath is everything; it’s your source, it’s your power. Move and laugh, laughing’s the best medicine don’t waste time trying to dig up things.  Unless it’s a TV show, she keeps saying; she’s showing me September as well, not sure what that means. (Possible date of production of a documentary I’m helping about her). She says – “Au Revoir.”   

The Alpha and the Omega

I asked her; “see if Jesus has a quote for us…”

They’re fighting for it, hold on, - oh, Mary Magdalene (is here), my heart always feels better when I feel her. She says “Tell Rich he is not a saint…. Aw, that’s so sweet, she says that you’re not a saint, but you’re an etheric saint, and she showed me a statue in the ethers. She showed me like a map of the US with lights, you know how like if you were pinning destinations everywhere, with all the destinations lit up? She says that you’re doing that through your work. Then she showed me how you reach all audiences in all the quantum fields – she’s showing me the dimension on top of our dimension and all the dimensions after that; so that’s why you’re an etheric saint… that’s hilarious.

I’m being shown (Jesus) -- you know when I described him as he came to me with loafers and jeans and button downed shirt and his hair long, looks like a 1960’s guy yet cleaned up? He has brown eyes, beautiful eyes, that’s amazing, but they change.

First thing he says is “Tell Rich “Thank you.” Why? “For allowing a different outcome in the way people can hear my story.” He’s showing me the Bible and showing me your work and how they stacked up against each other… that’s so funny! Well, not funny.. but.. wow. He’s showing me how my brain is like an antenna, thank you, and my heart as well…

“Tell Rich that his work is the truth. That people have become fearful and might say bad things (about it); it’s one of many multidimensional truths that has to… heed the warning from not putting it out. That’s where damnation happens - by not putting truth out there – it was taken out of context, (like) what was written in the Bible.

“You’re a truth-gnostic.” What does that mean? He’s laughing. “Tell Rich that a truth-gnostic is someone who is unbiased and wants what others have to say, that resonates with his heart. You put it out there, even when you might not believe everything that you’re listening to (or writing about).

Then he just showed me like lightning of some sort, like a lamp going out with a flash, just the frequencies bursting – what an amazing metaphor! He’s showing how the frequencies (are affected), like your (way of putting things,) your language is making things crash, with people internally… You’re breaking the old lamps so they can put a new bulb in, to bring forth the light, instead of (just) trying to dust off the old light. He says “Thank you for doing that.”

It is a challenge frequency that always hurts initially. Follow your spirit and only look back for the theater of history it plays in, or plays to. And know the audience members have to watch the play - the modern day version of it - enough times for them to have it sink in. Like (the Broadway play) Alexander Hamilton – using the different races that played the historic characters in Hamilton. People prep the stage for it to last.

He just showed me the Michelangelo painting where they’re touching fingers in the Sistine chapel - where God imbues the human spirit with his touch – he says “Everyone touches God and makes up (comprises) what God is.” He says “It’s molecules of light in different shades, in different colors of light in different shapes and sizes. And some are big lights like you, so others can follow - not in a hierarchy way, but so they won’t get lost on the path.” He’s showing me a dirt path. He says “Sometimes a dirt path is harder to stay on and being in a car is easier, but some people choose to keep walking up hill because they’re told it’s the only way.”

(laughs) “You’re giving them a hybrid choice - to question (reality) – nobody would have believed in the electric car (before it was made) – (Jennifer: He just showed me my electric car and said “but you already have one.”) He says “I love you and everyone.” He’s showing me all the U.S. presidents, and says “Everyone (of them) made a difference. In the quantum field of light and darkness, without one, you would not have had the other. So for you, for one, please do not judge.” He showed me an image of Paul Revere. He says “Do not judge the messenger and its contents to set you free; “free” meaning in your heart, where in the ethers is (always) “true.” We all are Shakespeare’s love.

He shows me that we technically die and rise together. Whether in our hearts or in our spiritual uncertainty, or in our spiritual uncertainty or demise. We can rebuild. He says take my advice; Gandhi did it right. And we all have Gandhi inside our hearts. And he just showed me Robin Williams and said “Love the love. Within us all. And peace. And then peace has to follow.”

“Thank you Rich. We are entertained by your thoughts.” Why was that shown to me? The Holy bible? “It was a foundation.” Now he showed me a lightbulb and breaking it with the frequencies, and showed me a new lightbulb and showed me your book, one of many books incorporated into – not “the new age” but “the new vulnerability.” “Love the love.  It’s so simple yet dissected into a thousand different ways, thousand different shades of light that make up one… “Without darkness there is no light, and vice versa…. you get the drift.”

He says “Sing well. And listen more. To your own advocacy. Of this multi-dimensional world.” He’s showing how you have to get along with all dimensions, not just this dimension, but you have to have the awareness that (reality) it is multidimensional. He shows me there is no stealing, everything is free. As long as your heart is (free) and you take action… 

“Like you, Rich. More people will be changed by your words, than the ones who can’t hear what you’re saying. That is their path. Maybe the next lifetime; but again, he shows me the contract between people that you have to have both; people who can hear and people who can’t hear the difference, otherwise everyone would be following him or someone like him - like a saint. (Jennifer: hey, you’re a saint in the ether, how’s that make you feel?) I said I don’t want them to leave but they’ll be back. He just said “Rich; you are an en-Richment.”

