The film Arrival and the Flipside

 So I watched the film Arrival again last night.  I admit that the first time I saw it, I was locked into the mindset of what other films had come before - "aliens invading earth" etc - and was pleasantly surprised by this film and it's resonance.

I saw it again yesterday and saw it from a different perspective. 

To recap briefly; Amy Adams is a linguist called upon to help communicate with heptapods who've arrived from outer space. Jeremy Renner is the mathematician called upon to help decipher any messages they might be giving. 

Basically there's a story within the story that relates to the ending - and why these "aliens" have arrived on our planet.

But in light of the research into the flipside, seeing it again, I realized there are other truths at play.

Being a screenwriter, a filmmaker, I'm not suggesting these themes are in the film itself, but that seeing it again, realized that there are themes within this story that relate to the flipside research because... well, they do.

Time for example.

The gift the aliens give our planet is to see outside of time. I won't go into how that comes about, the movie is worth seeking out - but it is important to note that these heptapods have shown up with a gift in return for a favor. 

And the gift is for humans to see how time is relative.  In their case they don't "fly" to the Earth in their spacecraft. They literally disappear en masse when the time comes, as if they've entered another dimension, or used their ability to bend time to disappear into a misty cloud. 

In this research, we've heard consistently that "we are all aliens." I first heard it in an interview with Carl Sagan on the flipside, that transcript is in the book "Backstage Pass to the Flipside."

That the illusion we have is that human animals have spontaneously become sentient, that consciousness arises out of the brain - when the research shows that we choose to incarnate. 

We choose to come here. We bring about a third of our conscious energy to a lifetime, and two thirds says "back home."

That when the curtain falls here on the planet, that conscious energy returns "back home" like a cloud of mist. 

What the heptapods try to impart is the idea that they will need a favor from humanity in 3000 years - because they know what's going to happen then, they've traveled to planet this seed that will pay off for them in 3 thousands years. 

In terms of the research, I've filmed people under hypnosis accessing not only previous lifetimes on the planet, but lifetimes before there was a planet. I've filmed people not under hypnosis recalling lifetimes on other planets. What they say isn't "willy nilly" or all over the place - as it should be - their reports are consistent about various locations.

Some have even described a planet with the kind of atmosphere the heptapods exist in. (In the book "Flipside: A tourists' Guide on How to Navigate the afterlife") A gaseous atmosphere where the beings are more highly developed than humans. 

Now, what to make of this idea that we are all aliens?

Well, in Architecture of the Afterlife I interview a number of people who recall lifetimes on other planets. I interview council members who look like, can only be regarded as "alien" creatures - however they are on someone's council, so that means they're advanced, both spiritually and mentally.  However, they may have grey skin, large eyes, orange skin and lizard eyes.

These folks tell us they're from either "far away" from Earth, or from "other realms altogether."

But one of the cardinal rules of the universe, as I've heard consistently in the research is a policy of non interference.  So they cannot disrupt our path if we aren't ready for them. However, the need to be able to realize that we can communicate telepathically appears to be key. It's how they communicate with each other, it's how they communicate with people here on the planet who claim to have seen people from "other planets" while here on Earth.

It's not my theory, belief or opinion people make these claims - I film them doing so.

So what to make of it?

"It's a cook book!"

Just kidding.  Only fans of the Twilight zone will understand that.  But for the rest of us, it's not that we have to be wary of understanding them - we have to be wary that we're not quite ready for others to show up, no matter who much we think we are.  Would panic set in?

Maybe. Maybe not.  

But stand by for picture - because it appears to be occurring more often than not. People having close encounters of the 3rd kind with no known reason for them. 

My two cents.


Hacking the Afterlife with Joe Ranft about the Pixar film "Soul" - live from the Flipside

 Happy New Year. Writer/Director Joe Ranft was one of the most prolific storytellers in the Pixar canon. Mentored at the start of his career by Eric Larsen at Disney, working on story for the Lion King and Beauty and the Beast among others, then moving over to work with John Lasseter at Pixar as the head of the story dept - Joe was responsible for storyies and characters in Toy Story, Bugs Life, Cars and many other films. Unfortunately a car accident took his life in 1995. He left behind his family, and brother who works in the industry.  

Having seen the film "Soul" and realizing how much of a documentary it is - meaning that a number of the story points are also story points in the "Flipside" research I've been doing for over a decade (the Great Beginning, classrooms of newly formed souls, guides and teachers who watch over them, how a person comes from there to hear - how we choose our journeys in advance based on the lessons we need to or want to learn, etc) I thought for our New Year's podcast Joe would be an ideal candidate. I asked Luana Anders on the flipside if he wanted to chat with us, and what I got was "Of course he does!"

