Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, LBJ & RFK and others

Latest blogcast where we pick up where we left off with LBJ from the previous week.  Enjoy. CORRECTIONS: Lady Bird passed away in 2007 (wasn't listed on the LBJ wiki page) I was thinking of Lubner when I said "Rudner" - John Belushi is interviewed in "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" (I met him backstage at SNL) and Gilda is interviewed in the interview with Gene Wildler (I knew her from a film we both worked on). Doing this kind of work on the fly doesn't allow me to do the research on air - so happy to correct the record - which I do in the books.  Jennifer is saying "whatever pops into her head" as am I - and sometimes we both get the translation wrong. But I'll leave it up to others to follow up with the revelations within.


The reviews are in, and the book are now available in AUDIBLE

Happy to report both "Architcture of the Afterlife: The Flipside Code" and "Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3: Talking to the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer Book three" are available on Audible.

Architecture of the Afterlife: The Flipside Code: Discovering the Blueprint for the Great Beyond

I think it's 16 hours for each of them - but I forget. It took me about two years to gather the reports for both books.  One dovetails the other.

Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3: Talking to the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Book 3

Nothing like a pandemic and quarantine to light a fire under an author to "get the work done."  

Both books represent a massive amount of help and tolerance and effort.  

In the case of "Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3" it meant I had to drive along the gorgeous coast to Manhattan Beach once a week, and have lunch with the effervescent, always hilarious, able to leap small buildings in heels - Jennifer Shaffer.  A true gem of a person, who for some godforsaken reason puts up with my incessant questions, peppering and badgering her while she tries to listen to what folks on the flipside are trying to convey.

The Backstage Pass books are filled with people I knew or met in my 30 year journey through Hollywood, filled with people my companion and pal on the flipside Luana Anders knew and brought in to meet with us. 

Me and Lu in Roma
It is also filled with people I've never met, people I could never have met in life, but yet somehow insisted, cajoled or wormed their way in to the head of the line of people that Luana claims are "waiting to speak with us."  

I sincerely know how wacky that sounds.  

But I turn on the camera, I ask Jennifer whatever pops into my head - and she replies on behalfl of Luana who is helping the person who wants to speak with us communicate. 

There is no other way to put it. 

Interview after interview with people who have died recently, people who died years ago, people who died centuries ago - and yet somehow, inexplicably, are able to give us answers that I can forensically investigate.  It's mind bending to be sure - but if someone wants to see or hear an "Alternate history of the Planet" - this is a place to start.

Books "Backstage Pass to the Flipside Part One and Two" include a workbook that helps instruct people how to "do this at home" without a medium, without getting in line to speak to someone on the flipside. Just "accessing their loved ones" in the simplest form possible.  That workbook is not in this edition "3" because it's longer than the first two put together.  But just as much fun. 

Part One:

Backstage Pass to the Flipside: Talking to the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Part One

Part Two:
Backstage Pass to the Flipside: Book 2

Here are some reviews for the above two books:

Reviewed in the United States on April 5, 2019

"I have read many many books on this subject but I have never read anything like Martini's books. They read like a movie in Spectra Color! Vivid and Capturing subtle secret nuances that tickle the mind. I have read All of his books and all surpass others in this arena. So go ahead.....Have a Martini!!!!! :-)

Reviewed in the United States on June 25, 2019

"I've enjoyed all of Richard Martini's books on the afterlife and recommend reading them in order, but the most recent two have a different format that I really enjoyed. He puts his questions and comments in italics, the medium's answers in normal type face and what she's hearing from the Other Side are in bold type. The result is remarkably like sitting at their table in the café where they conduct their sessions. Going back to see exactly what the person speaking through the medium said is so much easier than if the book was written in the conventional way.

And the medium--! Jennifer Shaffer is a really gifted and committed translator for the Other Side. Damn she's good. Over the years, I've sought out mediums and found a very few whose gift was flat-out amazing to me. Unlike armchair "skeptics," I've spent this lifetime actively seeking to understand life and death and what happens in between and have experienced a range of gifts when it comes to communication with the so-called dead. It's as if some gifted people have to fight a sort of "static" through which they work to translate what they're perceiving. But for some of them, the connections are exceptionally clear and the information very, very accurate. It's a blessing that Shaffer also uses her gift to work with law enforcement on missing person cases and unsolved homicides.

