Its A Wonderful Afterlife Volume One and Two now Available on Kindle


Drum roll please.

It's a Wonderful Afterlife Volumes One and Two are now in Kindle.

They're also in paperback at CreateSpace, but it will take a few days to link them up to the Kindle editions.

For all of you who've helped, THANK YOU.

I will get all the links working as soon as I can.  At the moment, Volume One is linked to film reviews from one of my feature films "Point of Betrayal" - kind of funny, that.  I had to kill the DVD listing to keep my book listing. 

Why two volumes?

Because it's over 700 pages of LBLs, NDEs, interviews with scientists and others about the Flipside.  

I apologize for the verbosity - but it is what it is.

And it is what it should be.

I hope you have as much fun examining this research as I had digging it up!!!!

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I'm only a messenger boy.


Deepak Chopra's Million Dollar Consciousness Challenge

Deepak Chopra's One Million Dollar Challenge to the Skeptics

“Please explain the so-called normal, how does electricity going to the brain become the experience of a 3D world of space and time. If you can explain that, then you get a million dollars from me."  
Deepak Chopra 

So the world's foremost "gadfly of consciousness" has issued a challenge (ala the skeptics of the planet and "the amazing randi" and his "million dollar challenge" to prove ESP) to prove what "reality" is.  (for randi's challenge: http://www.skepdic.com/randi.html)

Let's start with the definition of skeptic.  

The definition of skeptic is: 

A person who doubts the truth or value of an idea or belief: (Cambridge Edition) or


a person who questions the validity or authenticity of something 
purporting to be factual.
a person who maintains a doubting attitude, as toward values, 
plans,statements, or the character of others.
a person who doubts the truth of a religion, especially Christianity, 
or of important elements of it.
(initial capital letterPhilosophy.
  1. a member of a philosophical school of ancient Greece, the earliest
  2. group of which consisted of Pyrrho and his followers, who
  3. maintained that real knowledge of things is impossible.
  4. any later thinker who doubts or questions the possibility 
  5. of real knowledge of any kind.

A skeptic is someone who doesn't believe in the prevailing school of thought.  

And the prevailing school of thought about consciousness is this: it all arises in the brain. 

Forget for a moment about the "paranormal."  Let's define "normal" for a moment. 

What's happening in the brain? Why is it self aware or thinking?  When a child remembers a past life are they delusional? When a person hears a voice and steps back from a speeding car racing by, and no one is around - who told them to step back?  Is everything we see and hear created by the brain?  

Or is it created somewhere else?

I would argue that Deepak's challenge to prove reality - or consciousness - is like those who want to disprove the paranormal.  First we have to agree on the definitions of what we're talking about - and in so doing we have to agree on each particular word, perhaps even agree on the particular letters. Skeptic or sceptic.  We can't even agree on the danged word to begin with.

But let's put this to rest, shall we?  Let's answer the million dollar challenge.  "Explain the so-called normal, how does electricity going to the brain become the experience of a 3D world of space and time?"  

The answer is pretty simple. 
(Profoundly simple, simply profound.)

Consciousness works just like an FM receiver works.  The brain is an instrument that has been honed and altered over millennia, but functions the same way that an FM receiver does.  

The consciousness receiver by Yamaha

There are filters to keep certain information out (below 20 Hz or above 20K hz aren't accessible) the amperage only goes so high, the output is onlyo so many watts per channel, otherwise we would blow the speakers.  The receiver is off when it is in the womb, until about the 4th month (according to the many reports I've gathered from NDEs or LBLs) and then the receiver is turned on (people claim we "merge" with the fetus around the 4th month). 

There's a lot more information that is available to the receiver then it initial receives while it boots up. 

It takes about 7 years for all the circuits to actually form and shape themselves until the back and forth ability to experience other wave lengths eventually becomes moot. (Just the way some kids can remember past lives but no longer do after the age of 7 or 8 - others can experience other dimensions or pick up signals from other realms (just the way bees can see other visible spectrums), and others have different frequencies accessible to them, as mediums do).  

But ultimately, the receiver is accessing information that is being broadcast to it - it translates that information into dreams, hopes, and consciousness.  

Each receiver is different, or at least different enough so that no two circuit boards are the same (even identical twins have different dreams and moments of consciousness - sometimes they can feel what the other twin is feeling, but that's because the receivers are so similar - but not exactly the same.)