Jennifer doesn't know who Joe is, and didn't know his story - and I'm quite deliberate in leading her as best as I can without revealing who he is - put it this way, after six years of doing this every week with Jennifer I know how accurate she can be. And I'm not here to prove anything to anyone - but to conduct an interview with someone on the flipside.  Joe has messages for his family and friends, including John Lasseter, including Pete Docter, the co-writer and director of "Soul."  For those who don't know who he is, they should know him - he's one of the "mentors" for 22 in the film "Soul" that's posted on the wall her list of mentors she's "defeated."  

The name of the main character appears to be named after Joe - and from their review (the flipside review of the film) they loved it. They said "It was more accurate than you think" as well as giving it a 98% accuracy for "how to explain it to people on the planet. (however, pointing out that once one is on the flipside, it's about 15% accurate in terms of that more vast experience.)  

You want to talk to the flipside? Anyone can, and this is just one of the 42 examples from this year. Jennifer can be found at, I can be found at Happy New Year.

(From a friend of Joe's) "Joe came out of Cal Arts with Lasseter, John Musker and a host of other artists who started at Disney in the 1970s. There was some consensus that when Joe died, Pixar was knocked off-balance in a major way.

John Musker (co-director-writer of “The Little Mermaid”, “Aladdin”, “Hercules” etc.) made this tribute video to Joe five years after his death. (The illustrations are John’s.)"

P.S.: Someone pointed out Joes father (and sister) were still on the planet when Joe crossed over. We bring about a third of our conscious energy to a lifetime and the rest stays home.

I've seen it often in the research; In David Bennett’s near death experience he saw the higher self of a close friend on the flipside but the friend was still alive.

Then 20 years later during a hypnotherapy session he saw the friend on the flipside again, only by now he had passed away, David reported seeing him as “less transparent” the second time. (As if fully over there. )   We can be met by the "higher selves" of loved ones who are there to greet us. Just clarifying.


Soul the Flipside documentary and the Man Who Shall Not Be Named

 By the way, the film "Soul" is a documentary. I mean it feels like one to me. 

Yes, everything in this film is referenced in the book/film "Flipside." 

"Nurseries for new souls. Guardians ("Jerry") who tend over them." 

"The right to refuse to incarnate." 

"How it takes courage and compassion to come here." 

"Why people volunteer to help others." 

Couldn't have said it better myself. 

Pixar and Pete Docter for the home run. Music (John Baptiste) is angelic. Kudos all around.

"Soul" on Disney +

If you'd like to read the textbook that has all the same information, here it is:

Tongue in cheek, but everything in "Soul"
is in this book published in 2012


Had an unusual conversation last night with someone I've never met before, and apparently have yet to meet.

    The Man with No Name whose name is actually Clint. 

This happens occasionally, and usually before Jennifer Shaffer and I have a discussion about the flipside on our podcast "Hacking The Afterlife."  But I try to remember that they are "outside of time" and I'm on my time frame - so it's up to them who shows up and why.

In this case, I had a long conversation with someone interesting - I can only report bits and pieces of it, because it was a bit complex, and by the time I became consciously aware I was having the conversation, my conscious minds was saying "Wait. What? Who? How? Is this a dialectical argument? Who is saying what?"

I tend to have these conversations, sometimes with Luana Anders, my pal who checked off the planet some decades ago, but now is moderating our class and helping me with these various "conversations."  

It's not like the filmed version of a "conversation with a ghost."  It's more like - I'm having a conversation, my conscious mind becomes aware of the conversation somewhere in the middle, sometimes the end - and then asks the question "What were we talking about?" And if I get an answer, I note it, perhaps write it down somewhere to address it later.

I can only report.

Luana Anders rides a bike.

So last night was someone who seemed to go by the moniker "the one who shall not be named."  I don't know why that was the case - as I didn't see anyone. It was like he was speaking to me behind a door.  Not a literal door, but some kind of mechanism that didn't allow any other access but mentally.

And when I became aware of this conversation, I started to ask questions, the usual ones I ask. "So, have you ever incarnated?"

"No. I'm from another realm, and I can transverse realms."

"Have you ever incarnated in the other realm that you're from?" 

"Well yes and no, not quite in the way that you imagine it."  

"So why the mysterious name? You're the man who has no name?"

(Correcting me) "No. I'm the one who shall not be named."

"Why is that? Is there a problem with your name?"

He said "It's because you wouldn't be able to understand the conversation, if I gave you a name, you'd reduce it the way people do so that we cannot have a conversation. The reason I have no name is not because you can't know it, or it's not allowed, it's because when or if you parse something - put a name or label to it, you reduce it, and the conversation falls apart into a mist, or sea of syntax."