And finally, a quote from Luana Anders, which I got from her in a dream six years after her passing in 2002: she said “The hopes of a thousand generations are resting upon you.”

            *           *          *          *          *

[1] Here’s the fourth stanza: “You say you want a leader, but you can't seem to make up your mind. I think you better close it, and let me guide you to the purple rain.”  Song and lyrics copyright Prince Rogers Nelson. Purple Rain lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group


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Here's a little music from my CD "Rich Martini on the Rocks" that I ran into on youtube today. Who knew?  Rock on.


Declassify the Flipside

Another night of active discussion... which I'm passing along.

Another night of conversation on the Flipside
Seemed to be a topic that I'm familiar with, and to the best of my memory, it goes like this:

On the Flipside everyone is equal.  What that means is that when stripped of the classifications that we hold so dearly, everyone on the Flipside is after all, just energy. And by classifications I mean black, white, asian, women, men, young, old, short, tall, fat, thin, talented, not talented, happy, angry... all of them the same.  So everyone you meet on the Flipside is part of that giant energetic pool - as if everyone in the pool was a droplet of water. Hard to discern what different droplets of water are like - I mean I can assume that like snowflakes every drop has different qualities - but from our perspective, snow flakes are just snow, and water droplets are just water, after all.

Just a couple of droplets who met in Tibet outside Mt. Kailash
Each droplet of water is no different, no better, no worse, no richer, no poorer, no different than any of the other droplets of water.  There are some droplets that are older than other droplets, but they're wiser and understand the necessity of accepting all droplets equally - and some of the droplets are younger, and look up in awe to the older droplets - but after all, we're just droplets in the pool.

If you want to experience what it's like on the Flipside, start there.  Imagine yourself diving into a pool of other souls.  They're everywhere around you - but enough space between you and them so you don't feel confined or squished.  And when you send out a positive vibe, like putting an electric wire in a pool - all the other droplets feel that electricity.  Simultaneously.

We're all connected at all times whether we want to be or not.
If you're going to put out a negative vibe, the same thing will occur, but because that's a weaker energetic construct it won't go very far, because the positive charge is that much more powerful than the negative charge.  It's like polluting the clear fresh water with ink - it will be swallowed up and consumed by the rest of the droplets, as if it was never there. (Again, this is a riff from a conversation I was having in my sleep.)

Each droplet has free will.  So we choose to be droplets in the pool.  We choose to be in existence, and we choose to participate in the pool.  We can get out of the pool, that's fine, that's a different experience - but it's akin to being "separated from the other droplets and sitting on the edge of the pool by yourself."  It's certainly needed by some droplets, but the rest of the droplets are saying "Hey dude, what are you doing out of the pool?  This is where the fun is!  Get back in here and experience this with us!"

Get back in the pool! We miss you!
I've heard a number of people say "I don't feel like I want to be here. I'd like to go home. It's too hard to be here."  To which I reply "Yeah, you said that back in 1502, that it was too hard to participate back then - but you haven't read the small print.  You signed up to experience this journey, and you won't get your degree - in fact you may hold back everyone in your class if you decide you can't handle this any more.  You can handle it. That's why you signed up for it.

It's like an actor who says "I can't do this play. It's too hard. I'm feeling too much emotion. I'm tired. I'm bored. I'm anxious."  Well, that's what you signed up for - to experience what its like to breathe.  The other day someone in a sessions said "When we're not on the planet, we covet breath.  Everyone misses being able to breathe."  Well we all know what thats like, not being able to breath - and gasping for breath.  And the idea that we would miss it while we're not here is new to me - it's a new concept I hadn't thought about or considered.

Or its like a person who has a near death experience - they're suddenly out of the pool and their loved ones greet them and say "sorry, your time in the pool isn't done yet. Go back in the pool and finish your swim. We'll see you soon. Go back to work."

Another version of a pool. Pere LaChaise Paris.
There's a lot of things we miss when we're not on the planet (in the pool.)  Cappuccino for me. I'm sure someone makes a mean version over there, but it's just not... the .. same... spaghetti carbonara for example.  i'm sure there's a chef outside of Rome who makes a good version... but I haven't met that chef yet.... and it just won't be the same... oh there's other stuff, holding hands, kissing - these things are different over there, they will be missed. I had one friend say "It's different over here because I can no longer hug trees. There are trees over here, but they don't feel the same when you hug them.  So try to appreciate trees more."

Hungtington Gardens, Pasadena. Nice bench.
Trees are lungs. They even look like lungs. They give us oxygen. Why would anyone kill or tear down a lung? It's hard enough to breathe over here in the first place.  Why would we allow people to tear out our lungs?  

Anyways, my flipside thought for the day.


Its About Time

All this talk about the Flipside has my brain working when I'm asleep.

Sometimes I wake up to hear what it was I was talking about over there.  Or while I was asleep. Or while I was dreaming. Take your pick.