However, there is a fundamental difference in this model that I'm describing, and this is why it's worth a million bucks.

Because it's not based on karma or previous editions of the same receiver - the conscious mind exists as a sub unit in this other realm, or the realm outside the receiver and CHOOSES which receiver its going to work with based on a number of factors that have mostly to do with compassion (or agreements, or helping others). 

Not all receivers have all their dials and switches intact however, and when a person chooses a faulty one things can go awry - it's a bit like cranking up the tunes, turning all the dials to 10 at once - you may think that's going to work in theory, but it can actually overheat the system, blow speakers, or cause damage to the system.  However, you wouldn't know that unless you tried it once or twice.  (or over a few lifetimes).

I've laid this all out in my work; "Flipside: ATourist's Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife" (#1 in all its genres at amazon twice) and the two volumes of the new work that interviews scientists that prove my theory (called "It's A Wonderful Afterlife" - volume one is available now, and volume two soon to come.)  This theory is based on the past 6 years of filming people under deep hypnosis, and then expanding the research into near death experiences, out of body experiences, and the scientists who have been on the cutting edge of studying consciousness (Dr. Bruce Greyson at UVA - see his "Is Consciousness Created by the Brain?" on youtube) and Mario Beauregard, a neuroscientist in Montreal (wrote "Brain Wars") RobertThurman and Gary Schwartz PhD ("Sacred Promise"). 

When you combine the research you can see pretty clearly that the brain functions as a receiver of information - but like an FM receiver in your home, it is limited by its construction but at the same time can play some pretty awesome tunes.  

The music isn't created by the machine itself, but it does an amazing job of translating waves and energy into sound.  The same happens with the brain, but in a much more multifaceted, multidimensional way - but the function is the same.  

Consciousness doesn't come straight from the source to our unit - then all the units would play the same song.  We exist as fully formed individuals between lives, and send about a third of our spirit energy to any particular incarnation. (This is based on the over 10K interviews done under hypnosis by Dr. Michael Newton and Dr. HelenWambach).  

According to one person we would "blow the circuits" if we brought too much energy to a lifetime.  Just the way we would "blow the circuits" if we had all of our consciousness downloaded into the FM receiver at once.

When we come here, we do so to learn and teach - and there are filters in place so we don't remember all of our previous lifetimes.  A bit like random access memory (RAM), so that not all the information is accessible at one time.  That function is two fold - we don't spend all day thinking about all of our different lifetimes, and we're able to focus on the obstacles and joy in the one we're currently in.  

We spend our lifetime (or life of the FM receiver) making people happy (happy tunes) or sad (catharsis is involved) as we affect and change and learn from every song we play, every function we perform. And at the end, our circuits eventually burn out.  However, just like the many studies of the brain, people do suddenly access their consciousness at death - in England, the reports are as high as 70% of nurses with alzheimers patients that claim in the last minutes, sometimes hours, sometimes days prior to death, they suddenly are lucid and remember their lifetime with clarity. (For the cite for this see the above talk given by Dr. Greyson - it's statistical research, not hopeful speculation.) 

And after these folks have died, autopsies reveal that their brain was not capable of these "higher functions" - that there's no earthly or physical reason they should have been able to be fully conscious and speak with clarity about their lives. 

The reason is because as the brain and body have died, the filters that keep out consciousness have "died" as well - and are shut off.  Unfortunately it's only for a few minutes, or hours, or even days - but it allows loved ones to say goodbye. What I'm talking about her are scientific results that are consistent and are replicable.  And at the heart of science is the idea that if you can repeat an experiment under certain conditions, whatever the result is the answer, whether we like that answer, whether we believe that answer, whether it's worth a million dollars or not.  

And that, my dear Deepak (whom I met once many years ago in La Jolla) is the answer to your million dollar question.  The electricity that goes to the brain functions just like the electricity that goes to power up a receiver of music.  

It's not the receiver that is creating the 3D experience, the electricity is just powering up the unit that receives, processes and filters the information its receiving (which you could call radiating waves of consciousness (in a back and forth conversation with our higher selves) that allow us to experience reality.  

Once all the circuits of the receiver are up and running, it can process its own myriad of information, including bodily function - but the "mind" or "consciousness" that makes us aware of our world around us comes from elsewhere, works with the circuits in the particular unit and creates (or helps formulate) who we are in temporary, yet high fidelity form. Crank up the volume.

Hope this helps.  Rich Martini

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