Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Luana Anders and James Caan

Another one of those mind bending sessions. We open with a discussion about an unusual recent event, where my old friend Melinda Germann came through to give a climate warning to my friend Patrice.  Patrice and Melinda were best pals and went to Santa Cruz together. I met Melinda at the Loyola Rome Center and she was the light of everyone's eye - funny, sweet and just a delight to be around.  However she died in a plane crash a few years later - and since then, has visited Patrice a number of times, and myself as well (in dreams.)  A few days ago, Patrice texted me about some visuals that Melinda was sending her - that for some would be a "warning" of impending disaster.  Like forest fires, tsunamis - etc.   Living on the West Coast one lives with those possibilities, so I wanted to know if this was an immediate threat or something in general. (As if that made a difference!)  Yes, we are in an immediate threat of losing our beloved planet - due to human behavior. Yes, she wants people to pay attention to climate change and do everything one can to save the planet.  But no, it's not happening next week. I admit I forgot about James Caan passing only two weeks ago - so many beloved folks checking off the planet. And because Luana Anders, our moderator on the flipside has a connection with James via the Godfather (Luana's pal directed it, and her voice appears in it), it was thrilling to see Jennifer say that he'd shown up to chat. The "Jimi Hendrix talk show" reference is more fully explored with the podcast with Charles Grodin - a veteran of decades of talk shows, I was with him often backstage in the green room - and he went into an elaborate description of what it was like to cross over and find oneself doing a "life review" in front of an audience, and Jimi Hendrix being the talk show host!  It's mind bending, but we've talked about this before. We've asked Jimi about it - and he has repeated the concept that he likes to help participate, everyone recognizes him instantly, so he provides a "soft landing."  All I can say is that everything James says here is repeated in the hypnotherapy or meditation research, in "Tuning into the Afterlife." It was thrilling to hear him stop by. Elvis stopped by as well to talk about a previous lifetime where he was a singer... to point out that people often choose a path they've known before.

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