But lately it's about time.

I've heard the new age gurus talk about "Time doesn't exist" on the Flipside, and that's a topic I've written extensively about in my books.  I don't care if people have heard from folks on the other side that "Time does not exist" - because my research shows that it does exist - just relatively.

What I mean by relatively is simply this; we have young souls and old souls over on the Flipside.  A soul goes through experiences to become an old soul.  Souls don't start out complete - they get complete.  So if you're going to discuss progression, then there is absolutely progression on the Flipside.

If you think of it like a University, it might help.  We start as freshmen, and end as almuni -of each class, of each life lesson.  We may not learn all the lessons at the same time, just like in life, we can teach old dogs new tricks, we can learn things late in life that we never knew.

Likewise, some young people come in as "old souls" talk like "old souls" and then that seems to fade away, depending on their age and sociological backdrop - and they get about the business of living a life.  But their "soul" or their "life energy" is here learning those lessons which get transmitted back to ourselves. And those life lessons are shared with everyone in our soul group.  And by extension that means that everyone in our soul group can access that life lesson, so therefore, everyone in the universe may actually get something from the life lesson.

We can think of those lessons as increments - as teeny tiny movements of the soul - but if you examine what I'm saying, that the universe is "sentient" as was reported in one of the sessions in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" - I think that's what he was talking about.  That we can and do learn from others experiences and mistakes - not in a cognizant, conscious way - but on some other subliminal energetic way.

Doesn't mean those lessons are going to be valuable for our lifetime.  But they may be valuable to our overall progression.

Back to the time frame.
A sunset here is a sunrise somewhere else.

I've been trying to wrap my head around it.  I had one person in "It's A Wonderful Afterlife" describe her 25 year lifetime here on earth as if "she had gone out for a 10 minute cigarette break" from what she was doing on the Flipside (she's a teacher over there - she was saying her class was waiting for her upon her return, and noted that it felt like that 25 year lifetime living as an English Captain aboard a ship in 1610 - "felt like it was only ten minutes long.")

So let's begin there.

If ten minutes over there feels like 25 years here (relatively), then imagine what 100 years feels like (40 minutes) or 250 years feels like (length of a movie, about 120 minutes) - and a thousand years will feel like about 4 movies, and 2000 years will feel like sitting through 8 movies...

So what's a million years feel like?  Over there on the Flipside? About 500 movies. 500 two hour experiences.  Like watching movies for a year and a half straight.

I mean it's a relative concept I'm pointing out.  But the reports are consistent in this regard.  "Time exists completely different over here."  I'm just suggesting that we don't have to go into a brain freeze when trying to examine it.  Yes it's different.  It's relative to who we are - and relative to who everyone is.  But there is a time line - just different than the one here.

I speak in movie lengths as it's a common reference anyone can understand
Some people can observe it in multiple dimensions, like seeing all the moves in a 3d chess game played on many levels.  One therapist suggested that from the Flipside, looking at a person's life, was like seeing multiple 3d chess games "from above."  That's useful - but since most of us don't play 3d chess - or can't think 32 moves ahead like Bobby Fisher could - it's a bit hard to wrap our minds around.

texting in the 19th century
My point is that when we think about the Earth, or mankind's journey on the planet - and we consider that civilizations date back about 60,000 years (give or take) we're talking about a relatively short amount of time. (How many movies is that? You do the math, my calculator is tired.) Not just in earth history - but a relatively short time in human history, since we've reportedly lived on other planets, and will do so again.

Yes, that is just my reporting - it's in the data. About 30% of the people who do between life sessions these days report some form of "off world experience."  Meaning lives they lived previously (or currently in a multiple lives perspective) not on this planet.

Further, people report we've lived on other planets before - that our etheric energy moves into various planets and realms and experiences lives over there, just like we do here.  It's a system that's been in place for... oh... a long time I suspect.

But how does that give us perspective into examining our lives over here from a Flipside perspective?

Meaning - how do people over on the Flipside "slow themselves down" in order to communicate with us?  If what they're experiencing is at that great rate of speed - and this is where my brain begins to freeze when thinking about it - what's it like for them to watch us over here?

Is it like watching a fast motion piece of footage?  (I used one to open my film "You Can't Hurry Love" - now it feels prescient). 

The best I can come up with is what it must be like for hummingbirds to look at us... moving in slow motion to their hyper reality.  Or looking at a school of fish that move incredibly quickly - when they look out the fishtank, what do they see? Images of really slow people moving around? 

Honest Abe is still honest Abe over there.
I suspect this is why so many people have reported being contacted by animals after a loved one has past. That it's easier to "manipulate" - not the right word, because I think it's done as a favor or an act of love - that hummingbirds, butterflies and other flying things show up to remind us of our loved ones.  That's a theory - not based on any evidence - not based on eyewitness reports - but just based on my observations.

This is why it's so hard for those on the Flipside to reach out to us on this side - because our receivers are at a different speed - like transistor radios compared to digital signals... however, there still are some analog methods to receive radio signals from a transistor radio - and we just need to be open to how our loved ones reach out to us from the other side. 

My Time frame thought for the day.

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