(As best as I can convey what he was trying to say.)

So I asked "Well, what are you doing here chatting with me?" 

His reply was "Because you can do so, and because you also have other venues where you can pass along information.  So the information I'm trying to impart to you - is how perception and observation are two sides of the same coin. That when you are in the audience observing the stage, you are also on stage experiencing the play or the event. It's impossible to perceive both sides of that perception at the same time, but you can bounce back and forth." 

He said, "You might call me a collector. A collector of souls might be the term - but it's inaccurate, because I don't collect them per se, I show up when they need assistance. In your research, in the reports you've been writing about, people generally recall the trip "home" - where they had a previous lifetime, they recall the journey back and they go there willingly and not often in need of assistance - however, there was one account in a recent book of yours where I assisted that person."

I ask, "Do you mean the account of the River Charon, and the boatman?" (It's from "Architecture of the Afterlife").  

                          A drawing of the boatman on River Styx

"Yes, and I'm here to clarify some points about that. At the time, you were interviewing your friend about the death of someone else, someone she felt connected to, and was asking him your questions - "what happened when you died?" (It was Andrew Mellon). 

The book: Architecture of the Afterlife where he was referenced

"And in this case, the fellow said that he was met by a boatman, and ferried across the river. At the time, you asked me if I was aware that I was the boatman of myth... and I didn't reply to you at the time, but I am now."

"Of course I am aware of that myth, of course I'm aware of how consciousness works, it's not like just because I'm playing the role for someone else I'm not aware of that reality.  Of course I'm aware that the "person who knocks on your door to take you to the underworld" or "Yamantanka" the god of death in both Buddhist and Hindu literature is a creation, a construct - of course I'm aware of that, and I'm here to let you know that you had the question and at the time I didn't get a chance to reply." 

At this point, he reminds me of the chapter in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife Part two" where Robert Thurman spoke of the "death of death" - a Buddhist meditation on the idea that Yamantanka, a messenger who shows up to escort the faithful home - not really a faith involved, but that's the idea, a guy with the head of a fierce bull - fire in his eyes and hair - when Buddha passed along his information to the planet, he also passed it along to this mythological character who realized that death doesn't exist.

Yamantanka, defeater of Death

So in essence, this fellow, outside the door, is saying to me "Of course I know how things work, of course I knew how things worked even when Buddha learned of those things - it's not like we aren't aware of how things work over here, it's humans who aren't aware of them."

Then the next topic was "the perception of evil" when a person is passing away. 

The idea that they might see "hell" (1% of NDE's report a negative experience, but no two match).  The idea, as I've repeated in the books, and as has been offered and suggested by many of the reports, is that evil doesn't exist as a  "thing" per se - but that it's a human construct. So if one is convinced they're going to be met by Satan and a team of demons - they might construct that... but at some point in time, their mind becomes bored with that construct and they "return home."

I must add, it's a little bit like the "limbo region" as described in the film "Soul" - where people are wandering around like dark objects,  kind of flailing about, as creatures... driven by fear, or self doubt, or self loathing.  

I mean - the film is a documentary! - this is also reported in the research.

A person steps into the flipside and if they're convinced they're going to hell, or are going to place of sulfur (as described in "Hacking the Afterlife") or a place inhabited by evil people - they may construct that.  But at some point they realize - that hoofs aren't inherently evil, that horns are matted hair and cartilage, that fire isn't a bad thing - except if it's a metaphor for bad breath - then it can be really bad... but I digress. Red eyes aren't a bad thing either, do not represent evil - just another color on the spectrum.

But back to this fellow without a name (correction, "man who shall not be named") speaking about his journey. 

I asked. 

What I got was "People use all kinds of names for me, and that's their prerogative. But I volunteer to help them when they need help - I show up in a non denominational way, as a frequency or vibration, and depending upon their background, belief system, they'll assign some kind of moniker or reason for me to be there - but again, I'm just a frequency showing up to do a favor. 

I help people to get home."

And when he puts it that way it suddenly makes sense.  The flipside is home. It's here on stage, the performance part of it where we are "not home."  And anyone who helps someone to get home - whether they're breathing fire, or playing a lute with wings who sings - they're just "walking each other home."

So that's what I got out of that conversation.  

It is in line with "you believe what you want to believe" portion of the book "Architecture of the Afterlife" - but it also includes the idea that the frequency that shows up to help us could be a loved one, a grandmother, parent, sibling - or it could be someone we knew in life who loved us dearly. 

Or it could be someone we don't know - because we are not trying to get home, and this "man who shall not be named" passes us off to our guide (guardian, or "Jerry") who will help us get where we belong back home.

My two soul farthings.

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