TUNING INTO THE AFTERLIFE My Talk from the Conference - on Youtube for those who'd like to spend two hours hearing about the Flipside

Here is the talk I gave last night at the conference.  Menla has graciously posted it online so anyone can view it.

I was going to begin or end with a song "Give Peace a Chance."  But the session ran over my time frame, so I spared those listening in to me playing a couple of chords on the guitar and singing the chorus from the song...


I have been filming people accessing the flipside for over ten years.  This talk is a culmination of the past thirty years of my life - from the loss of our pal and mentor Luana Anders, to her visiting me from the Flipside, to her helping me to meet Robert Thurman, to her helping Jennifer Shaffer and I chat with people on the other side.

The point of this talk can be summed up:

1. Allowing that it's possible to interact with people no longer on the planet is key.

2. We reportedly all choose to come here, yet bring a portion of our conscious energy to a lifetime.

3. That "higher portion" is always available whether or not someone has incarnated.

4. We have other realms, other planets as options to incarnate in - it's earth where we reportedly choose because it has the best (sometimes difficult) lessons.

5. There are filters on the brain that prevent awareness - some mediums don't have them, some children don't, and some lose them prior to passing. However, we can bypass them during an NDE, OBE, using LSD, through hypnotherapy, meditation or dreams.

6. We can get objective data from subjective experiences by comparing thousands of cases.

7. Mediums are like cellphones to the flipside. The best ones admit they are interpreting frequency - the future is not set, but they can see likely outcomes. A working method is to have three different mediums ask the same questions to an individual off planet.

8. Love is the key - that love is the engine as well as the outcome of our experience here. That "back home" everyone experiences "unconditional love."

9. Data needs to be consistent and reproducible to become data. I film people accessing this information, so it's not my opinion, theory or belief. It's footage.

10. Films are available at or - more at the website.

It's dense, has a lot of information. Apologies if I screwed up someone's name, or revealed something that they hadn't revealed to others.  This is a blending of the information I've learned over the past three decades, with a shout out to Robert Thurman for putting me on this path.

Here's a link to last week's podcast with my dear pal Sally Kellerman:

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