Jaimela and her daughter Charlie get a direct message from the afterlife - live on camera.

Okay, as you know, I've been researching the afterlife through past life hypnosis, near death experiences, and other first person accounts of seeing or hearing from relatives on the Flipside.  I've filmed 25 sessions where people claim they're seeing people, holding their hand or talking to their relatives on the other side now for six years.

Rarely is there a case where a young girl gives a message from her great grandmother live on camera.

In our own home, our two year old daughter came running in from the kitchen one day to announce "Grandpa's in the kitchen!"

I stopped my instinct to leap up from the couch and run and look.  I know my father has come to visit me - but I can't see him, I can just hear him.  It's rare, but here was our 2 1/2 year old announcing that she had just "seen him" in the kitchen.

I looked at Sherry, my wife, who was holding a sleeping boy, who was about 3 or 4 months old, Our son.

I said to our daughter, trying not to betray the emotion in my head and calmly said "Oh is he?  Why has he come here?"

She said "To see the baby!" and nodded over to her little brother.

I paused a second, and asked "Does he have any message for us?"  She said "He says "I love you very much..." and then she looked around out our kid cluttered apartment and said "and to say that "you guys need a bigger home."

I laughed, because it was just the sort of thing my architect father would have said, and was specific to his point of view of our place. Cluttered, but home.

I came across this clip the other day and have contacted the mom to let her know how common this occurrence is, as well as to ignore those who post on her page to "debunk" or otherwise denigrate the experience.  I pointed out that it's like arguing about gravity - although science can't show us a graviton, or exactly what gravity is, they can't define consciousness either.

So I post this clip here for your enjoyment.  It's rare and fun to watch.  The mom has a blog sponsored by Keurig, and has already had 5 million views of this clip in just a few days. Her blog is #CAWFEETAWK

You want some proof of the afterlife?  Yeah, we got that for you too.

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