Jennifer Shaffer reminded me almost immediately of a medium I saw many times around 50 years ago. They both seem able to "get out of their own way" and let the information come through, which is wonderful for the sitter. Both are humble and very open in saying if what they're getting is in any way unclear to them. And they both take responsibility for their own "errors in translation" and meticulously correct themselves. The result is very high quality communication between realities--almost as good as a cell phone conversation.

And these two most recent books communicate in a clear way too. The reason I have all of Richard Martini's books and have reread most of them is that he writes with such clarity and humor. The latter is sometimes lacking in books on the afterlife, but he writes as if death and the survival of the human soul are simply parts of Life. And Life can be very funny sometimes and tragic others. Just as Jennifer Shaffer is an excellent psychic medium, Richard Martini is an excellent writer. They've both led interesting lives and I'm so grateful that they've made the effort to share them with the rest of us in such an entertaining way."

Reviewed in the United States on October 13, 2018

The "Flip Side" books (and the audio versions, read by the author Rich Martini who is delightful) helps even the most rational, skeptical person become open to the concept that the "Other Side" could be real. As a person who believes in the Other Side, these books helped me to open my mind up to even more possibilities, because of Rich Martini's matter-of-fact, funny, and "what if this were true?" style of questioning (for example, I didn't put much stock in past life regression or life-between-lives, and now that stuff seems highly possible and worth exploring). Rich Martini's books WILL change your outlook and perhaps your life.

If I could go back and do reviews of all his books (I have listened to them all), I would give them SIX stars. This one (PART 1 of two books) perhaps only a five. I give it "only" a five because as a Flipside Fan, I was able to draw even more amazing revelations out of this book. But I do not recommend it as the first Rich Martini book you read, only as a follow-up.

The reason is that Rich Martini is a film-maker, who has had many friends and contacts throughout the Hollywood network for many decades. So some of the people he hears from on the Other Side are entertainers, filmmakers, and actually, some are quite famous. This book is more filled with famous celebrities than any of his former books. To RIch, this does not seem odd, b/c these people are his friends, acquaintances, or colleagues, but to "normal people" it would sound like he is name-dropping or even making up ppl who "come through" via mediums, such as Prince, Tom Petty, or Robin Williams. At times there was an "inside joke" feeling about his conversations with pals on the Other Side (thru the medium), kind of an LA cliquishness that I found off-putting. Rich's lifelong pal (and one-time girlfriend), the late Luana Anders, is a special guide on the Other Side; in his other books, she does not figure so prominently, but in this book, the ubiquitous references to her became pretty annoying. Is the book meant to help us mortals learn more about the Afterlife, or is it more of a vehicle to express the author's apparent torch-carrying for this actress?

That said, I was able to ignore these annoying elements, b/c of all Rich's other breakthrough books; I am grateful to him for his courage and storytelling ability that questions the status quo and allows an ordinary person to picture the Other Side truly being real. I do wish that in this book, and in future books or film projects he pursues regarding the Other Side, he would emphasize the learning, not inside "high school reunion" style jokes that are of no value to the reader who doesn't know these people.

Just listened to PART 2. Much better than PART 1. He still is communicating with many famous ppl, although there were more ppl that I actually care about and am curious about, such as John Lennon, Gilda Radnor, Gene Wilder, Carrie Fisher, and John Belushi. Even famous atheists, such as Stephen Hawking and Christopher Hutchins. I also felt this book had more "meaning" in it, more treatment of philosophical questions that I wonder about, more discoveries about the meaning of life. It was not just glib coffee klatch banter between old Hollywood pals, like the tone of the first book. I would urge the author to make future books more like Part 2, offering universal connections and answers to questions we all have about the Afterlife. I especially loved the end, where he discusses the appearance of Paul McCartney's mother from the Other Side that led to his greatest song: "There will be an answer, let it be, let it be."

