Life after death? What about life before death?

Life after death.

We all have opinions about it.  "Do you believe in it?"  I always answer "I don't believe in anything."  Belief implies something unknowable, something hard to pin down.  I prefer "not to believe."  Belief implies a leap of faith, like "since you can't see it, or understand it, your brain has to go on hold and then you have to accept that you can't know it - so therefore, you just gotta believe."
Charles Grodin wrote the Foreword to Volume One of "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" Chuck believes I'm from another planet, so in fact, I may be right about everything else.

I do believe the sun will set and rise tomorrow.  That's generally the rule of things.  I can't rule out that it won't, as we know.  It's possible that the Earth could stop spinning, and we just stop spinning in space altogether.  Not likely.  But possible.

I feel the same way about death.  Based on the research I've been doing and have done, I think it's a joke that was foisted on people for a long time.  "Hey look, Larry's not moving. We'd better bury him because the animals are going to come and eat him, and if those vultures look at me for lunch, I'm outta here."
Pretending to be Picasso with a long sparkler

But hang on. Even Plato reported a near death experience. Talked about the time one of his pals died - was considered dead - for ten days, then came back and talked about it.  And he saw all kinds of battles he was involved in in previous lifetimes.  The first case of NDE.  Somehow it didn't take.

So now we have scientists studying NDE's - the Aware project just released its results and Dr. Sam Parnia says "Yes, when we have an NDE - without any blood to the brain, no oxygen to the brain - we still have consciousness."  Bruce Greyson at UVA has studied thousands of near death experiences.  And people generally say the same things about them.

I interviewed Bruce Greyson for my latest book. I interviewed neuroscientist Mario Beauregard about it - said the same thing. Interviewed Gary Schwartz PhD, and he says the same... damn... thing.  Science can prove evidence that consciousness exists beyond our lifetime.

But no one seems to be listening.

I've been filming people under deep hypnosis for the past five years - over 25 sessions in all, I chose the subjects, some friends, many skeptics - but all of them had the same damned experience.  They saw and experienced a previous lifetime and then saw themselves in the life between lives realm where they discovered other amazing - unbelievably amazing things - in these sessions.

What did they find?

Well, start with everyone has a guardian angel.  Everyone.  Call him or her a spirit guide - or "higher self" - but we all have one.  Some of us have more than one.

One of my guardian angels. No really. And I took the pic.

We all have a soul group, or classroom of souls that we incarnate with.  We were all formed at the same time (after or before the big bang, it doesn't matter, they claim this process is outside of time, and they haven't even seen "interstellar") - there's a gaggle of people we hang out with between lives, that we interact with during lives.  Look around the room, you're probably sitting with one of them right now.  Maybe you're avoiding them.  Maybe you're loving them or hating them.  But they've always been familiar to you.

We all have a council that guides us.  Bunch of older wiser souls who gives us a heads up between lives.  They don't judge us - that's for us to do during our past life review - but they help us look over what we learned from our previous lifetime.
A parking lot of bodies in Paris

And we've been doing that for time immemorial.  Or a long time.  Some are new - but most of us are old.

So what about population boom? Where'd the new souls come from?

I can only answer with what they claim; this ain't the only merry go round.  People can incarnate here or elsewhere, and it appears a lot of folks "want" to be here on earth at this particular time.  They say why, but it's not apocraphal.  Suffice to say, it's a good time to be here.  Like a good party.

I've seen people with severe illnesses lose their illness during these sessions.  One, an acclaimed writer, who teaches at a famous film school, who has severe parkinsons - lost it during her session.  I filmed it.  It was gone.  Her finger twitched for the full 6 hours - and that was about it. When she came back to consciousness, it came back with her.  I filmed a woman with agorophobia who examined the reasons for that, and then I filmed her swimming.  I filmed a guy with a life long kidney problem, and it virtually disappeared during his session (but has come back to a lesser degree now).  That fellow is in the film "Flipside."

I hear dead people.

I've been gathering these reports about the afterlife for a couple of reasons.

One is to wake people up.  If we're going to want to come back here - and we don't have to if we don't choose to, there's not power in the universe forcing us to do anything, including "karma" - we reportedly choose each lifetime for a reason - to understand the energies behind it.

We choose lifetimes with stones in our path so we can learn what it's like to step around over or through those stones.  This ain't me talking - this is the thousands of cases that Michael Newton has done, and the 25 I've filmed - they all say the same things.
Am I inside looking out? Or outside looking in?  Still can't decide.


They don't say the EXACT same things.  When they talk about going to a "library of souls" they describe a library they know - always different.  Sometimes with stacks, sometimes with screens, sometimes with scrolls - I've yet to hear two similar libraries.  So that either means there's a billion libraries up there - out there - or it means that our experience in the afterlife is somewhat similar to our experience here.  Our consciousness helps create what we experience in the afterlife - so think about that for a moment.  Live in fear, you're going to find some fear back there (that is, until your soul group shows up and says "Hey, dude, enough with the brimstone.")  I've actually seen that happen twice in a session.  Therapist asks "Do you want to stay here or go somewhere else?"  "Let me out of here" and it dissolves behind them.

So the good news is we don't die.
Me in a past life with Robert Towne and Caleb Deschanel on the set of "Personal Best." I told Robert I was born to play the track meet manager.  He said "with a goatee."  So I shaved my beard, which is what my hands are looking for.

The bad news is we don't die.  We get to come back here, or go somewhere else, or hang out with our loved ones - but to work hard on the next incarnation.. and we may have lots of them.  It's a lot of learning, a lot of study (a lot of classrooms as I've reported in all three books) where we learn about the transference of energy, or the energy of transference.

All I can say definitively is this:

If you can find a Michael Newton trained hypnotherapist that is highly recommended by others (they have a website at there is no other modality I'm aware of that can give you the same experience of a near death experience without the death part.
Would you take this guy seriously?  You're not alone. Most don't.

So if you want to know why you're on the planet, why you're going through what you're going through, or even to connect to loved ones who appear to no longer be here - it's the single most powerful thing you can do for your soul.

I don't do these sessions.  I'm not trained to do them.  (although I've dabbled with a few, but warn my friends they may no longer speak to me afterwards).

I can recommend a number of them and do so in my books "Flipside" and "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" volumes one and two.  For a list, check out the end of the book, or look online for a book talk. Here's one:

I post this with love and light and praise for the courage of choosing the difficult path you've chosen in this lifetime.  And for the courage to figure out what the hell that's all about.

Did your kids choose you? Or did you choose them? Just ask.



Dr. Bruce Greyson on "Consciousness without brain activity."

Evidence that life goes on.

Dr. Greyson presents some of the scientific evidence for consciousness without a functioning brain.

I would call this "Proof that life exists after death from a scientific perspective" but of course that would be putting words into his mouth.

But listen carefully to what he's saying.

He also graciously allowed me to interview him for the book "IT'S A WONDERFUL AFTERLIFE" which is now available on kindle and in print.

It's only a few minutes, and will change the way you view consciousness.

Then there's this, from Mario Beauregard PhD - who is also in the same volume as Dr. Greyson.

Thank you both for granting me interviews!!!!

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