Thank you all for posting these reviews. Very kind of you.

"Architecture of the Afterlife" is another victory of sorts. I began filming people not under hypnosis, answering questions I posed to them in casual settings.  For fans of "Flipside" "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" and "Hacking the Afterlife" they know that I have filmed over 50 hypnosis sessions where people say the same things about the afterlife that the 2000 clinical cases from Dr. Helen Wambach reported, or the thousands from Michael Newton and the Newton Institute.  They also know that I'm not the source of those questions or answers - I'm literally in the corner of the room filming those sessions.

But in "Architecture" I demonstrate in the simplest of fashions - much to my chagrin, shock and dismay - that anyone can access this same information without hypnosis.  I recommend (as I do consistently in the book) that a person should invest in the 4-6 hour deep hypnosis session because it will have deeper, more lasting effects. I mention some of the hypnotherapists I've interviewed in the past, and this book includes an interview with Scott De Tamble, who was mentored by Michael Newton, but allows me to explore this "surface method" in a noisy restaurant in Santa Monica.

This book as well is perhaps too much for one sitting - as a reviewer mentioned the other day "You need to put this book down after each chapter to digest everything you've just read."  Here's three early reviews of Architecture on Amazon.

Reviewed in the United States on June 3, 2020
R.A. Martin

"Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence" - Martin Rees' maxim

Reviewed in the United States on June 3, 2020

One of the things that makes this book - "Architecture of the Afterlife" - so compelling and justifiable, IS the amount of EVIDENCE Martini amasses to backup the interviews, experiences and explorations that are undertaken here. Martini documents with photographs and historical data wherever possible. 

I was already a believer, but I am bowled over by the meticulous (and yet never boorish) manner in which Martini supports the claims made, the souls contacted, the messages coming from counsels and guides. I was (and still am) a great fan of the extraordinary Michael Newton and his institute which investigated "Lives Between Lives" and is one of the cornerstones upon which Martini has built his own "Architecture of the Afterlife". 

It is a selfless and no doubt often unrewarding task to conduct lengthy sessions, diligently transcribing hours of interviews and then moving these documents into publication. Luckily for all of us, Rich is an extraordinary story teller, with oodles of film making experience. 

He has an entertaining, surefooted interviewing style & voice, and I have enjoyed his books as well as his youtube presentations and films he has done on this topic. And his friend, psychic/channel Jennifer is beyond beyond, absolutely an ace conduit to bringing forth the blessed sparks of consciousness and souls from the Flipside, who indeed wish to communicate with us, especially during these turbulent times.

gary eck
5.0 out of 5 stars 
Total peace. This book will bring you answers to your actions. It will take away fear because you are never alone, you have constant connections to your guides. Relax and enjoy the rides that you planned for yourself. Give your self a great gift and read this and the other books he has written.
Study the details, nourish your soul. Your life will be enhanced and you will see beauty. It is healing a shower of love and peace.

Reviewed in the United States on April 21, 2020

Gayle P. Hammond
5.0 out of 5 stars 

Reviewed in the United States on April 22, 2020
Another home run for Rich Martini. Fascinating, thought provoking, and just plain fun. I am addicted to his books. Often reread them(or re-listen).

Thanks for the encouraging words, and as promised, both books would be available on audio in early June.

Apologies for any stuttering, crying on mic (it happens, I can't help myself) or other miffs. It's me playing all the roles in this miasma of information. But for those who know me, that's old information.



Happy Birthday Prince - some excerpts of interviews


Jennifer Shaffer

In honor of Prince's birthday, I offer some excerpts from "Backstage Pass to the Flipside; Talking to the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer" book one and two.

Part Two

Part One

Jennifer Shaffer (a medium who works with law enforcement agencies nationwide to help with missing person cases) and I met over five years ago. I filmed a three hour interview with her where she proved beyond any shadow of doubt that I might have had, that she can connect to folks on the flipside.  That began a friendship that has allowed us to work together for weekly for the past five years, chatting directly with folks on the flipside.  (Some are old friends, some are people that come forward because they are friends of friends.)

One of the first people to appear (that neither of us personally knew although I'd met him backstage after reviewing a show for Variety when I was a music critic) was Prince.  

He has consistently shown up in our conversations - over the years - not by asking him to appear or by request - but because he appears to be someone who wants to continue to share his message of unity, love, and the journey of life. He's often the person people cite as the "one who greeted them on the other side." (Often musicians and other artists.) 

His replies are often enigmatic but always consistent about how music works, how love works, and how life goes on. On behalf of his birthday, I'm sharing these few excerpts from the books linked below.

My questions are in italics, Jennifer's replies are in bold.

Prince appears in Jennifer's mind's eye.  He says he wants to say something to us as I'm talking to someone else.  I'm referring to my next appearance on "Beyond Belief" with George Noory on Gaia.

Rich: Well, hello Mr. Prince Rogers Nelson. Does Prince have anything he wants to say (in an upcoming appearance) on the “Beyond Belief” show?

Jennifer: He says, “Tell him it’s a “sound note...” Then he showed me the matrix… He’s saying “Tell him, “It’s a sound note.”

(Note: Funny word play.  A musician commenting about a note being “sound.”)

Rich: What’s that mean?

(Jennifer aside) I don’t know. Hang on. He says, “It’s not how you look, (I think he’s referring to me worrying how I “looked on the show” which I did not express to Jennifer but was on my mind) it’s not what you say, (it’s not the content of what I’m saying on the show) it’s how you vibrate in your awareness. Awareness of one another.”

(After a pause) “In your awareness of the accumulation.” He’s showing me "That in your awareness, it’s a (musical?) note... – so if your frequency is clear, that’s how you attract someone."

"Because when you are in the consciousness of the higher level, where there is no hierarchy… and if you’re bouncing (broadcasting) on a certain level, then that gets through with more potency."

He says, “When you’re bouncing on a lower level, its fragmented. If it’s fragmented, you’re not able to connect, which logically, you can’t connect.” 

He’s showing me “You don’t connect well when you’re out of mode of vibration -- but when you’re not afraid of vibration, you’re able to then send it out and then receive that higher vibration…”

A bit like we were saying earlier, when you strike a chord, all the guitars in a room start to vibrate at that same tone? Like that? You hit a note and all the guitars resonate on that same string?

He says, “Yes.”

So, the idea being not a higher or lower frequency, but stronger?

He says, “But not all the same – high frequencies can sound low.”  He showed me the song “Every rose has its thorns.” 

Higher -- meaning the place they’re coming from?

Right. He says, “You can… but if you have a higher (stronger) frequency, you’ll still connect with the people that will come. It’s a matrix.”

My question for you Prince, since we last spoke in this same restaurant two months ago; what does that feel like to you in terms of time, comparatively?

“A millisecond – even less than that…” He just told me, “It’s continuous.” So like he was here and it’s a continuous dialog. It’s a continuous “Dialogue with God.” He just showed me a goddess, but he’s kidding around with that.  

Image result for happy birthday from prince | Happy birthday ...


Rich: We were chatting and you mentioned that Prince appeared. I just turned the camera on; so our question for Prince is “What do you regret?”

Jennifer: Do you want me to explain what I see first?


I’m hearing Robin (Williams) shouting “Ooh! Pick me, pick me!” He and Prince both want to talk.

Boys! Settle.

Prince says, “He regrets not caring as much about the other side (the afterlife). He’s regretting not caring (as much) for that other side.”

What does he mean by that?

“He regrets paying more attention of how he was feeling while being here (on the planet), and not connected to the afterlife. He says, “If he had, he wouldn’t have tried to escape being on the planet.”

He wishes he spent more time connect to people on the other side?

“No.” He says “He wishes he would have cared for the other side, he would have tried more to understand what it’s like for the transition...(Jennifer pauses. An aside) Wait... No. He’s correcting me.

He’s showing me what it’s like to go from here to there. He says, “He wishes he’d have known the fluidity of it -- how “we-are-all-one” it is, on both sides.” He says “He kept it so separate.” He says, “He wished he would have thought heaven was here on the planet, versus escaping it via drugs. (Painkillers) He regrets not being more in his body. He says, "He wishes he was more in his body (when here).”

First thing he said was a joke. (In response to “what do you miss?”) He said “I miss being in my head.” He’s showing me how exhausting that was.

You miss that adventure of being on the planet?

He says, “(He misses) The music. Because the music over there...” He says, “The music here (on the flipside) is infinite... But it’s different.” (Jennifer aside) I have a question for him – I asked “if he’s working over there on creating who he’ll be in his next life.” I asked “Do you make your life up there so you can get it down here?”

Is he working on his next life or is he just taking it easy for awhile?

He said, “Both.” From what he’s giving me... it’s that up there you create the life that you want here. He’s saying “You actually create it, then try to be it.”

But still, you have to pick your parents, the right genetics, the sociological background; you can pick the theater, the character, but you still gotta satisfy the role – you still gotta play Shakespeare while you’re having a cappuccino.  Prince, I was wondering why you showed up in our conversation, and I realize we do have a mutual friend. (A journalist)

“Yes, we do.” Luana just appeared. (Jennifer aside) I know that’s not who you’re referring to. But he says “He likes hanging out with Luana. He says “He’s learning from her.” (How to communicate)

I’m referring to our friend was at his house many times in Minnesota to interview him – just wondered if she was our connection or the reason he showed up.

He said “Yes, but not in the way that you think.”

My question for the day; “What do you guys regret or miss?” Anything what would you like to impart to people?

“Tell everyone to reach higher.”

How do you do that?

(Jennifer aside): I’m asking. Prince showed me the heart. He says, “You have to open your heart to reach higher.” So, like, when you’re upset, your heart is closed up. He says “It’s ... it’s like having your ankles locked.” And then Prince showed me that... his ankles being shackled.

Prince did have bad ankles.

(Note: In our first interview with him (reprinted in “Hacking the Afterlife”) he was asked, “How’d you die? He replied, “Dancing killed me.”  When asked to explain, he gave Jennifer an image of jumping off a piano (something he often did) in his high heeled shoes – which eventually injured his ankles and hip, which led to him taking pain medication which led to his death.  However, he added that “if you don’t jump you’ll never get anywhere in life.”)

(Jennifer aside) He showed me jumping off a piano. He said, “You can’t jump when you’re shackled.”  He says, “Open your heart;” he shows me literally getting higher. Being pulled up.  He says, “The three keys - are love... kindness... and accountability.”

Prince, anything else you want to add?

(Jennifer aside) He comes so close to me with his smile. I asked him, “Are you real?” And he replied, “No. I’m eternal.” 

 Prince's Birthday Tweet - The Violet Reality


Rich: What do you miss Prince?

Jennifer. He showed me the female body. He’s trying to joke around. He says, “He misses being famous...” then laughs.

So on the flipside you’re not famous, just another soul?

He says, “Yes.”

But people who run into you are aware of your talent?

He says, “Yes, all the lights that you see; you see them all together, you hang out with people who have the same frequency.”

That’s why you hang out with musicians for example?

He says, “That’s why there are so many in this class... and actors.”

All part of the same healing light of the universe radiating at a similar frequency?

Jennifer aside “I asked him what color he was radiating - purple?”

We asked him that before; that day he said red. What does he look like now?

I’m seeing orange. I didn’t know we asked him, I was just kidding with him.  He says, “It’s like the more you know, the higher the frequency is.”
By the way Rich, they’re telling me you are famous over there. (For doing this work).

That’s funny. But let me ask Prince; when you are called upon by Luana to come forward – as we’ve heard “the light goes on that the class is happening,” and people just show up...  do you look forward to this kind of interaction, or what’s your feeling about being in this communication class?

He says, “It’s a lot of fun, because we (Jennifer and I) don’t discount what they say.”  Jennifer aside to me; you taught me that, “Don’t judge it, don’t discount any of it.” 



Waiting for the next guest at

Happy Birthday Prince.

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